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Nostrils or Nose Thrills

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 I was watching Matrix and looking at the nostrils of Keanu Reeves and
Carrie Ann Moss. Lovely noses those two have.

One of the things that I see books on making character dolls and faces
with polymer clay is this "put two balls of clay beside this long ball
of clay" and call it a nose.

Ya a nose FILLED with stuff.

I got a trick I want to share with y'all.

Make the bottom of the nose as wide as the eye. Remember the eye
width? Don't use three balls of clay for the nose use one mass of clay
that is triangular in shape, an elongated triangle with one corner for
the tip of the nose. The outer edges of the triangle is where the
tucked in lower outer edge of the nose will be.

After this triangle of clay is set on the face and smoothed into
place... then poke your cone shape in and make the   nostrils. This
will pull the clay out to that bowl shape the outer edge of the nose

It's quicker, it's easier and it looks more like a real nose. When you
poke two holes for nostrils, press in that trough that goes from the
middle of the underside of the nose down the middle of the upper lip
in three moves... Poke, mash, Poke.

Just as an aside. To Thrill... in the old days, meant to "run someone
through with a sword". So it became fashionable to say "Oh he THRILLS
me" meaning that excitement of love feels like being run through with
a sword.

Nostril is NOSE THRILLS, (I love being and English Major, this cracks
me up to bits) where the nose was run through with nothing more than
your finger most likely. Nostrils rarely are larger than the pointer
finger, I think they get stretched out over a life time of picking and
flicking, but that's a late night/early morning theory.

So that's what I wanted to share with all y'all before heading off to
winky nods.

See y'all in the next waking cycle.