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When we look at half the face we can imagine what the full face will look like. Little trick. Take a small hand mirror and hold it at the center longitudinal line, see the half face become whole, get an idea of what the face will end up looking like.
Here is the unsmoothed down side of the face. I really recommend clay shaper tools, the soft rubber tip is just what you need. Roll the edge over these mounds of clay to ease them into the face level.
Here is the smoothed out side seen from the side. You can still see a bit of the unsmoothed chin sticking out higher than the smoothed out chin. All the mounds will be lower because you're easing the edges of that mass to the face level.
Here is the side view of the unsmoothed side of the face. Take time at this point for making the second half of the face is twice as time consuming than making the first half. I don't suggest you sculpt like this. I'm doing it this way so we can see the difference. What I would suggest is if you smooth the brow on the left do it right then on the right. It'll be easier.
Here the forehead is being smoothed down, just rolling a larger cone shaped clay shaper tool over it, like wiping the brow of sweat. Go from the center to the outside so you don't get a "third eye" bump in the center of the forehead.