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Reckless Eyeball Tin 05-22-03 Demo Log 

001- Deciding on what to do, Eyeball cane on sheets to start


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auntyalias: Hey Nancy, how's it going?
techi_mom56: pretty good....just going to say hi...been up and busy
since 4:30 this morning...going to take a 1 hr nap...and pop back
auntyalias: okie dokie, you rest
auntyalias: I'll be here when you get up
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wi1dangl: Hi NJ...slow day, huh?
auntyalias: You know I can never remember your first name from your
Yahoo ID, I got to edit my Friend's list
wi1dangl:'s Lynn
auntyalias: forgive me for being forgetful, what is your first name?
auntyalias: I thought so but I wasn't sure, let me edit my friend's
wi1dangl: I forgot it was Thursday...glad I checked my messages
auntyalias: Good thing, since there's no one here but me and you
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: so you get first pick on what is going to be done in demo
wi1dangl: Hmm...have to think about it.
wi1dangl: anything's fine with me...what have you been working on
auntyalias: Well I have a dozen things in process. Sculpting, mini
food, canes, you name it
auntyalias: RitaMaid needs better eyes, Prince of Fire right on the
cam there needs eyes also
auntyalias: I have a MerMan who needs a better face
auntyalias: I have canes I want to make and I got to replenish my mini
food stash
auntyalias: of canes
wi1dangl: hmm...all of that sounds good.
wi1dangl: I haven't done many mini foods yet
auntyalias: so that's why it doesn't matter one way or the other what
we end up doing. Open my cam honey
auntyalias: What sort of foods would you like to see done? Have you
ever played with TLS for sause?
auntyalias: or Whipped Cream?
auntyalias: see his cape?
auntyalias: that's clay fabric
auntyalias: just draped
many2c joined the room
wi1dangl: yep
wi1dangl: haven't done much with TLS yet either
auntyalias: Again another Yahoo ID that I can't remember the owner's
first name. Sorry honey, Many2C, what's your first name and I got to
edit my Friend's list
wi1dangl: Is it all clay?
auntyalias: yes, all clay
many2c: Hi you guys! Been a while....just wanted to pop in and see
what's happening!
auntyalias: that's clay sheets that are draped like fabric
wi1dangl: Nice...I like him
many2c: Margaret N
many2c: That's okay
wi1dangl: I did that with a santa I made one time...but I think I used
auntyalias: Let me update my Friend's list so I will remember
wi1dangl: which was not strong enough
chelyha55 joined the room
auntyalias: Margaret open the cam and check out how this clay sheet
looks like fabric
wi1dangl left the room
auntyalias: CherylH...hey honey
many2c: It's gorgeous!
many2c: I can see it draped over a wizard.
chelyha55: hello
auntyalias: LOL, it's Prince of Fire doing an Elvis in Vegas
chelyha55: so what's on the agenda for today?
auntyalias: anything anyone wants done
auntyalias: I'm open for Short Orders
many2c: He's great!
auntyalias: we can do armatures and bodies, dress them
many2c: mmmmmmmmmmmmmLet me think
auntyalias: anything y'all want
auntyalias: or need
auntyalias: as the case may be
chelyha55: I sold my first vessel
auntyalias: YOW, got pix?
chelyha55: yeah, i'll put it on the pics list
many2c: Yeahhhhh Cheryl!!!!
wi1dangl joined the room
auntyalias: Congratulations honey, ya, send it to the pix list
auntyalias: welcome back Lynn
chelyha55: i listed it at 9.99 and it closed at 42.00
auntyalias: need velcro for your chair
auntyalias: wowie, that's great
many2c: Hahhahaha
wi1dangl: Thanks...AOL is bugging me today
many2c: Is the clay as shiney as it looks on the cam?
auntyalias: poor honey, Yahoo is mean too, so you got double trouble
chelyha55: I built it around a little glass bottle
wi1dangl: the best I can with it
auntyalias: yes, that's because I used pearl with other colors for his
clothing, part of the abalone experiments in folded sheets
chelyha55: yahoo is acting weird
chelyha55: the posts are slow going up
auntyalias: see those lines on his clothing?
many2c: Yes
auntyalias: that is from folding clay like pleats in a skirt
chelyha55: yep
auntyalias: and then pressing them in the pasta press
auntyalias: the mica, when folded and pressed makes these nice lines
auntyalias: that you can incorporate in clay clothing
auntyalias: let me put the link up for the log's sake
many2c: Ah hah! I mixed silver with the pearl and it came sooooo
chelyha55: has anyone seen Sara Jane Helm's new book?
Fold That Clay
auntyalias: No it hasn't shown up at my local Border's Book store yet
auntyalias: I checked, last week
auntyalias: before going to see The Matrix 2
chelyha55: Marie Segal gave her color recipes for the book
many2c: Did you like the movie?
many2c: It looks so wild.
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/LEXX-Home/POF-Face-Off-002
wi1dangl: There are quite a few books out there I need to try to find
before I move.
auntyalias: Here's a better view of the clothing for this figure, this
is before he got TLS hair
chelyha55: I just thought it was really cool that marie divulged her
color recipes
chelyha55: It's a good book
wi1dangl: I like the TLS hair
auntyalias: TLS hair is just the BOMB
auntyalias: I tell ya
auntyalias: it makes doing hair with clay so easy
many2c: BRB...gotta let the dog out
chelyha55: really?
auntyalias: Nursing Mommy got TLS hair also and it just did wonders
for that figure
wi1dangl: what are you mixing with it NJ?
chelyha55: sounds interesting
chelyha55: is that a tutorial?
auntyalias: Here's Nursing Mommy after I did TLS hair and put on her
TLS make up on her face
auntyalias: there's TLS make up index that I'm building on this
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/TLSMakeUp/Index
chelyha55: cool. Will check it out
auntyalias: For short hair styles, or if you're not making a figure
where you want to change the hair styles, like Cowboy Kai, doing hair
of TLS and clay color and putting it on the head like frosting makes
it much easier to get a hair do and keep it like you want it
chelyha55: I'm aloways looking for that new technque
auntyalias: TLS mixed with clay color is something I'm experimenting
with to make eyelids
auntyalias: do make up to put blush on the face
auntyalias: to do hair
auntyalias: for an Elvis hair do
auntyalias: we need a duck tail in the back
auntyalias: can't get that with hair extensions, not without a big fat
chelyha55: you know me, the rogue beadmaker
wi1dangl: haha..true
auntyalias: Mixing TLS with clay colors and then slathering it on like
frosting gives you the style and texture and it's just so quick
chelyha55: I've been mixing mine with pearlex
chelyha55: using my drawing and painting skills
wi1dangl: are you mixing the TLS with other clay?
chelyha55: who me?
auntyalias: Lynn, I'm sorry I don't understand your question
wi1dangl: Is the TLS mixed with regular polyclay?
wi1dangl: Thinned out as it were
auntyalias: yes
auntyalias: in RitaMaid here, I made a folded aluminium foil armature
under her falling hair here
auntyalias: and covered it with the color clay the hair would be
auntyalias: and then a thin layer of that hair color with TLS for the
auntyalias: see
auntyalias: if we had to sculpt this texture in with clay not mixed
with TLS it would just take forever
wi1dangl: looks good
auntyalias: You know how you get those swirls when you put frosting on
a cake?
auntyalias: it works just like that
wi1dangl: doesn't look that natural either
many2c: What do you use to apply?
chelyha55: oh so you mix to that consistency
auntyalias: I just mix clay with TLS until it "peaks" like frosting or
good whipped cream
auntyalias: then I slather it on with any tool that works, a
auntyalias: a tooth pick
auntyalias: depends on where it's going and how much room I have to
get in there
chelyha55: very interesting
auntyalias: the mixing is the work of it
auntyalias: getting the lumps out
many2c: I have these tiny spatulas, I bet they would give a nice
effect in open areas.
chelyha55: yeah that's what I was thinking
wi1dangl: good idea
many2c: How about those tine little whisks?
auntyalias: nice thing about this TLS and clay mixed creamy is
different tools will make different patterns and textures
auntyalias: ok, now dig
auntyalias: you know texture sheets?
auntyalias: where you have patterns that you press into clay?
wi1dangl: yes
chelyha55: yes
auntyalias: ok, press a texture sheet into your clay and cure
auntyalias: then after curing you back fill the indentations with clay
mixed with TLS
auntyalias: like grout
auntyalias: man it's so easy it should be illegal
auntyalias: it works like a dream, so easy
wi1dangl: i've done some back-filling
wi1dangl: that was cool
auntyalias: then cure again and then sand and such all
chelyha55: I've seen that done
many2c: Haha
auntyalias: if the mix of TLS and clay is mostly translucent
auntyalias: you'll get nice depth for the indentations but the top of
the thing will be flat, it's fun to watch people go to touch texture
and get a flat surface
auntyalias: they are so surprised
auntyalias: now for mini food, TLS with clay color makes sauses,
whipped cream, salad dressing, sour cream, you name it
auntyalias: if you mix a melted cheddar cheese color with a lot of TLS
and then put a thin layer on bread, you get toasty top to your mini
auntyalias: check out the banana split on that last link
many2c: Dang it.....gotta go help with homework. See ya'll later.
Margaret N
auntyalias: the sause, whipped cream, all clay color and TLS
auntyalias: Ok honey catch you later
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/food/TLSastries/002-Donuts
many2c left the room
auntyalias: that twisted glazed donut thing there is my favorite
wi1dangl: makes me hungry
wi1dangl: wow...those are great
wi1dangl: i've got to do more minis
twinmom94002 joined the room
auntyalias: just twisted clay, then glazed with melted cheddar cheese
and TLS for glaze, it's just the best glaze for donuts
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/food/TLSastries/002-Donuts
auntyalias: TwinMom, what's your first name?
twinmom94002: hi all...It's Lib
auntyalias: also right click on my name in this chat room to open my
cam, RitaMaid is in the cam view right now
wi1dangl: hi lib
auntyalias: but we're talking about how TLS mixed with clay makes good
auntyalias: glaze for donuts, whipped cream
twinmom94002: ty
auntyalias: That's RitaMaid, her hair is clay color mixed with TLS and
then applied like frosting on a cake
frogger70301 joined the room
auntyalias: Yo Mitch
twinmom94002: very kewl!
twinmom94002: what kind of proportions are u using?
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/TLSMakeUp/Index
auntyalias: Use TLS mixed with clay color for mini food, hair, make up
auntyalias: eyelids that have interesting folds
auntyalias: a million uses
auntyalias: Lib since it is your first time here
auntyalias: what's your pleasure
auntyalias: what would you like most to see done?
twinmom94002: wow..that's a tough call...
auntyalias: making a body from aluminum foil and then putting clay
fabric clothing on it?
twinmom94002: oooh! fabric...great idea!
auntyalias: are you interested in learning the Easy Breezy way of
making figures
auntyalias: oh did Prince of Fire doing Elvis
twinmom94002: i'm not much of a sculptor
auntyalias: no one is starting out, that's the learning process
auntyalias: how to sculpt
auntyalias: we have ways to help you learn
twinmom94002: but i've been looking for fabric making ideas for books
i'm working on
twinmom94002: hehehe
auntyalias: sheets, let me get you the index on sheets then
claychik joined the room
Sheets Group
auntyalias: Sharon
auntyalias: Honey forgive me
auntyalias: I was so busy claying when you came in last time I didn't
get to see that you saw the second Matrix movie
chelyha55: Sharon are you going to the retreat?
auntyalias: I wasn't ignoring you, my back was to the monitor
auntyalias: shall we take some cane slices and press them to sheets
claychik: hey guys!
auntyalias: I got tons of Eyeball Iris cane and I thought that would
make wild sheets
claychik: np norajean
auntyalias: tons of eyeballs
wi1dangl: cool...
claychik: \yes, of course i'm going!!!
Eyeball Index:
chelyha55: oh that sounds interesting
claychik: omg trying not to pack every clay item i own
chelyha55: I'm going up on Sunday afternoon
chelyha55: Don't have to work up there
twinmom94002: are you guys talking about klew's retreat?
claychik: you aren't going to be there until sunday?
chelyha55: yes
twinmom94002: /act is green with envy!
chelyha55: I may go up there on Saturday
auntyalias: those are sushi take out boxes and I've been using them to
store different cane runs
chelyha55: I want to meet you
twinmom94002: yummy sushi! LOL
chelyha55: And Elissa Powell will be there too
auntyalias: ok, what I'm going to do while all y'all socialize is
condition and press some black for the back ground sheet
auntyalias: then I'll slice eyeball cane and press it to the sheet and
see what we get, no pun intended
auntyalias: first I'll save this log