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05-22-03 DemoLog

005: Continuing on the second tin, finish that tin and starting on Chevron flip for a leaf cane.

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auntyalias: 05-22-03-005 Continuing with the Second Tin
auntyalias: just for the record
Peg (beachmusicgal51) joined the room
auntyalias: Peg
auntyalias: we're giving Sharon/shargoose a few minutes to save the
screen shots
Peg: ok..
auntyalias: I have the links to the logs and pictures done so far on
my home page
Peg: hey Nj
auntyalias: if you want to read and catch up
auntyalias: Hey honey, how's it going?
Peg: please..
Peg: feeling lots better today thanks
auntyalias: I'm glad you're feeling better honey
Peg: ok gonna go read brbr
auntyalias: great
Peg: thanks
auntyalias: and I want to thank everyone here for being patient while
we capture screen shots and save logs
beachmusicgal51 left the room
Peg (beachmusicgal51) joined the room
Peg: please give link again..Yahoo froze up on me..sorry
auntyalias: ../../../Tins/RecklessEyeball-thms.htm
auntyalias: and
Peg: thanks
auntyalias: you're welcome honey
shargoose joined the room
ljcswartz: hi Sharon
auntyalias: How did it go Sharon with the screen shots?
shargoose: Sorry, Just put birdies to bed!!
shargoose: The shots are saved one by one
shargoose: I'll deal with them later!!
auntyalias: let's do a roll call to see who's at their keyboards
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco, CA
luna9786: Jean, New Jersey
shargoose: Sharon V, New Hampshire
merrie60us: Merrie Boston
lommomy: Lisa Brick NJ
auntyalias: now we just need Jackie and we're all here
shargoose: Who Hooo, Jackie?
auntyalias: Since the majority of us are here, I'll finish up the tin,
it's just a matter of folding down these edges and making sure there's
no air bubbles on the wide parts before doing the side mashing
auntyalias: see how cutting those squares out of the corner makes it
auntyalias: no excess clay to cut off except at the edge along the
ridge of the tin
ljcswartz: I had a call
ljcswartz: md--Jackie
auntyalias: hey Jackie, you didn't miss much
auntyalias: just covering the sides and doing a little trim along the
lip of the tin
ljcswartz: I like the continuous pattern feature
auntyalias: having cut out the squares at the corner like that makes
covering the rest of the tin really easy and the pattern will be
continuous, yes, exactly
ljcswartz: even the cut corners seem to match
shargoose left the room
shargoose joined the room
shargoose: I'm back.
merrie60us: Can you open the lid and let us see how far up the clay
goes on the sides please
merrie60us: thanks
merrie60us: Did you sand the tin before you put the clay on it?
lommomy stands up and applauds
shargoose: That is so pretty. I want that one!!
auntyalias: Sharon send me your address and I'll send this to you for
taking screen shots
auntyalias: and for being so helpful in Demo
shargoose: I was just kidding
auntyalias: and as for sanding, I'll do a light fine sanding, but not
too much since it's just a surface technique
shargoose: But... if you insist!!
auntyalias: Sharon, I'm not kidding, I'll send it to you
auntyalias: email me your address
shargoose: K. and THANKS!
auntyalias: you got to get some reward for doing screen shots,
everyone else has in the past at one time or another
shargoose: Will e-mail my snail mail to you
merrie60us: No I meant do you prep the metal before applying the clay?
so it will adhere better?
auntyalias: No prep, Merrie, never seemed to need any
auntyalias: on any of the tins I've made
merrie60us: oh good
lindaslists joined the room
auntyalias: since the sheets for the leaves were gold, when you do the
chevron flip you get that mica shift in the leaves
auntyalias: Oh Linda, Hey honey
lindaslists: Hi Nj, Just needed you uplifting vibes today
auntyalias: Do you need a shim poi poi, Linda? Hard day?
auntyalias: big hugs
lindaslists: You have no idea. My Mother had to call and calm me down
shargoose: What's a Shim poi poi
auntyalias: Sharon, my mom says that to me when I have an owie, Shim
poi poi, and she waves her hand over my boo boo
lindaslists: Need clay therapy
auntyalias: it's Japanese baby talk
shargoose: Well, I'll give you one, too Linda
auntyalias: so I give Shim Poi Poi's to my claymates who have had a
hard day or aren't feeling well
shargoose: Oh, how sweet. It sounds so soothing
auntyalias: my mother is so funny, she still does this to us and we're
over 50
auntyalias: LOL
lindaslists: I need all the good stuff Sylvia told me about to start
auntyalias: makes me feel better even now
auntyalias: then it will, Linda
auntyalias: ask the list for a group prayer and put us all to work on
it for you
lindaslists: Love your leaf tin
lindaslists: ok
auntyalias: thanks honey
lommomy: group hug too
auntyalias: Now there's some folks here who don't know how to do the
chevron flip to get these leaves
shargoose left the room
shargoose joined the room
auntyalias: ya group hugs work too, but Linda is in need of a big fat
group prayer
auntyalias: to kick start those predictions from Sylvia Brown
shargoose: Will do
auntyalias: so who doesn't know the chervon flip?
auntyalias: to do these leaves?
auntyalias: we can do that with gold and black, what about that?
beccas1963 joined the room
auntyalias: then press them on black, that should be pretty, no?
auntyalias: Bec, how you doing honey
luna9786: Yes
auntyalias: just about to start on a leaf cane
beccas1963: I be fine
auntyalias: to make leaves like I got on cam here
lindaslists: That's how I do my rainbow pearlleaves thanks to NJ. Such
a great inspiration (and pick me up)
beccas1963: do I click you tv icon?
auntyalias: yes honey
auntyalias: that's how you open the cam
auntyalias: there ya go
beccas1963: Oh that is pretty
auntyalias: ok, so chevron flip for these leaves, are you ready, if
you want to clay along, get two colors for the leaf
auntyalias: I'm using gold and black
auntyalias: because I have these sheets already pressed and prepared
shargoose: I may have to leave but will take shots as long as I can,
auntyalias: if you need a minute to prep sheets just let me know.
Sharon we have tons of chevron flip shots, so you can clay along if
you want
shargoose: brb
beccas1963: NJ do you have a sec? I made my first flower tried to do
it like you showed me the other nite
shargoose: I can't clay in this room.
auntyalias: sure are you going to send it through to the
MSATClayPictures list?
shargoose: Puter is on other side of house from clay and work area
beccas1963: yup I already posted it.
auntyalias: you're going to have to get a TV tray to clay along,
auntyalias: let me go see the pix and I'll be right back
beccas1963: say do you all have a problem with the clay getting
shargoose: That's a good idea. Never thought of that!!
shargoose: Sometimes Becca
auntyalias: the picture is in an album on the clay pix list?
shargoose: If you are using Sculpey
auntyalias: it's not attached to the email
shargoose: It tends to be a sticky clay
auntyalias: let me go check, where's the pix.... looking now
shargoose: What clay are you using Becca?
beccas1963: Sculpey I made a folder called Beccas
lindaslists: My premo trans tends to be sticky
shargoose: Well, Sculpey is sticky and Premo is a better one to use.
auntyalias: Bec, you can't send attachments to the City-o-Clay list, you
got to send attachments to the CITY-o-ClayPictures list
(Edit 11-14-06 - Photo Storage: COCPix was closed down. Use off list photo storage and share the links with the list. )
auntyalias: join that list for showing pictures of your work
shargoose: But you can set your Sculpey on sheets of paper towel and
get some of the extra oil out of it that way
beccas1963: I didn't send attachments honest. I set up a folder for
the pics
lindaslists: I tend to have hot hands to and that always gets my trans
sticky( in my pasta machine)
auntyalias: ah, ok, I didn't understand
shargoose: Yup, hot hands, warm and humid weather can all make the
clay sticky
lindaslists: clay very new from the manufacturer can be that way also.
auntyalias: Stoney Flowers, they are so GOTH
auntyalias: oops we lost Bec
auntyalias: here she comes back
beccas1963 left the room
beccas1963 joined the room
lindaslists: She's a Tigger. Bouncing everywhere
beccas1963: ok it freaked on me
auntyalias: Bec, those are great stoney flowers
auntyalias: very Goth
auntyalias: and would look good on a memorial
auntyalias: really
beccas1963: Yeah but that is all I had tried to do the rose but oh
well at least it looks like a flower
beccas1963: ok back to the lesson
luna9786: Gotta go. Thanks NJ it was good to get into demo again. See
you next time.
auntyalias: I evidently used up the black I pressed, so I'll have to
prep some more, just take a little bit since I'll use the food
processor to abuse the clay
auntyalias: see you Jean
shargoose: Oh, Hubby is too sweet.
luna9786 left the room
shargoose: Helped me move my pasta machine in and some clay and a
small table!!
beccas1963: oh that is really really nice
shargoose: Pluus he made me a huge fudge sunday
auntyalias: what a sweetie
beccas1963: give some!!
auntyalias: WOW a real PHAT sweetie
shargoose: Ya, he knows how great you all are
lindaslists: he have a brother? LOL
beccas1963: ok so add food processor to the list right?
shargoose: He says it makes him feel good to see me happy!!
shargoose: No brothers
beccas1963: Now that is a good Hubby
beccas1963: ok what is she doing?
ljcswartz: food processor is on my list
lindaslists: conditioning the clay
auntyalias: ok Linda
auntyalias: just warming up the gold and letting the black cool down
auntyalias: let me get the links for the chevron flip
beccas1963: why do you warm up the gold and let the black cool?
beachmusicgal51 left the room
auntyalias: Autumn-Leaf-Grp
auntyalias:  AutumnLeaves-Grp
auntyalias: two differnt urls
auntyalias: same sort of name though
auntyalias: Bec, that's so the clay sheets will be the same
temperature when building the cane
beccas1963: oh ok
auntyalias: if one sheet is cold and the other warm when you reduce
the cane it might give you trouble
beccas1963: oh ok
auntyalias: also if you make canes with some old clay and some new,
you might run into problems,
auntyalias: the old stuff being crumbly
auntyalias: the new stuff being gooshy
auntyalias: now there's ways of using these differences, but that's a
whole separate demo
auntyalias: ok, for those who are new to Chevron flip, check out those
auntyalias: plus there's a bunch of epson albums with screen shots of
earlier leaf canes we've done in Demo
auntyalias: are we ready to start, it's really easy to start these
leaves, two colors, stack the two sheets and slice sections and stack
those sections so we have a stack that's just lines
auntyalias: ok?
beccas1963: sorry got to leave
beccas1963 left the room
shargoose: k
beccas1963 joined the room
auntyalias: ok we have a stack, but before we do anything with it I'm
going to sandwich some gold inside of black, that will be the veins in
the leaves
auntyalias: once that is done I'll press it so I have a sandwich
auntyalias: for veins and a surround sheet
shargoose: Hold on I don't have enough clay!!
auntyalias: ok, Sharon
shargoose: Is it just two or three layers?
auntyalias: two black and gold in the center, three sheets
auntyalias: for the vein
auntyalias: and then press at the widest setting
shargoose: k
auntyalias: I'll save log while you are getting more clay prepped. How
is everyone else doing?
auntyalias: we ok, so far?