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2003- June Highlights

06-16-03: WebCam Demo Log-1. Doing a full sized face.

06-16-03: WebCam Demo Log-2. The Pentagon Trick.

JudithK took over 150 screen shots Karin was hosting 156 pictures of this demo. Full Face Sculpting now on photo gallery pages. 05/15/08

I did not see Karen of Clay Alley Come online, didn't see her typing, only saw her leaving out. It was a Yahoo glitch. If anyone has logs for this day that has Karen's comments please send them to me.

Here's looking at you, Kid.

BonsaiKathy caught these 20 screen shots of doing the eyes on a full face. It's in an Epson Album. 

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jakmiami joined the room
jakmiami: Hmmm, I seem to be early!
auntyalias: Yo Judith, just posting to the list that Rickie Beth is
auntyalias: brb
jakmiami: Hi do you like NJ's lair??
auntyalias: She says "it's gorgeous" and that stuns me
auntyalias: I think it more like a human habitrail
auntyalias: I'm going to move the camera because she's getting nervous
auntyalias: That's my Lex Gigeroff Doll
auntyalias: worked on him this week end
auntyalias: he needs a T shirt and some shorts, a baseball cap
auntyalias: and glasses
josey59801 joined the room
auntyalias: Josey, I forget your first name
auntyalias: I have to edit my Yahoo Friend's list so I can greet you
with your first name and not your Yahoo ID
bonsaikathy joined the room
josey59801: Hi, Eva P here. I
bonsaikathy: Hi Nj, Jackie and Eva
auntyalias: Ok, let me edit my Friend's list, Howdy Kathy
josey59801: I went camping so I am behind what is going on
josey59801: Hi Jackie
auntyalias: Malia01, are you new or do I have old timer's disease and
have forgotten your name?
auntyalias: Rickie Beth/doglove2200 is visiting me right now and she's
going to be watching the Demo from this side
auntyalias: So nothing is going on right now other than we're having
coffee and I'm trying to find order on my work table
auntyalias: slept in and she got here while I still had sleeper crumbs
in my eyes
auntyalias: do we have any special requests?
techi_mom56 joined the room
auntyalias: Hi Nancy
auntyalias: I'm looking for requests
lommomy joined the room
techi_mom56: just hanging out...
lommomy: Hello, just poped in to say hello. Can't stay
auntyalias: I'm going to show Rickie Beth for a tick, so y'all say
lommomy: Kids are comming home
techi_mom56: hi rickie beth...giggle
josey59801: Hi Ricki Beth
auntyalias: could you see the family resemblance
auntyalias: She's going through the giftie boxes
lommomy: great mask
techi_mom56: good mask
auntyalias: it's like Christmas in June
techi_mom56: i bet
auntyalias: These half faces are from the eye sculpting effort
auntyalias: so I thought we'd give them a nose and cure them
auntyalias: half are done and half are still raw
auntyalias: made them on the skull form
auntyalias: so any requests?
auntyalias: Rickie is new to clay and she's chill for anything that
gets made today
auntyalias: I'm still waking up all the way so I don't want to pick a
topic for Demo
bonsaikathy: are you still working on a specific theme or is it
anything goes
josey59801: Me too
lommomy: NJ did you find the Bead and Button Mag. for the box?
bonsaikathy: if not how about lips
auntyalias: didn't get further than Ruth's, got to stop off at the
library next door
auntyalias: Lips, shall we sculpt a full sized face?
lommomy: ok just asking...
auntyalias: if so, male or female?
bonsaikathy: either way,
lommomy: time for me to pop out, you all have a nice day, Lisa
auntyalias: ciao Lisa
lommomy left the room
auntyalias: So full sized face, let me get some "skin" sheets ready
and cover this skull form with some foil
mzsayk joined the room
bonsaikathy: Hi mzsayk, can we please put a name with the ID Honey
auntyalias: mzsayk, what's your first name honey?
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: GMTA
bonsaikathy: we think alike dear
mzsayk: Lauren
bonsaikathy: Hi Lauren
mzsayk: HI
mzsayk: what,s the demo today?
bonsaikathy: welcome to demo and NJ is about to do a full face sculpt
bonsaikathy: have you got her webcam open?
auntyalias: Full-Face-grp
Roni (meows3xx) joined the room
Roni: hi everyone
auntyalias: Yo Roni, we're doing full sized faces
auntyalias: Full-Face-grp
bonsaikathy: Hi Roni
auntyalias: Lost Lauren
auntyalias: ah well, going to cover this skull form with some foil and
then press out some "skin" clay sheets
auntyalias: I took all my unfinished dolls and peeled off the clay and
remixed them
auntyalias: some of the earlier colors weren't right and I never
finished the dolls
auntyalias: remixing all the clay got it down to one tone that is
useful for demo like this
Roni: does everyone just have a skull or two laying around? think
Michael's has them in stock? LOL
bonsaikathy: no but probably not a bad idea
auntyalias: you make it out of foil and clay
josey59801: I don't mean to sound dumb, but what is the foil for and
does it not have to be smooth
auntyalias: no dumb questions, the foil is to get the final face off
of the mold
josey59801: I thought that might be it
techi_mom56: i gotta run for about 45minutes...will be back on when i
get back home
auntyalias: and get it as smooth as you can, but don't get stressed
with some little wrinkles, they are bound to happen
auntyalias: Ok, Nancy see ya
techi_mom56 left the room
josey59801: sounds good
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
auntyalias: Howdy Jude
mzsayk left the room
mzsayk joined the room
auntyalias: the nose poked through the foil so I'm folding it in half
and covering the skull again
jude: Howdy!
jude: You have a nosy nose? Oh, my!
mzsayk: how do I the web cam,I type really slow can someone help?
bonsaikathy: yes honey, just right click on auntyalias and then click
on view webcam
auntyalias: I got to press sheets, someone will help, Oh Thanks Kathy
bonsaikathy: welcome
auntyalias: make sure she's in through Yahoo messenger and not the
bonsaikathy: ok, did you get that honey
mzsayk: I can see ,thank you
bonsaikathy: great
bonsaikathy: and you're welcome
auntyalias: I'm going to put this skin clay in the food processor to
warm it up rather than wrestle with it
jude: I see a person peeking out there behind NJ's PM.
auntyalias: That's Rickie Beth/doglove 2200
auntyalias: come to visit
jude: Howdy!
Roni: hi Rickie Beth
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: she's not used to being in the spot light
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: so we'll focus on the skull, just got the sheets of "skin"
clay warmed and pressed
auntyalias: now I'll lay down the first layer so we have something to
put nostrils, lips and eyes on, get coffee for this part it's really
jude: Now, NJ, that's the wrong attitude! It's all VERY interesting.
jude: Hehehehe
bonsaikathy: I think so
bonsaikathy: each part is interesting if you've never done it before
or are still a beginner. It helps you learn the basics
jakmiami: Hey Rickie -- just catching up with the conversation. Re the
skull...I found a complete skeleton in Michael's during the Halloween
pre-season...sometime in September I think. It's about 18 inches
high...the skull is a little wierd (not exactly the right scale), but
it basically, it seems to be correct. You might want to keep on the
lookout for it...
jude: I like to watch to see her technique. How does she slap all that
clay down? How does she keep from putting marks all over everything?
Schtuff like that there.
bonsaikathy: you know come to think of it I have a few of those tiny
ones that would be perfect to do a mold on for smaller scales, hmm
will have to dig them out
bonsaikathy: no pun intended
jakmiami: Now that sounds just right for the Halloween wreath!
bonsaikathy: rats, they won't work, the faces are too crooked, kind of
cheap things
moodygirl2 joined the room
auntyalias: Ok, now we have the first layer laid down
moodygirl2: Hi everyone, sorry I'm late. My name is Patricia.
auntyalias: Shall we do a roll call with first names and locations,
Howdy Patricia
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
jakmiami: JudithK, Miami Beach
jude: jude, Tehachapi, CA
moodygirl2: Patricia, Charlotte, North Carolina
josey59801: Hi Patricia, Eva P, Montana
mzsayk: Lauren, New York
jude: Montana? Whereabouts?
josey59801: Missoula
jude: I have family in Red Lodge.
moodygirl2: Hi Eva, I remember you from my first demo last week
josey59801: Really, I grew up in Big Timber, Not too far from Red
auntyalias: ok, we'll start from the top of this face and move down
auntyalias: I'm going to build up the forehead, nose and then do eyes
auntyalias: is that all right with folks?
bonsaikathy: sorry Kathy in E. TN
bonsaikathy: had to help hubby for a mintue
bonsaikathy: minute, I can't type
bonsaikathy: Hi Karen
bonsaikathy: did you get my email honey
josey59801: Sounds good to me
bonsaikathy: good
mzsayk: Miz Karen ,Lauren is in the house
mzsayk: Yep
auntyalias: Said's friend blows glass and made this ash tray for him
jude: Pretty!
mzsayk: Yes, was in hospital for too long again
mzsayk: slow coming around this time
mzsayk: ha ha
mzsayk: smokin
Roni: sorry, bopping in and out, Roni, Michigan
Roni: hi Karen
moodygirl2: Karen - are you the 'Clay Alley' Karen? ( sorry I'm a
newbie here )
Roni: I get confused between Kathy and Karen and I'm blonde, now LOL
bonsaikathy: it's easy to remember me because of the bonsai in my ID
moodygirl2: I just ordered a package from you a couple days ago and it
got here TODAY!! Wow. Great service
Roni: said I was blonde
bonsaikathy: she is the best where that's concerned isn't she
bonsaikathy: yup
bonsaikathy: I don't know how you do it, the package reaches me before
I order half the time, lol
bonsaikathy: ok for those not in here NJ has put skin colored clay all
over the tin foil which she has carefully pressed into the skull for
the indentations
bonsaikathy: she then put a slice across the top for the forehead and
now is working on the nose
bonsaikathy: I'm not sure Karen
bonsaikathy: we'll have to ask her
auntyalias: questions before I do the eyes
Roni: NJ said it's foil covered with clay
malia01us joined the room
auntyalias:  Full-Face-grp
auntyalias: this is an old tute section
auntyalias: it sort of goes over what we're doing here
auntyalias: anyone have any questions at this point?
bonsaikathy: NJ shall we try roll call one more time now that we have
some newcomers
bonsaikathy: and some of us namely me are sitting her this time
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
bonsaikathy: Kathy, E. TN
malia01us: Donna, PA: first time checking out NJ's demos
online....can't stay long, just glad I figured out how to do this!
jakmiami: JudithK, Miami Beach
jude: jude, Tehachapi, CA, aka Aunt Judy
moodygirl2: Patricia, Charlotte, NC
josey59801: Eva P. Western Montana
bonsaikathy: Hi Donna
bonsaikathy: welcome
mzsayk: Lauren, New York
meows3xx left the room
Roni (meows3xx) joined the room
malia01us: thanks!
malia01us: Harrisburg
malia01us: you're pretty close by!
malia01us: I know who to call when I'm stuck with something then...
malia01us: Did you?
malia01us: I hardly ever cross the river!
auntyalias: ok
auntyalias: take the width of the eye
auntyalias: and use it as a measure
auntyalias: and eyes are "one eye width apart"
auntyalias: for the most part
auntyalias: an easy way to measure where things should be placed
auntyalias: from the corner of the eye to the nose, should be one eye
auntyalias: see?
malia01us: so far
mzsayk: yes
josey59801: Yes
auntyalias: now from the corner of the nose to the outer edge of the
mouth is one eye width too
auntyalias: see?
mzsayk: cool
auntyalias: from the lower lip, which we don't have yet, to the chin
is one eye width
auntyalias: that's an easy way to map out the face, so are we ready to
start on the eyes, or are there any questions?
mzsayk: ready
bonsaikathy: ready here
malia01us: have to run, everyone.
malia01us: back to work...
josey59801: Ready
bonsaikathy: bye honey, glad you could stop by
moodygirl2: ready here too
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/Eyeball/04-24-03-Thms
auntyalias: here is the demo we did eyeball iris
malia01us: will be back next time... Kathy, be in touch!
moodygirl2: bye Donna nice meeting you
auntyalias: I'll be using one of these
malia01us left the room
auntyalias: Look at the bottom of the page
auntyalias: it's that eyeball cane I'm going to be using and it's with
a round kemper took I'll cut out some eyelids
jude: I have got to go. Dang, can't see when you take that duct tape
off that guy's face. Oh, well.
auntyalias: LOL
josey59801 left the room
auntyalias: you heading out Jude?
moodygirl2: bye Jude
jude: Yup...will be back later. Take care all!
greatauntjudy left the room
auntyalias: so y'all with me? Check that eyeball page for the separate
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/Eyeball/04-24-03-Thms
mzsayk: yes
bonsaikathy: yup
Roni: here
auntyalias: my clayshaper is still packed from this week end
auntyalias: brb
auntyalias: this is a large clay shaper for those who don't know about
this tool
auntyalias: it has a soft rubber tip
josey59801 joined the room
moodygirl2: I'm not familiar with that tool...
bonsaikathy: I'll be back in about 5 minutes, I've got to start dinner
real quick
josey59801: I'm sorry but I lost you. What is that that you are using
moodygirl2: Karen, do you have those at clay alley?
auntyalias: this is a clay shaper
bonsaikathy: I hate missing this part
moodygirl2: Okay. Thanks.
auntyalias: and Karen has smaller sizes of this
auntyalias: the top one is Zero size used for doing minis
moodygirl2: Are they used for shaping & smoothing? I have a problem
with finger prints on my work..
auntyalias: now did everyone get the eyeball tute link?
auntyalias: yes, smoothing and shaping, I ROLL the cone tip over
things to form them, don't drag
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/Eyeball/04-24-03-Thms
auntyalias: the pictures at the bottom of this page is what I'm going
to do next
auntyalias: cutting out two circles
auntyalias: cut the circles NOT in half, one side will be larger than
the other
auntyalias: the larger side will be the top lid
auntyalias: the smaller side will be the lower lid
auntyalias: put the lids over these GOOGLEY eyes
auntyalias: and the face won't look so startled
auntyalias: YIKEs
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: had to fill in the eye a bit here
auntyalias: upper and lower eyelids
auntyalias: the easy breezy way
bonsaikathy: I'm glad I got back for that part
auntyalias: saving one eye for you Kathy
bonsaikathy: thanks NJ
bonsaikathy: I'm watching now
auntyalias: start from the corner of the eye and lay the eyelid over
the eyeball
auntyalias: and then do the same for the lower lid, start from the
inner corner of the eye and lay it over the eyeball, stretch it a bit
to make it make it to the outer corner if you need to
josey59801: That is so cool, you make it look so easy!
auntyalias: Oh it IS easy
auntyalias: now I roll the cone shaped clay shaper over the eyelid
auntyalias: and then merge the eyelid to the face
auntyalias: now see how rolling the cone clay shaper over the eyelid
makes it look realistic
auntyalias: for eyeballs are just BALLS covered with flesh
auntyalias: so we make them the way they are
auntyalias: ball, or half ball shapes, as with this skull form
auntyalias: in a socket
auntyalias: then covered with flat sheets for eyelids
moodygirl2: that is so cool...
auntyalias: using the kemper tool to get a round shape to start with,
I'll blend these eyelids into the face and then we'll work on this
auntyalias: so questions at this point?
moodygirl2: no questions...yet
mzsayk: no
bonsaikathy: not here
josey59801: no
tedi382001 joined the room
bonsaikathy: Hi Amy
auntyalias: remember what I was saying about one eyewidth?
jakmiami: is anyone else taking screen shots? because I need to take
about a 10 minute break...
auntyalias: well the bottom of the nose is usually one eye width wide
auntyalias: let's all break then
auntyalias: potty, get food and drink
auntyalias: smoke em if you got them and I'll save log
jakmiami: thanks...
moodygirl2: I hope to see you all later.
bonsaikathy: I'll send you the pics I have so far
mzsayk left the room
mzsayk joined the room
mzsayk: thanks
auntyalias: you're welcome Lauren, now right click on my name to get
the cam
auntyalias: we're on break so I'm going to do my biologicals and brb
bonsaikathy: NJ if you get a dup of either I'm sorry
bonsaikathy: the stupid email program crashed in the middle of sending
them to you
auntyalias: no problem Kathy
tedi382001 left the room
tedi382001 joined the room
tedi382001: sorry got booted
mzsayk left the room
mzsayk joined the room
auntyalias: back
auntyalias: now if you're wondering what this picture is
auntyalias: it's the Eye Width trick
auntyalias: that things on the face can be measured by the width of
the eye
auntyalias: the bottom of the nose is one eye width
auntyalias: I was mistaken, it's one eye width from the bottom of the
nose to the bottom of the lower lip
auntyalias: the length of the nose is one eye width long
auntyalias: the face is 5 eye widths apart
auntyalias: from the top of the eyebrow to the bottom of the eye is
one eye width
josey59801: I wondered at first then figured it out, is it on your web
site so it can be printed?
auntyalias: it looks weird but it's a measure we can use to quickly
place features on the face
auntyalias: can someone explain how to capture a screen shot? That's
the easiest way to save this image
auntyalias: Kathy got your pix and forwarded them to the Epson
account, Thanks honey, they all seemed to come through
bonsaikathy: great
auntyalias: I got 20 in the inbox, is that how many you meant to send?
jakmiami: NJ: I've alreadygot about 60 you want me to try
and upload them now or wait until we get thru?
bonsaikathy: I think so
bonsaikathy: let me check
auntyalias: I still have to rearrange them before getting them to an
album, but that's how many got forwarded
bonsaikathy: yup
auntyalias: great
auntyalias: Oh, Judith
auntyalias: let me put these eyeballs shots that Kathy sent to an
album and I'll password protect it and sort them later, then the inbox
will be empty and you can load them up
auntyalias: brb
josey59801: It makes it much easier to get the proportion right
auntyalias: ok, Judith, the inbox is empty now you can upload what you
have to Epson now if you want
auntyalias: I'm organizing ordering of Chinese Delivery for us right
auntyalias: not cooking today, no sireee
auntyalias: brb
jakmiami: ok...will take a bit ... don't start withoutme ls!
bonsaikathy: we're having potato and macaroni salad and hamburgs and
bonsaikathy: easy breezy
bonsaikathy: sounds good
auntyalias: Mitch put this together on how to do screen shots, so
y'all can save this eyeball width picture
auntyalias: and keep it as reference
auntyalias: I don't have it on my site as yet
bonsaikathy: It's a good reference
auntyalias: let me know when y'all got this screen shot for your own
reference and we'll move forward on getting features on this face
auntyalias: and when folks had time enough to get coffee and go to the
mzsayk: me
auntyalias: shall we take roll and see who's back at their keyboards?
josey59801: I would like a copy Karen
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
mzsayk: Lauren, New York
josey59801: Eva P, Montana
auntyalias: we'll wait a bit for folks to get back from break
jakmiami left the room
jakmiami joined the room
moodygirl2: Hi all. I'm Patricia in Charlotte
tedi382001: hi I'm Amy in Canada
auntyalias: we have more than half of us back
auntyalias: how about another 5 minutes and then we do the nose and
lips of the full face?
mzsayk: ok
moodygirl2: ok
Roni: Roni, Michigan
auntyalias: The word Thrill comes from fencing
auntyalias: when you run someone through with the sword
auntyalias: then it was taken up as a term "oh his look just THRILLed
auntyalias: like that
auntyalias: the word Nostril
auntyalias: is Nose+thrill
auntyalias: so all we do is stick a tool in the nose to get the hole,
stick the tool in and pull sideways
auntyalias: ok?
auntyalias: looks uncomfortable
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: I've not met anyone who couldn't put their forefinger in
their nose
auntyalias: for all our lives we are stretching out our nostrils with
our forefinger
auntyalias: it's a scientific non-fact
auntyalias: LOL
mzsayk: eww
auntyalias: I'm looking through the anatomy books for the name of the
little dip on the upper lip
auntyalias: anyone know what that is called?
auntyalias: can't find it
auntyalias: one book said, "hollow of the upper lip
auntyalias: now the mouth isn't flat on the face
auntyalias: the muscles ring the mouth
auntyalias: and it makes sort of a pentagon
auntyalias: if you put a pair of lips flat on a face like this
auntyalias: it'll look sort of weird
auntyalias: but if we build up the area in this pentagon shape and
then sculpt out lips from there it'll look more real
tedi382001: sorry gotta go, people seem to need food for some reason,
thanks nj
auntyalias: See ya Amy
auntyalias: and if we were aiming for a smile we'll have the extra
clay we need to make the laugh lines
tedi382001 left the room
bonsaikathy: that really looks very funny
bonsaikathy: very good Karen
mzsayk: show off
bonsaikathy: lol, are you cutting and pasting this young lady
auntyalias: Kathy do you have your cam on?
auntyalias: I can't see it here
bonsaikathy: no
auntyalias: ah, I was confused
bonsaikathy: sorry
auntyalias: hold on I got to get a book, brb
bonsaikathy: ok
auntyalias: back
auntyalias: caught some air bubbles
mzsayk: thank you
frogger70301 joined the room
bonsaikathy: She never seases to amaze me when she does these things
bonsaikathy: Hi Sweetie, how's it going
frogger70301: me?
bonsaikathy: yup
frogger70301: hey, Karen. Kath, not too good.
Roni: hi Mitch
bonsaikathy: what's the matter honey
frogger70301: Hey, boo.
auntyalias: Hey Mitch
auntyalias: we got a pouty face here
frogger70301: just tore up my house trying to clean it.
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: now after cleaning you'll never find anything anymore
bonsaikathy: sounds like me when I clean, lol
frogger70301: I'm trying to throw stuff away, but everything I pick up
looks interesting.
frogger70301: hubby's definately going to fuss when he gets home
frogger70301: hard tyo do with two kids.
bonsaikathy: haha, I've tried to tell her that before, she says it
doesn't work
frogger70301: too much junk in there.
bonsaikathy: hey they can go to Gram's
frogger70301: can't even throw a pair of shoes in there.
frogger70301: she needed a break from them.
frogger70301: I sent them over there all weekend so I could throw most
of their toys away.
bonsaikathy: it was the cutest thing, today we went to a friends house
to help with his car, his 3 yr old grandson has fallen in love with me
and when we went over today, he got really mad that his brother gave
me a hug and kiss. he started crying
bonsaikathy: cracked me up
frogger70301: oh, how cute!
auntyalias: so there's the full face
bonsaikathy: he came over and sat on my lap so that his brother
couldn't get near me again
frogger70301: Ivy used to be like that with one of hubbys friends.
bonsaikathy: bye Karen
frogger70301: Bye, hon.
auntyalias: now the Pentagon trick around the mouth took longer than I
kmrhodes left the room
jakmiami: a face of character!
auntyalias: I didn't even SEE Karen here
auntyalias: didn't see her typing
auntyalias: Dang Yahoo
bonsaikathy: I think it was effective though
bonsaikathy: it's looks great
auntyalias: I didn't see Karen typing
mzsayk: really nice
bonsaikathy: are you serious, she's been in here for quite awhile
auntyalias: sigh, I hate it when Yahoo edits my chat log
auntyalias: I'm serious, I didn't see her, or see her typing or
auntyalias: Kathy can you copy your log and send it to me?
jakmiami: NJ: I missed the bit about the pentagon...
bonsaikathy: how wierd, she's been in almost since the beginning
auntyalias: This has happened to me before. I'll go out and come back
bonsaikathy: ok
auntyalias: Judith, I'll explain when I get back

You are in "*g.MSATClayArt:1" ( )

bonsaikathy: she took a piece of clay and then shaped it like the
auntyalias: Ok the pentagon thing is like this
auntyalias: when you smile you have a ring of muscles around the mouth
auntyalias: and they make a sort of pentagon shape around the mouth
auntyalias: I'll mark the face where the pentagon is located
auntyalias: like that, the rings of muscles around the mouth
auntyalias: when building lips if you take two logs of clay and just
put lips on the flat face
auntyalias: without this build up around the mouth
auntyalias: the face will look cartoonish
auntyalias: not real
auntyalias: also if you want to put a smile on the face
auntyalias: you don't have the additional clay to make the
indentations of the laugh lines,
auntyalias: brb door
bonsaikathy: ok
auntyalias: The Chinese food is here so Rickie and I are going to take
a break and get some food, we're both starving
auntyalias: I'll hang out to take questions
auntyalias: but I'm going to serve myself up some food first, brb
jakmiami: leftover takeout is awaiting! I'm going to try
uploading more pix...only about the first 16 went.
josey59801: That you so much, that was Awesome to watch!
bonsaikathy: I'll be writing Yuko my future daughter in law a note.
She'll be getting to work soon to start her day. It's 7:30 tomorrow
morning in Okinawa. We've gotten so close just writing back and forth
to each other
frogger70301: that's great, hon.
moodygirl2: I gotta go folks.. Big storm here in Charlotte.
moodygirl2: It was nice meeting all of you.
bonsaikathy: bye honey
bonsaikathy: she's really a sweetheart and Jr. adores her
moodygirl2 left the room
auntyalias: back
auntyalias: got me a plate full of Chinese food
bonsaikathy: I love chinese food, mmm mm
bonsaikathy: we now have the mandarin house here and it's my favorite
place to eat
auntyalias: so Judith did you understand what I was saying around
doing the pentagon of clay around the mouth?
jakmiami: yes..
jakmiami: it certainly makes it easier to visualize how to build up
the area
auntyalias: when folks smile take all that clay around the mouth and
push it to the side
auntyalias: to get laugh lines
auntyalias: lips thin out and the muscle contracts outward
auntyalias: if there's no clay to push sideways
auntyalias: it's hard to make a smile
auntyalias: no one typing? Or is it my Yahoo again
auntyalias: makes me jumpy when things like not seeing a claymate in
the chat room typing
frogger70301: I'm trying to get my table a little decent.
auntyalias: makes me think that there's tons of stuff going on and I'm
not seeing it
auntyalias: ah, thanks Mitch
bonsaikathy: I was writing to Yuko
bonsaikathy: sorry honey
frogger70301: For some reason, these demos always makes me clean up my
bonsaikathy: but kept coming back and reading what you were writing
auntyalias: no worries, I was just wondering if I wasn't seeing what
was being typed again
auntyalias: shall we break for a bit while I chat with Rickie Beth
here and eat?
auntyalias: how about like for 15 minutes or so?
bonsaikathy: sounds like a good idea
auntyalias: I'll change my status line
auntyalias: ok, back in 15
mzsayk: ok
mzsayk left the room
frogger70301: are we still on break, or am I messing up?
bonsaikathy: Gary and I have to run some errands in town so if you're
still around I'll catch up with you all later
bonsaikathy: NJ, thanks for doing the face, I never tire of watching
you do that
frogger70301: see ya later, hon. hopefully, anyways.
jakmiami left the room
bonsaikathy left the room
auntyalias: ok, gosh our lunch break thinned out the crowd

frogger70301: I'm gonna have to head out in a little bit when hubby
gets home.
auntyalias: maybe I'll come back after visiting with Rickie Beth here
frogger70301: While I'm thinking of it, Cheryl sent as new book for
the library.
auntyalias: Ah, which book was that honey?
frogger70301: 36 Millefiori Canes.
frogger70301: Didn't get a chance to take a pic yet, though. Gonna do
iot right now.
auntyalias: wow sounds great
auntyalias: I think what I'll do here is put some one to one attention
to Rickie Beth
auntyalias: and then come back for a later Demo, like in a couple of
hours or so
auntyalias: let folks get supper cooked and kids to bed
frogger70301: Can you send me the password so I can load it up, and
get the word out b4 hubby gets home?
auntyalias: sent the password to you by instant message
auntyalias: Ok, I'll post to the list that we're going to take a
couple of hours of break and I'll be back for a later demo