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2003- June Highlights

06-16-03: WebCam Demo Log-1. Doing a full sized face.

06-16-03: WebCam Demo Log-2. The Pentagon Trick.


Using a half face form left over from the Eyeball cane Demo I filled in the lower half.

JudithK took over 150 screen shots  Karin was hosting 156 pictures of this demo. Full Face Sculpting now on photo gallery pages. 05/15/08

Check out a couple of digi pix of the full sized face in the Prince of Fire in his Elvis in Las Vegas Hair

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jakmiami joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Judith, packing up Rickie Beth's giftie bag
auntyalias: LOL
jakmiami: oohhh isn't that fun! I'm still drooling over mine!
wi1dangl joined the room
wi1dangl: Hello my claying friends.
auntyalias: Yo, sorry
auntyalias: saying good bye to a claymate who's been visiting
auntyalias: I'm showing her the color cards and she and Judith were
surprised at how small they are
jakmiami: believe me, the ones I did are much bigger!
wi1dangl: I need to do some color cards...someday...right now i'm
working on my first INRO
auntyalias: LOL, dinner plate sized?
auntyalias: Wow, your first Inro
auntyalias: that's great
auntyalias: I got all sorts of ideas on how to do the technique better
auntyalias: but we got a start on it at least
wi1dangl: yep...had to explain it to hubby
wi1dangl: what are you working on tonight nj?
auntyalias: what ever people want to see, I'm saying my good byes to
Rickie Beth here and I'll be back in a tiny bit
wi1dangl: k
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auntyalias: I'm going to walk Rickie Beth to the bus stop and I'll be
back and you all can decide what we're going to do for demo, ok?
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auntyalias: back
josey59801 left the room
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auntyalias: EvaP, you getting booted out by Yahoo?
josey59801: I think it was my computer that did it!
auntyalias: I just posted to the list that we're here
auntyalias: That little pot there is what Rickie Beth made when we had
one to one time
auntyalias: I'm holding it hostage
jakmiami left the room
jakmiami joined the room
auntyalias: Yo Judith
jakmiami: Hi
auntyalias: is that all your pictures in the In box with Epson
auntyalias: 56 pictures?

jakmiami: NJ: I'm having some problems getting the shots uploaded. For
some reason it keeps uploading the same shots over and over again. I
just deleted most of the 56...there are just 13 there now.
auntyalias: oh I had to refresh the page, now I see 13
auntyalias: how odd that you got repeats when you were uploading
jakmiami: I was going to try the next 10 and see what happens
auntyalias: ok, honey
jakmiami: it may be because I've been switching between screens to
keep up with the demo. If you're going to go on to something else,
I'll just drop out for a while and keep at it.
auntyalias: I don't know what we're going to do. Lynn and EvaP how
does sculpting sound to you?
auntyalias: or what's your pleasure?
wi1dangl: sounds good to me
auntyalias: Judith since you're in the East Coast and so is Lynn
josey59801: Sounds good to me too
auntyalias: how about some sculpting and you can upload the pictures
auntyalias: Judith can upload the pictures later or tomorrow morning
jakmiami: okay with me!
wi1dangl: yep
auntyalias: Ok, now what scale should we sculpt?
Roni (meows3xx) joined the room
auntyalias: which part of the sculpting process do you want to review
auntyalias: Howdy Roni
Roni: HOWDY!
wi1dangl: anything is fine with me nj...
auntyalias: shall we do one inch scale? Keep working on this full
sized face?
auntyalias: I was thinking if we worked on this full sized face we
should aim for a smile
auntyalias: work the muscles around the mouth
auntyalias: squint the eyes
auntyalias: raise the eyebrown
auntyalias: eyebrows too
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: that sort of thing
jakmiami: well, right now I have a question on what you've already are you going to cure it (assuming that you would)? Can you
bake it on the form?
auntyalias: get some expression in a otherwise expressionless face
Roni: anything is great with me, popping in and out, helping Bob lay
marble tile
auntyalias: I wouldn't cure it on the form, I'd just wad up some foil
to prop it up
auntyalias: it'll hold itself up for it's two sheets of foil and all
that clay
auntyalias: but for prudence I'd use some wadded up foil to prop it
and then cure it
auntyalias: it'll hold its shape
auntyalias: Ok, Roni, we've been working on this full sized face
Roni: been watching a lot of it
auntyalias: this pentagon I drew around the mouth
auntyalias: was where I laid down snakes of clay
auntyalias: and then pushed inward for lips
auntyalias: that way we get the muscles around the mouth
auntyalias: when we take that relaxed mouth
auntyalias: and pull the clay outward to the cheeks
auntyalias: that added clay GOT to go somewhere
auntyalias: and that's our laugh lines
auntyalias: the muscles that get taunt below the round of the cheek
when we smile
auntyalias: the lips will thin out
auntyalias: maybe teeth will be exposed
auntyalias: and the flexed muscles translate to added clay that we put
auntyalias: laying down the pentagon snake
auntyalias: following me so far?
Roni: yep
jakmiami: yep
auntyalias: let me wash my hands first and then we'll stretch a smile
on this face
josey59801: yes
wi1dangl: yep
Roni: k, he looks Asian, very wise
auntyalias: Ever face I make when I'm not following a picture turns
out Asian
auntyalias: we do what we know best
auntyalias: and I can do Asians in my sleep
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: wonder why?
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: ok, I'm working on this theory, it's been in my head, but
I figure it got to work
auntyalias: put muscles where muscles are when relaxed
auntyalias: if the face is going to smile
auntyalias: then let's take that relaxed muscle mass and push it out
auntyalias: let's see if it makes laugh lines or I'm just smoking too
much crack
auntyalias: let me save log at this point
auntyalias: done, are we ready?
auntyalias: fixing to smile or what
Roni: ready
josey59801: smile sounds good
dahs512 joined the room
bonsaikathy joined the room
dahs512: Smiling Sadie
auntyalias: LOL
bonsaikathy: look at the wonderful wrinkles
bonsaikathy: gives character
auntyalias: taking a break to say Howdy
dahs512: Don't encourage her
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: ok, trick of the day
auntyalias: a pentagon of snakes around the bottom of the flat face
auntyalias: to build up muscle mass so when we smile
bonsaikathy: I'm still reeling over the eyewidth chart and you're
giving more hints
auntyalias: we got clay to smile with
bonsaikathy: lol
auntyalias: save log, I got tons of new ideas with this basic
auntyalias: give enough clay for a relaxed face, lips are not logs on
a board
auntyalias: they are sloping hills
dahs512: I seem to make the top lip protrude more than I should
auntyalias: the lips grow up and out of the area around the mouth in a
pentagon shape
auntyalias: build up the muscle around the mouth and then form the
frogger70301 joined the room
auntyalias: then you can make smiles because you have that built up
muscle mass already there, lips added to a face
auntyalias: look like lips added to a face
auntyalias: but lips that arise
auntyalias: out of the muscle mass
auntyalias: allow us to build in expression down the road
auntyalias: shall I do a flat face and go over this pentagon lip trick
auntyalias: I got an upper face already done, two in fact
dahs512: ok, if noone minds
auntyalias: just lips to do on these two fellows
auntyalias: the skin tone won't match but I don't care
auntyalias: show of fingertips
auntyalias: two sets of lips, going over this pentagon trick?
wi1dangl: yep
jakmiami: ok
Roni: k
auntyalias: let's do it then
dahs512: yes
josey59801: ok
dahs512: Did Katie pop in here today?
auntyalias: blue eyes or brown?
dahs512: blue
wi1dangl: blue
bonsaikathy: ok I'm brown eyed, lol
bonsaikathy: 1 vote for brown
Roni: green? lol
Roni: figured out why they look Asian, no bags under the eyes
bonsaikathy: haha Roni, we're non comformists
dahs512: Can we do a howdy, so I know who is who, p;lease
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN
dahs512: Denise in Cedar Creek
Roni: Roni, Michigan
jakmiami: JudithK, Miami Beach
frogger70301: Mitch, south LA
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
wi1dangl: Hi there...Lynn In Atlanta (for 2 more weeks)
dahs512: Who is with you today NJ, I forgot
bonsaikathy: NJ it looks like a princess with the face covered
Roni: where ya' going Lynn? Ricky Beth is with NJ
josey59801: Eva P, Montana
wi1dangl: moving to Ohio
auntyalias: Rickie Beth was with me, she's probably on the Bart on her
way back to Hayward
dahs512: Well hello eveyone!
dahs512: oh ok
Roni: k, must have missed when she left
dahs512: i wouldn't leave
dahs512: you'd have to kick me out
auntyalias: Folks have been known to come and camp out a spell
dahs512: did we get shots earlier, orr should i get a few?
auntyalias: we got eye building shots
auntyalias: Judith did you get the Pentagon mouth trick?
jakmiami: i got lots of 'em, just need to get them uploaded
auntyalias: she got tons
auntyalias: ok, so we can just review this and not sweat the shots
dahs512: ok, I'll relax then
auntyalias: unless folks got an itchy trigger finger
auntyalias: let me pull out the eyeball width chart
dahs512: lol
bonsaikathy: she's tripping me out with this eyeball chart
auntyalias: shoot that
bonsaikathy: it's to neat
bonsaikathy: I did
bonsaikathy: I'll send them to you NJ
Roni: Kathy, would you send it to me? Please
auntyalias: or send one through clay pix
auntyalias: then everyone on clay pix will have it for reference
bonsaikathy: Ok that's a good ide
auntyalias: that's faster, no?
bonsaikathy: idea
dahs512: So you are saying we need to "eyeball" the face
dahs512: heheh
auntyalias: LOL, yes exactly
auntyalias: I told you I always "eyeball" stuff, well that's literal
and figurative
bonsaikathy: Roni do you still need it honey or are you a member of
Clay pix
Roni: don't think I'm a member, email is meow(snip email address)
bonsaikathy: ok will send it to you too individually, it's really a
neat thing, I do recommend you join the clay pics list you'll like it
auntyalias: see the pentagon I just drew on this face
dahs512: You are missing some good pics
Roni: yes
auntyalias: I'm going to lay down snakes of clay on these lines
dahs512: Roni, you should join just to see, read it from the web
auntyalias: and then moosh the clay inward towards the lip
auntyalias: makes an automatic part in the upper lip that way
Roni: what's the url?
auntyalias: as well as add clay mass to make smiles with
dahs512: (ClayPix retired)
auntyalias: (ClayPix Retired)
dahs512: call me quick-draw McGraw
auntyalias: and call me BabaLoo
dahs512: lol
Roni: I think I do belong, I have a folder there
dahs512: i thought so
Roni: it's the one you can click on from MSAT, right, it says Photo's
dahs512: What pray tell gave you the idea of the layout of these
snakes, NJ
dahs512: no, a different group altogether
auntyalias: let me show you the picture
dahs512: I'm sure you've been watching too much science fiction
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/RainingMen/FaceLayers-1.htm
auntyalias: look at the muscles around the mouth
dahs512: i see
bonsaikathy: Alright folks, everyone have a nice evening and enjoy the
rest of the demo, I'm about falling off the chair after getting no
sleep lately.
bonsaikathy: Talk to you all later
dahs512: G'night Kathy, see you soon
wi1dangl: goodnight kathy
jakmiami: nighty night
bonsaikathy: night All
Roni: nite Kathy, sleep well
frogger70301: nite,hon.
bonsaikathy left the room
frogger70301: I'm gonna head out too. Nite, all.
Roni: nite MItch
dahs512: nite Mitch
frogger70301 left the room
dahs512: So you just coaxed it into lips
dahs512: d used some to add a little chin?
Roni: amazing fingers!!
Roni: 10:30 PM here, have to feed Bob, he's been working all day, nite
all, thank you NJ
shargoose joined the room
meows3xx left the room
dahs512: you know how there is one stroke painting, i think sometimes
she does one stroke sculpting
dahs512: Hi Sharon
shargoose: Hi
shargoose: Having a baaaad day
dahs512: oh, I'm so sorry
shargoose: Me too!!
dahs512: maybe we can lighten it up a little for you
shargoose: Hope so.
shargoose: I really wanted to see this demo.
shargoose: Hope there will be some screen shots
dahs512: we are glad you got here
shargoose: You wouldn't believe
dahs512: oh yes, lot's of shots, and I bet NJ would do it one more
shargoose: Not sure I'll last long
shargoose: Pretty tired after the day from H--l
dahs512: well someone got lots of screen shots
shargoose: Good
jakmiami: yes, it will just take a bit of time to get them uploaded
shargoose: That's OK
shargoose: I've done the shots before and know it takes time
dahs512: Nj is giving us some lip
dahs512: she's good at that
auntyalias: Hey I resemble that remark
shargoose: Ever had a day where everything plus more went wrong?
dahs512: oh yeah
shargoose: The good news is the bird is alive
shargoose: TOG just about croaked on me today
shargoose: He's OK now
shargoose: I love seeing this larger head sculpt
shargoose: Easier to see the details
dahs512: Your bird is sick?
shargoose: It's a loooong story
dahs512: my dog has heartworms
shargoose: No, jus inaled some water and he couldn't breath
dahs512: oh, scarey
shargoose: I was doing CPR on a cockatiel!!
dahs512: he's ok now?
shargoose: But that was just the last in a long series of stuff
dahs512: keep him warm and toasty, till he dries out a little
shargoose: Yes, I think he's OK.
shargoose: Vet said to call him if he gets lethagic, off food etc.
shargoose: He could get pneumonia from this
dahs512: need a bird thermometer
shargoose: He's all tucked into his little cage
shargoose: safe and warm
shargoose: Ya, right, a bird thermometer
dahs512: good
shargoose: And where pray tell would I stick that?
dahs512: lol
jakmiami: under his wing of course
dahs512: he probably could use some sunshine for the next few days
shargoose: Never thought of that
shargoose: You can tell where my mind is!!
shargoose: Did NJ use foil for most of the head armature?
shargoose: Would take a lot of clay if she didn't
dahs512: she makes these like a mask
auntyalias: got a whole housefull of men come through
auntyalias: sorry
dahs512: on a premade armature wrapped in foil
dahs512: i wanna seeeeee!!!!!
shargoose: Cool
auntyalias: got Said, Dean, Mohammad and Brett just come through,
Dean's birthday
auntyalias: LOL, when they come through I'll grab shots of them
shargoose: Happy Birthday Dean
dahs512: HB DEAN
dahs512: show us your face
shargoose: Yes, we need to see them
dahs512: Happy Birthday Dean
auntyalias: he's tripped out
wi1dangl: Happy Birthday To YOU
auntyalias: and says thank you
dahs512: He's a shy one
auntyalias: He's 24 today
dahs512: and a young one
shargoose: He can stay and model for us!!
auntyalias: got 4 young ones bopping through just now
jakmiami: hate to tell you but he's better looking than that face!
auntyalias: no kidding
dahs512: at 24 they don't sit still long enough
auntyalias: well this upper face wasn't a great fit, it was just a
half face I had lying about
auntyalias: next time bigger snakes for the pentagon
jakmiami: oh lord NJ don't take me seriously!!!
dahs512: I see where you are heading with this though
dahs512: I've been seriously studying anatomy
dahs512: to be able to "see" better
shargoose: That's great
dahs512: Your faces tape got me started
shargoose: I studied anatomy a long time ago
shargoose: I need a refresher course!!
dahs512: For years i had been unable to see into someones face
dahs512: to see the skull
dahs512: now i know that there is more to it than that
shargoose: I saw a neat show on reconstructing the face of the Iceman
shargoose: The sculptor was so great.
dahs512: that kind of stuff is very exciting
dahs512: to build a face is the way i am looking at it
shargoose: He added muscles and then the skin and there was "the
dahs512: inside to outside
shargoose: It's a real talent.
dahs512: muscle fat skin
dahs512: bone muscle fat skin
shargoose: I just look at the face and see shapes, like round here and
square ther
dahs512: another journey of mine
dahs512: i can't do it that way because i believe it should be a
certain way
dahs512: an it shouldn't
shargoose: Well, I think your way is good.
shargoose: I should concentrate on doing it that way
dahs512: thanks, but I am so anal
shargoose: LOL
dahs512: it takes me so long
shargoose: Me too
dahs512: NJ is easy breezy
shargoose: But I just putz around until I get it the way I want
dahs512: that is a good set of smackers there, NJ
shargoose: I know, she's so fast and good!!
shargoose: Noses are my problem
dahs512: I have been immersing myself into sculpture, anatomy, faces,
shargoose: Either too tiny or way tooo big
dahs512: dolls, videos, books
dahs512: mine are usually too big
shargoose: I guess, I go just for the whole effect.
dahs512: but i am not afraid to whack it off
shargoose: Imean when I do a fairy, I try to capture her essence
auntyalias: well I got to drink my coffee while it's still warm
shargoose: I use her whoe pose and body to try to convey what she is
auntyalias: I know this seems like a real pain in the butt way of
doing lips
auntyalias: but you get that softly rise of flesh to make the lips
shargoose: They look very good
auntyalias: as part of the muscles of the face and not like Mr. Bill's
logs on a flat surface sort of lips
shargoose: LOL
auntyalias: Oh Nooooo, Mr. Bill!!
shargoose: Not Big Ubangie lips either
auntyalias: not unless that's your aim
shargoose: I did one that looked like a bee stung her mouth
shargoose: That wasn't my intent!!
auntyalias: now depending on how much muscle you put around the mouth
and add to the cheeks, you'll get different looks
shargoose: So she got a bigger chin and more cheeks from the left over
swollen mouth!
auntyalias: with the pentagon snakes you can see where we'll put laugh
lines if we thin out the lips into a real big smile
auntyalias: that's the ticket Sharon
auntyalias: move that clay
shargoose: I don't think I could do a big face like this one, NJ
shargoose: I'm so used to working small
dahs512 left the room
dahs512 joined the room
dahs512: lost electricity for a sec
dahs512: had to reboot
shargoose: You having storms?
dahs512: no
dahs512: who knows
shargoose: We're rural and I know what you mean!!
shargoose: If a fly buzzes by the lines we go out
dahs512: I used to worry that it was a car accident when it would
dahs512: somebody hit a pole
dahs512: but such is not the case
dahs512: it's gremlins
shargoose: With us it's a moose or a bear that hits it!
dahs512: lol
auntyalias: we we want a sad face we move the mass down
auntyalias: purse the lips tight
shargoose: I'm going to boogie and get some shut eye
dahs512: I see this face NJ is doing as a bum of a guy
auntyalias: pucker them in
shargoose: Early for me but it has been A DAY!
auntyalias: if we want a happy face
auntyalias: we pull that muscle mass upward
auntyalias: give some laugh lines
dahs512 left the room
dahs512 joined the room
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dahs512: man what a line to get bumped after
auntyalias: what line was that?
auntyalias: here's the happy side, with the muscle mass pulled upward
to the cheek, the lips pulled thin to get a laugh line
dahs512: what i meant was what he should be made into is a bum
auntyalias: a happy bum from this side
dahs512: it has to do with the dark chin]
dahs512: yes a happy one
auntyalias: just showing you what the same amount of clay will do
depending on if you pull it down like this for a sad face
auntyalias: or
auntyalias: pull it upward for a smile
dahs512: it is the cockeye grin that might be lending to my
auntyalias: not having the sides the same looks really crazy
dahs512: xactly
auntyalias: uneven smiles
dahs512: but i like that
dahs512: he is really thinking about something
auntyalias: holding a funny secret
dahs512: yes, exactly
dahs512: like a memory
dahs512: of a sweet kiss
jakmiami: Well, quite an evening...but it's time for me to go. I'll
work on the photos tomorrow. Night all
auntyalias: Nighty Night Judith and thank you for the screen shots
wi1dangl: nite
dahs512: nite sweetie, i'm looking forward to it
jakmiami left the room
dahs512: NJ did you see my newest head
dahs512: it's seemingly androgenious
auntyalias: the one that you were going to do the mold with?
dahs512: yes
auntyalias: I did see it and there's a couple of things I wanted to
dahs512: You got me started on this face journey a long time ago
auntyalias: the muscle besides the nose that goes into the cheeks
dahs512: yes?
auntyalias: give it a little dip
auntyalias: round up the cheek more going towards the ears, give a
space for the tears to fall
dahs512: They were gaunter before i added
dahs512: ok, i see
auntyalias: also, the ears. I've been thinking about the ears and I
think that they mostly end up at the half way mark going over the head
auntyalias: think of a head band
dahs512: lemme turn the cam on?
auntyalias: to hold your hair back
auntyalias: it stops at the ears and that's mostly at the center of
the top of the head, no?
doglove22000 (doglove22000) joined the room
auntyalias: Yo Rickie Beth
auntyalias: you got home really fast
doglove22000: yo there, now i have to figure out how to see what is up
auntyalias: now up on the menu bar of this chat room, there's File,
then go down to favorite, and click Add Room
auntyalias: that will get you that favorite room thing you can come
into chat with
doglove22000: , a man payed for my taxi ride home
dahs512: oh, how sweet
auntyalias: you right click on my TV Icon. You should be able to View
auntyalias: but it's not working for me with Denise's cam
auntyalias: I've clicked on it a couple of times and nothing is coming
doglove22000: i do not have that menu bar
dahs512: let me drop off
auntyalias: are you in the chat room through the Yahoo Friend's list?
wi1dangl left the room
doglove22000: got it!!!!!!!!!, but tje picitre is behond the
chat----oh, helllo to everyone
auntyalias: not through the list's website? You got to right click on
my name on the friend's list and come into the chat room that way. You
don't see File above, just above the "Send File" icon?
dahs512: Hello Ricki
auntyalias: are you rblee1?
doglove22000: when i type, the pic goes behind chat and then the chat
is over the pic
auntyalias: move the picture
doglove22000: i am rblee1@(snip the email address)
auntyalias: and you can change the size of the chat window to be
doglove22000: how
auntyalias: also you can make it so the cam screen is always on top,
no matter what goes on, that's what I do
auntyalias: take your cusor to the side of the chat window, hold down
the left mouse button and you should be able to drag the side of the
chat window to make it smaller
auntyalias: if you're in through the Friend's list and not through the
website based chat from the list
doglove22000: got it - thank you
dahs512: Hi birthday bay
dahs512: boy
doglove22000: hPPY BIRTHDAY
auntyalias: LOL
dahs512: who's the cutie in the suit?
auntyalias: Mohammad
auntyalias: tall as he wants to be
auntyalias: long blond hair
auntyalias: just a charmer
dahs512: You are in grand company
auntyalias: I'm always surrounded by young men
auntyalias: comes from only birthing sons
dahs512: oh, to be grand
auntyalias: they come lumbering through, eat all the food that isn't
nailed down
auntyalias: never put the toilet seat down
auntyalias: you know the boy drill
auntyalias: LOL
dahs512: lol
auntyalias: they think I'm just a riot with all this high tech art
dahs512: new frontier
auntyalias: they are all tripping out that we're learning art this way
auntyalias: we're kicking techno butt
dahs512: ain't that the truth
auntyalias: and amazing the young ones
auntyalias: everyone should pat themselves on the back for just being
auntyalias: LOL
doglove22000: I had a wonderful time today - I am still speechless. I
think I will get my owrds back in a while.
doglove22000: words
auntyalias: I had a great time with your visit, don't worry about
auntyalias: you'll become faster typing after a while
auntyalias: the guys loved the fact that there was Chinese food here
for Dean's birthday
doglove22000: good1
auntyalias: yum yum
dahs512: hey, wanna see Neo?
doglove22000: He food was scrumptious
auntyalias: oh, yes, lets see if I can get your cam now

(I couldn't get Denise's cam open no matter now many times I tried!)

You are in "*g.MSATClayArt:1" ( )

dahs512: we both come from creeks
doglove22000: I love Texas
dahs512: There she is
auntyalias: I still can't get your cam
auntyalias: it's so frustrating because I rebooted and everything
dahs512: I wonder what is up
dahs512: let me reboot again since i had that elec problem earlier
doglove22000: his hands look so realistic
dahs512: his hand suck
auntyalias: ok, I just wish I could see what Rickie Beth sees
dahs512: sorry
doglove22000: oh no htey do not
dahs512: but i made them way ahead of time and they look too unbent
doglove22000: what will he be holding?
dahs512: let me reboot and i will be right back
dahs512 left the room
auntyalias: can you reopen my cam Rickie?
doglove22000: yes i hope
auntyalias: let's give it effort since it's just you and me here
auntyalias: just like you opened Denise's cam, right click on the TV
auntyalias: There ya go
auntyalias: coolness
auntyalias: I took one of those half faces and put a lower part of the
face on this one
dahs512 joined the room
auntyalias: Ok, Denise I clicked on your link on the Friend's list and
still no cam
auntyalias: now I right clicked on your Icon here and still no cam
dahs512: This is bad, really bad
auntyalias: I don't know what the problem is when we both rebooted
dahs512: This can't be
doglove22000: should i trun off?
auntyalias: if the server were busy I'd get a notice and I didn't
dahs512: Yeppers, let's blame it on yahoo
dahs512: but i am not a happy camper
auntyalias: me neither, this is the first time that's happened
auntyalias: got your invite to cam and said Yes
auntyalias: and still no cam
dahs512: Ricki, can you still get me?
auntyalias: I'll keep on clicking and see if I can get you
dahs512: poop
dahs512: that is all i have to say
doglove22000: i yes
auntyalias: just nothing and I'm clicking like a crazy woman here
auntyalias: I don't know what I'm supposed to do, maybe click on the
HELP button
dahs512: I see your cam just fine
dahs512: have you banned me?
auntyalias: I didn't know I could ban anyone
dahs512: or something wierd like that
dahs512: i didn't either
dahs512: lol
auntyalias: let me check out the help page here
doglove22000: your work is beautiful - I cannot sculpt , I just do
beadss so far, and bowls
dahs512: Ricki, tell me about your visit
dahs512: I just started sculpt, thanks to NJ
auntyalias: well I did all three ways I can find in opening your cam,
none of them are even giving me a "server busy" notice
auntyalias: Rickie did a pinch pot
dahs512: this is a sad day
auntyalias: so you can add that to your list of things you can do,
doglove22000: The first part of the day we spent talking about each
other and then I watched NJ work on her face
dahs512: we shall overcome
dahs512: I bet tomorrow things will be better
auntyalias: we ate Chinese food and did astrology
doglove22000: and we ate great Chinese food and I was giv
auntyalias: LOL
dahs512: I started out with beads to learn all the techniques
auntyalias: can't forget the Chinese Food
doglove22000: LOL
dahs512: i love chinese food
doglove22000: and was given a tutorial on pinch pots
dahs512: I enjoy bigger palletes now
dahs512: and i got tired of rolling those beads
dahs512: i still haven't masteres the pich pot
doglove22000: time went so fast, before I know it , it was 6 pm
dahs512: you should have spent the night on the floor
doglove22000: I would like to make bigger things
dahs512: she doesn't go to work for another day
dahs512: heheh
doglove22000: but bowls are in my future.
dahs512: bowls are good
dahs512: big or little
dahs512: ?
auntyalias: Ya the time does go fast
doglove22000: A face? I think you both have such talent
auntyalias: and Rickie got to see all the behind the scenes stuff I do
when I take a break
dahs512: NJ i filed the tear dripping furrows in the face
auntyalias: I wish I could SEE
auntyalias: arrrrgh
doglove22000: i am tired from my day - I was excited for three days up
to today when "IT" really happened
doglove22000: "IT" is "the 'visit"
auntyalias: LOL, and now you know how casual we are, next visit no
doglove22000: ok lol
auntyalias: it was like talking to an old friend, we seemed to have a
psychic link
dahs512: me too, and i wish i coulda been there too
auntyalias: Said was walking by and said, "Do you ever wish you had
more space so you could have more people over?"
doglove22000: I would love to have met you in person
auntyalias: and I thought about it and as much as I like to teach in
auntyalias: I do like One to One as well
auntyalias: get to know someone better, do what they want to do
dahs512: one on one would be a treat
doglove22000: you are a good teacher NJ
auntyalias: ya I got to get down to Texas again
dahs512: oh, wait, i get that, just not in person
auntyalias: thank you Rickie Beth, you're a good student
auntyalias: LOL
dahs512: We would have a hodown
dahs512: howdown....sp?
auntyalias: no kidding, ya you just don't get the stand up comedy and
the many voices
auntyalias: Rickie and Judith got the many voices and accents I use
dahs512: see my first figure Ricki
doglove22000: I am only albe to look with wide ioen eyes at dah512's
work - WOW look at her!!!!!
auntyalias: I know I'll go into my Southern Accent with Denise though
auntyalias: it'll just come out
doglove22000: oh, i recognize her
dahs512: her forehead is too short
dahs512: do you see that
dahs512: ?
dahs512: i didn't until someone mentioned it
dahs512: she was a joy to make
doglove22000: How long have yoy been doing this kind of work?
dahs512: sculpture?
dahs512: or polymer clay?
doglove22000: yes, and clay
dahs512: 3 months? on the people thing
dahs512: and almost 3 years on the clay
dahs512: all my life on the trying to get here though
dahs512: I just love the journey
doglove22000: look at NJ - I am just speechless as I said.
dahs512: i suck it up like a sponge
doglove22000: NJ talked about the journey
doglove22000: her faces' smile is happy
dahs512: It is a pasionate journey
doglove22000: yes, a passion
dahs512: one full of expression
doglove22000: i am actually rather shy so I have a hard time putting
into words what it was like to see her hands move the clay
dahs512: follow your whim and make what you want
doglove22000: and you are also talented
doglove22000: i love to create
dahs512: isn't it fun!
twinmom94002 joined the room
twinmom94002: g'eve folk
doglove22000: hello
doglove22000: brb
dahs512: hello
auntyalias: Lisa can you open Denise's cam
auntyalias: I can't
auntyalias: I rebooted and everything
twinmom94002: me?
auntyalias: Please can you check Denise's cam for me
twinmom94002: got it...nice Chicago shirt, Denise
auntyalias: rats and rats
dahs512: thanks
auntyalias: I can't see Denise's cam.
dahs512: The gods are against us tonight NJ
twinmom94002: i'm lame at this stuff...wish i could help, nj
auntyalias: Later tonight I'll download another Yahoo messenger, see
if that helps, but I'd hate to loose any of the folks on my list.
twinmom94002: and I'm Lib, not Lisa
auntyalias: Oh Sorry, Lib
twinmom94002: np
auntyalias: I was in the right "L" name section in my head
auntyalias: LOL
twinmom94002: hehehe
auntyalias: just edited your profile on my Friend's list so I won't do
that again
auntyalias: LOL
twinmom94002: ain't technology wonderful?
auntyalias: I'm adding more of this same skin color to this face to
even it out
dahs512: I have a new tool i like
twinmom94002: oooh! new tools!
dahs512: it is an embossing tool that has balls
twinmom94002: ah ha! a MANLY embossing tool!
doglove22000: dahs512 - his the head sold clay?
dahs512: It is good for smoothing
dahs512: so is this
doglove22000: called what? whee do you get it?
dahs512: a cheap cuticle tool for fingernails in the manicuring world
twinmom94002: dh just got me a wonderful set of kemper sculpting
dahs512: It is a hoffritz
dahs512: i can't believe it
doglove22000: thank you for the info
dahs512: I'm sure that ir
dahs512: it came with a manicuring set
twinmom94002: NJ did you use eyeball cane for your face?
auntyalias: yes I did
auntyalias: for this one half face was already cured
dahs512: I'm gonna make the mold
auntyalias: like this one
auntyalias: and then I added a lower face, now covering it with the
same color clay as the lower part of the face
doglove22000: it is so amazing in real life the eyeball cane
twinmom94002: kewl...did you use a mask mold or form it on the foil?
twinmom94002: sorry...i missed the earlier demo
auntyalias: let me get you the link
twinmom94002: thanks!
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/FullFace/Full-Face-grp
twinmom94002 left the room
twinmom94002 joined the room
auntyalias: Libby should I give you the link again?
auntyalias: you got booted so I don't know if you got it
twinmom94002: please NJ...I got bounced
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/FullFace/Full-Face-grp
twinmom94002 left the room
twinmom94002 joined the room
twinmom94002: *sigh* gonna try this one more time
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/FullFace/Full-Face-grp
auntyalias: is clicking on the link making you get booted?
auntyalias: Sometimes that happens
dahs512: Did Ruth enjoy the opening
auntyalias: Oh she was delighted
auntyalias: I waited until it was daylight so the colors would be best
auntyalias: and she loved the buttons
auntyalias: and the Tropical Cane
auntyalias: your cane work is much better than mine
auntyalias: you should do a demo on cane building
dahs512: I'm anal, i keep tellin' ya
dahs512: and i can't do easy breezy
auntyalias: LOL
dahs512: but your teaching has helped
dahs512: I wish you could see this
dahs512: i have the new head planted in alley goop
doglove22000: his face is ina pile of blue goop
dahs512: lol
dahs512: gotta wait six minutes
dahs512: and i forgat to check the time, so let's say four more
dahs512: see this line?
dahs512: I shoulda made the mold that deep
dahs512: let's see if we can add to it
twinmom94002 left the room
twinmom94002 joined the room
twinmom94002: rebooted...maybe now i can stay
twinmom94002: do you have any good facial anatomy links, NJ?
auntyalias: did you check out the anatomy section I have on my site?
twinmom94002: not yet...your site is a myriad wonders...i haven't
gotten 1/2 way through it!
auntyalias: that's where I got the idea of putting a Pentagon of
snakes around the mouth to build up the lips
twinmom94002: very kewl, thanks
auntyalias: caught a big fat air bubble with this layer of raw clay
and the cured top of the eyes
dahs512: poke it
doglove22000: the blue cast looks really good
dahs512: I burnt the oriinal with the heat gun
doglove22000: oh his nose!
twinmom94002: is that Alley Goop, denise?
dahs512: yeppers
doglove22000: NJ's is such a talented teacher that even I could (one
day) sculpt
dahs512: you can
dahs512: get that clay out and do it
doglove22000: everytime i tried i ended up with monkey looking people
doglove22000: but i learned a lottoday about the clay and
relationships of the eye to the face
dahs512: it's all in the eyes right
dahs512: ?
doglove22000: yes
doglove22000: maybe NJ could show the picture again of the eyes
doglove22000: in case you did not see it today
dahs512: i saw it
twinmom94002: what a marvelous expression that face has, nj!
auntyalias: thanks Libby
auntyalias: I need to add more to his forehead
auntyalias: but covering the cured clay with the raw to even out the
skin solved some problems with the eyes being too bugged out
twinmom94002: you make it look so easy
auntyalias: with a little bit of home work and putting the clay on the
skull form in the way muscles are mapped out on the face
auntyalias: it is easier
auntyalias: it also just seems more logical
auntyalias: ya know?
twinmom94002: i noticed you construct the eyes just like real eyes
(w/root & all)
auntyalias: In the old tute I did
auntyalias: when I do demo I just lay eyeball iris cane down
auntyalias: but I do feel that having a socket
auntyalias: and having at least a half round ball for the eyeball
auntyalias: before the lids get put is the easiest way to do eyes
auntyalias: looks like a Japanese guy with blue contact lenses
auntyalias: Rickie did your SO get home from work?
auntyalias: I'm wondering how he liked his tin
auntyalias: a penny for size reference
dahs512: NJ, my mold worked oerfectly
auntyalias: and I can't see it, rats
dahs512: perfectly
auntyalias: and drat
twinmom94002: it looks great denise
dahs512: I'll send a shot through the pic list
auntyalias: that would be great, thanks
doglove22000: it does look great
doglove22000: there's the money that fell out of pocket
doglove22000: NJ's penny
auntyalias: he slept on the couch and got change stuck on his face
doglove22000: LOL
twinmom94002: lol
auntyalias: Rickie, did he come home yet?
twinmom94002: brb...need a smoke
doglove22000: not yet - at 11
auntyalias: I'm dying to know if he likes his tin
auntyalias: LOL
doglove22000: he will
doglove22000: it is just perfect for him
dahs512: brb
auntyalias: oh really, do you think so?
auntyalias: I wanted something sort of Manly and wood grain seemed the
doglove22000: yes, of course that is what i really think
auntyalias: You said someone paid for a cab ride all the way from SF
to home?
doglove22000: you are so thoughtful - and i know that i am a stronger
person after today
doglove22000: no, just from Walnut Creek
doglove22000: I took BART
auntyalias: but that was still nice, would you have had to take
another bus or something?
auntyalias: I have no concept of Hayward or there abouts
doglove22000: it is just a wort while form
doglove22000: bart
twinmom94002: are you bay area too rickie?
auntyalias: Ya, she's in Hayward and she took the bart here, I'm real
close to the Daly City Bart
doglove22000: I went towards Concord and I live about 1 hour from NJ
dahs512: I sent it through NJ
twinmom94002: kewl...we're looking at a house on W. Portal tomorrow
doglove22000: oh, you are in SF?
twinmom94002: i'm right across the bridge from you, rickie, in Belmont
auntyalias: Great Face Denise
twinmom94002: but we're moving back to the City (happy dance)
doglove22000: i hope you ger the house -if you like it
auntyalias: West Potal is very close to my Towers at Park Merced, now
it's called Park Villas or some such, next to SFSU
twinmom94002: ty
dahs512: There must be something in the grand scheme of things keeping
us on no visuals.
twinmom94002: ack! I lived in Park Merced before we moved to Belmont!
twinmom94002: 405 Serrano
auntyalias: ACK... LOL I'm on Chumasero, which street did you live on
auntyalias: No kidding
twinmom94002: hehehhehe...small world
auntyalias: what a riot, I've been here for 17 years, we were probably
doglove22000: the face is full of life - dahs512 and wonder....
dahs512: If you are around tomorrow let's try to see if we can figure
this out.
auntyalias: I'll be online early tomorrow, with Said giving me rides I
can be here until 6pm Pacific
dahs512: yea, it is wondering why Nj can't see it....hee heee
twinmom94002: brb...gonna make sure DD is asleep
dahs512: that is four my time
dahs512: right
dahs512: ?
dahs512: Night Libby
auntyalias: Yes I think so, when are you home tomorrow
doglove22000: it is 10 right now
dahs512: all day
dahs512: except after you are gone
twinmom94002: gonna run...she needs cuddles...
dahs512: Keegan has baseball
auntyalias: ok, I'll ping you with email when I come on and in the
meanwhile I'll reinstall Yahoo Messenger
twinmom94002: gnite all..cya tomorrow maybe
dahs512: what a pain
auntyalias: I had some automatically executing web stuff I was digging
out of my machine
auntyalias: Ciao Libby
dahs512: to reinstall
auntyalias: good luck on the West Portal home
twinmom94002: thanks for the demo NJ & denise
doglove22000: good night everyone and nice meeting you both and
NJ ----thank you for the lovely day. it will show i am online, only i
will wait until my
dahs512: Night libby sweet sugars for the baby
twinmom94002 left the room
doglove22000: SO gets homne to turn it off, good night
auntyalias: Well I had like 6 different files to dig out of different
opearting folders and I'm wondering if I removed something I needed to
see another cam
auntyalias: that's what I'm wondering
doglove22000 left the room
dahs512: hmm
auntyalias: I got rid of all new executables that were dug in deeper
than ticks on a hound dog's butt
auntyalias: all 6/15 when I wasn't home. Said went to some sport and
gaming sites
dahs512: yea right
auntyalias: and that's how they got in and they gave me pop ups every
few minutes
auntyalias: I looked in History
dahs512: like ticks are so easily extracted
auntyalias: and saw all the sites he went to I think it was one of the
casino ones
auntyalias: I got rid of history, temp internet files, cookies, things
from my windows/comman and program files folders
dahs512: time to do some puter house cleaning
auntyalias: man
auntyalias: that's why I didn't post last night
auntyalias: I was doing that for hours
auntyalias: did you notice in the picture that your mold looks like an
auntyalias: because like John Cleese said the eye doesn't like a
hollow face
dahs512: Curtis, my hubby is a nerd so that helps me out of those
wierd problems
dahs512: i'll ask hi if he knows any quirks
auntyalias: I got them all dug out, but it was a chore. If I removed
anything of Yahoo Messenger it would surprise me really
dahs512: right, but i will "express" it after
auntyalias: I wasn't in those folders
dahs512: quirk, qwark, fart
dahs512: yahoo blessing
dahs512: know what i mean
dahs512: ?
auntyalias: LOL
dahs512: let's dash till manyana
auntyalias: I should check on that yahoo install
auntyalias: ya, let's boog the loo
dahs512: later gater
auntyalias: tomollow tomollow
auntyalias: xoxo