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10-12-02 Demo  

From Saturday: Experiments with TLS and Mica Glitter

10-12-02-1: First Half of the Log for 9pm Demo, review of Watermelon and beginning of grapes.

10-12-02-2: Second Half of the Log for 9pm Demo, Completion of Grapes, Iced Holly Review and Experiment with Mica Flake inclusions, Mica with TLS.

Next to the Blue Ghost is the side view, casting the shadow on the text in the picture. It's flat!! It BENDS!! What if we did smears with TLS on Tile and cured it and then cut them up and added them to other things? I'm so excited about this development I don't even care that the next pictures isn't that impressive.

It just isn't that impressive in this experimental stage.