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Clay Techniques-03

StarGazer Lily - 9/6/02

Fearless Leader: Hey honey
buci131: Hi all
buci131: Kathy you made it for a few!
ac4lb: I just got home a little while ago and am trying to catch up on email. I had a bunch of emails about the bonsai all come in tonight and 40 hits to my site since this morning for some reason
buci131: That's wonderful!
buci131: Nice pile of leaves there NJ
buci131: Did you do those this afternoon?
Fearless Leader: sorry Said was talking to me
buci131: That's okay.
Fearless Leader: This was done with Kato Klay
ac4lb: not complaining mind you
Fearless Leader: when I only had black and white
Fearless Leader: to work with
Fearless Leader: so I did these leaves
buci131: Oh, it looks like brown and white. The coloring looks great on the cam
Fearless Leader: and then my wrist and shoulder went out and I told Donna Kato that I couldn't beta test for her anymore
Fearless Leader: she still sent me all the colors and I sent it to the claymates on the list
buci131: That's very cool
Fearless Leader: who had no clay and were new and to those who knew for clay and been around a while
Fearless Leader: to test both sides of the experience
buci131: great idea
Fearless Leader: So Teri tested and so did Becky/dgre
Fearless Leader: and we sent the reports to Donna
Fearless Leader: when the ladies were finished with their findings
Fearless Leader: I was very proud of them
Fearless Leader: Fearless Troopers
Fearless Leader: I tell ya
Fearless Leader: LOL
buci131: I bet that was great input for her
elirdt joined the room
Fearless Leader: Hey Rose
buci131: Hi Rose
buci131: back for more, eh?
Fearless Leader: you got here, you're going to be an old hand at this
elirdt: hey I figured it ou
dahs512 joined the room
elirdt: yest it was so cool
Fearless Leader: Oh I'm so much more prepared than this after noon
Fearless Leader: I have Stargazer Lilies to show you
elirdt: how do you do it sooo fast
dahs512: Hey everyone
buci131: Hiya Denise
Fearless Leader: Tiger Lilies too
dahs512: The family has other things to do...
buci131: Goodie
Fearless Leader: Hey Denise, these black and white leaves are with Kato Klay
Fearless Leader: we have a bunch of time before we start so I'll take any questions about anything
dahs512: Is it any different...better...worse...than premo
elirdt: I have a simple on
buci131: will we be doing the elephant leaves like on your site?
elirdt: when you did the basket cane
Fearless Leader: If you want to honey
buci131: I really LOVE those
elirdt: how did you do the very first stp
Fearless Leader: I'll do what ever you want
buci131: Yippee
Fearless Leader: they go a little different than the chevron leaves
elirdt: the log that you cut up
Fearless Leader: I cut logs every day
Fearless Leader: which one LOL
buci131: You're bad
elirdt: the one that went from light to dark
Fearless Leader: the basket weave?
elirdt: yes
dahs512: I don't know the elephant
buci131: I wondered about that too
Fearless Leader: I'm going to do that in two different color families
buci131: Denise check out her site under Autumn leaves
dahs512: ok
Fearless Leader: I've been conditioning clay since we logged off
Fearless Leader: Denise I'll get you the urls on those tutes
dahs512: I've been doing tiger can to use on a couch
buci131: Hold on Denise and I'll see if I can find it
elirdt: silly me I actually tried to keep up with you on the last run
Fearless Leader: Autumn-Leaf-Grp.htm
elirdt: i did finish the cane for the leaf
Fearless Leader: AutumnLeaves-Grp.htm
Fearless Leader: There, so we have it on record, who's on Log Saving Duty?
buci131: You're too fast for me NJ
Fearless Leader: and Who's doing screen shots
Fearless Leader: I'm so prepared. Man I made rent today
buci131: I can do log saving
Fearless Leader: borrowed from Peter to pay Paul
Fearless Leader: but it's fricking paid
elirdt: how do you save a log
buci131:  Three cheers for NJ!
Fearless Leader: James has three claims that got log jammed
Fearless Leader: they are all going to come at once
dahs512: I still don't know how to do screen shots without panicking
Fearless Leader: so it's feast and famine time with paper work snafu
buci131: Nice chunk of change at once
Fearless Leader: Don't panic my Darling Denise
elirdt: I have adobe photoshop
Fearless Leader: please?
Fearless Leader: no stress
elirdt: but don't know how to use it
dahs512: If you need an important shot tell me and I'll get it
Fearless Leader: we are mellow yellow
buci131: Denise, I couldn't fig out how to do it on my computer. Sorry, dear.
Fearless Leader: Who knows how to do screen shots without their hair standing up on end and getting a tight tummy?
Fearless Leader: I don't know
dahs512: You wouldn't believe how many screen shots I got of the chat
Fearless Leader: and I'm not going to worry about it
Fearless Leader: LOL
buci131: If her hair stands on end, can we get a webcam shot of Denise
Fearless Leader: it's frosting on the cake for those who can't make it to webcam, but all that I do here is on the site
Fearless Leader: it's all on the tutes
buci131: And we're doing the text logs
Fearless Leader: ok, that's good
Fearless Leader: and we still have a quarter of an hour before the official start
Fearless Leader: Syl should be here
Fearless Leader: so should Aunt Jude
Fearless Leader: Syl is good at screen shots
Fearless Leader: so we still have time
Fearless Leader: who has sheets prepared?
dahs512: They know shots!
Fearless Leader: who mixed their colors?
elirdt: i do
Fearless Leader: coolness
Fearless Leader: who else?
dahs512: I been doing tiger
Fearless Leader: I got a brain fart on tiger
buci131: not me--I wasn't planning on claying along--computer's too far from my table and my eyes aren't that good
Fearless Leader: monster brain fart wanna hear about it?
dahs512: I looked at your site
dahs512: You didn't put as many stripes
Fearless Leader: naw
Fearless Leader: we put in more
Fearless Leader: just really thin
Fearless Leader: and we don't do it just one line
Fearless Leader: we have little openings
Fearless Leader: in the stripes
dahs512: I saw that
Fearless Leader: like we're doing one stripe
dahs512: that's what I'm doing
buci131: I didn't see that
Fearless Leader: put a bit of background filler
Fearless Leader: and then put another stripe over it
Fearless Leader: so there's these almond shaped openings in the stripes
Fearless Leader: themselves
buci131: It's on your site?
Fearless Leader: baby tigers have FAT stripes
dahs512: tree stripes
Fearless Leader: so they are almost all black
Fearless Leader: as the tiger grows
Fearless Leader: those stripes open up
Fearless Leader: gap
Fearless Leader: have background fur color inserted between thin stripes
Fearless Leader: making these fish shapes, almond shapes
Fearless Leader: it's not on my site because I've been doing homework
Fearless Leader: the Leopard has a lighter background coat than I've been doing it
Fearless Leader: more blend
buci131: And you're doing the demo on these when?
Fearless Leader: and then there is the 3-4-5 spots around a different inner spot color
ac4lb: Just to let you know that I will stick around as long as I can stay awake
Fearless Leader: that was ok
Fearless Leader: then...
Fearless Leader: the Ocelot
Fearless Leader: is really interesting,
buci131: Ok Kathy
buci131: Ocelot is like the jaguar isn't it--spots not quite closed up totally
Fearless Leader: flattened interrupted bullseyes, the inner spot color really different
Fearless Leader: The Jaguar is dots and dots and dots
Fearless Leader: no inner color
Fearless Leader: with a jellyroll blend for the back ground
Fearless Leader: and I did get LION
Fearless Leader: I was working with tawny blends
Fearless Leader: and I think I like it
elirdt: I have a question, I missed the shortcut on the skinner blend
Fearless Leader: I was not satisfied with my leopard or tiger so we will do it again
Fearless Leader: I'll do that for you at the end Rose
elirdt: thnks
Fearless Leader: I have all the canes prepared ahead of time for tonight's demo
Fearless Leader: for anyone who wants to see the Easy Breezy blend stick around towards the end
Fearless Leader: we'll go over things like that
Fearless Leader: but when this demo starts, all the canes and blends are already prepared
elirdt: what is pearl that you put in you clay
Fearless Leader: to lighten a color mix and get that mica shift I always use pearl
Fearless Leader: more than white
Fearless Leader: white is flat
Fearless Leader: mix white with red and you get a pastel pink
Fearless Leader: I'm not into pastels as such
Fearless Leader: mix pearl with red and you get something interesting
Fearless Leader: it shimmers
elirdt: where do you get pearl
Fearless Leader: looks like silk if you press it flat and drape it like fabric
Fearless Leader:
buci131: it's clay too, Rose
Fearless Leader: she gives us pounds of clay for $9.00 or $9.50 I forget
elirdt: i am very new to clay only 3 months
buci131: Pearl colored clay, like the metallics--with the mica in it
Fearless Leader: I mix pearl colored clay with primary and secondary colors
Fearless Leader: use it in lieu of white
elirdt: ok i see
Fearless Leader: white bores me
Fearless Leader: unless it's blended with GOLD
elirdt: i thought it was a chemical you added
Fearless Leader: then it's really interesting, but then I got my mica shift, that shimmer.
Fearless Leader: I keep my supplies down to clay
Fearless Leader: and stuff you get from the supermarket
buci131: White and gold, one to one, make a beautiful skin tone
Fearless Leader: the only indulgence is Translucent Liquid Sculpey
Fearless Leader: which you can do lampwork beads with
dahs512: I scanned my tiger...unreduced..and put it in the pix list
elirdt: cool
Fearless Leader: or faux lampwork beads I mean
elirdt: of course
Fearless Leader: I don't want my tutorials to use expensive or fancy supplies
Fearless Leader: so the tutes will be useable by a wider range of clayers
elirdt: that is very nice
Fearless Leader: if I said, buy this fancy pants stuff that's expensive and hard to get
Fearless Leader: and then
Fearless Leader: use this tute
Fearless Leader: how useful is that, it's not
elirdt: true
Fearless Leader: no extra stuff, no fancy pants extra supplies
Fearless Leader: cheap, quick and easy
Fearless Leader: my tutes are like me
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: it's my motto
elirdt: boy you type fast
ac4lb: I was waiting for that one
Fearless Leader: It's my job to type fast. English major and secretary
elirdt: I am not sure how long I will get to be online
Fearless Leader: and old time chat room hanger outer
elirdt: my hubby might kick me off to go to bed
Fearless Leader: It's not 9 yet
Fearless Leader: tell him this is a party thrown just for you
elirdt: true,
Fearless Leader: for you to leave would be
Fearless Leader: uncomfortable
Fearless Leader: we would miss you
Fearless Leader: and pout
buci131: brb--baby check
Fearless Leader: you'd feel put upon
Fearless Leader: kiss that baby
Fearless Leader: for all of us
ac4lb: my hubby tried that and I told him to go watch tv and I'd come to bed in a little while
elirdt: that he is
elirdt: a baby i mean
ac4lb: for me too
Fearless Leader: I told James the next man who tells me to turn off the bed side light because he is sleepy
Fearless Leader: is getting sucker punched
Fearless Leader: POW
Fearless Leader: there
Fearless Leader: you're out now
Fearless Leader: and then I can go back to reading
Fearless Leader: I'm cranky that way
elirdt: too funny
Fearless Leader: God gave us the urge to create
Fearless Leader: those who stand in our way of expressing our God given urges
Fearless Leader: deserves to be knocked over
elirdt: how big of a person are you?
Fearless Leader: Excuse me, but I didn't make an appointment to be possessed
greatauntjudy joined the room
Fearless Leader: by the urge to create
Fearless Leader: 5'3"
elirdt: me too
Fearless Leader: but I take up about 6'5" in ego space
Fearless Leader: in person
ac4lb: 5'2" here
Fearless Leader: LOL
elirdt: wow
Fearless Leader: Aunt Jude
Fearless Leader: we're waiting for Syl
Fearless Leader: where the heck is she already?
greatauntjudy: She's online and taking care of "matters" first. Will brb.
Fearless Leader: That girl, shall we do your StarGazer Lilies first then
Fearless Leader: while we wait for Syl?
elirdt: your the boss
greatauntjudy: Okie!!
greatauntjudy: Let's wait.
greatauntjudy: here she is!
Fearless Leader: where where
Fearless Leader: tell her come on now or miss Stargazer Lilies
Fearless Leader: and we need screen shots bad
Fearless Leader: real bad
greatauntjudy: She's coming now.
ac4lb: She said she's on her way
sylsnovelties joined the room
Fearless Leader: YEAH
Fearless Leader: SYL IS IN DA HOUSE
elirdt: yippee
Fearless Leader: now we can start for real
greatauntjudy: Geez...
sylsnovelties: Sorry, had to pee real quick
Fearless Leader: whew, screen shot Goddess if you could do your tender mercies for us
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
ac4lb: that's important stuff to take care of, haha
greatauntjudy: Syl! I told them you had to take care of "matters" first.
Fearless Leader: ah, those "matters"
Fearless Leader: biological breaks we call them
sylsnovelties: ok
greatauntjudy: And, see comes in and says she had to "pee"...geez.
Fearless Leader: We're going to start out with StarGazer Lilies
sylsnovelties: 1
Fearless Leader: just for Aunt Jude
greatauntjudy: They are so neat.
Fearless Leader: cuz she asked
dahs512: Syl, I tried earlier on the
Fearless Leader: ok, I prepared a blend already
sylsnovelties: No problem. I'm ready
sylsnovelties: yell out if you want a scrren shot.
ac4lb: what are the colors
Fearless Leader: Crimson and pearl
ac4lb: thanks
Fearless Leader: done as a blend
Fearless Leader: and then as a ribbon
Fearless Leader: and a snake of each
Fearless Leader: for we will put pearl snakes on the Crimson side
sylsnovelties: 2 on blend
Fearless Leader: and we put the crimson snakes on the pearl side
Fearless Leader: and do a jelly roll
Fearless Leader: dark on the inside and light on the outside
Fearless Leader: are we ready?
ac4lb: yes
dahs512: i guess so
sylsnovelties: yes
elirdt: yup
buci131: I think so
greatauntjudy: Okie, but if I ask really stupid questions ignore. I'm really brain-fried today. hehehehehe
silversaxs joined the room
buci131: Hiya. We're doing Stargazer Lilies right now
ac4lb: She's laying pearl snakes across the crimson
buci131: a blend of pearl and crimson
silversaxs: Hi Eva
greatauntjudy: Little white ropes across the blend on the crimson side...okie, got it.
buci131: made into a ribbon
buci131: Hello
dahs512: shot?
buci131: again
buci131: That would be a good shot
sylsnovelties: 3
dahs512: ty
buci131: looks like she put some crimson snakes now
ac4lb: Ok now she's switched to the crimson across the pearl
greatauntjudy: Crimson across the pearl? Okie.
buci131: Now she's starting the roll
ac4lb: now rolling up from dark to light
buci131: rolling the snakes up in the blended ribbon
dahs512: Rolling the dark end first
greatauntjudy: Rollin', rollin', rollin', keep them doggies rollin'
sylsnovelties: 4
buci131: rawhide!
dahs512: lol
greatauntjudy: Fist of doom!
buci131: now she's reducing
greatauntjudy: Yup! Rawhide.
sylsnovelties: Rawhide!
buci131: the cane, that is
ac4lb: she's reducing the cane
buci131: now she's moving so quickly she's just a blur on my screen
greatauntjudy: Hmmm...I don't have a fist of doom. I wonder...would a vise work?
buci131: ouch
greatauntjudy: Wait, no, don't think need something to go around the clay and squeeze and a vise won't. Oh, well.
buci131: looks like she's pinching the outer edges
sylsnovelties: Sit on it, Jude
dahs512: shaped into a triangular cane?
buci131: making a triangle--a wide triangle
sylsnovelties: 5
greatauntjudy: I don't want to destroy it, Syl.
greatauntjudy: She shaped them into the petal shapes. Neat.
greatauntjudy: I am going to make some of these. Yup, I am.
buci131: now she's slicing her cane in the middle and making petals from the slices
buci131: I hope she takes digicam pics of these, too. I'd really like to see the colors on this.
buci131: she's stretched one petal out and folded it in a "u" shape
buci131: lengthwise, it looks like
dahs512: squinching them a little doen the center
sylsnovelties: 6
greatauntjudy: Folding lengthwise.
buci131: maybe like a venus fly-trap--folded in half lengthwise and then bent into a u shape
buci131: like a mouth
dahs512: good description
buci131: thank you
buci131: now she's placed two petals together
buci131: across from each other
buci131: curved downward
sylsnovelties: 7
buci131: now she's placed a third
sylsnovelties: 8
dahs512: starting on the inside of the cluster and adding petals to the outside edge
buci131: and a fourth
buci131: How many petals, total?
buci131: five?
buci131: looks like one was placed in the middle after the four
buci131: did she stick it on a skewer?
sylsnovelties: 9
sylsnovelties: toothpick maybe
greatauntjudy: My guess is toothpick.
dahs512: It's sooo tiny
Fearless Leader: it's a turkey skewer
buci131: Ha!
greatauntjudy: Ouch!
Fearless Leader: I wish I could get it clearer
buci131: can you take a digicam pic?
dahs512: You are amazing as usual.
buci131: I'd love to see the colors well
ac4lb: love the colors NJ
greatauntjudy: NJ has a tute on this on her site. Don't have the URL handy.
sylsnovelties: I love crimson!
ac4lb: me too
dahs512: Do you want me to save to here, or is someone else doing it..
buci131: I'm doing it. I'll save.