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Clay Techniques- 01 -Malachite Log 2

Fearless Leader: and am going to be rolling out the sheets
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Fearless Leader: setting up
Fearless Leader:
New Malachite.
Fearless Leader: this is the tute
Fearless Leader: but the colors will be metal colors of silver, gold,
Fearless Leader: as well as pearl and black
linda_d_45419: oh cool once again i blundered in just in time!
Fearless Leader: I'm cutting clay and making sheets as soon as I get
done with a bit of list admin, 5 minutes
Fearless Leader: YEAH! Linda Diaz? I'm bad with the Yahoo IDs
Fearless Leader: brb, setting up, check the tutes and if you want to
clay along you got the colors
tedi382001: babk
tedi382001: back
dbluwitch26: oh my absolute favorite, lucky timing!!!!
Fearless Leader: Just sent you a cam invite Dag
Fearless Leader: now I'll start rolling sheets
linda_d_45419: i need to change mine, too blasted many lindas. i am
in dayton
Fearless Leader: My sister's a Linda too
linda_d_45419: man, and we all seem to be about the same age. very
rare to find a >>young<< linda
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lindaslists: gotta go get something to eat to was down a pill. BRB
Fearless Leader: ok
Fearless Leader: some of this gold is crumbly
Fearless Leader: so I'm mixing new gold clay with it
Fearless Leader: to make it more flexible
Fearless Leader: that's one way to deal with crumbly clay
Fearless Leader: see how crumbly it is?
Fearless Leader: when I roll it with new clay a couple of times it'll
be alright
frogger70301: Would it hurt tomix it with trans. in a pinch?
lindaslists: Back, and doing the same with my silver
lindaslists: Good news, the little red snack pack containers for
pringles are a number 5. I can use them with my clay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lindaslists: I usually mix trans in dry clay
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chenoa_2b: Whats going on?
lindaslists: NJ is doing a mokume gane tut with metalics
lindaslists: using the malachite method
chenoa_2b: Thanks
lindaslists: gold, silver, copper, black and pearl
lindaslists: I'm going to add a sheet of trans also
frogger70301: Ok, she's laid a sheet of each color out and is
arranging different sized cutters.
Fearless Leader: ok, who's doing screen shots and who's doing log
Fearless Leader: now that I've done the sheets
frogger70301: I don't know if I can be trusted with the screen shots
for this one.
Fearless Leader: any volunteers?
Fearless Leader: I can't do the screen shots and do the claying at
the same time
lindaslists: I'm here, was rolling some trans to include
Fearless Leader: it slows the process to a crawl
frogger70301: If it wouldn't be for the two kids, I'd love to do it.
lindaslists: I can do shots also
lindaslists: need to grab my cutters
Fearless Leader: we also will be needing a virtual scribe to describe
what is being seen for those who can only read the logs. Ok Linda
frogger70301: I can save if that would help, Linda.
Fearless Leader: now we just need a scribe
Fearless Leader: save the logs, Mitch?
frogger70301: yeah.
frogger70301: I don't have to be here every sec for that.
lindaslists: That would help loads as I am also making this at the
same time - LOL
frogger70301: IF Linda needs some help.
Fearless Leader: ok, so we got screen shots with Linda Borhn and you
got log saves, now we just need everyone to give effort to typing
when I am claying
Fearless Leader: ok?
Fearless Leader: We are all hosts here not guests
Fearless Leader: even the slow typers can ask questions
frogger70301: I'll try, but I'm not too good at typing fast.
chenoa_2b: Ok,
Fearless Leader: my back will be to the monitor when I'm claying
lindaslists: going to have to use drop cutters as I have NO circles -
Fearless Leader: I'll look back now and then to see if folks are
hollaring "STOP !"
Fearless Leader: you can draw circles and cut it with an exacto knife
lindaslists: Karen is getting an order today
lindaslists: OK
Fearless Leader: I end up doing that when the sheets are stacked too
chenoa_2b: Ok, so we have a sheet of pearl, gold, silver, copper, and
black. Is there a s heet of trans in there too?
Fearless Leader: ok, some of these sheets are going to be pressed
together at the thickest setting, just random choice of colors
Fearless Leader: Linda is doing some trans with hers
lindaslists: I added trans to mine
chenoa_2b: ok
Fearless Leader: I'm doing these 5 colors here of black, pearl, gold,
silver and copper
chenoa_2b: got it.
Fearless Leader: so I'm going to cut these sheets in half an take
half the pile and press the sheets together to get narrower lines
Fearless Leader: and then I'll stack the narrow lines with thicker
ones and that will be my stack
Fearless Leader: I'm not putting little balls between sheets
Fearless Leader: our cutters will make those circle shapes
Fearless Leader: ok?
frogger70301: ok.
Fearless Leader: any questions before I start futzing?
lindaslists: ok
lindaslists: nope
frogger70301: not from me.
dbluwitch26: not me either
chenoa_2b: nope
Fearless Leader: anyone need the malachite tute?
Fearless Leader: url?
linda_d_45419: nope
lindaslists: nope
Fearless Leader: ok, let's do roll call, who we are and where we are
dbluwitch26: no
chenoa_2b: I do
Fearless Leader: NoraJean from San Francisco
lindaslists: Linda Bohrn - Ely Nevada
frogger70301: Mitch, LA
chenoa_2b: Carolyn, Oregon
dbluwitch26: Dag in Iowa
linda_d_45419: hi linda from dayton
tedi382001: Amy Canada
Fearless Leader:
New Malachite.
Fearless Leader: and this is what I'm going to do with these colors
Fearless Leader: off I go
chenoa_2b: looks like a small square of pearl, th at can fit either
way through the pasta machine.
lindaslists: layering sheets of clay
lindaslists: silver and copper
chenoa_2b: And she is running them through the pasta machine.
frogger70301: passed through the pm
chenoa_2b: Ok, two colors, one thick sheet.
frogger70301: three sets of two colors passed through.
frogger70301: cut in half
frogger70301: black?
frogger70301: laying one half of a sheet on the black and trimming.
chenoa_2b: stacked them all, and trimmed to same size.
frogger70301: pass through the pm
frogger70301: just guessing here, but I think she did that with half
of all three.
lindaslists: and stacked them together
frogger70301: now stack all of the sheets.
frogger70301: layer of black, then pearl put on the top
frogger70301: Copper and silver put through the pm and then on top of
the stack.
frogger70301: cut in half
lindaslists: thanks for the commentary so I can do the shots
frogger70301: I hope I'm doing this right.
lindaslists: yes
chenoa_2b: Wow, look at that stack. Some thick, some thin, and all
ramdom mix.
frogger70301: compress the stack
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chenoa_2b: Is she stretching as well as compressing the stack?
frogger70301: I think so.
chenoa_2b: now it looks like she is trimming up the edges.
frogger70301: yep.
Fearless Leader: let me show you a quick trick with this ribbon
Fearless Leader: rick rack
chenoa_2b: ok, she made a ribbon with the Pasta mschine to show the
colors of stack.
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frogger70301: run through the pm.
frogger70301: black sheet
frogger70301: zigzag ribbon on the black sheet.
merrie60us: Hi everybody haveI missed much?
frogger70301: cool.
frogger70301: Not much.
frogger70301: NJ just stacked some sheets and she is showing us a
trick with a scrap.
frogger70301: run that through the pm.
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frogger70301: trim the edges?
merrie60us: What is the ribbon made of
merrie60us: a blend
frogger70301: a trim from the stack she just made.
chenoa_2b: did she just cover a pen with that rick rack?
merrie60us: now she's rolling it up into a log
frogger70301: now shes using it to cover something.
merrie60us: and bending it
merrie60us: into a u shape
merrie60us: then makes ends meet
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frogger70301: did she just cut the stack in half?
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Fearless Leader: ok
frogger70301: oh, no she didn't.
lindaslists: Ok
Fearless Leader: I cut the stacked sheets in half
Fearless Leader: to show something
frogger70301: before and after compressing.
Fearless Leader: yup
Fearless Leader: and that the compressing the stack
frogger70301: ok, gotcha.
Fearless Leader: doesn't have to be exact
Fearless Leader: just wrestle with it
Fearless Leader: pull it like this
frogger70301: get out your frustration?
Fearless Leader: exactly
Fearless Leader: be brutal
frogger70301: cool.
Fearless Leader: Before I move to the next step, are there any
Fearless Leader: Hey Merrie honey
Fearless Leader:
New Malachite.
merrie60us: Hi, oh thanks
Fearless Leader: that's the tute, just using the different colors
Fearless Leader: black, pearl, gold, silver, copper
Fearless Leader: some sheets were pressed together and then black
added to that and pressed again
Fearless Leader: and some were stacked as the thickest setting
Fearless Leader: and then they were layered randomly
Fearless Leader: plan, we ain't go no plan
Fearless Leader: so are we all on the same page here and do we need
to do a save log and go potty?
lindaslists: OK
Fearless Leader: LOL ok to all three?
Fearless Leader: voices here folks, are we all on the same wave
length here and shall I go on or do we need a potty break?
merrie60us: okay
Fearless Leader: ok, break here
Fearless Leader: save log
Fearless Leader: 5 minutes
Fearless Leader: and then we'll go to the next step