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Clay Techniques- 01 - Malachite Log 3

Fearless Leader: and then we'll go to the next step
Fearless Leader: brb
teri56 joined the room
frogger70301: saved.
merrie60us: back
teri56: looks like I got here during a break?
frogger70301: yeah
teri56: good - I hate interrupting
frogger70301: So far she has randomly syacked sheets of gold, copper,
silver, pearl, and black and compressed half of it.
teri56: okay, sounds pretty straightforward
teri56: and are those circle cutters I see?
lindaslists: yes
frogger70301: She's gonna use those to cut out circles to make
teri56: oh good!
teri56: the stuff I made from last night's clay-along is awesome!
teri56: someday my new cam will arrive, and I can show you all
frogger70301: When do we get to see it?
teri56: i was expecting the cam today, but guess now
teri56: oops - I mean guess not
teri56: tomorrow it better get here
frogger70301: LOL
Fearless Leader: back
Fearless Leader: questions before I move to the next step
Fearless Leader:
New Malachite.
teri56: got it - ty NJ - Mitch caught me up to this point
Fearless Leader:Biz-Archive/Faux/Malachite/2002-002.htm
Fearless Leader: this are the cut out circles
Fearless Leader: that will be made into bowls of different sizes
Fearless Leader: those bowls are stacked
Fearless Leader: when you get to the smallest bowl
Fearless Leader: stick a plug in it
Fearless Leader: then reduce that stack of bowls to a cone shaped log
Fearless Leader: any questions before I go do this?
merrie60us: no
teri56: no
lindaslists: no
Fearless Leader: 4's a majority
Fearless Leader: so I move on
merrie60us: it is very clear when nj does it...
Fearless Leader: this stack is thick
merrie60us: I saw her do it for something else last week
Fearless Leader: so the circle cutters are just making marks
Fearless Leader: I'll cut it with an exacto knife
Fearless Leader: and I'm not worried about being neat or exact
Fearless Leader: this is the barbarian method
Fearless Leader: ok?
merrie60us: ok
frogger70301: k
Fearless Leader: so the stack was big enough for 3 impressions of all
five circle cutters
Fearless Leader: now for the boring part of cutting out all these
circles, making bowls and stacking them
merrie60us: making stacks large, med,small one of each per stack
NikiT (azstitcher2001) joined the room
merrie60us: laying out each size
frogger70301: shaping into bowls.
Fearless Leader: Dag, you don't need to be exact when cutting out
these circles
frogger70301: stacking the bowls.
merrie60us: stacking each into each other
Fearless Leader: folks get all caught up in being exact
Fearless Leader: we don't need to be exact all the time
Fearless Leader: a sort of circle is fine
Fearless Leader: a funky circle is fine
merrie60us: small cirlce is the plug?
Fearless Leader: a funky bowl is fine
Fearless Leader: yes Merrie, that's a little plug for the smallest
Fearless Leader: now I'll stack the other bowls
Fearless Leader: any questions before I reduce these to cones?
merrie60us: no
teri56: no
frogger70301: I'm good.
Fearless Leader: if this were done
linda_d_45419: nope
Fearless Leader: with colors rich with translucent
Fearless Leader: you get
Fearless Leader: agate
Fearless Leader: fyi
Fearless Leader: now I go to reduce
Fearless Leader: FIST OF DOOM
merrie60us: squeezing
frogger70301: squeezing the stacked bowls.
merrie60us: using whole hand
frogger70301: keeping the cone shape.
frogger70301: stretching it out.
merrie60us: squeezing next one
Fearless Leader: ok
Fearless Leader: now I'll stack these but invert the middle one
Fearless Leader: see
merrie60us: stacking standing them up
Fearless Leader: and laying this down
merrie60us: point up, point down, point up
Fearless Leader: make a pyramid
merrie60us: then laid down
Fearless Leader: cut this pile in half at the center
Fearless Leader: now for the reducing part
lindaslists: stack the 2 halves side by side and compress
Fearless Leader: to keep the ends from caving in fuss with them when
they balloon out
Fearless Leader: or let them bulge and have interesting chop
Fearless Leader: squeese the middle of the cane and hold with both
hands and pull in opposite directions, pull like a taffy pull
frogger70301: took some slices and put them on a sheet and passed
through the pm.
dbluwitch26 joined the room
Fearless Leader: if we take this cane and cut it like a rock
Fearless Leader: cut going on around the botton
Fearless Leader: bottom
Fearless Leader: turn it over and cut along the bottom again
Fearless Leader: let me show you
dbluwitch26: I'm so sorry but i lost the web cam am
dbluwitch26: and cam
Fearless Leader: sent you invite
Fearless Leader: where did you fall off? What part was the last that
you saw?
lindaslists: i've got about 79 pics so far LOL
dbluwitch26: awww crud I missed the reduction part
lindaslists: I got some good pics of it
dbluwitch26: Thank you linda!!!!!
merrie60us: lays out slices on sheet of clay after putting through
pasta machine
merrie60us: puts through pasta machine
merrie60us: showing finished sheet
dbluwitch26: oh ma god that's fantastic
Fearless Leader: that would be a background
frogger70301: That would make some cool pens, NJ.
Fearless Leader: and then leaves will be added, oh hey Dag, look at
dbluwitch26: that gives me tingles!!!! I love it
teri56: isn't that cool Dag?
jill_z_q joined the room
teri56: it's a piece of the cane that she cut like a rock
teri56: hey Suz
Fearless Leader: Suzy
jill_z_q: Hi
Fearless Leader: Hey Honey
Fearless Leader: did you uninstall and reinstall?
jill_z_q: got new one install lets cross are fingers
jill_z_q: nodnod
linda_d_45419: gotta go, thanks!
Fearless Leader: give it an effort and see if you can see, I'll
repeat the demo
Fearless Leader: Ok, Linda
jill_z_q: no need to repeat demo
Fearless Leader: thanks for stopping by
linda_d_45419 left the room
Fearless Leader: I usually repeat the tute anyway, you came on a good
horse is all
teri56: that sheet would make a cook kimono
teri56: uh - a cool one
jill_z_q: I like the cook one better
Fearless Leader: A cook's kimono... LOL
Fearless Leader: me too
Fearless Leader: sushi chef
Fearless Leader: he he he
Fearless Leader: ok, good time for a save log
jill_z_q: okay well no luck on this reinstall guess I shall bug Yahoo
Fearless Leader: sigh, I'm sorry Suzy
Fearless Leader: gosh
jill_z_q: you know my first instinct was firefall issues
jill_z_q: but I can direct connect with aim
jill_z_q: so if I can do that why can't I direct connect with you