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auntyalias: There
auntyalias: from right to left
auntyalias: first bacon, then tomato, then black bean, then lettuce, then cheese
auntyalias: now I got to take a pix of that
claychik: i was doing my sugar skulls like that: first green on all of them, then purple, then yellow, etc
kmrhodes: sugar skulls?
claychik: yep, day of the dead sugar skulls
kmrhodes: cool
claychik: i sent it thru the pix list
kmrhodes: I gotta check that out
claychik: they were fun to make
kmrhodes: cant wait to see them
auntyalias: Sharon did you see the taco pix?
auntyalias: that I put up on the page?
claychik: i'm just afraid that now i'm going to be stuck on making them, and make ONLY sugar skulls, like i was with the sushi
claychik: lol
claychik: not yet
claychik: lemme look
claychik: very nice, nj
kmrhodes: isn't she the boss!
claychik: it looks really good next to the peppers
claychik: she is sooo the boss
auntyalias: Now I'll add these incremental tacos to that section
auntyalias: got to build mini food like you make food in real life
kmrhodes: I'm her assistant you know
auntyalias: LOL
kmrhodes: Ya right!
auntyalias: My Right Hand Gal
kmrhodes: LOL
claychik: lol
auntyalias: That's who you are Karen, we're in Cahoots
auntyalias: brb
kmrhodes: love cahoots
claychik: lol!
kmrhodes: can we make them with chocolate?
claychik: rofl
kmrhodes: LOL
kmrhodes: Just told tech_mom to come over to the demo
claychik: cool
kmrhodes: chocolate covered cahoots! I like it
claychik: i figured there'd be more people
lindaslists joined the room
claychik: yeah, then we can all be in cahoots
kmrhodes: hey linda
kmrhodes: oh ya
lindaslists: hi all
claychik: hi linda
kmrhodes: Hey Linda, we are making chocolate cahoots!
claychik: lol
kmrhodes: right Sharon?
claychik: yep!
lindaslists: my favorite food group - Chocolate
kmrhodes: me tooooooo
claychik: ooh, i found some nice low-carb, sugarfree chocolate
kmrhodes: not sugarfree!
kmrhodes: never
claychik: yep
kmrhodes: No
claychik: lol
kmrhodes: I wont do it
claychik: well, i gotta do it
claychik: so it's good for now
kmrhodes: okay
claychik: << low-carb diet
kmrhodes: you do good
kmrhodes: and I will make up for the both of us
kmrhodes: LOL
claychik: i even found dark chocolate
claychik: yummm
kmrhodes: shoot, gotta go
claychik: aww, karen, you would make that sacrifice?
claychik: lol
claychik: aww
kmrhodes: for you Sharon, sure I would
claychik: lol
kmrhodes: I'm that nice of a gal
claychik: yes you are!
kmrhodes: course, gotta buy bigger pants
kmrhodes: what the hell
kmrhodes: gonna get cremated anyway
kmrhodes: might as well add sizzle to the steak!
kmrhodes: LOL
claychik: the good thing about this choc is if you eat too much, it gives you a tummy ache
claychik: so you tend to cut down on it
kmrhodes: not me
claychik: rofl karen
auntyalias: 03-10-03-TacoPix-3.htm
claychik: my stupid ass ate a whole bar of it
kmrhodes: oh- shes back!
claychik: oh hey nj
kmrhodes: sorry gals, gotta take off
claychik: aww
kmrhodes: catch ya later, kay?
claychik: have a good night karen
kmrhodes: thanks
auntyalias: See Ya Karen
kmrhodes: tell NJ to make chocolate cahoots!
auntyalias: LOL
kmrhodes: LOL
claychik: lol okay!
auntyalias: be-have
auntyalias: Howdy Linda
kmrhodes: This I gotta see! Tell me when the demo is scheduled
claychik: hee!
lindaslists: Hi NJ
kmrhodes left the room
auntyalias: Thank you for sending that Yahoo Maintenance post to the list
auntyalias: I didn't get notice of it at all from Yahoo. Which is odd
auntyalias: it's good that the list knows
dahs512 joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Denise
dahs512: Hi
claychik: hi denise!
auntyalias: did you see the pix links I've been sending to the list?
lindaslists: didn't they do it last year at this time?
auntyalias: 03-10-03-TacoPix-3.htm
dahs512: I have been outside most of the day
auntyalias: I can't recall, it happens now and again
dahs512: so not yet
auntyalias: This last pix is incremental Taco Building
dahs512: yo quero
auntyalias: Linda did you see my Mexican Food in a Jar? The mist has cleared up
lindaslists: I see a banana
dahs512: those tacos need to be roled..hee hee
dahs512: l
claychik: omg, that avocado looks so good
auntyalias: There
lindaslists: OMG. That is so cute. Better than the ships in a bottle
claychik: lol linda
auntyalias: ya the Avocado came out really nice, used canteloup rind for the seed
dahs512: The jar turned out great NJ
auntyalias: It's so like ships in a bottle and it was so quick and easy to do
auntyalias: I took it to Ruth's and Ruth, Sandy and her husband Jerry thought it was nifty, so did the cab driver
auntyalias: I'm showing everyone
auntyalias: LOL
claychik: lol
auntyalias: pushing the mini scene theme
dahs512: i made an easter basket...your influence
auntyalias: that's fresh celantro, thought I'd buy some to show folks
claychik: it IS really really cute
auntyalias: it's used in Mexican food a lot
claychik: ya, my mom uses it in guac
dahs512: got to have it in hot sauce
claychik: fresh salsa always has to have cilantro
auntyalias: it's wilting under the lights
dahs512: You can freeze it in water to use in stuff later
auntyalias: On Denise, thank you for that tip
auntyalias: I didn't want it to go to waste, but I can't use a whole bunch in a month
claychik: hey, the cilantro looks kinda cool behind the jar like that
auntyalias: ya, I thought so too, like jungle foliage
claychik: yeah!
auntyalias: Oh I've been spelling it wrong, Sharon?
auntyalias: I'm so Aunt Clara with my bad spells
claychik: huh?
dahs512: coriander seeds can be crushed for a similar flavor in a pinch
claychik: i think that cilantro is grown from coriander
auntyalias: Remember Aunt Clara in Bewitched? Her spells were all bad.
claychik: rofl!
dahs512: yes it is
dahs512: same stuff
auntyalias: so my spelling is so bad my older sister calls me Aunt Clara
claychik: lol that's cute
dahs512: don't sweat the petty
claychik: and don't pet the sweatyu
auntyalias: and don't pet the sweaty as Janey's husband says
claychik: lol
auntyalias: that just cracked me up
auntyalias: ok, so what do we have as Short Order Requests?
auntyalias: since we did chilies and tacos already
claychik: i want to see the tortillas rolled up like tacquitos
claychik: maybe tls and avocado for guac?
dahs512: with chicken, cilantro and cheese
claychik: mmmm
lindaslists: I sold 5 of my half pens and one of my hearts at work today. The pens are for the CNA's to wear on their lanyard for work and the heart was to be used as a worry stone.
claychik: and tomato bits in the guac
dahs512: ooh, and that on top
claychik: ooh, congrats linda
lindaslists: The pens have the eye screw in the top with a key ring attached\
auntyalias: guacamole, got to get some avocado cane and TLS for that
claychik: brb gettin a cig
auntyalias: let me save log here since we're going to another dish
claychik: i love these food demos
techi_mom56 joined the room
dahs512: Godd job on the sales Linda!
lindaslists: I would love to do country cooking. Buttermilk biscuits, country milk gravy with chunks of sausage in it, corn on the cob and fried chicken.
claychik: oh lord
lindaslists: Thanks Denise
dahs512: somebody is hungry
claychik: that sounds good
lindaslists: The Dietary manager at work wants me to make him a pork chop eraser
claychik: i really got hooked on the milk gravy when i was in tx
dahs512: I made "chicken-fried" tonight
claychik: maybe tls and a white/trans/pearl mix, with black embossing powder for the pepper specks
dahs512: The meat was Nilgi though
lindaslists: I've seen NJ do the chicken and the gravy would be easy. Saw the corn but now sure how to do the biscuits
claychik: a pork chop eraser would be cute!
auntyalias: Ok, I'm back
dahs512: yes it would
auntyalias: Hey Nancy
claychik: lol for the dietary manager to want a prok chop
techi_mom56: hi...survived the wedding...
claychik: pork*
techi_mom56: my feet almost didnt 
auntyalias: Oh How was the Wedding?
dahs512: Hi Nancy
auntyalias: do tell
lindaslists: lol
lindaslists left the room
auntyalias: ooops lost Linda there
techi_mom56: beautiful....concert piano playing ode to joy.....then to the 1800's restored pipe organ for the rest of the service...the judge (sandra) broke into tears...(has know the bride since she was a little girl
auntyalias: awww, bless her heart
auntyalias: I weep at weddings, even if I don't know the folks
auntyalias: but I'm a big cry baby
techi_mom56: then unity candle was lit to light guitar music
auntyalias: how did they like the clay roses?
auntyalias: you were working on them so hard
techi_mom56: and then a traditional hawiana hula (not the wiggle kind the talking hands) to elvis's wedding song
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
dahs512: Hey Jude
claychik: yayyyy!
claychik: hi jude!
jude: Howdy!
dahs512: nj is making guacamole
jude: YUM!
techi_mom56: i didnt cry didnt i saw my brother i hadnt seen in 2 years in the reception line...steve thought it was funny
dahs512: she took a pie section out of a slice of her avacado cane
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/food/Avocado-grp.htm
techi_mom56: the roses didnt get used...chuckle...type A mom changed her mind
auntyalias: jeese louise
auntyalias: well use them roses for something girlfriend
techi_mom56: oh i will...for sure
auntyalias: I'm going to mash up this TLS with the slice of avocado
techi_mom56: okay back to housework
auntyalias: see if we can't get a guacamole going on
auntyalias: then we'll top with some tomato diced up and some cilantro slivers
auntyalias: how's that?
jude: Onion?
jude: Some minced onion?
auntyalias: can't really see the onion in mini
dahs512: not in guac
claychik: sounds good to me nj
auntyalias: will just disappear
jude: Shoot.
auntyalias: you can put onions in anything you want Aunt Jude
dahs512: lol
auntyalias: that's your prerogative at the worktable
jude: Dice up some trans and bake? 
jude: LOL!
jude: then sprinkle?
jude: Hehehehe
auntyalias: hmmmm
auntyalias: now that's an idea
dahs512: so the kids can pick it off
auntyalias: wait up I do have Translucent Ice
claychik: lol
claychik: oh heck yes
jude: It is not guacamole without onion.
auntyalias: we can chop some of that up
auntyalias: it has pearl and glow in the dark
claychik: i looove onion
jude: It might look like onion.
auntyalias: so it'll show up better than plain trans
jude: Yes, good.
auntyalias: so let me get mashing on this then
jude: You got an Italian parsley to garnish?
jude: LOL!
claychik: i put onions in everything, but my bf can't tolerate them when they are raw
jude: I know, I know...go to my room.
claychik: which sucks
auntyalias: cilantro
auntyalias: got some fresh today for reference
dahs512: I used to hate onions, now I cook with them in almost everything
jude: I never really cared for cilantro that much. I'm a parsley person more.
dahs512: I use hot sauce in my guac instead
dahs512: and that has onions in it
jude: I can't eat the hot stuff. Darn. Used to, but no more.
dahs512: Nj put about an equal amount of tls next to the avacado slice
jude: That looks like egg to me.
dahs512: she is chop, chop, chopping
auntyalias: taking pictures as I go along
jude: Good idea.
auntyalias: filler clay
auntyalias: and then put the guacamole on top of that filler clay
dahs512: ooh
auntyalias: use the same colors you're working with
jude: Good idea that, too.
jude: I like to bowl, too.
techi_mom56 left the room
claychik: ooh, and it's all nice and chunky too, like real guac
jude: I was thinking of doing a faux wood one and putting Mexican schtuff in that.
jude: I do like it a bit chunky, too.
claychik: good idea jude
claychik: omg that looks totally real
jude: Amazing, isn't it?
claychik: i love multi-purpose canes
jude: Yes, tomatoes>
dahs512: she is taking a little piece of tomatoe and wil cut pieces to add to the guac
claychik: perfect!
jude: Mexican food is so colorful!
jude: Not to mention yummy.
claychik: heck yes
dahs512: looks great NJ
dahs512: easy breezy
jude: Perfect!
jude: Now, if you had some dried up bell pepper seeds, you'd have some chips!
claychik: ooh, i have some of those!
auntyalias: onions for you Jude
jude: Tortilla chips are better, though, huh?
dahs512: lol
jude: Thanks! YUM!
dahs512: they look real
claychik: yeah
claychik: that is so awesome
jude: Onions are an old, old, one of the oldest foods.
claychik: now chopped green bits for the cilantro
claychik: too cool
auntyalias: little garnish
jude: The colors are great.
auntyalias: see how I scraped up the green off of the tile?
auntyalias: In little circular motions
dahs512: do again
claychik: it fluffed it up a little
auntyalias: round and round and it makes frilly edges
jude: For the cilantro, you mean?
claychik: yep
auntyalias: Like that
jude: I'd probably put a bit through my pm at the smallest setting. It curls stuff right up.
claychik: like with lettuce
jude: Your way is probably faster, though.
claychik: that looks fabulous, nj
auntyalias: just got the picture of it
claychik: kewl
auntyalias: ok, I'm going to take a break and get these pix up, it'll take about 20 minutes
auntyalias: I got to do it this way
claychik: ok
auntyalias: put up the pages as I go along with this Wednesday shift going on
auntyalias: sorry
auntyalias: brb
jude: I will have to leave again, but will be back later. If you are around, I will.
dahs512: I think the pictures you take will be a lot better than screen shots
claychik: no prob nj
dahs512: too tiny for shots
auntyalias: I think they are better too, but we don't cover as much ground is all
auntyalias: quality for quantity
auntyalias: I guess
auntyalias: brb

jude: I will have to leave again, but will be back later. If you are around, I will.
dahs512: I think the pictures you take will be a lot better than screen shots
claychik: no prob nj
dahs512: too tiny for shots
auntyalias: I think they are better too, but we don't cover as much ground is all
auntyalias: quality for quantity
auntyalias: I guess
auntyalias: brb
jude: I will be gone an hour or so.
jude: See you all later.
claychik: aww jude!
jude: Can't help things to do! But, will be back.
jude: Bye!
greatauntjudy left the room
dahs512: later gater
dahs512: peppers
dahs512: taco
dahs512: and guac
dahs512: How about a margarita with salt and a lime
claychik: oh holy cow, i just got a job offer
claychik: woo-hoo!
dahs512: what kind of offer
claychik: well, it's not clay-related
claychik: a temp agency called
claychik: saw my resume on
dahs512: great
claychik: ya
dahs512: see if you like the place with a temp agency
claychik: hopefully they aren't just jerking my chain tho
dahs512: nah
claychik: i got to go into anaheim at 9 in the morning
claychik: hope it'll be worth it
dahs512: like job hours
dahs512: hee hee
claychik: ya, not used to it tho
claychik: i don't mind getting up that early, as long as i walk out of there with a J-O-B
dahs512: i hear that
dahs512: I need to go get Keegan from scouts, I'll be back in about 30 minutes
claychik: ok denise
dahs512: I'm gonna let this stay on so I can see the log if that is ok
claychik: kewl
auntyalias: I got the Guacamole Log page up and now I'm doing the pix
claychik: k
claychik: brb
auntyalias: 03-10-03-GuacamoleLog-1.htm
auntyalias: 03-10-03-GuacamolePixs.htm
claychik: ok back
auntyalias: done
auntyalias: I put an "e" at the end of tomato
auntyalias: and had to change the picture and the thumbnail
auntyalias: it always happens when I put text inside the picture