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Skulls, faces and races 

The upper part of the face pg 5

The Googley Eyes 5-a

Covering the skull: the Lower face of an African. pg4

On to the Cutey Pie Finished Face 5-b

Oh relax. Seems startled doesn't he? If you didn't have eyelids you'd be pretty startled as well. You can see with the right eye that this iris and pupil is a slice of eyeball cane. Iris and pupil need to be mashed into the whites of the eyes.
Here the eyeball cane is mashed into the whites of the eyes, now he looks a little less startled.
Aye Matey!! No it's not a patch it is the circle kemper tool that will make the eyelids. To measure if you have the right sized tool, put it over the eye like this for a rough eyeballing for size. Yes, I could not resist that line.
Trick to this is to cut one circle for one eye, cut the circle in two, but not in half. The upper lid reaches down to the lower. The lids don't meet in the middle. Put the larger half on for the the upper lid and the smaller half on for the lower lid.  I'm showing you one of each here.
Here is what the lids look before you smooth them into the face.
From the side.
This is how the one set of eyelids looks smoothed into the rest of the face