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The upper part of the face pg 5

 Googly Eyes 5-a

Now a cutie pie 5-b

Skulls, faces and races

 Boxed Faces pg 6

From the side, the one set of eyelids smoothed. The set furthest away still need to be smoothed still.
Here the lids are smoothed in but he looks like he just realized he won something, the eyes are too wide open. I'm going to indent along the eye and lower the upper lid a bit.
Now the eyes have a little ridge close to the opening, giving it a more relaxed look.
The rest of the pictures are different lighting and angles of this face.
Change the color, change the second and third layers, you change the gender and the race.
Now this really looks like our friend Ant. Add some hair, a touch more green for the eyes and it's a spitting image.

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