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RitaMaid Index 04-28-03: Log #3, Hair for RitaMaid

shargoose: Do you bake your figures between working on different
auntyalias: the figures often get many curings
shargoose: I do that so I don't mess up my weork
auntyalias: the TLS make up and TLS plus clay hair go on after the
first curing
shargoose: Once smached a perfectly good face that way
auntyalias: most of the time, unless I'm rushing something during demo
shargoose: Yes, Couldn't do it during demo
shargoose: Walla!
auntyalias: I got to drink something and rest this figure for a bit
auntyalias: one thing though
shargoose: I'll be back in a little bit. Got to go to the rr
auntyalias: okie dokie
auntyalias: I'll save it until you get back
auntyalias: going to check the list for a bit

auntyalias: ok I'm back
bonsaikathy: oh it's wonderful NJ
bonsaikathy: I love it
bonsaikathy: I had a phone call from a friend, and Karen you and she
sound a lot alike
auntyalias: I don't know if Karen is in the chat room
auntyalias: I don't have her on cam and Yahoo has been weird
bonsaikathy: hmm she's still showing
auntyalias: it's showing folks who aren't on cam
auntyalias: ya
auntyalias: it does that a lot
bonsaikathy: yup
auntyalias: there me, you, Aunt Jude and Sharon
auntyalias: that I know of
bonsaikathy: is Laura gone too
auntyalias: Isn't Shargoose Sharon? Or is she Laura
auntyalias: I'm not sure now
auntyalias: she said she was going to the rest room
bonsaikathy: i still have beany3u on
shargoose: Back for just a second. Birds are used to me giving them
some time at htis hour
auntyalias: and she's still on cam list which is more reliable than
this list here, naw, Beany3u left out a bit ago
shargoose: Husband is doing his best but they want their Mommy!
bonsaikathy: ok
auntyalias: go tend to the birds
auntyalias: I'm just smoothing arms here, nothing exciting
bonsaikathy: speaking of birds we have baby birds in the basement in a
bonsaikathy: wrens,
bonsaikathy: just born during the night last night
shargoose: Oh, how cute.
bonsaikathy: you can get right up close and look when Mama is out
getting food to feed them
shargoose: I will go give them some cuddle time. I will leave cam on
as I'm afraid I won't get it back.
shargoose: Toodles for a bit
bonsaikathy: bye
jude: I am here.
jude: Was just helping mom.
bonsaikathy: we were trying to figure out show was and wasn't still
jude: Okie.
auntyalias: I'm thinking of having her look like she's sun bathing
bonsaikathy: sounds good to me
auntyalias: but her skin is so warm and tacky I've got to let her rest
bonsaikathy: I'll bet this time of year is worse for that
auntyalias: well, it's warm in here and for some reason the skin mix
is very sticky
jude: Warm? What's warm?
bonsaikathy: When i do the bonsai pots I've found the premo to soft,
but the granitex works great
auntyalias: a lot of white and this white is brand new, so the skin
mix is much sticker than the fish scales, even though they have a lot
of translucent
auntyalias: Aunt Jude, the apartment is warm, it's crisp outside
jude: Oh, okie.
auntyalias: LOL
bonsaikathy: it was beautiful here today, perfect temps
bonsaikathy: we went for a drive through the mountains close by, we've
had so much rain there were waterfalls everywhere, it was beautiful
auntyalias: we are having winter weather in spring and we had spring
weather in winter
auntyalias: it's really weird
auntyalias: there's snow and the ski lodges are closing
jude: Everything is beginning to green here and then it gets covered
with snow.
bonsaikathy: it was an awful winter here, worst we've had in years
auntyalias: but the golf courses up in the ski area are under inches
and inches of snow
auntyalias: it's been the weirdest weather
bonsaikathy: yes it has
auntyalias: New Ice Age maybe?
jude: Oh, dear. Let's hope not.
auntyalias: I keep on thinking I'll see an Ice Age before I die of old
bonsaikathy: all my real bonsai seemed to have survived the winter
since I covered them up
bonsaikathy: they are all starting to leaf out
bonsaikathy: it's so neat to watch
auntyalias: I'll bet, I am worried about Ruth's bonsai
auntyalias: the gardener is not an expert on them and I think it's not
doing well
auntyalias: I water it but I don't know what I'm doing
bonsaikathy: I had to put them up on shelves out there though, the
darn )(*#&$*#&^ rabbits keep eating the leaves off my chinese elm, my
favorite tree
bonsaikathy: what kind is it
auntyalias: YIKES
auntyalias: oh, it's a pine
auntyalias: of some sort
auntyalias: but it looks pitiful is all
auntyalias: it's been neglected, as was much of Ruth's home when I got
bonsaikathy: ok, it may need some fertilizer
auntyalias: I've been able to clean up the house and such all but I
don't know about how to care for the Bonsai
auntyalias: I can bring some of my plant food over there
auntyalias: and give it some
auntyalias: spring feeding couldn't hurt
bonsaikathy: let me see if I can get some info for you real quick
auntyalias: and I put it out where it could get rain, it was under an
over hang
auntyalias: missing out on rain when it happened
bonsaikathy: yes they love rain water
auntyalias: I'm wondering what to do for her hair
auntyalias: I want her hair to be flowing down as she leans her head
auntyalias: but I'm undecided on hair color
auntyalias: ok saved that page
auntyalias: I'll print it out and give it to Russell the handy man
bonsaikathy: that's a type of pine, may be helpful for hers also
bonsaikathy: ok
auntyalias: see if that helps some
jude: Rita Hayworth?
auntyalias: Ya, very Rita Hayworth
jude: Gilda.
auntyalias: scads of hair, falling down, soft curls
auntyalias: and it will provide a support for her head
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: leaning on her hair ...sort of
bonsaikathy: also try contacting this club
auntyalias: got it thanks
bonsaikathy: it's a club in the san francisco area and they may have a
member close to Ruths that might be willing to check it out for you
for nothing
auntyalias: So Aunt Jude, what color should I do her hair, a
combination of yellow and gold?
auntyalias: maybe yellow, gold and pearl?
bonsaikathy: that sounds beautiful
jude: I pictured her as a blonde of some sort, yes.
bonsaikathy: should give it good highlight
auntyalias: ya, she'll do well as a blond, then I'll put a decorative
something with this fish scale on her head like a tiara
auntyalias: so she's all matching
auntyalias: do some sea shell jewelry
jude: brb
auntyalias: okie dokie
bonsaikathy left the room
bonsaikathy joined the room
jude: bak
shargoose: Back now
shargoose: Birdies are in bed all tucked in
auntyalias: I'm experimenting with using foil in the hair
shargoose: What are you doing NJ?
auntyalias: so the hair will be helping hold up her head
auntyalias: putting gold, yellow and pearl around that foil
auntyalias: and then attaching it to her head like she has loads of
hair falling down
auntyalias: but I wanted to give the hair some reinforcement
shargoose: So you will put the foil inside the pieces of clay?
auntyalias: on both sides of this foil
auntyalias: and then slather on TLS with the same clay as a frosting
auntyalias: to make curles
auntyalias: curls
shargoose: That's what I ment but didn't say it well
shargoose: Didn't know you could do that.
shargoose: I really haven't used TLC for a lot yet. Just learning it's
properties and uses
ljcswartz joined the room
bonsaikathy: Hi Jackie
ljcswartz: hi
shargoose: Hello Jackie
ljcswartz: Hi shar......... goose?? Sharon?
shargoose: Yup Sharon is my name
shargoose: I do animal rescue and had gotten some geese hence the name
ljcswartz: what a great activity to be involved in!
shargoose: Wanted to be Nanagoose but the name was already taken
auntyalias: Hey Jackie
ljcswartz: boooo
shargoose: Well, I have a disability, couldn't go to work anymore, so
decided to do something useful
ljcswartz: my id was from long ago ... not too imaginative but
shargoose: I love it. Have all kids of critters here
ljcswartz: a lounging mermaid we have here?
auntyalias: Jackie I put foil inside of clay to prepare for her hair
and for her hair to give a prop for her head there
auntyalias: so it is a clay and foil sandwich
auntyalias: and then I'll do TLS and clay color for curls
ljcswartz: ohh I see
ljcswartz: super
auntyalias: she's sun bathing
auntyalias: it's the first time I did a sandwich of clay and foil for
auntyalias: but it is also the first time I've used the hair as a prop
to hold up the head
ljcswartz: seems like a great idea
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auntyalias: I'm so tempted to give her sun glasses in the end
auntyalias: LOL
bonsaikathy: oh I like that
auntyalias: and some Tropical resort drink for her hand
ljcswartz: hehe
bonsaikathy: be something differant for sure
auntyalias: some coconut drink with one of those umbrellas in it
auntyalias: like MerMaid at Club Med
auntyalias: LOL
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
ljcswartz: wb
jude: Dang Yahoo.
auntyalias: I'm so tempted to give her sun glasses in the end
auntyalias: LOL
bonsaikathy: oh I like that
auntyalias: and some Tropical resort drink for her hand
ljcswartz: hehe
bonsaikathy: be something differant for sure
auntyalias: some coconut drink with one of those umbrellas in it
auntyalias: like MerMaid at Club Med
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: that's what you missed Jude
jude: Thanks!
jude: A nice tropical drink? Slice of pineapple on the rim of the
frogger70301 joined the room
auntyalias: Welcome back Mitch
ljcswartz: Hi Mitch
auntyalias: hubs all fed and settled?
frogger70301: nice to be back, hon.
frogger70301: yup for now.
shargoose: Hi Mitch
frogger70301: she came out really nice.
frogger70301: Hi, Shar and Jackie.
auntyalias: her hair cascading down like that
auntyalias: is a clay and foil sandwich
auntyalias: it is a prop for her head
auntyalias: and it makes sculpting her face even easier
frogger70301: oh, how cool!
auntyalias: like she's holding up her face for me to sculpt
bonsaikathy: Hi again Honey
frogger70301: I never would have thought of anything like that.
auntyalias: reminds me of when I was a blackmarket shampoo girl at a
Japanese hair salon
frogger70301: Hey, Kath.
auntyalias: hold still honey so I don't get soap in your eyes... LOL
frogger70301: Too bad you couldn't put someone behind her washing her
auntyalias: another mermaid, for sure, that would be funny
auntyalias: but this one is going Club Med
auntyalias: with sun glasses and a coconut drink
frogger70301: cute!
auntyalias: with a cheese umbrella and a slice of pineapple on the
auntyalias: she's sun bathing
lommomy joined the room
auntyalias: I'll give her a book to read
auntyalias: Lisa Hey honey
jude: She needs a good looking merman to wait on her hand and!
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: Ya, I love making MerDudes
shargoose: Nice. Thanks for the various views
lommomy: hello
jude: Howdy/
auntyalias: Aunt Jude, thanks for the Rita Hayworth suggestion
auntyalias: she's really going in that 1950 Movie Queen direction
jude: Great!
auntyalias: ergo the sunglasses she'll have
auntyalias: maybe not wearing them or wearing them on her head, you
know how some women do
auntyalias: like a head band
auntyalias: like she found them in the sea
auntyalias: and thought they were decoration
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: anyone see Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid?
auntyalias: 1940 movie
bonsaikathy: not me
auntyalias: oh, if you see it on TV check it out
jude: Yes, I've seen it.
auntyalias: it's the most charming movie
auntyalias: ain't it Aunt Jude!
jude: Was it William Powell?
shargoose: Yes, great movie
auntyalias: she took bras and tried them on her head
auntyalias: because she didn't know for clothing
bonsaikathy: lol
auntyalias: ya, and Veronica Lake? Who played the Mermaid?
jude: I don't remember.
auntyalias: I got to look it up
jude: We can look itup, though.
bonsaikathy: Ann blythe is correct
bonsaikathy: just looked it up
auntyalias: Ann Blyth
auntyalias: she was just too charming
jude: Yup, was Ann Blyth and Willliam Powell.
jude: 1948.
shargoose: Love those old movies
jude: He takes her home, I remember.
auntyalias: it's just the best Mermaid movie I know about
shargoose: And it poses all kins of problems for him
auntyalias: and so few people have seen it
auntyalias: I want to own that vid
jude: I haven't seen it in years and years.
auntyalias: it's on the movie channels, it's a late night thing
jude: Check out Critic's Choice. They have tons.
auntyalias: I've seen it played on TV
auntyalias: that's the only place I've seen it
shargoose: I catch all the late night movies and it hasn't been on for
auntyalias: but I've seen it played in the last handful of years
shargoose: I stay up til 2 or 3AM most of the time
jude: Night owl.
shargoose: Yup
ljcswartz: early bird hear
ljcswartz: here
auntyalias: hmmm, who would own this film now
auntyalias: Turner bought a ton of films
shargoose: There was another one with Don Knotts in it, Mr. Dobbs?
auntyalias: there's the Fox movie channel
shargoose: I forget, but he met a mermaid
bonsaikathy: I like the incredible Mr. limpet with Don Knotts, cute
auntyalias: Universal owns it
shargoose: That's it!! The incredible Mr. Limpett
auntyalias: Distributors
Republic Pictures Home Video [us] (USA, VHS)
auntyalias: that's who distributes the vids
Link to video distributor
auntyalias: I love the international movie data base
auntyalias: I use it all the time
bonsaikathy: I've got that one taped somewhere in one of my tapes
auntyalias: As told to a psychiatrist: Mr. Peabody, middle-aged
Bostonian on vacation with his wife in the Caribbean, hears
mysterious, wordless singing on an uninhabited rock in the bay.
Fishing in the vicinity, he catches...a mermaid. He takes her home
and, though she has no spoken language, falls in love with her. Of
course, his wife won't believe that thing in the bathtub is anything
but a large fish. Predictable complications follow in rather tame

.jude: It seems to be out of print.
shargoose: You can buy it on used for only 44.95!!
auntyalias: YIKES
auntyalias: I can borrow it from Kathy for nothing but postage
auntyalias: huh Kathy
auntyalias: yikes and yikes
auntyalias: LOL
shargoose: Yes, Think I'll wait and tape it myself
auntyalias: ok, now I'm going to mix up TLS and this hair color and
give her some quick curls
auntyalias: who has not seen this?
bonsaikathy: if that's the one you want I'll see if i can find it and
send you a copy
auntyalias: sure since we're swapping videos anyway
jude: That is an anniversary edition, also out of print, I think.
bonsaikathy: ok, no problem
auntyalias: who hasn't seen hair done with TLS and clay color?
shargoose: ME
bonsaikathy: It may take me a few days to locate it
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auntyalias: ok, all I do is take some of this same clay as the hair is
made of
auntyalias: and mix it with Translucent Liquid Sculpey
auntyalias: if you mixed it with white you have whipped cream
auntyalias: with burnt umber you have chocolate cake frosting
auntyalias: same sort of principle, frosting a cake
shargoose: Neat
auntyalias: you get curls with swirls and twists of the clay shaper
and it doesn't droop over night, or drip it stays where you put it
shargoose: So you use about 50/50 ratio?
auntyalias: do I ever measure?
auntyalias: it's a feel, if it peaks it's ready
shargoose: Sorry
auntyalias: no sorry needed I'm just loose that way
auntyalias: eyeballing it mostly
auntyalias: get the lumps out, if it swirls and peaks you're ready to
auntyalias: dig my black hair stash
shargoose: I love that
shargoose: You mix it right on the flat surface not in a container
jude: Egg whites?
auntyalias: as I need more black hair I just pour more TLS on the mess
there and mix it up
auntyalias: not in a container, but I do have containers of chunky
peanut butter and jelly
shargoose: Yum. Looks good enough to eat
auntyalias: because I tend to make PB&Js a lot
shargoose: Good now I see the consistency
auntyalias: you can also make quick gold jewelry on your figures with
this mix
auntyalias: do it with silver, copper, gold
shargoose: I can see I'm going to like this tecnique. Kinda like
squishing your toes in mud
auntyalias: yes exactly
auntyalias: get it to a consistency like cake frosting
auntyalias: now if you had to sculpt hair like this
auntyalias: it would take you a long time
auntyalias: we can draw in a part in the hair
auntyalias: we can do curls
shargoose: Love it and it doesn't run all over
auntyalias: we can make locks falling down
auntyalias: if we used different colors of clay we can do highlights
auntyalias: it's just such a time saver and since the base under this
TLS and clay hair are the same color
shargoose: I have GOT to try this!!
auntyalias: the translucency of the curls doesn't look weird, it just
shows the same color underneath giving it depth
auntyalias: it's just so easy
shargoose: You are the greatest
shargoose: I have learned so much these few hours
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/TLSMakeUp/Index.htm
auntyalias: here is how you use TLS and clay color to do make up
auntyalias: no more painting for me
auntyalias: because paint is flat
auntyalias: TLS and clay gives volume to eyebrows
auntyalias: and makes clay hair just so easy
frogger70301: Nitey-nite all. I'm heading off to bed. Thnx again for
the great demo, NJ.
shargoose: I use makeup to do makeup!
auntyalias: Nighty Night Mitch
auntyalias: try that clay and foil sandwich
shargoose: I use blushers and add some baby oil to give blush, and use
lipstick to do the lips etc.
auntyalias: that's why I did her hair this way
auntyalias: to see if it would work like for your bird tails
frogger70301: I decided to try the wire.
auntyalias: okie dokie
auntyalias: tell us how it turns out
frogger70301: Gonna see how that works.
auntyalias: I used to use make up for make up
shargoose: If you need help let me know Mitch
frogger70301: I'll let everyone know tomorrow after I get em cured.
auntyalias: but I'm really in love with TLS and clay color because we
can cure it and sand it and work it like clay
frogger70301 left the room
shargoose: No need for the really thick stuff
auntyalias: I'm going to slather on some locks
shargoose: I ment thin wire
jyladams joined the room
ljcswartz: Hi jyl
bonsaikathy: ladies I've enjoyed this thoroughly but Gary wants me to
come watch who's line is it anyway
bonsaikathy: take care, talk to you all later
ljcswartz: bye Kathy
jyladams: Hi and Bye!
auntyalias: See ya Kathy
bonsaikathy: Hi Jyl,
bonsaikathy left the room
shargoose: NJ do you think if I made a mix of TLC and flesh color clay
I could rescue my burnt and painted fairy?
auntyalias: I'd sand the burnt fairy down a layer and then slather on
TLS and skin clay, ya
auntyalias: I don't see why that couldn't work
shargoose: Think I'll try it. Thanks for the demo.
shargoose: Going to go clay now!! See ya'll later
ljcswartz: Thanks for the demo and visit NJ. Good night
ljcswartz left the room
jyladams: You are adding hair now?
shargoose left the room
jyladams: I see.
auntyalias: Yes, Jyl and her hair hanging down is a foil and clay
auntyalias: so her hair is a prop for her head
auntyalias: adding strength
jyladams: Sunbather or mermaid? Lovely work
auntyalias: sunbathing Mermaid
auntyalias: she'll have a book, a drink, some sun glasses
jyladams: LOL!
jyladams: I have a "secret" project to talk to you about- shhhhhh
Jude, don't tell!
auntyalias: what's the secret project
jyladams: What'd ya think? Do-able? Jude?
auntyalias: oh a secret from me, ok I'll look the other way and
auntyalias: doo deee dooo deee dooo
jyladams: No! No! Not a secret from you NJ, or Jude either! From the
Quarter Connection members!
jyladams: Not that it even needs to be a secret from them, but I have
spent 2 months trying to come up with something that we won't all get
6 of! I think we'll have a plethoria of pumpkins
jyladams: The theme last year was outdoor picnic and I swear I got 16
gazing balls! I did little wheelbarrows filled with plants and there
was even another one of those!
jyladams: Not only does your mermaid have hair, she has CURLY hair!
auntyalias: when you do curls like you do frosting for a cake, it's
auntyalias: and easier
auntyalias: just make little circles with the tip of your tool
auntyalias: and you got curls
auntyalias: that you can bake
auntyalias: I want to put TLS and clay to the underside of her hair
but I think I'll do that for the second curing because it'll be right
beany3u joined the room
auntyalias: Laura
auntyalias: hey honey
beany3u: hey there
auntyalias: she got hair
auntyalias: don't know when you left out but... her hair is a clay and
foil sandwich
auntyalias: so it's really propping up her head
beany3u: good idea
beany3u: whats the body made of?
beany3u: is that a cane
auntyalias: fish scale
auntyalias: want the link?
beany3u: yes
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Faux/FishScale/Thumb-grp.htm
beany3u: cool thanks
auntyalias: where was she when you left out earlier?
beany3u: oh only the face was made
beany3u: i'm having isp probs today I just got back up
auntyalias: ok, so this fish scale cane was made and then I pressed
slices of this
auntyalias: on a gold sheet
auntyalias: and covered her legs with it
auntyalias: I think that if you make a whole figure, legs and all
auntyalias: and then cover with fish scale
auntyalias: it makes a better mermaid
auntyalias: I see mermaids made of clay that the lower half isn't long
auntyalias: had an odd shape
auntyalias: I feel it should look like Daryl Hanna in Splash
auntyalias: both legs accounted for
auntyalias: just in a fish scale cover
beany3u: yah I agree
beany3u: that way your sure of the proportions
auntyalias: that was what I was thinking
auntyalias: some folks might think that making the whole figure is a
waste of time
auntyalias: but I think it looks better
beany3u: now will you sculpt hands or do you leave them
auntyalias: I'm going to sculpt the hands
auntyalias: holding a drink
auntyalias: and a book
beany3u: i like the idea of hair, helps to hold er in place
auntyalias: and there'll be a pair of sun glasses on her head like a
head band
auntyalias: I wanted her hair to be falling down real long
auntyalias: and I wanted it to be strong
auntyalias: the underside has got to get TLS and clay frosting too
auntyalias: and I'm going to make waves and curls with using the clay
auntyalias: after I get it all slathered on
beany3u: whats that tool called.. I like that, where do you get it
auntyalias: this is a Paint Shaper, it's larger than the clay shaper
auntyalias: that's a clay shaper
beany3u: where do you get them? yah I have a clay shaper but i like
the larger
auntyalias: I got the Paint Shaper at an art supply shop
auntyalias: let me see if Dick Blick sells them online
beany3u: i've never heard of the paint shaper... its real use is for
paint I take it? what would you do with the paint normally just move
it around?
auntyalias: ya he calls them color shaper
auntyalias: it's for paint that is thick and textured
beany3u: nice.. firm or soft would be better?
auntyalias: I like it a soft tip
auntyalias: for I use it for the first pass in sculpting
auntyalias: get the larger areas done
beany3u: oooh did you see the large ones
auntyalias: then I go smaller and smaller tip as I get more detailed
beany3u: i'm going to have to buy some
beany3u: (always spending)
auntyalias: I use this and these other two all the time
beany3u: the one clay shaper I have I dn't really like, it seems like
the clay sticks to it!
greatauntjudy left the room
dahs512 joined the room
techi_mom56 joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Denise
auntyalias: I just did her hair
dahs512: Cool beans!
dahs512: I just got the pics up on Epson
meows3xx left the room
auntyalias: I'm just opening them up
auntyalias: I love the chat being with the pictures
auntyalias: and the first picture is scary
auntyalias: LOL
dahs512: monster face
dahs512: i was just shooting away cause you were so fast at it
dahs512: no time for commentsa
dahs512: you made her into a mermaid?
auntyalias: they are great, the pix
dahs512: thanks
beany3u: I have been working on a lot of clay characters lately and am
thinking about scenes. What are some things that you guys use for
scenes? Shoebox is one but anything more creative?
auntyalias: Aunt Jude mentioned Rita Hayworth and then we started
talking about "Mr. Peabody's Mermaid"
auntyalias: anything can be a scene, a cookie tin
auntyalias: I use cigar boxes
auntyalias: hold up
beany3u: cigar boxes are really hard to find aren't they?
beany3u: nice but I wouldn't have a clue where to find cigar boxes
dahs512: forgive me beany, but what is your name
beany3u: Laura
dahs512: Laura, send me your address and I will send you one.
auntyalias: sorry my cam went off
auntyalias: for some reason
dahs512: I am Denise
beany3u: that's a neat scene. I found a link the other day of a woman
that made a lot of scenes and vignettes from the craziest stuff
dahs512: Did Nj loose her camera?
auntyalias: ya, I lost my cam for a minute
auntyalias: close the cam window and open again
auntyalias: sorry
techi_mom56: looks like it here
dahs512: hmmm
auntyalias: can you see me typing?

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.