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2002 Oranges: See how when reduced that "peel" on the inside doesn't show as peel, it shows up as a separating membrane. I think it adds a bit of depth that additional middle color. Then a fresh three color peel is put around the reduced cane. That give you the necessary thickness of peel so when you slice with a razor...not zigzag sloppy like the first picture, but when you slice the peel off it will be thick enough, with enough light color pith on the inside, to get that look we're aiming for. Scroll down for the last tip. 

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One thing I almost forgot to add. To keep the segments rounded at the top, add V shaped snakes of the lightest pith color in between the tops of the segments Not the orange mix like I did here. It fills it in and allows the rounded shape to stop flattening when we put the last layer of peel around the orange. This is important and I'm glad I remembered it. When we peel we want just the tip top of the segment to get cut, that means we need to preserve that rounded top. The V shaped snakes is what you need to do that, for oranges, for daisies, for anything that has a rounded bit near an edge that could get flattened.