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Demo Stuff Jan to Dec 2005

01-29-05 AVI Mini Food Review

01-29-05, Log 3, Mini Ice, Spring Onions, Links to Kiwi and Oranges

You are in "*g.CITY-o-Clay:1" ( )

Lisa in Maine: you should see my office ... same
thing, and I didn't do any claying! LOL
norajean_sf: Saturday Demo, Log 3, Roll call, First
Name, Location, and What You Want to See Made
Kat Indpls IN: Kat Indianapolis Indiana
Katie: Katie Ny
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I'm going to get me some coco
puffs LOL
Missy~VA: <~~~
Lisa in Maine: <--- still me!
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Lynn, VA
debsdv: Debbie, New Mexico, anything
norajean_sf: <<< that's me wanting to know what folks
want to see made
alice_minis_4all: alice amstersam
Missy~VA: <
Marlea in PA: <---me
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: <--that's me
mommaclara2001: Clara, WV
Dracowin: Laura, WA
Tammy: <~~~~~in Idaho
alice_minis_4all: alice amsterdam
vickir1: <--me in NH
krafty_karen_mc: .....Karen...Alberta...
Kat Indpls IN: did you do ice cubes last night nj
Kat Indpls IN: would love to see some soda with cubes
in it
jill_z_q: Suzy in So calif
connie_flying: Connie -- Reno NV (lettuce?)
Kat Indpls IN: or ice tea
Tammy: ice cubes would be cool
connie_flying: ice cubes too
norajean_sf: ice cubes ARE cool
jill_z_q: I want desserts
krafteame: luvmypolymerclay, I have been recieveing
emails from you and they go in my spam folder for some
reason. I have been deleting them because I didnt know
who they were from.
norajean_sf: cold in fact
jill_z_q: I've seen ya make ice cubes hehee
Alix: Alic in NC
Tammy: NJ you
alice_minis_4all: tete where are you????
tete ferraz: he baby
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I think someone has hijacked my
screen name and they are sending out things about
autos and such. I don't know what to do to keep them
from using my name
tete ferraz: so crazy but here
alice_minis_4all: say your name and country
norajean_sf: all these mini foods are going into the
Newbie Box supply
tete ferraz: i said
tete ferraz: treza ferraz from brazil
Marlea in PA: be right back
Missy~VA: hb
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: SO they are spam...I'm not
sending out's from my AOL acct
Alix: Lyn ... How long since you ran a complete virus
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: this morning
Missy~VA: brb
tete ferraz: rio de janeio
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: and I run 3 different kinds and
it's not picking up anything
Alix: How long since you updated virus files from the
mommaclara2001: You may have to do what I did , and
tete ferraz: sorry tereza ferraz
Kat Indpls IN: okay is that just translucent or is
there something else in it
krafteame: The subject lines were like teasers to get
me to open them like, "What to you see this" and I
cant wait until you see this, or I have to tell you
something important, I deleted them to be safe, Im
glad I did. I felt bad when someone told me last night
you were n the group
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: just a few days ago...this has
been going on for a bit
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: no that's fine....its not me so
delete a way
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I'll put my name in there if
it's from me, but I don't send out much email
norajean_sf: Let me get you the link trail for ICE
connie_flying: Lynn-- there's nothing to find on your
PC. Someone you write to has a virus and it captured
their address book. That's how they get the names to
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I keep getting Mailer Daemon in
my span folder from ones that didn't go thru
norajean_sf: Biz-Archive/Tute-List
Biz-Archive/food/ Diner-Grp
Biz-Archive/food/ Diner-IceNjuice
Alix: You need to Go into Settings,>control panel>Add
and Remove Hardware and look ASSIDUOUSLY for any
program that should not be there, and then delete it
jill_z_q: who is your isp? Maybe you can call them for
Biz-Archive/food/Drinks/New Ice
norajean_sf: there
norajean_sf: that's the first tute for NEW ICE
norajean_sf: ready for the trick of it?
norajean_sf: Use translucent, pearl and Glow In The
krafteame: Im ready
Kat Indpls IN: that last one right just opened all 4
of those links LOL
norajean_sf: so your ice shows up in dark ice tea mix
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: oh goody....
Kat Indpls IN: okay thought it was glow in the dark
didn't know about the pearl
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: thanks Alix...I'll do just that
Alix: Spounds like you have a worm ... you need to go
to the Symantec site and be checked out ON SITE
norajean_sf: now the link trail for the Lemonade
Tammy: does it glow in the dark when you turn out the
tete ferraz: sweety your work, norajeam
krafteame: Me or lynn?
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: me
norajean_sf: obrigado, Tete
tete ferraz: many thinks for i see, goodddddddddddd
krafteame: my pic on the webcam isnt moving,
Alix: I'm going to give you the Ad Aware site, too ..
one of the two best adware/spyware engines, and
TOTALLY unobtrusive ... It just sits there and you run
it when you want to
Tammy: NJ does it glow in the dark with the lights
tete ferraz:  noajean
norajean_sf: there
norajean_sf: check the Lemonade Review Please
tete ferraz: sweety apples
norajean_sf: it shows how to do this pitcher of
Kat Indpls IN: cool thanks
norajean_sf: Ok, I'll summarize the trick of it
alice_minis_4all: i saw
norajean_sf: have your ICE cured, have your lemonade
slices cured
Kat Indpls IN: okay
Kat Indpls IN: next
Tammy: k
norajean_sf: then mix the cured lemon slices in RAW
clay, mostly translucent with a touch of color
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I have some of those too Alix
and they haven't picked up anything
Kat Indpls IN: neat trick
norajean_sf: make it into the shape of the pitcher
norajean_sf: tap that pitcher shape with the cured
lemon slices into the cured ice, for ice floats
norajean_sf: should only be on the top
aclimasef left the room
norajean_sf: cure that
norajean_sf: After curing, you wet sand to get the
shape of the pitcher
norajean_sf: for the juice is the pitcher, the pitcher
is the juice
norajean_sf: THEN add the lip, foot, handle of the
pitcher, garnish and you're done
Kat Indpls IN: nifty
norajean_sf: We don't need no stinking glass pitcher
norajean_sf: we have translucent clay
Kat Indpls IN: need to make me some ice tea ones
krafty_karen_mc left the room
norajean_sf: for Ice Tea, cola or any other iced
drink, use Mostly Translucent with a touch of color
norajean_sf: so what color would you add to
Translucent for Iced Tea?
Kat Indpls IN: thinking pinata inks would work good
for the ice tea
Kat Indpls IN: brown
Kat Indpls IN: and orange
Kat Indpls IN: hm
Kat Indpls IN: depends on the tea
norajean_sf: a lot less brown than this pitcher
without the handle, lip and foot here
vickir1: does it have milk & sugar in it?
clayalley left the room
norajean_sf: The glow in the dark does show up when
the lights are off
norajean_sf: but more than that
Kat Indpls IN: thats English tea, now Southern tea
would have sugar, Northern tea is usually no sugar
maybe a lemon slice
norajean_sf: in a doll house or mini scene the
lighting isn't always that good, our ice needs glow in
the dark to show up
Lisa in Maine: dang ... now I need to get some glow in
the dark clay?
norajean_sf: when we make pitchers of lemonade, or
other juices with fruit in it, then make the fruit,
cut slices, cure them, then add to the RAW juice mix
norajean_sf: and use mostly translucent clay, with
just the smallest touch of color
Kat Indpls IN: hm wonder if this glow in the dark
liquid tls would work
MountainMaMaDuke: Hey Rickie Beth: How is your
foot/ankle doing?
Alix: Lavasoft site for free AdAware program ... I
installed this because it was recommended by PC World
Magazine and doesn't take over your system like SpyBot
Kat Indpls IN: no to messy stick with glow in the dark
norajean_sf: it might, but it might be hard to handle
for you need to reduce the ice cane to the size of the
mini ice you need, look here
krafteame: You would only want the ice cubes to glow
wouldnt you?/////
Kat Indpls IN: yeah just what i was thinking, nj got
to think of something to do with blue glow in the dark
tls, got a bottle of it sitting here and can't think
of a dang thing to do with it LMAO
norajean_sf: depends on if you're doing radio active
Kat Indpls IN: LOL
MountainMaMaDuke: LOL
norajean_sf: For the family that GLOWS together
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I have both of those Alix
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: How 'bout Romulan ale, from
Star Trek?
Kat Indpls IN: Stays together
norajean_sf: that's right
Kat Indpls IN: oh yeah thats blue isn't it
MountainMaMaDuke: The only thing that is glowing here,
is my woodstove!
Kat Indpls IN: thanks Rossija
norajean_sf: ok, so what were some of the other Short
Orders, Oh Lettuce
Kat Indpls IN: oops thanks Mary
norajean_sf: Oh here is my mini food cane storage
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: no problemo, Kat
norajean_sf: let me show you something here
Kat Indpls IN: hm briefing room, with Kirk and McCoy
drinking Romulan ale
Kat Indpls IN: there's the ticket
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: hmmm... Bet there's lots of
drinks in the Star Trek/Star Wars universes that could
contain glowing TLS, whatever color...
tete ferraz: tks for all ladys here , i will be back
agaim, i loved so much
MountainMaMaDuke: KAT - get some sleep!
Kat Indpls IN: and they always have a cool bottle that
contains it too
norajean_sf: these are Priority Mail boxes
norajean_sf: taped together
norajean_sf: in the USA these are free
krafteame: How about a slushy, rasberry slushies are
Kat Indpls IN: aw Mom but do i have to
mommaclara2001: Bye Tete
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: Yep. What about Quark's on
MountainMaMaDuke: ROFL!
Alix: BEAUTIFUL work Tete
connie_flying: That's really nifty NJ
Lisa in Maine: LOL NJ ... I just got a bunch delivered
to me this afternoon
norajean_sf: well use these boxes for cane storage
norajean_sf: dig
tete ferraz: bye bye babys
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: bye Tete
MountainMaMaDuke: Bye Bye TETE
jill_z_q: bye Tete
Kat Indpls IN: hm Kat just got her order of priority
boxes wonders if she should leave them for shipping or
cut up for storage LOL
Lisa in Maine: LOL ... as opposed to actually using
them to ship stuff out??
Kat Indpls IN: bye Tete
alice_minis_4all: bye tete
Lisa in Maine: <-- canely challenged, remember!
tete ferraz:
Kat Indpls IN: whats even better is they will deliver
them right to your door LOL
Lisa in Maine: bye Tete ... nice meeting you!!
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: hmmm... might need to vist
post office Monday
Kat Indpls IN: free shipping free boxes can't beat
Lisa in Maine: yep, they did, too, Kat!!
Kat Indpls IN: have them ship them to you
tete ferraz: nice me too
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: What's in the pan, NJ?
krafteame: are they the boxes or envelopes? how doyou
get them and where? The P. OFf
Kat Indpls IN: NJ's favorite word cheep cheep cheep
debsdv: lol
Kat Indpls IN:
jill_z_q: they are priority mail boxes
krafteame: to mail stuff in right
tete ferraz: vou mandar outra, era a predileta de
MountainMaMaDuke: I need to do cheep cheep cheep too!
Kat Indpls IN: boxes or envelopes you can order them
both priority
Katie: I got a bunch of boxes from there...didn't cost
krafteame: I do cheep cheap cheap tooo
teteferraz left the room
Alix: Investigate Letter Post too ... It is cheep
cheep cheep
MountainMaMaDuke: KAT - I made another Brain Cane
again today! I am obsessed with them right now. SO
Kat Indpls IN: and addictive
krafteame: When I went to Ben franklins I bought some
of the metal cookie cutters. They didnt have any the
right size for Pendants so I bought some larger round
ones. Im thinking I can shape them into smaller , what
do you think? any ideas. They were 2 for a dollar and
I got 4 to play with.
Kat Indpls IN: we had a man join us at guild meeting
today and he wanted me to teach him, i pointed to my
website and told him about the tut there and that if
he was to have any problems give me a buzz
norajean_sf: Quick Lettuce Trick
MountainMaMaDuke: I rearranged my sliding drawers
container unit for my canes, and I have a lot more
space, to make MORE CANES!
connie_flying: Perk
norajean_sf: mix green with mostly translucent, get a
couple of colors of green, the slice a bit and press
at the thinnest setting on the pasta machine
Kat Indpls IN: should work fine, other wise look
around the house for a small circle and just make a
template of it
Kat Indpls IN: lol Pauline, thats what i thought to
but all my storage filled up fast lately
norajean_sf: if you don't have a pasta machine, MASH
the cane slice to a tile and scrape it off with a
razor, in circular movements to get lettuce ripples
pennyi  joined the room
Kat Indpls IN: why i bought more gun bullet cases
krafteame: I saw a kit for making cookie cutters on
one of the websites, same material,(metal)
debsdv: ClayAlley has the cookie cutter kits
norajean_sf: Ok, now I want to show you a trick for
Spring Onions, or green onions as they are sometimes
norajean_sf: ready?
Katie: Hi Penny
connie_flying: Thanks NJ
pennyi: hi
Kat Indpls IN: yes, or you can go to any train hobby
store and get the same metal for the cookie cutters
and a soldering gun
rickiebeth2005: Hi Penny!!!
krafteame: yep
Kat Indpls IN: yep
norajean_sf: Does everyone know BLENDS?
Lisa in Maine: at a train hobby store, Kat???
Alix: You need to take out one of thos rejected emails
and do a virus scan on it
Kat Indpls IN: whistling and rolling her eyes
Kat Indpls IN: nope not me
Katie: kinda sorta
Kat Indpls IN: yes Lisa
norajean_sf: LOL, ok what is the color at the light
end of a spring onion?
Kat Indpls IN: they have all sorts of metal for making
train parts
Kat Indpls IN: trans
Lisa in Maine: hmmmmm ...mebbe I'll have to go in with
hubby the next time he wants to hit the train hobby
Kat Indpls IN: then white then green
Katie: white
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: WoooHOoooo Just got a call from
my realtor and the last folks that came by are
possibly going to put down an offer...only hold up is
if our house appraises for what we are asking
krafteame: Trans with a littl white???
debsdv: wow nj
norajean_sf: Lisa is right, translucent and white
Lisa in Maine: woooooo hooooooo Lynn!!
norajean_sf: and the other side of the spring onion is
Katie: good goin' Lisa
norajean_sf: Congrats Lynn
krafteame: good guess
norajean_sf: Ok, when we do a blend with that
translucent and white mix and green we're aiming for
something like this
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: happy dance happy dance
Kat Indpls IN: i love spring onions
norajean_sf: see
Kat Indpls IN: great on wilted lettuce salad YUM
norajean_sf: make the ribbon of blend as wide as your
Spring Onions are long
mommaclara2001: Great Lynn
norajean_sf: now just slice off sections of this
blended ribbon, slivers really
norajean_sf: and then pinch the light end and twist
norajean_sf: I'll show yu
norajean_sf: you too
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: he said they tried to buy
another house, but that one didn't appraise for the
asking price and the buyers wouldn't come down so they
are worried about the same deal here, but you won't
know till ya try so make an offer
Kat Indpls IN: Lynn when did you get your appraisal
Kat Indpls IN: or did you
Kat Indpls IN: shoot mine appraised for alot more then
i bought mine for
norajean_sf: there
krafteame: where in fla are you trying to move, was it
debsdv: That's awesome NJ
Lisa in Maine: cool, NJ
norajean_sf: I'll get the link trail for this
Katie: ok
norajean_sf: Biz-Archive/Tute-List
krafteame: you make it look to easy NJ
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: we didn't get that far with the
last group so we don't have one. they are basing our
value to a house that sold across the street, but ours
is bigger and has a finished basement so that is not a
fair assesment
MountainMaMaDuke: Thanks NJ
Lisa in Maine: doesn't she??
Kat Indpls IN: spring onions are fun to make
Biz-Archive/food/ Diner-FruitNvegs
Kat Indpls IN: once you get the color green for the
blend right your all set
norajean_sf: there
Lisa in Maine: I need to work on my blends ... and
canes ... and ...
Lisa in Maine: LOL
norajean_sf: We can use Spring Onions for garnish on a
lot of things
Alix: Spents hours last nite looking at all those
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: have you ever made a fruit
salad or a trifle, NJ?
norajean_sf: or we can do a sample platter with our
veggie practice
norajean_sf: trick to fruit salad is to make fruit
Kat Indpls IN: ah nope not fair, i know when i started
looking for mine last year they were basing it on
houses of the same style not if it had basements
finished or extra buildings thought that was stupid on
their part
norajean_sf: banana
MountainMaMaDuke: Lisa - once you spend a little time
with caning, it really isn't that hard, like anything
else - just need to keep trying!
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: looks just like banana
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: well my realtor told them to
make an offer, get the appriasal right away and it
works out great, if not they can cut loose
debsdv: What's the round orange thing?
Lisa in Maine: that's my next "project" now that my
necklace is done ... working with my clay, making
canes and blends and anything else my little brain
decides to try! LOL
Kat Indpls IN: cantelope
norajean_sf: this next one is papaya
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: cantelope
debsdv: oh tx
Tammy: NJ those are soo neat I cant what till I'm good
enought to do things like that
MountainMaMaDuke: what is that one NJ
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: have you done trawberries?
marlea_anderson left the room
debsdv: I love the orange
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: strawberries, even
Kat Indpls IN: whats great about nj's canes is they
are true if you slice into the fruit
debsdv: ooooo grapes
alice_minis_4all: i am loving everything
norajean_sf: now if you make fruit canes, form grapes
and such
Kat Indpls IN: alot of ppl making mini fruit only do
surface fruit
norajean_sf: take a tiny sample of all of them
ln133 left the room
norajean_sf: and make a fruit salad
norajean_sf: let me get you a link
Alix: UHave you done cabbage leaf , grape leaf, corh
husk wraps yet?:
Kat Indpls IN: just like her faux malachite
MountainMaMaDuke: BRB
msraven54 joined the room
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: wb Elayne
norajean_sf: 04-22-04-Fruit Salad
Kat Indpls IN: i got to work on my tomato cane its not
good, not enough translucent i think
norajean_sf: Check out that Fruit Salad link
krafteame: wow what a yummy spread
msraven54: Hi Everyone yummy looking fruits
rickiebeth2005: Hi!!!
mommaclara2001: Hi
vickir1: hi
norajean_sf: when eating fresh fruit in real life,
stop and look at the colors
Katie: hi
norajean_sf: cut everything cross wise, that will be
the template of your cane
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: mmmm, yummy looking!
debsdv: Wow that's cool
msraven54: Sorry I'm really late Monitor puked, had to
get new one
rickiebeth2005: oh no!!
Kat Indpls IN: hm never heard of a monitor puking must
be a mess at your computer station <vbg>
norajean_sf: Ok, the next link I'm giving you is a
DOWNLOAD document on the cane to make oranges
msraven54: oh yeah..but this one is good-17"viwable
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: have you done a kiwi cane, NJ?
norajean_sf: Kiwi was one of my first fruits
msraven54:  Kat
norajean_sf: I'll get you the link trail
Kat Indpls IN: LOL
norajean_sf: Biz-Archive/Tute-List
Biz-Archive/food/ Diner-Grp
Kat Indpls IN: that sick humor comes out everyonce in
awhile can't help it
Biz-Archive/food/ Diner-FruitNvegs
msraven54: a girl after my own heart
Kat Indpls IN: now what did you use for the fuzz nj
Lisa in Maine: NJ ... on the rolls and breads, what
did you use for the white "powder"?
norajean_sf: Pastel Pencil shaved
Kat Indpls IN: hm wonder if cut up felt and then roll
the kiwi in it would work
Kat Indpls IN: ah ok
Lisa in Maine: OHHHH .... cool!
norajean_sf: Ok I best save this log, top of the Hour
break folks

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