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Demo Stuff

01-29-05 AVI Mini Food Review

01-29-05, Log 6, Color Cards, Mixing Citrus, and Volunteering for the CITY Lists.

norajean_sf: the color does change let me show you
mommaclara2001: I love what translucent does.
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: swatch card for orange?
norajean_sf: and I'll get you the link for that, that
is orange mixed with more and more translucent clay
done as a color card
norajean_sf: Biz-Archive/Tute-List
Biz-Archive/food/ Diner-Grp
Biz-Archive/food/ Diner-FruitNvegs
jill_z_q: is that a dresser NJ?
msraven54 left the room
norajean_sf: there
norajean_sf: it's a color card for orange mixed with
more and more translucent clay to see what ratio of
translucent I need for different mini foods
norajean_sf: if you do color cards, cure them, then
see what you get
norajean_sf: start with primary colors
norajean_sf: red and yellow make a very dark orange
lvmypolymerclay left the room
norajean_sf: adding more and more translucent to that
basic orange will get you ... blood oranges, tangelos,
orange juice
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: so lots of translucent & very
little color
norajean_sf: depending on how much translucent you use
to the mix
mommaclara2001: Do you add white to it to lighten, or
just more translucent?
norajean_sf: but you need to do the mixing, cure them
and see how they look with a finish on them
norajean_sf: No white, unless you want a pastel color,
white cuts down the amount of light that goes into
your finished item, that goofs up the juicy look
mommaclara2001: Ok, thanks
norajean_sf: Biz-Archive/Tute-List
norajean_sf: Check out the Color cards in this section
jill_z_q: what is that in the webcam NJ?
jill_z_q: your color chart
jill_z_q: ?
norajean_sf: sorry was reeling in Doug
Electron Forge (electron_forge) joined the room
norajean_sf: so he can save the room
norajean_sf: Here he is
norajean_sf: Hey honey
jill_z_q: Hi doug
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: Hi Doug!
mommaclara2001: Hi Doug
norajean_sf: just reviewing the color cards
poonkie2: hi Doug!
Electron Forge: hi all. Sorry I'm late
vickir1: hi Doug
Tammy: hi doug
mommaclara2001: How are you, Doug?
Electron Forge: things have been busy here getting the
house ready to sell and all so I have been out of the
loop a bit. I miss demo!
Alix: Hi ... Anything left to see? I been slaving over
someone else's virus prob for the whole time ... sniff
sniff ... whine whine
norajean_sf: No worries, we were doing mini food and I
don't think that is the topic you would find the most
norajean_sf: like you want to make mini sandwich
earrings or something
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: but this part of the demo you can
utilize, I'll bet
mommaclara2001: Did you get it fixed Alix?
Electron Forge: did the tissue blade super buy happen
norajean_sf: these are color cards, I mix clay colors
and cure them on a sheet of clay, for often colors
with translucent will change when cured, colors will
look different when a splash of finish si on them
norajean_sf: Post to the list Doug, I don't know for
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: don't think so, Doug. Though I
could have missed it.
norajean_sf: the little hearts are the amounts of
another color to get the color of the circle there
norajean_sf: the ribbons are the starting color
jill_z_q: no not sure what happen to that
Electron Forge: wasn't sure. Been away from my
computer for a couple of days at a shot and then got
slammed with digests. had to purge and start over.
norajean_sf: so clay staight out of the pack are the
ribbons, the twisted ropes are when two colors are
mixed and the ribbon below it is the result, the
circles are that mixed color with different ratios of
other colors. Now you can make up your own way of
remembering your mixes.
norajean_sf: this is the way I remember my mixes.
Everyone can make up their own symbols to remember,
just make sure that you press the clay the same
thickness, you use the same cutter tool, be it a soda
straw or a kemper tool to cut the amounts
Alix: ell meabout it ...I have about 40 unopened
emails from the last two days.
norajean_sf: so you have a standard that is repeatable
norajean_sf: only 40?
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: with building the city I won't tell you
how many I have
norajean_sf: there's a lot of behind the scenes things
the clay list never sees
norajean_sf: Oh let me show you something else here
with color cards
Electron Forge: yeah I haven't clayed much in the last
week or two either. My snake-bat thing is still
roughed in, scale canes made and need to move ahead on
mommaclara2001: Had my computer in the shop being
worked on, and had a bunch , when I got it back. About
three days worth.
poonkie2: well, I have 367 unopened emails from the
norajean_sf: you can keep track of your blends, blends
done with animal colors and twisted make great sea
norajean_sf: nifty trick
poonkie2: great idea!
Electron Forge: cool
norajean_sf: Then if you're searching for a color,
like we had to do for Fushia, you can make a "flow
chart" tracking your experiments
norajean_sf: I didn't know where the color mixes were
going to go, so I left a clay trail for me to follow,
or not to follow as the case may be
vickir1: that's an awesome idea-thanks NJ
Electron Forge: do the different shapes indicate
Electron Forge: 3D clay flowchart!
norajean_sf: the different shapes mean how many
portions of another color were added to get the
resulting color thost little bits are stuck on
norajean_sf: yup, 3D color flow chart, a record of
clay color mix experiments
norajean_sf: Start with primary colors, make secondary
Electron Forge: i figured it must. Just have to come
to grips with a "system" of my own to be repeatable
norajean_sf: work out your own system, just make the
measures standard
norajean_sf: same sheet thickness, same tool used, so
your portions are the same
norajean_sf: then you know the ratio you need
Electron Forge: I stepped in that pile on the pool
shark. "Write this down idiot, naw I'll be fine, opps
I need more of that blue
norajean_sf: take the primary colors of red, blue and
yellow and add white to them, see what you get with
more and more white to add.
Alix: Doug, If your using Premo, You can find useful
color mixing info via GHrumbacher oils ... they use
the same colors.
norajean_sf: yes, Premo uses color hues that are
standard in the art world
Electron Forge: I'm still at the sculpey III stage. It
cheap and readily available locally if I need to make
a last minute run
norajean_sf: I posted to the list today our official
online clay vendors
norajean_sf: who give us a discount
Electron Forge: I hit Rickie Beth's earlier. Great
prices on Kato
norajean_sf: and they have all the colors you need,
the effort of going around trying to find fresh clay
in the color you need uses gas money
Electron Forge: LOL
norajean_sf: your time and the last of your religion
Electron Forge: true
norajean_sf: makes me say shithelldamn
norajean_sf: so I order online, even though San
Francisco has a ton of stores
Alix: BIG discount ... I looked at Pearl Catalog and
Similar Premo pound Prices .... Would you believe
$14,50 tpo Kaeren's $9.30?
Tammy:  just trying to ind a place around here makes
me say that
norajean_sf: Exactly Alix
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: I'd rather keep the hair on my head,
thank you, rather than pull it out having to deal with
another snot nose sales clerk with a pierce on her lip
Electron Forge: I was going to see about buying some
better stuff soon. For that I will have to go online
and buy from our friends
Electron Forge: it's too late for my hair honey
norajean_sf: the attitude of some of the sales clerks
here in San Francisco makes me want to drag them
outside for a whipping
norajean_sf: so I order online and keep the peace
norajean_sf: LOL
Alix: Only prob with Karen site is I have to make too
many cjhpoices because I want everything.
Electron Forge: NJ Smackdown 2005! LET"S GET READY TO
norajean_sf: I keep to 10 colors and do my mixing to
get more
Tammy: ohh I love that smilie
Alix: Sorry about my crummy typing folks three hours
of virus rescue did it in.
norajean_sf: Oh I have to remind myself that I made a
promise to God not to pop a cap in someone's butt
norajean_sf: we read Typonese reeel gud
Electron Forge: you've been at the Snoop Dogg again
huh NJ?
norajean_sf: Totally, I'm from Oakland, was a thug for
longer than I've been peaceful
Tammy: oh your killing me NK
Tammy: opps NJ
norajean_sf: drop it like it's hot... I had the lyrics
printed out and my son was shocked
norajean_sf: My Mother is learning Snoop Dog lyrics
Electron Forge: I get it from my wife too. that look
Electron Forge: the only snoop dog my mother knows is
norajean_sf: Armegeddon is Nigh
Alix: A 14 year old theater tech and his friends are
really into Iron Butteryfly ... asked me what
Ennagadadavida mean LOLOL
norajean_sf: LOL, I know "that look"
Electron Forge: it tend to follow me around a bit
norajean_sf: welcome to the Club Doug, artists tend to
get That Look all the time
poonkie2: I think I'm lost...
Electron Forge: lol Alix
norajean_sf: after a while it feels weird for it not
to happen
norajean_sf: Poonkie, you're lost with the chat about
song lyrics?
poonkie2: yes
norajean_sf: American pop culture references, you're
in Canada and speak French yes?
poonkie2: yes
Alix: I'm willing to concede that rap in music ...
Miles Davisthought so, and that's good enough for me,
but I STILL don't likeit.
Electron Forge: that's like when Waynes World came out
and the kids were all hooked on the "new" song
Bohemiean Rapshody
norajean_sf: Montreal rap group Bass Boys, would be
Tammy: brb
norajean_sf: Miles Davis bounced checks to the Rock
and Roll transport company I worked at, we held his
goods until he paid up
norajean_sf: just a little rock and roll trivia
mommaclara2001: I am going to leave, see you all next
week. Thanks Nj.
Alix: Queen's msuic was beautiful beyond mere fashion
... like a lot of Yes's music.
poonkie2: and I listen to French radio (in France...)
Don't even know about French Canadian pop culture
yet... except for Celine Dion ()
norajean_sf: okie dokie
mommaclara2001: Bye all
norajean_sf: See ya Momma
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: bye Clara
norajean_sf: we're winding down here with chitty chat
mommaclara2001 left the room
vickir1: see you
Alix: See ya Momma
poonkie2: Bye Momma
Electron Forge: OK. My 6 and 5 year old are about to
go supernova so I had better bail as well. Time to fed
the wild ones
norajean_sf: Well I'm going to have to get some of
this food I made for James
norajean_sf: It's been over 4 hours for me and I'm
living on breakfast snacks
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: goodnight all! Thanks NJ!
poonkie2: What did you make NJ?
norajean_sf: my tummy is rumbling
Electron Forge: thanks for letting me back in to save
the room
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: eat, NJ, Eat
Electron Forge: have a good night all
vickir1: Thank NJ go eat!
norajean_sf: I made him scrambled eggs with tortilla
mixed in, with melted cheese on top
norajean_sf: ya, I got to go eat, I'm fading
poonkie2: Sounds good!
electron_forge left the room
poonkie2: Go eat
norajean_sf: it was delightful to chat with you all
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: bye!
norajean_sf: and thank you for coming to demo
vickir1: bye all see you next week
poonkie2: Thanks NJ
norajean_sf: see you next week, for sure
rossija9 left the room
Alix: NJ ... TY, and consider me a web chore volunteer
... not workshops but copy cleanups, link checks, etc.
vickir1: Thank you for having us
jude: Night NJ! ThANKS!
jude: Night all!
norajean_sf: Alix have you joined CITY-Leaders?
greatauntjudy left the room
poonkie2: Bye All (I'm hungry too :-0)
norajean_sf: meet the other volunteers?
Alix: Nope
norajean_sf: would you like to?
Tammy: Bye NJ thanks agian for the demo and the
norajean_sf: Hugs and kisses Tammy
Alix: Sure ... my scaneer is order and ON THE WAY
norajean_sf: we can use all the volunteers we can
round up, let me get you the link
Alix: ... and I'm a roten typis but a VERY good editor
poonkie2 left the room
vickir1 left the room
norajean_sf: There'll be auto sends come to you, the
guidelines ... if you feel comfortable with the
guidelines post to the CITY-Leader's list that you
Alix: TY NJ ... will do that right away.
norajean_sf: then we can move from there
Tammy: thanks NJ if you need some volunteers I would
help out as much as I could if you want
norajean_sf: all CITY-Leaders need to be on the same
page with regard to how we treat the CITYzens
norajean_sf: Sure Tammy, if you have the desire to
norajean_sf: training goes on through CITY-Leaders,
then folks find a list they would like to help, or
START a list of their own and build a mod team
norajean_sf: let me share something else with the two
of you
Tammy: yep, I do this group has done so much for me
that I would love to help
norajean_sf: click that and book mark it
krafteame: Hi Im back , did NJ ever get her cam going?
does anyone else have a cam going?
norajean_sf: as we grow we'll add to this page
norajean_sf: We're winding down Lisa and I'm sharing
links for volunteers to run The CITY list family
norajean_sf: Alix and Tammy, read #2 on that page
norajean_sf: it's for all new volunteers, read all of
them if you're nosey like me
norajean_sf: LOL
Alix: Sure .... bookmarked in my norajean priority
norajean_sf: okie dokie, Now I'll go get some of that
norajean_sf: My mouth is watering like Pavlov's dog
norajean_sf: arf arf
Alix: Enjoy ... cu next weekend
norajean_sf: I'll look for your subscription to
CITY-Leaders and approve you
Alix: Okey dokey
norajean_sf: yes, see you next week
norajean_sf: xoxo


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