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Jan-June 2004

05-01-2004 Purple Flower Cane Demo: Below and to the left are the different techniques used on the samples seen through the picture link to the right. Below all that is most of the Demo log from Saturday. I caught 12-3pm and lost the last hour. My bad.


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What's on your worktable?

 Three pictures of Demo Cane and late night noodling.

You are in "*g.MSATClayArt:1" ( )

Katie (crzy4dzny) joined the room
Katie: Hi NJ
Fearless Leader: Howdy Katie, just setting up
Katie: cool
tedi382001 joined the room
Katie: Hi, NJ is just setting up
Fearless Leader: Howdy Amy
tedi382001: hi ladies, this Amy from Canada
Katie: Hi Amy
Bonny (polymerfairy) joined the room
Katie: Hi bonny
tedi382001: glad to hear about your job NJ
Bonny: Hi Katie, NJ and Amy
tedi382001: hi Bonny
Fearless Leader: Thank you Amy. It was weird, three days in one
location and on monday we all go to a new location
tedi382001: is it far away?
Fearless Leader: no vending machines, no coffee service or bottled
water service, I have to set all that up
Fearless Leader: just adds a half an hour on a comfortable train
Lady Lavendar (ldylvndr) joined the room
Fearless Leader: got a little bus ride after the train, but it's ok
Bonny: Hi Mary
Lady Lavendar: Hi All
Katie: Hi
Bonny: NJ..the answer is--If I Were Tickled by the Rub of Love
crzy4dzny left the room
Fearless Leader: I sent the poem through the list
Katie (crzy4dzny) joined the room
Bonny: lol good
Fearless Leader: and then when I read it found a typo

Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: it's "green girls" not "greet girls"
Fearless Leader: but I just copied it from a site
Fearless Leader: did everyone see the demo log and sample picture?
Bonny: typed the line you gave to find it
Bonny: yes
Bonny: looks good
tedi382001: better light
Fearless Leader: changed it to daylight, but we got blessed fog so
there's no harsh shadows
Bonny: fog is good LOL
tedi382001: we have a lot of fog here today too
Bonny: that reminds me..I need to make another frog
Fearless Leader: I'm goofing around with moving the camera so I can
do the clay and see the monitor
Fearless Leader: Shall I continue on the Asian Female's face?
Katie: yes
Katie: if you want to that is
Fearless Leader: okie dokie, the links for sculpting faces and stuff
are on the log from last night
Fearless Leader:

Bonny: I'm watching over my shoulder while I work on more fish
Fearless Leader: Ok Bonny.
Fearless Leader: Who would like to see a face done from scratch again
Fearless Leader: we can get it to this point again
tedi382001: yes please
Fearless Leader: let's make a foil skull first
Lady Lavendar: I think I've got the gist, are we going to see the tea
pot on your table?
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
Fearless Leader: I find I do better that way
Katie: Hi Jude
jude: Howdy!
Fearless Leader: Howdy Jude, let's do Roll Call
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
jude: jude, Tehachapi, CA
Katie: Katie NY
tedi382001: Amy from Canada
Lady Lavendar: Lady Lavendar - Mary - Norfolk VA
Bonny: Bonny West Palm Beach FLorida
Katie: ohhh that tea pot is cute
Fearless Leader: Mary, do you know how to do pinch pots?
Fearless Leader: or who needs a review on pinch pots
Fearless Leader: that's all tea pots are, ya know
Lady Lavendar: Yes, we did them in the clay, pottery class I took
years ago
Katie: Oh, I didn't know what a pinch pot was
Lady Lavendar: OK
Fearless Leader: unless you make them solid, I like them hollow
because I'm thinking of making these into earrings
Bonny: my pinch pots are a disaster ..cheat by building them on
marbles hehe
Fearless Leader: ok, I'll take a disk of clay and make a quick pinch
Katie: cool
tedi382001: thanks
Bonny: ooow pretty cane
Fearless Leader: I got a big cane here
jude: Nice cane there, NJ!
Fearless Leader: made of different canes cut into fourths and
shuffled together for the outside
jude: A rose is a rose is a rose, huh?
jude: brb
Fearless Leader: I want to reduce this and get a bunch of roses,
we'll loose a bit of detail around the rose but hey, we're
Fearless Leader: I was thinking a tea pot with a bunch of roses
Katie: sounds great
Fearless Leader: and we'll get a bunch from this one rose with
reducing it to a long snake, cutting it up and stacking it back
Fearless Leader: anyone have questions on cane reduction?
Fearless Leader: any one have problems with cane reduction?
Lady Lavendar: I haven't played with the canes much, need to get it
out and play some
Katie: never did it before
Fearless Leader: never made a cane before either of you?
Katie: no
Bonny: took me a lot of messed up canes till I finally got it right
Fearless Leader: should we back up a few more steps and make a cane
from scratch and then do a tea pot?
Fearless Leader: seems like there's some need for a review of the
Fearless Leader: and I don't mind
Fearless Leader: honest
Katie: great
Fearless Leader: ok, let's dig out some clay and prepare it. I have
mixed colors already but they should be warmed up with the food
processor and pressed into new sheets
Fearless Leader: anyone not know about using the food processor with
chunking up clay and getting it warm?
Katie: that I do know
Fearless Leader: for our leaf
Fearless Leader: for the flower
Fearless Leader: what do you think?
Katie: colors? I like them
crysalis7 joined the room
Lady Lavendar: Pretty
Fearless Leader: hey bobbie
crysalis7: Hey yourself! What are we doin'?
Fearless Leader: it is a bit dry I'm going to drizzle a bit of
Translucent Liquid Sculpey
Fearless Leader: we're going to be Raising Cane
Fearless Leader: a flower
Fearless Leader: with a leaf
Fearless Leader: and make a tea pot
Fearless Leader: with a mess of flowers and leaves
Fearless Leader: you game?
crysalis7: okey-dok.
Bonny: Hi Bobbie
crysalis7: I mean doke.
crysalis7: Hi
Fearless Leader: when it forms a ball
Fearless Leader: it is warm enough to pull like taffy
Fearless Leader: this is what we're going to do next
chelyha55 joined the room
chelyha55: Hello ladies!
Katie: Hi
Bonny: Hi Cheryl
chelyha55: what is Fearless Leader working on today?
Bonny: flower and leaf canes to make a teapot etc
chelyha55: ah, cool
Bonny: I've been using up my junky canes on my fish clocks
chelyha55: I think I'm going to move my table over here so I can work
while I watch
Bonny: good idea..glad I have everything in one small room
chelyha55: Idon't have to move it far, just a few feet. My living
room is my studio
Bonny: neat..only thing I'm missing is a tv lol
chelyha55: I have that too
Bonny: hubby got me a new cd drive for my computer and now I can play
video cds so that will help
tedi382001 left the room
tedi382001 joined the room
Bonny: wb amy..need some super glue?
chelyha55: that's cool
tedi382001: sorry about that, got booted,yep I do bonny
Katie: do you mean, you can now play dvd's Bonny?
Bonny: yes blond moment on the right word
Bonny: I've been having too many blond moments lately
Katie: That's ok, I just wondered if we can play dvd's. New computer,
and we're just learning what we can do. It's got two places for cd's
Katie: I think I've had them since birth
Bonny: you probably can
Katie: good, I'll have to experiment
Bonny: I REFUSE to call them senior moments
crysalis7: You can probably also burn CD's. Make sure you check out
Katie: in other words, shove a dvd in and see what happens
Katie: Ha, me too Bonny
Bonny: yep
crysalis7: I have blond moments all the time, and I'm not even a
natural blond.
Katie: Oh my, that's one thing my husband wants to learn really bad.
Burn a CD
chelyha55: if it has two drives probably one of them will play dvds
Bonny: I can burn cds now too. I've got musicmatch and can buy tracks
for $.99
Katie: cool
crysalis7: it's simple. Even I can do it.
Katie: We have musicmatch too
Bonny: listening to it now while claying..just got it thursday
crysalis7: Same with Itunes, and they always have the whole CD for
less than you pay in stores.
Bonny: same here ..most are $9.99
crysalis7: x-zactly.
Katie: What he wants to do is take certain songs from one cd and put
it on these blank ones that we have. So he can have a cd of favorites.
Bonny: only thing is they don't have any mars lasar or manheim
steamroller..only 1 song for each
crysalis7: easy. You copy the cd to your computer,using whatever
player you have or can download. Then, copy them to a cd.
Katie: good...we plan on trying that tomorrow
crysalis7: Just be careful of players that come loaded with spyware,
like Kazaa.
crysalis7: I'll ask my son what program we use, I have no clue.
Katie: ok, thanks
Katie: Poor NJ...lots of work to this
crysalis7: He says we use itunes. It's very userfriendly.
Katie: ok
chelyha55: nah she loves it!
Katie: she sure does
chelyha55: I'm making up my auction "sets". I add some accent beads
to the focal and include them in the auction
Bonny: true Cheryl..if she didn't she wouldn't be doing it
jude: That's a great color, NJ.
Bonny: sounds good Cheryl
tedi382001: .
Katie:  What's the dot mean.
Fearless Leader: I'm going to save log and come back for any questions
Katie: k
MaMa Duke (pdduke2003) joined the room
Fearless Leader: Let's do a roll call since I got these sheets
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
Katie: Katie NY
Bonny: Bonny West Palm Beach FL
chelyha55: Cheryl, Tehachapi, CA
Lady Lavendar: sorry all - did I miss anything on the major important
side, I see NJ is still working the clay, Mom just dropped her
favorite mixing bowl in the kitchen and lucky that she didn't cut
herself but she's upset she broke it
MaMa Duke: Pauline (MaMa Duke) Marlow NH
Fearless Leader: No worries Mary, just doing roll call
Lady Lavendar: Oh good
Fearless Leader: just conditioned the clay and pressed sheets, tell
folks who you are and where you're from honey
MaMa Duke: what are we going to work on today?
Lady Lavendar: Mary - Norfolk VA
Katie: How many times do you have to put one sheet of clay through
the press?
Fearless Leader: Raising cane
Fearless Leader: If I pull the clay when it's warm I just press the
clay once
MaMa Duke: great
Katie: k
tedi382001: Amy Canada
Fearless Leader: if I don't have the clay warmed up with the food
processor maybe 4-5 times
chelyha55: if your clay isn't already conditioned you will have to
put it thru several times
Katie: k
Fearless Leader: First we'll review a leaf, I'm going to stack sheets
of green and slice a stack diagonally for the chevron flip, I'll get
the link
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/OnSiteFlowers
Fearless Leader: check that out if you're new and I'll get the more
current ones
Fearless Leader:

Katie: pretty flowers
Fearless Leader: the first link, the demo on the chevron flip, it has
a leaf that has gold in the center
Fearless Leader: MSAT/ClayArt/WebCam/05-29-03- DemoLog1.htm
Fearless Leader: This is done by making a blend, two colors that are
then rolled like a jelly roll
Fearless Leader: this is my favorite way to introduce blends to
folks, by making leaves with it
Fearless Leader: are you all game on this plan?
Katie: yes
crysalis7: Well, I have to go to the grocery store. Too much in
common with Mother Hubbard.
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: we'll be here Bonnie
crysalis7: Bobbie.
Bonny: LOl did that this morning Bobbie
crysalis7: happens all the time.
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Blend-Grp
crysalis7 left the room
Fearless Leader: anyone have any blend concerns?
Fearless Leader: I'm going to do a blend without using the pasta
Fearless Leader: or should I ask
Fearless Leader: are there any here who do not have a pasta machine
Fearless Leader: and have held off doing blends because of it
MaMa Duke: no
Katie: I have one
Fearless Leader: so everyone has a pasta machine?
tedi382001: yes
Katie: yes
Bonny: wonder if mary does
MaMa Duke: YES - blends are one of my favorite things! I like the
fact that you can do Skinner blends in less passes
ldylvndr left the room
Fearless Leader: Mary got the booties I think
Lady Lavendar (ldylvndr) joined the room
Bonny: there she is WB Mary
Fearless Leader: Ok, MaMa Duke I'm going to do that blend with less
Lady Lavendar: sorry yes, lost my key pad
Fearless Leader: Mary, honey, do you have a pasta machine?
Lady Lavendar: yes
Fearless Leader: ok, you know the Skinner blend?
Lady Lavendar: seen it but haven't been brave yet
Fearless Leader: I'm going to show you how to do that blend with less
passes through the press
Fearless Leader: we're going to go Rock and Roll with it
chelyha55: I have watched this so many times and I still can't figure
it out
Fearless Leader: We're going to Twist and Shout and Knock ourselves
Fearless Leader: we start just like any blend, with colors that are
Bonny: same here Cheryl..I end up with mud and go back to the old way
chelyha55: yeah it's so weird
Fearless Leader: when you press sheets you often get these pointed
bits at the end
Fearless Leader: I just over lap them, I'm so OVER measuring for no
good purpose
Bonny: yea it's sticking it's tonge out
Fearless Leader: Now I'm going to roll this like a Buritto, or a
Blunt, depending on which neighborhood you hang in
Fearless Leader: with me so far?
Bonny: yes
Fearless Leader: Here is where we Twist and Shout
chelyha55: uhhuh
MaMa Duke: wow!
Bonny: oh I just's not twisted like you would for
marbling but bent twisted
tedi382001 left the room
tedi382001 joined the room
MaMa Duke: not at all what I expected !
chelyha55: we need some velcro for Teddy
Bonny: see the difference cheryl?
chelyha55: yes
Bonny: that's where I've been messing up LOL
Bonny: brb need to get coffee
tedi382001: back again
Fearless Leader: if you want to add more of one color I just add it
at this point
Lady Lavendar: Ladies - I'm going to stay in chat but have to step
away from my desk for about 15 minutes Sorry and Thanks
Fearless Leader: ok Mary
MaMa Duke: gotta do what you gotta do!
chelyha55: where I had the problem was that I didn't flatten it out
enough before I tried to put it thru the pm
chelyha55: so it bunched up and just went all wonky
Katie: cute word...wonky
chelyha55: that's NJ's word
chelyha55: I'm going to try it again
MaMa Duke: very nice!
chelyha55: the less cranking the better
MaMa Duke: that's why I wanted to see it
Fearless Leader: now we press it to a long ribbon
Fearless Leader: you can see the blend from a distance better than up
Fearless Leader: questions?
Katie: no
MaMa Duke: no
Fearless Leader: ok let me save log and I'll press the blend into a
Fearless Leader: anyone have to go potty?
Fearless Leader: before I move to the jelly roll?
Katie: just did, ha
Fearless Leader: lol
MaMa Duke: no, but thank you
tedi382001: brb
Fearless Leader: me too, brb
countrylady100ca joined the room
Katie: Hi
countrylady100ca: Wait a min.. I thought demo will be on Sunday...
Checked e mails.. did I miss anythings like demo yesterday and today.
Katie: It was last night and Sat. afternoons
countrylady100ca: Hi Ladies.
MaMa Duke: Sorry for being so quiet, I am still trying to get use to
all this movement going on
countrylady100ca: Yeah I thought things change since NJ got new job.
Katie: NJ had just gotten done working the clay.
countrylady100ca: View Webcam.. It might be freeze.
Katie: she's taking a potty break
Bonny: it's ok...just nothing happening right now
tedi382001: hi Sonya
countrylady100ca: OH OOPS
MaMa Duke: he he he
countrylady100ca: Hi tedi
Bonny: she one a brb
tedi382001: its Amy , Sonya
Fearless Leader: back
countrylady100ca: What I can remeber PolymerFiary is Bonny
Fearless Leader: Hi Sonya
countrylady100ca: oh Amy
Bonny: yep that's me
countrylady100ca: Hi NJ
Fearless Leader: just ready to press this blend into a ribbon
MaMa Duke: ok
Fearless Leader: to keep the width even hold your finger and thumb
beside the clay ribbon as it goes in through the rollers
Fearless Leader: now I am going to narrow the rollers and press it
countrylady100ca left the room
countrylady100ca joined the room
MaMa Duke: when I make a ribbon, sometimes I have trouble with it
sticking together, especially if I press thin
countrylady100ca:  Ouch Yahoo boot me out
Fearless Leader: catch it as it comes out and pull away from the
machine as you crank
Fearless Leader: so it doesn't bunch up
countrylady100ca: Yup Kiss I mean say ouch
Fearless Leader: velcro for Sonya please
Fearless Leader: now I'll roll this up so the lighter end is in the
Bonny: @----------lasso
MaMa Duke: what colors did you originally start with?
chelyha55: so does the blend end up pretty well defined?
chelyha55: that's what I need to know
countrylady100ca: Oops.. Sorry Bonny did I sit on your lap since you
roped me
Bonny: LOL nope figured it might help keep you in the room
countrylady100ca: Wink
MaMa Duke: what is the green surface that you are working on? I use a
square of marble but the clay sticks to it, if I don't keep wiping it
down with a dry cloth
Katie: good question
chelyha55: I think it's one of those self healing cutting boards
jude: I have a ceramic floor tile I use and it works great.
kgedrich joined the room
chelyha55: I have a Corian cutting board and it's great
Bonny: same here 2 of the BIG ones side by side to work on
MaMa Duke: never thought of that - self healing
countrylady100ca: Crzy4 is katie? fairy is Bonny, Tedi is Amy, Masat
of course queen NJ and rest I am sorry I duno . Me Sonya from
Alberta, Canada as my new canadian pal Amy.
Fearless Leader: I sandwiched light color between dark color for
separation between the leaf segments
Katie: Yes, I'm Crzy4Dzny
jude: Yes, it's 12" square, enough size for me. I also have used
regular linoleum floor tiles and they work fine, too.
Fearless Leader: this long fat ribbon is the leaf segment not cut up
kgedrich: Kat, Indianapolis Indiana
Katie: Hi Kat
MaMa Duke: hi kat
Fearless Leader: roll call?
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
Katie: Katie Ny
chelyha55: Cheryl, Tehachapi CA
MaMa Duke: Pauline NH
countrylady100ca: Sonya, Alberta, Canada
Bonny: Bonny West Palm Beach FL
kgedrich: hi Katie
jude: jude, Tehachapi, CA
tedi382001: Amy Canada
kgedrich: Kat, Indianapolis Indiana
kgedrich: so what is NJ making today?
jude: Well, darn, I have got to go. If you are still going at it when
I get back I'll drop by. Thanks NJ! Bye!
chelyha55: Bye Jude!
greatauntjudy left the room
Bonny: bye
kgedrich: bye Jude
Bonny: boy that was fast LOL
chelyha55: where in Canada Amy?
Lady Lavendar: Hi all, I'm back
chelyha55: wb
tedi382001: north of Toronto , cheryl
Katie: wb
Lady Lavendar: wb? where been? - Mom made dinner early - oh the canes
coming along
chelyha55: I've been studying the Oak Island mystery, are you
familiar with it?
tedi382001: no I dont think so , give me a hint
Fearless Leader: I'm going to cut this stack on the diagonal
Fearless Leader: you can do it with flat sheets or with fat ribbon
blends, the technique is the same
chelyha55: Oak Island is off of Nova Scotia in Mahone Bay and there
is supposedly a treasure buried there
Fearless Leader: after I cut this I'm flipping one side over and that
gives us the chevrons
Lady Lavendar: Isn't that the one where the treasure will be found
when all the oaks are gone?
chelyha55: yeah, that's part of the legend
tedi382001: I'm packing my bags
Fearless Leader: any questions on this chevron flip?
tedi382001: neat NJ
Katie: nope
Lady Lavendar: beautiful!
MaMa Duke: no
Fearless Leader: it will need a center vein
countrylady100ca: wow Treasure.. Here dinosaurs bones and oil of
Fearless Leader: have some sandwiched ribbon left over for that
tedi382001 left the room
MaMa Duke: brb - my dog is barking like crazy outside!
chelyha55: people have been trying for 200 years to find it
tedi382001 joined the room
countrylady100ca: welcome back Amy
tedi382001: thanks
countrylady100ca: brb
chelyha55: anyway it's a fascinating story
Katie: Amy, do you ever come to the American side? I'm asking because
a friend tried to go into Canada and he used his license, but they
wouldn't let him go over. Are they doing something different now?
tedi382001: I havent been over in along time, but I think on both
sides you need a passport
Katie: I heard they were going to start doing that. We like going
over to Niagara Falls Canada once in a blue moon.
Katie: We're about an hour away from Niagara Falls.
tedi382001: they are getting pretty strict, I'm 3 hours north of
Niagara Falls
Katie: where do you get a passport?
tedi382001: nice colors NJ
Katie: yes, NJ
Fearless Leader: Now I'll do a flower to go with this leaf
tedi382001: I'm not sure where you would get yours, but we have an
office in Toronto
Fearless Leader: I'm going to do another blend so amuse yourselves,
you've seen this before. LOL
countrylady100ca left the room
countrylady100ca joined the room
countrylady100ca: Bonny What happening with rope that tie me to you.
Bonny: I think it broke lol
Bonny: brb going to check on what hubbys doing..
countrylady100ca: Same goes for shipping and Mail which is very tight
security. I ordered supplies from Karen Clay Alley on April 14 and
have not received parcel until April 29
Katie: Wow, I got something from her and it came super fast.
tedi382001: unless they say its a gift , we get charged an arm and a
countrylady100ca: It is not her fault it is security for
chelyha55: if anyone is interested, I am getting some tissue blades
from Thomas Scientific
MaMa Duke: what is the size of the blades?
countrylady100ca: Amy I don't pay any extra to parcel from Karen
Alley Clay.
shargoose joined the room
Katie: Hi Sharon
tedi382001: really? I was in a swap and it cost me $40.00
shargoose: Hi all
tedi382001: hi
chelyha55: they are the 4.5 inch ones, the really good ones
shargoose: How's it goin?
MaMa Duke: how much?
countrylady100ca: Ouch Really Amy. Werid Postal
Katie: Great here at my end. How about with you?
shargoose: good. Been outside planting bushes
chelyha55: I am hoping to be able to re-sell them for under 2.00 each
Katie: We have to do that too
chelyha55: I have a slight shipping problem to resolve with them first
Katie: wish we could save the webs too
shargoose: Kat, your vase is looking great!!
Katie: webcam
MaMa Duke: where do you live? How would I get them to NH? From you or
kgedrich: thanks but my hands dont lol
countrylady100ca: Amy Once a while there is swap in clayamies across
Canada. We have very successful with last swap matchbox
chelyha55: I can send them to you after I get them
shargoose: What are you going to send?
countrylady100ca: Checking on Kat
shargoose: Cheryl what are you selling?
tedi382001: ooooooooo NJ
MaMa Duke: thank you, put me in for 5 of them. Pauline Duke PO Box
141, Marlow NH 03456. How can I pay you? Check OK?
tedi382001: I'm in the ATC swap now Sonya
chelyha55: I am selling the tissue blades for slicing canes
shargoose: Oh, OK
chelyha55: I'm buying in bulk direct
shargoose: Cool
countrylady100ca: Amy ATC
chelyha55: Yes I can take a check
kmrhodes joined the room
shargoose: I just bought a bunch, boo hoo
countrylady100ca: Here is come Karen.. She can explain about shipping
tedi382001: Artist's Trading Cards
kmrhodes: hey all
kgedrich: hi Karen
tedi382001: hi
kmrhodes: Hey Hon
kmrhodes: whats a happening
shargoose: Hi Karen
Katie: Hi Karen
shargoose: Long time no see
kmrhodes: there goes bonny
countrylady100ca: That s right. I didn't join it. Realized not enough
time committed with my boys' sport events, Both Parents Anniversaries
on this year.
kmrhodes: Hi Sharon
kmrhodes: How the heck is everyone
countrylady100ca: Hi Karen Thanks for explain
MaMa Duke: send me your name and address by private email, and I will
send it off to you. Let me know the final price by email too.
kmrhodes: explain what
shargoose: Kat I see swirley vines and jungle flowers near that face.
chelyha55: ok cool
countrylady100ca: International Shipping..
MaMa Duke: very nice kat
shargoose: Something to give it motion
kmrhodes: what about it
shargoose: Just a suggestion
kmrhodes: What about international shipping
kmrhodes: I can get 3 lb of clay into a global envelope
countrylady100ca: That I have not recieved my parcel for long time.
It is Sonya From Canada
kmrhodes: has to be under 4 lbs
kmrhodes: ah, Hi Sonya
kmrhodes: Okay, as I understand it, since the bombing in Spain last
kmrhodes: all international orders are under more security
kmrhodes: and are taking longer to get to their destination
kmrhodes: 3 countries especially affected are
kmrhodes: United Kingdom, Canada, and Austrailia
kmrhodes: Customs is holding packages and being more secure
crzy4dzny left the room
kmrhodes: they might open more packages and do more screening
Katie (crzy4dzny) joined the room
chelyha55: It's inevitable that something gets held up now and then
kmrhodes: what normally might take 4-10 day is taking 14 or more days
Fearless Leader: I have one more of these purple canes to do and then
I'll construct the flower
Fearless Leader: Howdy everyone who showed up since the last time I
turned around
chelyha55: I've got to get offline
Katie: Bye
shargoose: K bye
kmrhodes: bye hon
chelyha55: I'm expecting a call and this line is the phone line!
Fearless Leader: Ciao Cheryl
chelyha55: see you all lata!
Fearless Leader: ttfn
countrylady100ca: Bye Cheryl
chelyha55 left the room
Fearless Leader: I'm going to save log and be back in a tick

Fearless Leader: back, any questions about blends, doing a jelly roll
or any of this part of the process?
kmrhodes: Sonya, you did get your shapers though, right?
countrylady100ca: Yup.. I just sent you a email to say thank you and
got them on last thursday or Friday
kmrhodes: I thought so. Just wanted to make sure
kmrhodes: Alan in the UK though got his in 4 days
kmrhodes: so Canada looks like they are really checking things and
going slow
countrylady100ca left the room
countrylady100ca joined the room
countrylady100ca: Bonny keep me in with something beside the rope.
kmrhodes: we got glue
MaMa Duke: ha ha
Karen B (affectsoftheart) joined the room
countrylady100ca: Karen it will ripe my bottom pant out..
kmrhodes: air conditioning
tedi382001 left the room
nancy (techi_mom56) joined the room
Karen B: Hi Everyone!
countrylady100ca: You mean the air conditioning on my lap so Yahoo is
very powerful like torona (error spelling) (powerful twister)
kgedrich: Hi
MaMa Duke: hi nancy
kmrhodes: I mean air conditioning when your pants rip! LOL
kmrhodes: hey nancy
countrylady100ca: Funny Amy and I booted out few times. Um mm
nancy: hey kim...had to delay that order till the 7th
nancy: new tires
kmrhodes: Ah,
countrylady100ca:  to Karen (smile)
tedi382001 joined the room
Karen B: Very cool Kat!!
kgedrich: thanks Karen B.
kgedrich: lot of help and suggestions that are really bringing it
together this is a group effort
shargoose: Kat looking real good
kmrhodes: oaky Kat, that is so cool
shargoose: Really makes it flow, Kat
shargoose: Gotta go guys
shargoose: Time to fix food here
Katie: Bye Sharon
shargoose: ttyl
kmrhodes: by sharon
kgedrich: bye Sharon tyvm
MaMa Duke: bye bye
Bonny: bye sharon
shargoose left the room
icare4bunnies joined the room
Bonny: was checking on hubby..back now
Katie: Was he ok
kmrhodes: Hubby in tub
icare4bunnies: what's cooking today
Bonny: he's he's turning a piece of wood into a bowl
kmrhodes: Hey Jael
Katie: how neat
icare4bunnies: HI
icare4bunnies: survived surgery
icare4bunnies: can sit at the computer for spaces of time
Katie: I'm glad your ok
icare4bunnies: so what's nj up to now
icare4bunnies: thanks
Fearless Leader: I'm going to build the flower now
icare4bunnies: hi nj
Fearless Leader: I have 7 purple sections, Howdy Jael
Fearless Leader: and I have two leaves
icare4bunnies: your prayers worked
Fearless Leader: our prayers worked
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: group effort
Fearless Leader: Howdy Karen
Karen B: Howdy NJ
Fearless Leader: I had to focus on getting these flower petal
sections done
icare4bunnies: making a flower, then
kmrhodes: Hey NJ
kmrhodes: glad you noticed me
kmrhodes: LOL
Fearless Leader: I don't have any particular plan I'm just going
spiral the petals around
Fearless Leader: Oh I don't read the chat while I'm making the canes
Fearless Leader: makes them go faster
icare4bunnies: gotta go for a little shopping trip, I'm cleared for
kmrhodes: leaving already
icare4bunnies: just thought I'd pop in and see what was on the table
icare4bunnies: yep, sitting is hard
kmrhodes: yeah it is. Glad you are feeling better
icare4bunnies: abdominal hysterectomy
icare4bunnies: thanks
icare4bunnies: but miss my claymates
icare4bunnies: so next time longer
icare4bunnies: ttfn
Katie: Bye take care
kmrhodes: take care of yourself
icare4bunnies: ty
Bonny: they wanted my mom to have one so they could fix her
bladder..she told them no way
kmrhodes: no speeding
icare4bunnies: lol
Bonny: she's 86
icare4bunnies: it's a personal choice sometimes
icare4bunnies: if her bladder fell out, maybe she would
icare4bunnies: lol
icare4bunnies: but at 86
Bonny: aaaah it almost is LOL
icare4bunnies: it's tough
tedi382001: neat cane NJ
icare4bunnies: a very very serious operation
icare4bunnies: and tough recouperating
icare4bunnies: well, off to do that
countrylady100ca: Yeah kewl rose with leaves
icare4bunnies: ttfn, ty
Bonny: yes and she figures she can live with the bladder the way it is
icare4bunnies: I would
Bonny: byee now and tc  see you soon
icare4bunnies: bye
Katie: bye
Bonny: brb
Katie: k
countrylady100ca: Sorry I am busy to watch NJ's demo. What did you
say Wink
Katie: Golly, that's so pretty what she's doing
countrylady100ca: Can't wait to see how to make it smaller.
countrylady100ca left the room
countrylady100ca joined the room
countrylady100ca:  at yahoo. Stop that
kmrhodes: yahoo is bouncing everyone
countrylady100ca:  sore my butt few times
MaMa Duke: I have been real lucky - no bounces YET
kmrhodes: me either but that will change
countrylady100ca:  whisper to Yahoo Kick pdduke and Karen R.
kmrhodes: you bad girl
kmrhodes: sonya, you stop that
countrylady100ca: me!!
MaMa Duke: now now sonya
kmrhodes: I see you whispering to yahoo
kmrhodes: I gonna put crazy glue on your butt
Fearless Leader: Ok now I'm going to reduce this, cut it in half so
we have a cane of two flowers and four leaves
tedi382001 left the room
tedi382001 joined the room
Fearless Leader: I'm going to save log first

countrylady100ca:  ladies..
Fearless Leader: Any questions at this point?
Katie: no
kmrhodes: nope
countrylady100ca: Our queen NJ will give me a long long lesture to
Bonny: back..going to work on my fishie clocks
kmrhodes: hey Bonny, you have not said Hi to me
kmrhodes: whats up with that
kmrhodes: LOL
Bonny: ooops sorry Karen HI!!!!! LOL
kgedrich: okay i think its time to cook this baby again for the 4th
time LOL
MaMa Duke: but you haven't said hi to me !!!!!
kmrhodes: Yeah, I though you thought I was a roasted rodent
Bonny: I'm on fish or go swimming
Bonny: LOL eeeeeeeew
kmrhodes: LOL
Katie: Swimming???? Lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kgedrich: i see leopard skin on NJ
kmrhodes: Hi pdduke2003
Bonny: yea hubby cleaned the pool and the water is 83 degrees
kmrhodes: what is your name
MaMa Duke: hi karen
kmrhodes: I am an old forgetful lady
Katie: Ohhhh!!!! Rub it in!!
MaMa Duke: Pauline but I go by MaMa Duke
Bonny: rub rub hehe
kmrhodes: which do you prefer
kmrhodes: MaMa
MaMa Duke: Either is OK (I sell things under Mountain MaMa Duke)
kgedrich: okay ladies say byebye to Ancient Chant Dreamers Song she's
going to the oven
Katie: Hey, what kind of paper do you use in the printer if your
making posters for the doll house?
tedi382001: its lovely kat
Katie: Bye, Ancient Chant Dreamers Song
Bonny: bye bye ACDS happy baking
Karen B: ByeBye!!
kgedrich: thanks Tedi
kmrhodes left the room
MaMa Duke: sonya......did you kick Karen out?
Karen B: UhOh! You did voo doo to Karen!!!
Bonny: pretty heart
kmrhodes joined the room
Karen B: WB!!!!
MaMa Duke: blame sonya
Bonny: oh no I didn't lock the door quick enough hehe wb Karen
kmrhodes: Dang yahoo
kmrhodes: I am blaming Sonya
tedi382001: LOL
Karen B: Voo Doo!!
kmrhodes: And Bonny
Bonny: moi????
kmrhodes: Gotta be faster next time Bonny
tedi382001: are those stamps you made Kat?
Bonny: pretty NJ
tedi382001: oooooo gorgeous NJ
Bonny: the cane's pretty too
kgedrich: i have stamps with those and i want to make some tile beads
out of them
MaMa Duke: I love it NJ - thanks for your effort and time!
tedi382001: neat
kgedrich: just got to figure out what type of treatment i want to put
on them
tedi382001: what is it that you use to turn the beads Nancy?
kgedrich: okay i'm shutting the cam down for now
kgedrich: love the cane nj pretty
kmrhodes: Kat, you are doing great
kmrhodes: Hows the oven
kmrhodes: is she baking okay
kgedrich: thanks Karen, yep with instructions for son and hubby not
to touch the oven or they die, this is her 4th bake fest.
tedi382001: thanks Nancy
kmrhodes: wow, how many more do you think
kgedrich: i should have one more to do and then i can package her up
for her trip to Shrinemont
kmrhodes: Thats my girl
Bonny: have to get some future on one of my lemon sole clocks to send
to sharon
kmrhodes: what about your clocks
kgedrich: got to pick out some things for grab bags this will be fun
kmrhodes: grab bags
kmrhodes: I like those
Bonny: what about my clocks?? hehe
kmrhodes: doing any lately
kgedrich: i got a big huge pickle jar full of beads, pins, barrette
and pendants now is the time to get rid of some of them
Bonny: yes..lots of fishy clocks
Bonny: don't think you've seen any yet
kmrhodes: not yet
kmrhodes: got your cam on
Katie: purdy
kgedrich: Nancy that tsunami bead is very addictive isnt it LOL
tedi382001: that 's really nice NJ
MaMa Duke: I have, they are so cute
nancy: showing karen how
kmrhodes: I'm still working out how to roll the clay unde the glass
kmrhodes: I think I would smush it
kgedrich: just a gentle touch does it and once you get the idea they
are fun
MaMa Duke: very nice Nancy
kmrhodes: In other words, don't think of it as a spider
tedi382001: LOL
kgedrich: yep lol
kmrhodes: see I think I put too much force into stuff
kmrhodes: a light touch is not in my vocab
Fearless Leader: hold up, the door
kmrhodes: k
kmrhodes: Who Bonny!
Katie: I have to go. Husband wants to go get something for dinner.
Bye everyone
kmrhodes: those are cute
Fearless Leader: back
kmrhodes: Bye Hon
Fearless Leader: sorry
crzy4dzny left the room
Bonny: thanks ok lemon sole
kmrhodes: Awesome!
Bonny: thanks...the last one was for the red hat society lol
tedi382001: gotta go get dinner ready, thanks everyone,thats gorgeous
kmrhodes: bye Tedi
Bonny: bye amy tc
tedi382001 left the room
kmrhodes: these are cd's bonny?
Lady Lavendar: Wow such busy beople and I'm punching on my cards
Bonny: have to do the face on this one
Bonny: yes Karen...built on cd's
kmrhodes: cool
kmrhodes: yell when you need more cds
kmrhodes: they are everywhere
MaMa Duke: very nice Bonny
Karen B: How CUTE Bonny!!
Fearless Leader: The point I'm making here gang is this
Bonny: I've got about 100
countrylady100ca left the room
countrylady100ca joined the room
Fearless Leader: you can do this flower cane and have it stand alone,
one flower
Bonny: but thanks I'll let you know
kmrhodes: gonna put glue on Sonyas butt
Fearless Leader: or you can double them up for two flowers
kmrhodes: NJ, when did you eat last
Fearless Leader: the more you reduce and add the more flowers you get
and you have a good scale for mini things
Fearless Leader: Oh I ate at the last break and before I started,
thanks Mom
Fearless Leader: LOL
kmrhodes: LOL
kmrhodes: Just gotta keep you healthy
Fearless Leader: so let's take this 8 flower cane and do a quick
pinch pot
MaMa Duke: very nice NJ
icare4bunnies left the room
Lady Lavendar: the pot is looking good
Fearless Leader: Ok, the sun is starting to take over my work table
kmrhodes: no
countrylady100ca: But it is neat
MaMa Duke: oh dear, does that mean the end of claying?
Bonny: mine came out a little better working and watching you do it
Lady Lavendar: thanks for the demo - I;m learning a little each time
countrylady100ca: Crossing fingers not yet
Fearless Leader: I'll close some of the curtains
Fearless Leader: and let's take roll call and I'll save log
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
MaMa Duke: thanks NJ
Bonny: brb I need to turn the roast
countrylady100ca: Sonya, Alberta, Canada
Bonny: Bonny West Palm Beach FL
MaMa Duke: Pauline Marlow NH
Bonny: brb
Lady Lavendar: Mary Virginia
nancy: nancy clatskanie, oregon
kmrhodes: Karen, Gettysburg, PA
Karen B: Lancaster, PA
kgedrich: Kat, Indianapolis Indiana
Fearless Leader: I'll save log at this point

The demo went on for another hour or so but I wasn't able to save that part of the log.


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