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Demo Stuff 2005

Tongues of Fire Pinch Pot

09-21-05: Pinch Pot Demo Index 006: Tongues of Fire Pinch Pot

norajean_sf: Ok, I'm going to prep some clay: White,
Red, Yellow and Black, let me get you a link to show
you what I'm going to do
myladyz: I bake on quilt batting
canastananny: okay
rschneiter1963: ready
norajean_sf: Biz-Archive/Canes/Tongues of Fire Group
myladyz: ready here
bonsaikathy: bet tongues of fire
norajean_sf: Check out that link while I prep the clay
myladyz: WOW.....beautiful!!!!!!!!!
bonsaikathy: haha yup
nefret111: that is wild!
bonsaikathy: O still have some of that cane made up
from when I did those last pinch pot swap
rschneiter1963: does NJ use a certain type of pc?
bonsaikathy: premo
rschneiter1963: ok thanks
myladyz: premo soft or ??
bonsaikathy: just regular premo
myladyz: ok ty again
bonsaikathy: I don't think there's a premo soft,
there's a fimo soft thought
canastananny: when i run my clay through the pasta
machine the end always look so ragged, is this usual?
bonsaikathy: though
bonsaikathy: just means it needs more conditioning I
myladyz: ok I got mixed up I am sorry
myladyz: my ends sometimes are ragged looking also in
the pasta machine
rschneiter1963: ah ha that is me too myladyz
myladyz: I just keep rolling it through
canastananny: I can run it through twenty times and it
still has ragged edges
nefret111: you can use those ragged ends to good
effect when you are making something look like an
ancient fragment
myladyz: true
canastananny: true
rschneiter1963: ok now when she folds it is she
stiking the fold in first?
rschneiter1963: or is that the sides
bonsaikathy: yes
bonsaikathy: by putting it in fold first she helps
keep it from getting air bubbles
canastananny: see how even and smooth her caly looks
myladyz: nice I see that
canastananny: and i also use Premo
rschneiter1963: ok making a sandwich
rschneiter1963: all the same thicknesses?
bonsaikathy: yes
nefret111: afk to make dotter a tuna sandwich
rschneiter1963: she sliced it and then stacked it?
bonsaikathy: yes
bonsaikathy: doubles the pattern
myladyz: I wish there was a claying group in my
rschneiter1963: me too
canastananny: where do you live myladyz
bonsaikathy: ok now watch this pattern carefull
bonsaikathy: this is how you get the tongues of fire
bonsaikathy: and it's wonderful
minwin has joined the conference.

rschneiter1963: kind of an off X
bonsaikathy: hang on NJ
norajean_sf: ok
norajean_sf: questions at this point?
bonsaikathy: ok got the pic
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: anyone have questions so far?
norajean_sf: Biz-Archive/Canes/Tongues of Fire Group
rschneiter1963: yes
rschneiter1963: hehe
norajean_sf: for minwin
bonsaikathy: almost like a pinwheel
norajean_sf: go for it
minwin: Thanks
myladyz: drink for me..brb ..ty....
rschneiter1963: you stacked them then sliced them and
now it is an off kilter of an X or a plus sign right?
rschneiter1963: OH I see the up and down ones the red
is aligned
norajean_sf: I'm setting this up so the black will be
on the outside of the round cane. It's more like a pin
rschneiter1963: ok...
bonsaikathy: very good point Bec
norajean_sf: but the red meets in the middle
norajean_sf: now I'll bend these over to make it a
round cane, ok?
rschneiter1963: ready
bonsaikathy: ok
canastananny: yup
myladyz: back ty everyone
rschneiter1963: WOW
canastananny: so cool
myladyz: neat!!!!!!!!!!!!
rschneiter1963: ok so she rolled it on to itself so
the black is out and now she is going to roll black on
the outside
myladyz: pretty!!!!!!!!
rschneiter1963: she is rolling and streatching it?
bonsaikathy: now she's reducing it
norajean_sf: questions about reducing the cane?
rschneiter1963: NEAT
myladyz: beautiful!!
rschneiter1963: do you just keep rolling to make it
smaller and smaller?
norajean_sf: I like to "pull" the cane to reduce
norajean_sf: grip it with the FIST OF DOOM
bonsaikathy: haha
rschneiter1963: huh?
norajean_sf: to make an indentation and then pull in
opposite directions
bonsaikathy: remember me telling you the other day
about the fist of Doom Bec
rschneiter1963: yeah I remember hehe
rschneiter1963: ok so do the fist of doom and then
rschneiter1963: got you
norajean_sf: Ok, so I'm going to take this slice and
make a pinch pot, when you narrow the top of the pot
the designs narrow
norajean_sf: when you stretch the pot's neck the
narrowed design  moves upward
norajean_sf: and it sort of looks like fire flames
norajean_sf: ergo the name
norajean_sf: ready?
rschneiter1963: ready
myladyz: I am ty
canastananny: go for it........
minwin: can not seem to see your webcam
You have invited minwin to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: sent you an invite to cam minwin
minwin: thanks got it
myladyz: is that a paint brush?
bonsaikathy: no it's a clay smoother
myladyz: ok
myladyz: ty
bonsaikathy: welcome
rschneiter1963: ok pinch, smooth, and thin?
myladyz: where can I get the clay smoother or is there
something else I can use?
bonsaikathy: Karen at clayalley sells them
rschneiter1963: dont know I was using a chopstic that
was pointed on the end?
myladyz: ty
rschneiter1963: BEAUTIFUL
myladyz: these are just toooooooo cuteeee!
canastananny: You can say that again! ! !
bonsaikathy: there are many things you can use to
bonsaikathy: whatever you have handy
stariedawn: thats hottttt nj

End of Cane Natasha Pot:

norajean_sf: Ok, now I'm going to show you how to make
a pinch pot out of a natasha bead
canastananny: Okay
rschneiter1963: out of what?
norajean_sf: so I'll take the cane end of this TOF
cane and chop it up
myladyz: I also want to make natasha beads.I would
like to learn I mean
bonsaikathy: phew, just over 20 pictures on this one
bonsaikathy: Bec what time is your pumpkin class
rschneiter1963: does she do a certain pattern?
bonsaikathy: on this one, she just cuts and chops the
end of the cane
rschneiter1963: think 7
debbie_in_nm has joined the conference.

bonsaikathy: to tiny pieces and then gathers and
smooshes them all together
bonsaikathy: Hi Debbie
canastananny: n  n   nn n nzbbzHello Debbie
You have invited debbie_in_nm to view your webcam.

bonsaikathy: it's called chop and toss Bec and is
great fun
canastananny: sorry my hand rested on some
bonsaikathy: you wouldn't believe all the patterns you
can come up with
norajean_sf: Biz-Archive/Chop/Index
rschneiter1963: yeah let me do a cane first
debbie_in_nm: I have missed you guys so much.
norajean_sf: Ok, so we chopped up the cane end
norajean_sf: and gave it a toss like a salad
norajean_sf: compressed to get the air out
norajean_sf: do not twist this stuff
norajean_sf: just compress
norajean_sf: now I'll cut it in half and open  like a
book and let's see the mirror image
bonsaikathy: mirror image
rschneiter1963: wow
myladyz: nice!!!!!!!!
bonsaikathy: isn't it great
norajean_sf: now separate those two bits and cut in
the middle again and open them like books for more
mirror images
canastananny: terrific
bonsaikathy: I love doing chop and toss, one of those
things that becomes addictive
canastananny: I can see how that can happen
bonsaikathy: boy that one is cool
norajean_sf: now you take those two halves and put
them "back to back and you'll have four mirror images
canastananny: amazing!
bonsaikathy: I need to get some of the larger
bonsaikathy: all I have now is the tiny ones
norajean_sf: now to make this a pot
norajean_sf: close up one end and open the other
rschneiter1963: huh?
norajean_sf: I'll dust my tool and use the butt end of
the tool, so I don't poke through the bottom
myladyz: dust it with?
myladyz: ok I see
myladyz: ty
norajean_sf: now to make it round, those corners got
to go
debbie_in_nm has left the conference.

rschneiter1963: ok that is where I am!
rschneiter1963: I have a long tube
rschneiter1963: ok ok you squish and lift
bonsaikathy: ok
bonsaikathy: this is what I want to see how she does
norajean_sf: there
bonsaikathy: look at the colors on that
bonsaikathy: too cool NJ
canastananny: Just beautiful! ! !
bonsaikathy: I love it
rschneiter1963: NJ how much will it cost you to come
to Iowa?
rschneiter1963: to sit here with me lol
bonsaikathy: now folks, think about this cured and
then covered in future floor polish
bonsaikathy: stunning
norajean_sf: My door is open to those who come to San
Francisco and can stand smokers
rschneiter1963: I smoke I smoke
rschneiter1963: hmm Kat how much to get to NJ?
bonsaikathy: haha
myladyz: may I please ask..the future floor wax to do you do that?
bonsaikathy: driving or flying
myladyz: I hope it is OK to ask here
norajean_sf: Acryllic floor polish, I DUNK stuff
bonsaikathy: you can paint it on, or you can dunk it
rschneiter1963: flying is quicker and you know I dont
do highways
norajean_sf: dunk it, take it out, set it on a bamboo
skewer after you give it a shake
norajean_sf: painting makes bubbles
rschneiter1963: ok...
norajean_sf: if you get bubbles BLOW hard on it to pop
the bubbles
norajean_sf: I have to save log, BK you got pix?
norajean_sf: It's at the half hour so we got to do
this log and pix stuff, good time for a potty break
bonsaikathy: I did off everything up to this pot NJ
mommaclara2001: I have got to go, ladies. It has been
nice, See you next time, Thank you so much Nora Jean
myladyz: I use Sculpey Glaze in Little bottles right
now and like paint it on after it is baked and cooled
canastananny: Good night
canastananny: take care
bonsaikathy: I was so engrossed in watching
bonsaikathy: brb
myladyz: good night mommaclara



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