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12-17-04: Friday Demo, First Half Hour, Cutting the black out of the poinsettia


December 2004

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June to Dec 2004 Demos

electron_forge: Hi NJ
alix: Hiya ... got here all by myself LOLOL
Fearless Leader: Howdy all, let me do the wholesale invite, if you
get one just ignore it
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN (shargoose) joined the room
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Thanks
Rossija (rossija9) joined the room
electron_forge: i've been here for 2 hours, surfin in the background
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Dunno what happened
Jmouse (mejbym) joined the room
electron_forge: Missed last Sat, wasn't missing this one
Jmouse: hi
dragonladyw2001 joined the room
Fearless Leader: I missed last Saturday too Doug, I bailed to be a
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Welcome to all
Fearless Leader: so you didn't miss a thing, honey
Rossija: Hi everyone!
DTIntermart (dtintermart) joined the room
dragonladyw2001: Hello, everyone
sewdaisy2001 joined the room
dragonladyw2001: Is the webcam online?
nancy (techi_mom56) joined the room
DTIntermart: hi all
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Now it is
marlea_anderson joined the room
electron_forge: neither did you. you had more important things to
take care of
marlea_anderson: hello everyone :D
dragonladyw2001: Ah, there it is.
Fearless Leader: Ok, anyone need help with cam?
Rossija: Hi Marlea!
dragonladyw2001: Nope, gotcha.
Fearless Leader: not that there's anything particularly interesting
to see as yet
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: So the only way I could get in chat and
this is with the old version was by invite??!!
Fearless Leader: Sharon, it might have been me
Fearless Leader: I was a tad late logging in
marlea_anderson: I've got the cam on- no problem for me tonight
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: OK
Fearless Leader: coolness Marlea
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: You mean I was early for once??
Fearless Leader: Ok, now who has reviewed the screen shots I put up
on my site this week?
Fearless Leader:
alix: Sharon LOL
electron_forge: i have seen some of them
dragonladyw2001: Oops. We had homework?
Fearless Leader: I got some things I want to show you that are based
on what we've been doing
nancy: laugh..ummmm been a little busy...giggle
Fearless Leader: oops
Fearless Leader: Didn't I mention that I was going to test y'all
Jmouse: remind me
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: Just kidding
electron_forge: I feel sick can I go to the nurse?
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Yes, I reviewesd some of them
Shannon (clayladyinred) joined the room
marlea_anderson: lol, I've seen some- still going through mail
Fearless Leader: I was just taking what we've done and moving it
forward a bit
Shannon: hi all!
electron_forge: hi
Fearless Leader: Howdy Shannon, shall we do roll call? First name
and location please.
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
marlea_anderson: hi shannon
Jmouse: room's filling up
Shannon: <<--West Virginia
dragonladyw2001: Beth, Tampa, FL
marlea_anderson: Marlea, PA
Jmouse: Jean, NC
electron_forge: Douglas (there will be a Doug later) Wichita, KS
Rossija: Mary, Ohio
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Sharon V in TN
dragonladyw2001: Hey, Douglas.
DTIntermart: Doug somewhere in the Brooklyn night ,,,
dragonladyw2001: Ah, there's the Doug.
Fearless Leader: Ok, remember the tin I covered?
electron_forge: you never mentioned you were in NY. Man do I miss
the food from my visit
Jmouse: I do
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Oh beautiful, NJ
dragonladyw2001: Yes.
Shannon: NJ I figured out how to get screen captures again! yay!
Jmouse: looks good NJ
marlea_anderson: yes because i really liked the colors
Fearless Leader: and you remember the poinsettia cane? My Cane of
Grave Disappointment?
marlea_anderson: lol
dragonladyw2001: Remember that, too.
electron_forge: that tin is beautiful
Jmouse: before my time
Fearless Leader: Ok, now dig
DTIntermart: NJ why do you say that it is great
marlea_anderson: oh nice
DTIntermart: beautifull
marlea_anderson: i like, i like
jill_z_q joined the room
Jmouse: oh my, Christmas to be sure
alix: gorgeous NJ
Rossija: nifty, NJ
jill_z_q: howdy folks
dragonladyw2001: That's the poinsettia cane? WOW! Really nice
Fearless Leader: Now I'll show you what the deal is with this inner
electron_forge: I don't know which is better...inside or out!
jill_z_q: You send out invites NJ?
Jmouse: oh.. inside
Fearless Leader: Yes I did Suzy, didn't you get one?
dragonladyw2001: Did you redo the cane? Or were you able to work
with the disappointing one?
jill_z_q: nopes
Fearless Leader: when the red goes grey like that it's just a
lighting issue
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: brb
Fearless Leader: Sorry about that Suzy, maybe you weren't logged in
at that time
jill_z_q: thought maybe just didn't love me anymore :P
electron_forge: can someone tell me if the "cane" shape in th eback
is what is refered to as a plug?
Fearless Leader: Plug? I call it the Sink Hole
jill_z_q: the black park?
jill_z_q: er part
Fearless Leader: because the center caves in
electron_forge: yes
electron_forge: well I guess it does?
Fearless Leader: but we can make up any term we wish
alix: sqooge?
Fearless Leader: Naw, not spooge as such
dragonladyw2001: Splurge.
Fearless Leader: for all the clay was firm
jill_z_q: that is spend money dragonlady
Fearless Leader: Ok, now see these cock eyed slices
jill_z_q: I splurged on lot of clay
Fearless Leader: where some of the cane is missing?
miss_meme_30 left the room
miss_meme_30 joined the room
dragonladyw2001: Also for cane that uses clay that you've spent
money on.
electron_forge: the half and 3/4 pieces? yes
Jmouse: I do
marlea_anderson: i slice like that a lot
Fearless Leader: What I'm going to show you is if we cut the excess
black out, and layer the poinsettia we can get a bouquet effect
marlea_anderson: unfortunately
jill_z_q: oh cool
Jmouse: I got a cane slicer this week.... pretty neat
dragonladyw2001: Which one did you get?
electron_forge: so the part of a slice that isn't there looks like
it is hidden behind a full slice?
marlea_anderson: oh then you can reuse the black
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Back now
Jmouse: Precuse-a-slice
miss_meme_30: hiya everyone!
dragonladyw2001: Hi, Meme.
Rossija: Hi Missy!
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Hi Missy
marlea_anderson: hi missy
jill_z_q: wb
alix: Hi Miisy
jill_z_q: and howdy Missy
miss_meme_30: i like this!!! i am known now...LOL
marlea_anderson: oh i've heard good things about that slicer Jean
jill_z_q: LOL
dragonladyw2001: By your good works, surely. :)
jill_z_q: don't you feel speshul now?
marlea_anderson: yes, you're the popular one, lol
miss_meme_30: lol
Jmouse: I love it
chelyha55 joined the room
miss_meme_30: precuse a slice???
marlea_anderson: precise a slice
Jmouse: takes a little practice,
miss_meme_30: ty
marlea_anderson: how does it work?
dragonladyw2001: I don't think I've heard of that kind of slicer.
Where did you find it, jmouse?
Fearless Leader: ok, so what did I do there?
chelyha55: did I make it in?
Rossija: Trimmed the ecxcess black away
marlea_anderson: cut out what wasn't needed
alix: surgery?
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: You removed the excess
miss_meme_30: i feel very speshul suzy ty
miss_meme_30: lol
Jmouse: yes , Valerie
electron_forge: NJ, you trimmed around th epoinsetta cane slice
Fearless Leader: Yes CherylH You're here
dragonladyw2001: Sliced out the black and added leaves/petals to the
body of the other cane?
Shannon: you cut out the extra black, since the flower was in tact
Fearless Leader: and then I pressed it
Fearless Leader: now I'll do the same thing with these other slices
sewdaisy2001 left the room
jill_z_q: anyone want my earache from hades.. It would make a great
xmas present I sware:P
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Oh, poor Jill
marlea_anderson: oh poor jill
marlea_anderson: lol sharon
miss_meme_30: no ty
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: No thnaks, you want my runny nose and
chelyha55 left the room
Shannon: awwwwww (((((((Huggg)))))))
DTIntermart: jill try a warm compress may help
jill_z_q: I'll take it
marlea_anderson: have you tried a rice bag?very cheap and holds the
jill_z_q: as long as you take mine
miss_meme_30: jill??? is ur name suzy?
Shannon: that's what I was going to say Doug :-)
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: OK, Jill
DTIntermart: LOL
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: I just sneezed on the monitor
dragonladyw2001: Isn't warmed olive oil what they used to use for
marlea_anderson: I just put some in a sock and nuke it for a minute
or two
jill_z_q: Yes my name is Suzy but my real name is actually jill
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: You should have the germs now
Shannon: Sharon... ewwwwww!!!! LOL
jill_z_q: LOL Sharon
miss_meme_30: ok...hmmmmm so ya have 2 names!!! lol
electron_forge: computer virus?
Shannon: olive oil or mineral oil DL
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
miss_meme_30: ty sharon for sharing with us hun
jill_z_q: I went to the emergency yesterday I have it so impacted
wax they couldn't even get it out
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Any time I can be of service!!
jill_z_q: :(
dragonladyw2001: I'm not sure. It might be mineral oil. I guess they
both could work.
Shannon: I feel for you Jill... :-(
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Jill, did they give you any ear wax
dragonladyw2001: If they didn't, you could use the olive oil for
your cauliflower ear.
marlea_anderson: there is nothing more miserable than an ear ache or
jill_z_q: Debrox?
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: You can get some at the drugstore
Shannon: I was told at the doctor, though, that sometimes those oils
can make the wax gunk up worse and make it harder to come out
dragonladyw2001: Yep, earaches and toothaches. Yuck.
alix: picked up good sinushint yesterday ,,, put one drop of
melaleuca (tea tree oil) in you bottle of saline spray ... works
like a charm
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: If it's really impacted though a Dr. or
murse should irrigate the ear canal
DTIntermart: Ear aches are murder....
miss_meme_30: wanna know what my doc says?
miss_meme_30: use peroxide
jill_z_q: I've done peroxide
miss_meme_30: 2 drops in each ear
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: NO Peroxide!!
electron_forge: me too
DTIntermart: Warm olivoil helps too softens the gunk & soorths the
miss_meme_30: eats the wax
Shannon: a warm compress and as warm water syringed into the ear is
what the dr told me :-)
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Right Shannon
miss_meme_30: then the warm water
DTIntermart: Why no peroxide? I do that all the time is it dangeros
DTIntermart: ?
miss_meme_30: just do the warm water til the pain subsides first is
what i do
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: But you must be careful using the warm
water in a syringe
jill_z_q: olive oil sounds soothing after while peroxide will irriate
jill_z_q: My ear is so mess up they can't even see the ear drum
miss_meme_30: i use a baby dropper for the drops
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: I'll come over and clean your bad ear Jil
electron_forge: wow that's love
jill_z_q: I'm there
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: There's a product called Sweet Oil we got
as kids
dragonladyw2001: Have you tried ear candeling?
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Loooong time ago
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: in a blue bottle.
miss_meme_30: hey that sweet oil worked
jill_z_q: I went to asprin, to 600 mg of motrin and now I'm on
vicodin that is how bad the pain is LOL
Shannon: yes, Sharon, sweet oil and mineral oil are the same thing,
I believe
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Yes, it worked
jill_z_q: no I haven't tried that was thinking of that you know
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Wonder if you can still get it?
electron_forge: virgin clay?
jill_z_q: ooh virgin clay
dragonladyw2001: Wow! NJ is opening a new package of clay.
Shannon: yes, the pharmacist should be able to point it out
electron_forge: and I dread conditioning the 2oz bars!
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Yes, I think they just put a sweet scent
in the mineral oil
nancy: emergency room time dont want that eardrum to
jill_z_q: I was there last night
Shannon: LOL Douglas, have you tried a food processor?
jill_z_q: they weren't very helpful
electron_forge: yes but then the pasta machine, just not my fav part
of the deal
jill_z_q: this meaning doc lady was sticking metal objects in my ear
to clean it out
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Jill do you have a regular Dr.??
nancy: go need some more help..
electron_forge: I'm a bit impatient
jill_z_q: No
Shannon: ahhhh.... understood Douglas
dragonladyw2001: Is NJ rolling out a sheet of black clay to back the
poinsettia canes?
nancy: i know about ear infections...
jill_z_q: get motor Doug
perceptionsnpc joined the room
nancy: youngest would get painless ones...3 am 104 temps..very
Shannon: I believe so DL
jill_z_q: they couldn't get the wax out Nancy it was too hard
electron_forge: can't really justify it
perceptionsnpc: hey all
Shannon: just for the record, NJ is placing the cut out poinsettias
on a black sheet
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Well, you need to get something to soften
the ear wax
jill_z_q: I don't think its "infected" just that I got so much wax?
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Didn't they suggest anything??
jill_z_q: told me get some debrox
jill_z_q: and did 4 times a day at night rise with warm water
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Get an ear syringe at drugstore
minimadness423 joined the room
Shannon: when mine get like that, a heating pad really helps Jill :-)
dragonladyw2001: Jill, after you get it solved, you might try
cleaning with a Q-til soaked in baby oil on a regular basis. That'll
keep the build-up down.
jill_z_q: and they got me some antibotics
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Fill with warm water
alix: They should have called a specialist.
dragonladyw2001: Q-tip.
jill_z_q: no q-tips that what started this in teh first place
Fearless Leader: We just got a new comer
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Gently squeeze into the bad ear . Bet to
get someone to help you with this
Fearless Leader: KathyL, minimaddness
minimadness423: hey there
jill_z_q: Hi KathyL
electron_forge: they say q tips are bad as they just pack stuff in
there but what else are you going to use!?
Fearless Leader: I got to wave to her on the cam, KathyL you got the
Shannon: hi Minimadness! welcome!!!
jill_z_q: that is the problem
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: then you can lean head over a basin or
sink to let water drain out
minimadness423: not yet
chelyha55 joined the room
Fearless Leader: get the cam open honey so I can look at you.
jill_z_q: You guys are great Mommies.. Mine is on vaction she be
back on Saturday so maybe I'll ask her to help me
electron_forge: I hope you mean tomorrow
electron_forge: 1
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Yes, get Mom to help
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: It may take several tries Jill to loosen
it up
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Several days even but it will come out
minimadness423: looking at your elbow
jill_z_q: I hope so
Fearless Leader: CherylH can see
Fearless Leader: CherylH can you see the typing now?
Jmouse: what did I working on a project for Xmas..went to
my worktable
jill_z_q: Thanks guys alot for all the advice.. I'll let you know
how it goes
Fearless Leader: Ok, KathyL has the cam
unitychild (summerlandfarms) joined the room
jill_z_q: Right now vicodin is my best friend
Shannon: Jmouse, NJ cut out the poinsettias and placed them on a
black sheet...
jill_z_q: giggles
chelyha55: Oh Hi yes I'm here
Shannon: I got some screenshots of it, which will be available later
in the week!
chelyha55: I had to reboot
Jmouse: thanks Shannon
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Hi Cheryl
unitychild: thanks NJ! Sorry I'm late!
marlea_anderson: a mugging!
perceptionsnpc: ahhhhhhh! LOL
chelyha55: Hi all!
miss_meme_30: nj ur a trip
miss_meme_30: lol
jill_z_q: howdy cheryl
jill_z_q: waves to NJ
chelyha55: Hi Suzy
Shannon: yw Jmouse@
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: What pretty teeth you have NJ!!
Jmouse: waving back
Jmouse: ahhhh pretty
perceptionsnpc: what are we making tonight?
minimadness423: I really needed a friendly smile tonight
Fearless Leader: Ok, I'm going to save log, go out and come back in
since it is the half hour

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