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Centaur Hair 12-19-04: Sunday Unscheduled Demo: Hair on the Centaur, review of face grid, review of the hair implants.

December 2004

2004 Holiday Marathon Demo Logs

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Fearless Leader: Centaur hair - Sunday Log 1
alix (alixnc) joined the room
alix: Good evening
Fearless Leader: Hey, just setting up the cam
mommaclara2001 joined the room
alix: good time to go out and grabmy mail LOL brb
Fearless Leader: Howdy Momma, I got hair on the Centaur
Shirley (wyldeflwr1) joined the room
mommaclara2001: Hi, I see that.
Fearless Leader: Howdy Shirley, wanted to show the Hair on the
Fearless Leader: He looks sort of 80's Glam Rock
You have invited Pamela to view your webcam.

alix: LMAO
Shirley: What do I do to get to the cam?
Fearless Leader: Can you see the TV Icon by my name?
Shirley: yes
Fearless Leader: right click on that and choose "view webcam"
Fearless Leader: now I'll turn him around
Shirley: Thanks, I got it.
mommaclara2001: He is cute.
Shirley: Wow!
mommaclara2001: Is the hair attached to the head?
Shirley: Is that what you worked on this week?
Fearless Leader: Let me show you something I figured out last night,
putting TLS on hair and curing it, then I cut it up and put it on
his head.
Fearless Leader: It's one of the things we did this week end in
Demo, I just did his tail in Demo and did the rest last night
mommaclara2001: I have been working on making a baby today.
mommaclara2001: A clay baby.
Fearless Leader: Coolness Momma, you'll have to find a way to share
what you make with us.
mommaclara2001: Yes, I will. I have a camera.
kittekattz joined the room
mommaclara2001: I do have some things in the pictures.
Fearless Leader: Hey KitteKattz I got hair on the Centaur, right
click on my name and choose "view webcam" to see.
kittekattz: Hey everyone!!! Tell me I'm in a "time warp" here ...
this IS Sunday and not Saturday, right?? ;-)
mommaclara2001: Hey!!!!
Fearless Leader: It's Sunday, I just wanted to show the Centaur now
that he has a full head of hair and a mane, along with the tail.
kittekattz: wow! Looks great!!
mommaclara2001: He really looks different with the hair.
kittekattz: yeah he does ... fantastic work!
kittekattz: I "thought" that was a tail you were making
yesterday ...
Fearless Leader: Ya, we did the tail yesterday and the rest was done
last night and early this morning
kittekattz: that looks sooo cool!!
Fearless Leader: I curled his hair and made mini bobbie pins with
floral wire
kittekattz: now he's all cured, right?
minimadness423 joined the room
Fearless Leader: and wrapped it up in gauze and wet it before
putting him in the oven for the last cure
Fearless Leader: Howdy KathyL, I got hair on the Centaur
kittekattz: I know you were talking about the hair yesterday ... is
that real human hair?
Fearless Leader: This is synthetic
kittekattz: and it holds up in the oven without melting? cool
Fearless Leader: If you wrap it in damp paper towel or wet gauze
kittekattz: gotcha ... THANKS!
Fearless Leader: and I curled it, or he would just look like Don King
kittekattz: LOL
Fearless Leader: or a troll doll
mommaclara2001: Do you use acurling iron?
mommaclara2001: Or brush?
Fearless Leader: I twisted locks and held them in place with mini
bobbie pins made with floral wire
Shirley: How exactly did you attach the hair to the head?
mommaclara2001: Ok.
Fearless Leader: wrapped it with wet gauze and then cured him.
It "set" the hair.
mommaclara2001: Ok
Fearless Leader: Taking a lock of hair, put Translucent Liquid
Sculpey at one end, like this...
Fearless Leader: then I cut sections off and that looks like this
Fearless Leader: I planted those strands with cured TLS into raw
clay on his head, down his spine and in the hole I made for the
final tail
kittekattz: alright ... I just wanted to pop in for a minute ... I
have to go get dinnah ready ... or as hubby says, "tell all your
little friends you have to come in now" ... I'll check in to see if
you guys are still here when we're done
kittekattz: thanks for showing us, NJ!!!
Fearless Leader: Ok, honey, I was just so excited
Fearless Leader: I had to share
mommaclara2001: ByeKatt
Fearless Leader: LOL
Shirley: Thank you
kittekattz: it looks fabulous!!!!
kittekattz: g'night everyone!!!
Fearless Leader: Next one will be better, but I got the trick of it
kittekattz left the room
Fearless Leader: have a good dinner
Fearless Leader: In fooling with his hair so much I cracked his arm,
I have to repair that.
Shirley: I am sorry I haven't been around. Trying to get the holiday
things done and have had the grand-daughter. Took her home today.
Shirley: About the crack, how would you repair that?
mommaclara2001: Nj, have you seen the pictures that I have in, the
Fearless Leader: I've done nothing but work on this Centaur, go next
door to do Elder Care and I just got back
Fearless Leader: The repair will be done with TLS and clay color,
like a spakle
Fearless Leader: and then maybe give him an arm band decoration to
hide all of it.
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: Missy is on her way in a bit, she has to make lunch
mommaclara2001: We are having left overs.
Fearless Leader: Making the mini bobbie pins were easier than I
Fearless Leader: and they WORKED
Fearless Leader: I was so thrilled
Fearless Leader: but I'm such an easy date
mommaclara2001: Great. How did you do that?
Fearless Leader: Let me show you
Shirley: Great idea!
Fearless Leader: I twirled the locks, made a loop, hold in place
with the mini bobbie pin, that's how I curled his hair.
mommaclara2001: I see.
mommaclara2001: That is a tiny pin.
Fearless Leader: see the crack on his arm there? The aluminum foil
armature is holding it on
Fearless Leader: that's why using the aluminum foil armature is
helpful. Keeps limbs from falling off even when you wreck them
goofing around.
mommaclara2001: I wondered about that. My baby lost both her arms
perceptionsnpc joined the room
Shirley: Have you ever used Sobo glue to attach clay to the aluminum
Shirley: I read that was a good idea but can't remember where. Maybe
Fearless Leader: I shy away from glue, I use TLS for glue instead.
Shirley: ok
perceptionsnpc: hi all
mommaclara2001: Hi
Fearless Leader: Howdy, shall I turn the Centaur around for you to
Shirley: hello
perceptionsnpc: yes please
alix: what wire you use for mini bobbies?
Fearless Leader: it's a floral wire
perceptionsnpc: oh cool
alix: size?
perceptionsnpc: Is that real hair?
Fearless Leader: I don't know, what was closest for the wire.
Fearless Leader: The hair is synthetic hair extensions.
Fearless Leader: three colors
perceptionsnpc: ok. cool
Fearless Leader: Here's the trick I discovered, curing TLS at
the "root" of the hair, like this
mommaclara2001: Can you brush the hair now, that it is attached?
miss_meme_30 joined the room
Fearless Leader: we can brush it and style it
Fearless Leader: Oh MISSY
Fearless Leader: look
miss_meme_30: yes!
mommaclara2001: Hi Missy.
Fearless Leader: Here's the trick, take TLS and add to make ROOTS
for the hair
miss_meme_30: bake it with tls?
Fearless Leader: yup
miss_meme_30: cool
Shirley: how long?
Fearless Leader: then break up for hanks of hair, with root, bury
the root into raw clay
Fearless Leader: dig...
miss_meme_30: the infamous words of my dd...kewl beans!
miss_meme_30: that is sooooo smart!
alix: Looks like a gobline eating hair pie.
Fearless Leader: If we dig down to his scalp all you see is hair
miss_meme_30: u are the greatest ohhh fearless one
Fearless Leader: LOL Pamela
perceptionsnpc: yes. this is way cool!
miss_meme_30: do u know how much i love this idea? it will make it
soooo much easier to use britneys hair now!!!!!
Fearless Leader: it can be curled, the curls held in place with mini
bobbie pins, cover with wet paper towel or gauze then cure
miss_meme_30: i need to know how do sew some clothes nj u
any good with sewin machines..lmao
Fearless Leader: and the style will set.
Fearless Leader: I used to be a tailor
mommaclara2001: Do you think that you could use old wigs, and do the
hair, like that?
miss_meme_30: is there NOTHING u cant do woman
Fearless Leader: I can make patterns from scratch, just measure the
body. I'm fixing to teach people that.
Shirley: did you do rows of the pieces?
miss_meme_30: i need to email u about info on ur
Fearless Leader: I couldn't afford to buy clothes ready made, Mom
made us sew our school clothes each year.
perceptionsnpc: really NJ a Taylor. I used to sew sample for a
sewing company I worked for
Fearless Leader: Shirley, I used rows of hair and TLS, and some
Shirley: thanks
Fearless Leader: This Centaur was a good experment, next time I'm
going to refine the trick of the TLS hair roots and take picturs as
I go along.
miss_meme_30: any tricks on how to get wire to bake into clay and
Fearless Leader: what's the purpose of the wire, Missy? Tell me and
then let's brain storm
miss_meme_30: tryin to do antennas(spl)
miss_meme_30: but they keep fallin out
miss_meme_30: or should i say they twist@!!!
alix: momma ... better to start with saved virgin hair ... hair from
most hairpieces attached going in two directions .. probs dealing
with cuticle
Fearless Leader: Make the end of the wire going into the clay to
have a "C" or "J" shape at the root, so it wraps around the cured
Fearless Leader: so when the clay cures the wire is anchored, ya see?
miss_meme_30: will try that then
Fearless Leader: I did that for the Centaur's second tail
miss_meme_30: will bake him tonight
Fearless Leader: the first one didn't work
miss_meme_30: kewl!
mommaclara2001: Thanks
Fearless Leader: so I bore a HOLE and put wires at the end of the
Tail and jammed it into the hole
miss_meme_30: i have lil heads all around me...been workin on faces
miss_meme_30: k he has a cute butt there nj
miss_meme_30: lol
minimadness423 left the room
Fearless Leader: you can't even see the hole or the wires
perceptionsnpc: lol
Fearless Leader: I figured I best wrap braided tail at the base,
keeps things "clean" as it were. LOL
miss_meme_30: did u use any glue nj?
miss_meme_30: lol
Fearless Leader: never
Fearless Leader: use TLS in lieu of glue
miss_meme_30: k
miss_meme_30: i like doing the 'cutesy' faces cept i cant do the lips
miss_meme_30: lol
Fearless Leader: so this mane can be styled
Fearless Leader: shall we review some quick lips? Right now?
mommaclara2001: Yes
Shirley: sounds good
perceptionsnpc: yes
miss_meme_30: that is exactly what i've been lookin for nj how to be
able to style hair
miss_meme_30: please nj!
Fearless Leader: Ok, trick to styling hair, it needs to be "steamed"
so you curl the hair, hold the curls down, cover with damp paper
towel or gauze and then put in the oven, the curls get steamed into
miss_meme_30: another great trick!
miss_meme_30: man i love u nj!!!
miss_meme_30: lol
Fearless Leader: let me get you a link
miss_meme_30: k
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/NagaMan/-Face-Man-Grp
Fearless Leader: just look at the thumbnails on that page
Fearless Leader: see the GRID?
miss_meme_30: hold on it wont open
miss_meme_30: let me get it
mommaclara2001: I can't open them either. Freezes me up.
Fearless Leader: when starting to sculpt a face, make a grid
mommaclara2001: I remember you showing us that.
Fearless Leader: Momma, copy the link from the log here, then paste
it into a browser window, that'll keep you from freezing up.
mommaclara2001: I will try, don't think it will let me.
Fearless Leader: ok, then just watch me do a grid here on this face
Fearless Leader: ok?
mommaclara2001: Couldn't get it, but yes.
Fearless Leader: I'm going to make a grid, going from forehead to
chin, across the middle where the eyes line up. Half way up from the
eye (middle) line is the hair line. Half way down is the line for
the bottom of the nose. Half way between the bottom of the nose is
where the bottom lip happens.
Fearless Leader: Missy, you there?
miss_meme_30: i am watching!!!
miss_meme_30: lol
Fearless Leader: Rats the lighting sucks, hold on I got to get an
angle so you can see the lines. LOL
miss_meme_30: lol
miss_meme_30: i will watch bad lighting and all
miss_meme_30: looks good nj!
mommaclara2001: That is great.
perceptionsnpc: ohhhhh
miss_meme_30: she makes it look sooo easy
miss_meme_30: lol
mommaclara2001: Doesn't she?
Fearless Leader: That gives us the grid
Fearless Leader: maps out the face, there's "V"s all over the face,
between the eyebrows going down the side of the nose
Fearless Leader: then from the side of the nose to the outer corners
of the mouth
miss_meme_30: what size shaper do u use on the faces nj?
Jmouse (mejbym) joined the room
Fearless Leader: coming from the side of the head from the towards
the nose for cheek bones. Different sizes of clayshapers used, large
for rough draft like this
Fearless Leader: now let's do that again, ok?
miss_meme_30: k
Fearless Leader: roll the ball of clay up again and do the grid again
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN (shargoose) joined the room
Jmouse: ah,,
Fearless Leader: Ah, let's show off the Centaur's Hair and then go
back to sculpting a face.
miss_meme_30: k
alix: Good reference on grid might be an inexpensive life drawing
book from crafts store.
Jmouse: what have I missed?
miss_meme_30: good thinking!
miss_meme_30: we are goin to do aface!
miss_meme_30: a face
miss_meme_30: lol
Jmouse: goody
miss_meme_30: is it jean?
Shirley: Sorry yall. Got to go and feed the hubby! See ya later!
Jmouse: yes
miss_meme_30: bye
miss_meme_30: k i am learninf
miss_meme_30: learning
wyldeflwr1 left the room
mommaclara2001: Bye Shirley
perceptionsnpc: Hey I got a webcam for xmas early
miss_meme_30: nj i just explained the new hair technique to my hubby
miss_meme_30: lol
Jmouse: what is your name miss_meme?
miss_meme_30: missy
Jmouse: smile.. Hi Missy
miss_meme_30: what are u mooshin for nj?
Fearless Leader: the clay needs more conditioning
miss_meme_30: k
Fearless Leader: hold up, sorry, it is cold
miss_meme_30: thought i was forgettin something
miss_meme_30: lol
Jmouse: can we have on more than one cam at a time?
Fearless Leader: sure you can
Jmouse: how many?
Jmouse: which one am I viewing?
alix: How big is your screen?LOL
Jmouse: is that green clay I am seeing?
perceptionsnpc: yes thats mine
Jmouse: smile.. not big enough am thinkin
perceptionsnpc: making gingerbread green and yellow gumdrop buttons
Jmouse: who is doing the face, NJ or percep?
miss_meme_30: nj
mommaclara2001: NJ
Jmouse: thanks.. ...but am seeing it on percept's cam
Fearless Leader: So after you do the grid, you move the clay by
rolling the clayshaper over the clay to mound clay where you need
perceptionsnpc: move mine down
Jmouse: and how do I move it?
mommaclara2001: Click and drag
Jmouse: ahhhh.. got NJ's
perceptionsnpc: click on it and hold. drag screen
Fearless Leader: Missy, you had difficulty with mouths, start with
mounding the clay for the lips, then put the dip of the upper lip
center and under the nose.
miss_meme_30: k
mommaclara2001: perceptionpc, what is your name?
perceptionsnpc: Ginger
mommaclara2001: Thank you.
Fearless Leader: Missy, see that dip?
miss_meme_30: yep
vlady6us joined the room
Fearless Leader: now after you've mounded lip clay and made that
dip, then put in the lip separation. Hey Sandie
Jmouse: ahhhhh Ginger... and mommaclara. you are Clara?
mommaclara2001: Yes
vlady6us: hey NJ
Jmouse: and I believe you wrote me a very nice email?
mommaclara2001: Yes, I did.
Jmouse: smile.. nice to see you here...
mommaclara2001: Thank you. You too.
alix: phone brb
mommaclara2001: Wish I could do lips like that.
perceptionsnpc: wow nj so cool
Fearless Leader: Missy did you catch that lip action?
vlady6us: who is the other webcam today> and what is she making?
Fearless Leader: Let's do it again
miss_meme_30: yep
mommaclara2001: ok
miss_meme_30: i think but now if i can do it
miss_meme_30: lol
miss_meme_30: can u make the lips by adding clay if needed?
Fearless Leader: I'd rather not add clay, but roll the clay over to
where I need it, often where there is a mound next to it is an
indentation, yes?
miss_meme_30: yep
Fearless Leader: if we add clay for lips we don't have the crease
for laugh lines, or the dip we need under the lower lip and between
the chin.
Fearless Leader: if we dip under the lip, indent for the laugh line,
we move that clay to the lip area
Fearless Leader: where it needs to go
Jmouse: NJ I loved those 40 pictures of the head you did. Is it
alright to make copies in MY Computer?
Fearless Leader: you can copy anything on my sites to your machine,
there's many pictures of sculpting faces.
rjchase222 joined the room
Jmouse: haven't had time to see all of them yet... but I will.....
vlady6us: hi razma
mommaclara2001: Hi Razma
rjchase222: Hi everyone I'm tryin to eat & then I have to go out for
a bit so thot I'd sneak in & see hwats happening heehee
mommaclara2001: Are the ginger bread men, ornaments?
Jmouse: I'm going to try and sculp the Iron Maiden for my grandson
for Xmas
miss_meme_30 left the room
Fearless Leader: Lost Missy
vlady6us: bummer
Fearless Leader: Sandie and Razma, I put hair on the centaur, I'll
turn the cam to show you
Jmouse: Hi Razma
miss_meme_30 joined the room
vlady6us: ok ty nj
rjchase222: how appropriate a head/face just what I need to learn!
vlady6us: wb missy
miss_meme_30: ty
vlady6us: oh wow nj...thats a lot of hair
rjchase222: NJ did u really stay up all nite doing the hair?
vlady6us: totally awesome
Fearless Leader: Ok, the trick of the day is to make "roots" for the
hair by putting TLS on the ends of some hair and cure it
Jmouse: how did you attach the hair NJ?
Jmouse: oh?
Fearless Leader: then brake off some hair with TLS roots and imbed
them into raw clay
Jmouse: one reason I quit making dolls was because I couldn't make
the hair look like it was really 'growing' >S<
mommaclara2001: You make beautiful dolls.
Jmouse: but was there raw clay to embed it? I thought he was
alreasy 'done'
Jmouse: thanks Clara
rjchase222: jmouse I probably will quit making figures as the heads,
bodies, faces as well as the hair is one heck a challenge! :)
Fearless Leader: I put a raw clay scalp on him, much like a swimming
Fearless Leader: and then since the root is made of clay, when
embedded in raw clay and cured they fuse
Fearless Leader: never to come out, glue fails after some years,
clay will fuse with clay.
Jmouse: sounds like a plan >S<
Jmouse: I see
Fearless Leader: also witu using hair extensions we can style the
hair, I pin curled his hair and held them in place with mini bobbie
Fearless Leader: when you embed the hair like this, you can part the
hair, style it and it doesn't look like Barbie Head, ya know?
vlady6us: lol
Jmouse: yeah, tiny curlers >S<
rjchase222: Yeah NJ now I have to learn how to style hair??? I don't
even do my own its short, short, short! :)
Fearless Leader: I cracked his arm goofing with his hair, I have to
repair that
Jmouse: he is great, and looks like he likes being here with us
rjchase222: he's giving us the eye me thinks
vlady6us: lol
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
Fearless Leader: to style the hair, curl, hold the curls how ever
you can, mini bobbie pins were my pick, cover with damp paper towel
or wet gauze and then put in the oven. The steam will "set" the hair
Fearless Leader: Howdy Aunt Jude, The Centaur got Hair.
rjchase222: NJ did u really stay up all nite doing his hair???
jude: Howdy! No more Captain Picard...oh, shucks!
Fearless Leader: 1980s Glam Rock, James says
jude: Looks like it, yup!
Jmouse: I used to use pipe cleaners to make tiny curlers
perceptionsnpc: good idea mouse
Fearless Leader: he's totally "pettable", the hair can be fussed
with, that's what I like about it. Great Idea Jean.
Fearless Leader: Aunt Jude I made roots for the hair with curing TLS
on hair, look
Jmouse: well, it worked pretty good
Fearless Leader: then embed the roots into raw clay, once cured they
become ONE
jude: Does the hair actually fuse with the TLS?
Jmouse: do you do it in small clusters?
Jmouse: ah, I see
perceptionsnpc: oh. like plugs?
Fearless Leader: the TLS cures the hair in place, that's the root of
the hair, and yes I use both small sections of hair and whole Rows,
depending on what I need.
jude: Great idea.
mommaclara2001: Is it cold where any of you are, tonight?
miss_meme_30: yep here
perceptionsnpc: is here in Oklahoma
rjchase222: Its about 80 here!!!!!
mommaclara2001: It is 12 degrees here.
Fearless Leader: anyone want to see green grass and sunshine?
jude: It's been nippy here, just about freezing, but it must be
colder other places.
miss_meme_30: it's supposed to get down to 18 then on top of that we
are goin to have winds up to 20m;h
jude: Right now it's about 60.
miss_meme_30: mph even
perceptionsnpc: almost freezing here
jude: No wait, 56 is what it is.
mommaclara2001: We got snow today.
miss_meme_30: so purty nj
rjchase222: Its been hot here in sunny southern CA thats for sure!
miss_meme_30: its dark here
miss_meme_30: lol
mommaclara2001: I would like to have sun shine, and about 80 degrees.
perceptionsnpc: wow still day light there!
rjchase222: NJ I tried making a pinch pot out of the tulip type
leaves today!
jude: Can you see the ocean from your home, NJ?
miss_meme_30: nah i am ready for winter for awhile
perceptionsnpc: dark here too
Jmouse: another thing I used to do was use a needle with a
large 'eye' that I had cut off to make sort of a 'fork' and would
put a bit of hair in this 'cut eye' and embed it in raw clay.. male
Fearless Leader: From the top of the tower we can see the Pacific,
from my lower vantage point I see Lake Merced
miss_meme_30: ginger where are u at?
mommaclara2001: It is dark heretoo.
Fearless Leader: Yes I understand Jean
vlady6us: dark here too
Fearless Leader: I want to show how I embed a row of hair while
we're on the topic
rjchase222: I got to go gals got to get dwn to the Moose Lodge kids
party tonite
jude: We see mountains here, no water...sigh...:(
Jmouse: that white thing is clay?
miss_meme_30: nj how did u get it to stand up like that????
vlady6us: have fun razma
miss_meme_30: have fun raz
rjchase222: yeah not my idea of fun! :)
rjchase222: bye
rjchase222 left the room
alix: eek 34 here 23 with wind chill .. snow forecast tomorrow w/ 14
degree low
Fearless Leader: Stand up like what Missy?
Jmouse: ahhhhh god
miss_meme_30: the first pic
miss_meme_30: where u had it layin on the clay
vlady6us: 61 degrees here
Fearless Leader: the TLS hair root?
Jmouse: meant good >S<
miss_meme_30: yep
Fearless Leader: oh, let me show you
miss_meme_30: ty
mommaclara2001: This is really neat, with the hair.
Fearless Leader: I laid the hair on the tile, poured TLS over the
cut ends, had these loose ends tied up with a twistie tie
Fearless Leader: cured it
miss_meme_30: ok now i get it
miss_meme_30: duh me
miss_meme_30: lol
jude: Would you be able to just dip them into the TLS instead of
pouring it over them?
Fearless Leader: and this stuff is cured TLS
jude: Sorta like doing candles?
miss_meme_30: might not be enough on it..u think?
Fearless Leader: Jude I tried that and it got all messy
mommaclara2001: Ginger your little people are so cute.
Fearless Leader: this way we get hair roots, all the hair is
contained with the Twistie Tie
miss_meme_30: i wanna see ginger
Fearless Leader: and we can just tear off a hank of hair, with root
and embed it, makes it easier for me.
jude: Okie. Sounds good, then.
perceptionsnpc: thank you I've made dozens of them and gave them
away at church
miss_meme_30: now goin to have to start savin my
perceptionsnpc: they're pins
mommaclara2001: Are they ornaments?
vlady6us: are those gingerbread people????
jude: Will have to save some hair next time I get mine whacked off.
mommaclara2001: Oh, great.
perceptionsnpc: yes
vlady6us: thank you

Fearless Leader: Gonna send this log through the list, brb
vlady6us: ok
dahs512 joined the room
miss_meme_30: k
vlady6us: hello dahs
dahs512: lol NJ
mommaclara2001: a tree pin?
dahs512: I see hair!
perceptionsnpc: yes
dahs512: I'm on my way out to get a tree but had to see this
mommaclara2001: Those are great. What a noce idea.
vlady6us: great santa
mommaclara2001: That is not a pin, is it?
Fearless Leader: Denise, let me show you the Centaur with Hair
perceptionsnpc: ty.
dahs512: oooh cool
miss_meme_30: ginger how do i get the 'puffy' checks on the cutesy
dahs512: he is fabious
miss_meme_30: he is great nj
dahs512: as in fabio
Jmouse: NJ, which brand of liquid clay do you use? Fimo is the
dahs512: I had to see him
dahs512: It is a good color for him too
alix: Jmouse ... TLS
dahs512: is that real hair this time?
perceptionsnpc: just balls of pink clay flattened
Fearless Leader: Synthetic hair and Denise I thought of you all night
miss_meme_30: ty
dahs512: lol
Fearless Leader: I was pin curling his hair and making mini bobbie
pins to hold them in place
Fearless Leader: I covered it all with wet gauze and put him in the
oven, for the roots of the hair is cured TLS embedded into raw clay
dahs512: I have a good chunk of some bleached that I bet woulf work
even though the scale is different
Fearless Leader: the steam action set the hair
Fearless Leader: look at the TLS hair roots
dahs512: it is more pliable when bleached
dahs512: eeewwwww
dahs512: spray it!
Fearless Leader: LOL
mommaclara2001: Ginger do you put the pin backs on, after baking?
Fearless Leader: break off a hair plug and embed it into raw clay,
dahs512: Ginger, I see you are working away too
dahs512: is the tls baked?
perceptionsnpc: yes. I use tls and put the back on and cover with
dahs512: oooh, cool
dahs512: great idea!
miss_meme_30: i am goin to have to try that hair thing tonight
mommaclara2001: Ok, thanks.
Fearless Leader: whew, that's what I wanted to share with you Denise
mommaclara2001: Ok, I see. Thanks
dahs512: I made a head and used pointsettias for haiur
Fearless Leader: for we can cut, style and do a lot of stuff this way
Fearless Leader: the trick was to get a root for the hair plugs
dahs512: yes he needs a little bit of a shag
Fearless Leader: something not glue
Fearless Leader: oh he's wild and wooly, not trimmed yet
dahs512: i know, i like 'em like that too
Fearless Leader: but he got good coverage though, no scalp showing
alix: Brava, NJ
vlady6us: gotta go. see ya all later. ty nj
Fearless Leader: without curling his hair he looked like Don King,
ooooh the door, brb
vlady6us: poof
dahs512: does he have a tail?
perceptionsnpc: this one is finished and varathaned
vlady6us left the room
dahs512: that is nice Ginger
dahs512: are you extrudi ng the strings?
mommaclara2001: That is so nice , Ginger.
perceptionsnpc: ty
dahs512: the decoration so to speak?
dahs512: ah, power extruder! lolol
mommaclara2001: I have been making heart pins.
Fearless Leader: back
miss_meme_30: nj ty ty ty for taking time out again today to show us
your talents!
dahs512: Clara, right?
Fearless Leader: Oh Missy I had to find an easier way to do hair
mommaclara2001: Yes
Fearless Leader: and not use glue
miss_meme_30: well u found it!
Fearless Leader: I gotta go though, Hilda needs me
perceptionsnpc: yes lol
dahs512: getting stuff early for valentines
dahs512: ok NJ me too
dahs512: good to see you
Fearless Leader: Off to do Elder Care.
alix: Thanky you NJ
miss_meme_30: now have to incorporate this into the monkeys i am
goin to make....LOL
Fearless Leader: xoxox
mommaclara2001: No, I just like hearts.
Fearless Leader: Maybe see y'all later
perceptionsnpc: cool. want to do some next
Fearless Leader: xoxo
dahs512: i'm off for a tree

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