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2004 Holiday Marathon

12-24-04-2: Armature-Skin

Demo Stuff

09-19-03: Review of Faces and Figures

Armature, skin blends, figure sculpting, eyeball cane.


Fearless Leader: Second log, roll call please
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
alix: Great Yule to you, Shannon
Shannon: <<--West Virginia
Kat Indpls IN: Kat Frigid Indianapolis Indiana
Shannon: thanks Alix! same to you!
pasadena_cal: Sunny Southern California
DTIntermart: Doug Brooklyn. NY
Jmouse: Goodness Esther, you are up late >S<
esther_reeves: Esther, Coventry, England
Fearless Leader: I'll start on the armatures and blend up some skin
clay, if that's ok with all y'all
alix: Hi Esther
Jmouse: Jean'..Hillsborough, NC
esther_reeves: yes.. wil go soonish have some clay covere eggs in
oven so have to wait for the to cur
miss_meme_30: Missy VA
Shannon: great!
esther_reeves: see NJ has been tepting me again :)
rjchase222: Razma Fallbrook CA
esther_reeves: tempting even
DTIntermart: i gotta run going out for dinner then xmas light
viewing... Have a great holiday All!!
DTIntermart: NIGHT
esther_reeves: night
alix: bye Doug
rjchase222: Merry Christmas!! and good nite!!! :)
miss_meme_30: nite
Kat Indpls IN: Night Doug take care and have a safe holiday
Shannon: nite Doug!
Fearless Leader: Night Doug
mommaclara2001: Night Doug.
alix: Just bought my first big batch of Clay at Clay Alley ...
called Karen ... She is GREAT
pasadena_cal: Night Doug,
Rossija (rossija9) joined the room
miss_meme_30: wb mary
mommaclara2001: Clara, WV
Shannon: that's great Alix!
dtintermart left the room
Rossija: Whew! Took long enough...
Rossija: THanks, Missy!
rjchase222: Rossija do we need to glue ya down? heehee
alixnc left the room
rjchase222: what is nj goin to work on next?
alix (alixnc) joined the room
pasadena_cal: figure with an armature.
alix: Yahoo wimping out on me again X-(
Rossija: Maybe, Razma -- Hope I can stay this time!
nancy (techi_mom56) joined the room
rjchase222: O good now I will know the correct way to do an
armature! LOL
rjchase222: Tie yourself down Rossija!!!
esther_reeves: anyway that works for you is the correct way to do
it :)
nancy: quick NJ do a mom is here
rjchase222: esther I'm not sure my way is even close to "right" I
have my koi fish that I have to bake & I guess I'm a little leary
about baking it cause not sure its packed tight enough!
esther_reeves: fair enough
Fearless Leader: what a mugging?
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: that's my Home Alone Look
analog_ed2001 joined the room
Fearless Leader: Ed, welcome honey
nancy: my mom...rhoda...from the seattle area..
nancy: thanks NJ..
nancy: she was watching when you were showing the mini food
Fearless Leader: Saku's sister showed up so I had to say Merry
Christmas and hand out candy
Fearless Leader: Oh I hope she liked the mini food
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/Armature-Grp
analog_ed2001: Hello, norma this is the first time I have used IM. I
just started claying about 2 months ago. I'm in central NJ
nancy: yes she did...she makes mini food too
Fearless Leader: Hey Ed, it's Nora, no M in there, but that's ok.
You should get a Mugging too
analog_ed2001: thanks so much, eddie
clayladyinred left the room
Shannon (clayladyinred) joined the room
Fearless Leader: Welcome back Shannon.
Shannon: puter froze up!
mommaclara2001: Hi Shan
Shannon: Thanks!
Fearless Leader: Ok, I'm going to prepare the aluminum foil armature
Shannon: hi Mom!
mommaclara2001: Oh , Kat that is pretty.
alix: brb
mommaclara2001: How will you use that now, Kat?
Kat Indpls IN: its for beads i need a deeper red color have lots of
lite colored ones
pasadena_cal: Kat how did you roll that without getting the pattern
mommaclara2001: Ok. It is nice.
Kat Indpls IN: its more pulling the rolling is only to smooth the
mommaclara2001: I really like the tiny ones. That is neat how you do
Kat Indpls IN: just do it by petal then make that long and then make
your flower
rjchase222: NJ sure does make it look easy to make a figure out of
mommaclara2001: ok
Shannon: doesn't she though?
mommaclara2001: I think that NJ has strong hands. Mine never gets
that tight.
Shannon: she probably does... with all the clay work she does
esther_reeves: I'm off now. I need my bed. Luckily Dominic is to
young to be excited this year.. next year will be a different
question :)
rjchase222: I found that if I would work just one sheet of foil at a
time I could get it tight using my hands!!
Shannon: did you notice how she rolled the foil between her hands?
Shannon: nite Esther!
mommaclara2001: I can't get the arms twisted tight enough.
alix: momma try using snug rubber gloves to give you traction
Fearless Leader: got to get some food for James, it'll take 5 - 10
minutes, just heating up stuff. brb
Rossija: Night, Esther.
Shannon: ok NJ
mommaclara2001: Ok, thanks.
esther_reeves: nite all
rjchase222: Nite Esther, OK NJ
mommaclara2001: Nite Esther.
Shannon: Mom, I got mine twisted as tight as I could, then taking
another tip from NJ, I used a hammer to press it down tighter
esther_reeves left the room
Kat Indpls IN: nite Esther
mommaclara2001: Ok
mommaclara2001: Now what do you have there Kat?
Shannon: you actually could tap it a little too... but I was working
on glass... so I just pressed
mommaclara2001: That is a pretty design.
mommaclara2001: Ok, thanks, Shan.
Kat Indpls IN: just the scrap from the cane ends
mommaclara2001: Oh, I see what you are doing.
Shannon: yw
Kat Indpls IN: no clue what to do with it now though LOL
mommaclara2001: Will you use that piece, to make a bead, or what?
mommaclara2001: Cover something with it.
Kat Indpls IN: its transparent so would have to be a colored surface
first, might do a box with it
mommaclara2001: That is so pretty.
miss_meme_30: i wanna see
miss_meme_30: arent i nosey
miss_meme_30: lol
alix: Pit it in baggie until it makes up its mind.
Fearless Leader: chicken ka bobs, saffron rice, salad, pita bread
and dried dates, we're going Middle Eastern for Christmas
Kat Indpls IN: i think a small glass container would be cool
mommaclara2001: Yes it would be good for that.
mommaclara2001: NJ, your dinner sounded good too.
Kat Indpls IN: i'll have to make another sheet of it for all the
surface but that will be pretty with the candle light going through
pasadena_cal: Did you have some to eat as well NJ???
Kat Indpls IN: NJ air express some of that over here
Kat Indpls IN: course don't think the mail man has been even been
able to deliver here
pasadena_cal: Kat, how much snow do you have?
mommaclara2001: She has pictures.
Kat Indpls IN: 12 inches
Fearless Leader: Cal, I am busted, I took a bite of James' dinner,
had some cheese while heating his plate
pasadena_cal: That's not enough, you know better!!! <):)
Kat Indpls IN: pfffffffffffffffffffffffffft:-P
Kat Indpls IN: well we had 6 inches a day before that so lets see
thats 18 inches so far in 3 days no question about a white christmas
rossija9 left the room
rjchase222: I've got to go & take a quick shower so when I collapse
I can just go to bed!! Back shortly!
pasadena_cal: I am glad I don't have to shovel any just look at it
on the mountains nearby.
Kat Indpls IN: hb
meplus5kids joined the room
Rossija (rossija9) joined the room
mommaclara2001: Kat , thank you for your demo too.
alix: good thinking Pasadena I saw snow ONCE as a little girl in
Kat Indpls IN: LOL i'm not shoveling it either, went and got
groceries before it hit, not going anywhere and if we need milk
Daniel can walk a block to the gas station for it
miss_meme_30: hiya jean
miss_meme_30: wb mary
Kat Indpls IN: your welcome anytime
Rossija: Thanks, Missy.
Kat Indpls IN: you know when youv'e had the space heater on to long
when it shuts off lol had to let it cool down, didn't take very long
in this studio brrrrrr
meplus5kids left the room
meplus5kids joined the room
Kat Indpls IN: yicks going down to -6 tonight
mommaclara2001: Wow!
Kat Indpls IN: hi me plus 5 kids
meplus5kids: Hi everyone. Thiks I got it now. Kept getting kicked
Rossija: -4 here in Ohio
Kat Indpls IN: yep Frigid is right thats what they have forecast for
Christmas Day
Kat Indpls IN: yep not a time to go out, time to snuggle, cuddle,
burn the firewood and toast some marshmellows
mommaclara2001: I would of liked to have some of your snow.
Kat Indpls IN: anytime momma anytime LOL
Kat Indpls IN: Columbus Indiana got 2 feet
mommaclara2001: :)
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/Armature-Grp So we made
an aluminum foil armature, mixed white with burnt umber for a
caucasian skin color, now I'll cover the body with skin, but before
I do, are there any questions?
alix: Be careful what you wish for ... You might get it.
Kat Indpls IN: my small puppy doesnt even like to go all the way out
into the yard
mommaclara2001: Yes, I know. Have done that before.
Kat Indpls IN: okay NJ is it going to be a man or woman tonight
Rossija: The snow was pretty while it was coming down, just as long
as you were NOT driving in it.
pasadena_cal: Do you make an armature for animals the same way?
alix: Pro portion on white & umber?
Fearless Leader: both, not at once mind you, but I'm doing a male,
female and a baby
Kat Indpls IN: cool
Kat Indpls IN: brb got to check my Earth 2 download
Fearless Leader: I started out with pounds of premo, the far right
is a pound unopened
Fearless Leader: the brown I used less than the white
Kat Indpls IN: back cool still downloading, got Daniel hooked and i
did have all of the episodes video taped
Kat Indpls IN: 1/4 brown to 1/3 white looks like about
Fearless Leader: the color is sort of generic Barbie
Kat Indpls IN: lol
meplus5kids: lol
Shannon: Mom, I just got the pics uploaded if you want to see
them... everyone is invited, of course! LOL
Fearless Leader: eyeball it
Fearless Leader: mix clay in small bits and see what you get
Kat Indpls IN: NJ for those not viewing cam what colors exactly are
you using is that burnt umber
Kat Indpls IN: and just plain white or is it pearl
mommaclara2001: OK, thanks Hon.
Shannon: yw
Fearless Leader: burnt umber, white, both Premo
Fearless Leader: but mix small bits of clay together and keep track
with color cards, I'll get the link
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/ColorCard/MainGroup
Kat Indpls IN: thank you much NJ
Fearless Leader: check out this section on Skin Blends
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Canes/Skin-Blend/Blend-Skin-001
Fearless Leader: it give the proportions
meplus5kids: Where can I get pounds of premo?
Kat Indpls IN: Karen
Fearless Leader: and we get a discount
Fearless Leader: jinz Kat
Kat Indpls IN: discount for us
Fearless Leader: jinx too
Fearless Leader: LOL
Kat Indpls IN: zap
Kat Indpls IN: LMAO
Shannon: I need to order some big blocks of clay soon... I want to
get pearl and try that mermaid sheet you did... with many colors
meplus5kids: Ok, ordered from there before, just didn't look at
clays yet. Thanks
Fearless Leader: any questions so far about the aluminum foil
chelyha55 joined the room
Fearless Leader: that I didn't twist the sections, but compressed
them instead.
Shannon: it looked like you just rolled the sheet between your hands
Fearless Leader: yes, shall I show it again?
meplus5kids: Please!!!
chelyha55: is she making an armature?
mommaclara2001 left the room
Shannon: yep!
meplus5kids: yes
mommaclara2001 joined the room
chelyha55: cool
Fearless Leader: The first layer is the same on men and women
Fearless Leader: the second and third layer gets gender
Shannon: I made you freeze up, didn't I Mom? LOL sorry!
chelyha55: If anyone wants to have a look, I updated my website
mommaclara2001: Yes you did.
Kat Indpls IN: okay folks got to feed the munchkin teenager before
he dies of hunger be back later if i can
Fearless Leader: so I'll cover this armature with just the first
layer and then we can decide if it will be male or female afterward.
chelyha55: ok Kat
Fearless Leader: Ok Kat
kgedrich left the room
mommaclara2001: Bye Kat
meplus5kids: Bye Kat
Shannon: yes, I'll be right back too.... a certain little girl has
talked me into letting them open one gift tonight.... LOL be back in
a few!
chelyha55: I decided I can just sit and watch, since I've been so
busy this past month
mommaclara2001: BRB
chelyha55: plus I'm drinking champagne and that's not good for
Jmouse: I wasn't in the room when you layed the clay down....was it
in a shape or just a rectangle
Fearless Leader: I tore off the end of one sheet, nothing is
measured at this point, the sheet is pressed at the widest setting
Jmouse: okay
chelyha55: that's one of the cool things about NJ, she's not into
exact measurements
chelyha55: can you ladies see me type?
Fearless Leader: yes Cheryl
chelyha55: ok
chelyha55: no one said anything when I came on so I wasn't sure
Jmouse: what do you mean 'see you type' Cheryl?
chelyha55: I wasn't sure if you were seeing my posts
chelyha55: no one said hello or anything when I came into chat
mommaclara2001: HI Cheryl.
chelyha55: sometimes things will go wonky and someone won't be all
the way in the room
Jmouse: smile...oh, see what you mean
meplus5kids: Hi Cheryl, you said "Champagne" and it gave me an idea,
chelyha55: I just got a cheap bottle of Cooks
chelyha55: but it's Christmas Eve so what the hey
mommaclara2001: I am having cranberry juice.
meplus5kids: That's in my price range
chelyha55: 3.99
alix: Cousin called from Louisiana ... you just layering on flesh,
chelyha55: yeah I don't go for the expensive stuff
chelyha55: i wouldn't be able to tell the diff
Jmouse: I also missed where you first started with the foil NJ,,
there 'is' wire under the foil, right?
Fearless Leader: No wire
chelyha55: I got to talk to Sharon V in Tennessee last nite
Fearless Leader: just compressed sheets of alumimum foil
chelyha55: she called to let me know her package arrived
Fearless Leader: time to save log and go out and come back in, brb
Jmouse: OH?

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