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2004 Holiday Marathon

Christmas Day - Log 3 - Sculpting and THE FEAR, Traveling Kai, Starting face sculpting

Demo Stuff
Fearless Leader: Third Log and top of the hour break
Fearless Leader: I'll take questions at this point if
there are any
Fearless Leader: They found Mistletoe, so they are
kissing. LOL
meplus5kids: Like that pose the best, warm and fuzzy
Fearless Leader: I love wrapping the figures around
each other, so they can stand alone or be entwined.
dragonladyw2001: Well, I still have the rest of the
weekend to work, and a four day weekend coming up next
weekend. Maybe I'll just do it.
dragonladyw2001: Figure out some way to do some
sculpting. Do you do critiques? :)
Fearless Leader: Beth, I know THE FEAR. James had to
get "serious" with me to start doing figures. He felt
I was just being a "wuss" not to start.
Fearless Leader: All I can do is be here for you in
Demo. If you have a webcam I'll watch or see what
you've done. You can take pictures of your process and
put them in an epson album.
dragonladyw2001: <working up courage in Tampa>
dragonladyw2001: Thanks, NJ.
Fearless Leader: Oh sweetie, I know what you're
feeling. You got a topic, you got THE FEAR. I'm here
to hold your hand while you jump over THE FEAR.
dragonladyw2001: What did you do to get over it?
Fearless Leader: Ever see or read "Dune" Fear is the
mind killer... we let the fear pass over us and after
it goes only we remain.
dragonladyw2001: Yes.
alix (alixnc) joined the room
Fearless Leader: I realized that my difficulty is
everyone's difficulty. I realized that only God and
the Angels are perfect.
Fearless Leader: Merry Christmas Pamela
Fearless Leader: shall we do roll call?
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
dragonladyw2001: Beth, Tampa
connie_flying: Connie - in Reno NV
Rossija: Mary, Ohio
meplus5kids: Jean in New Orleans
alix: Merry Christmas NJ (((hugs))) and all
pasadena_cal: Cal in Sunny balmy (mentally) CA
esther_reeves: Esther, Coventry, England
Fearless Leader:
Biz-Archive/LEXX-Home/LEXX-001a All
these LEXX characters were my first sculpting efforts.
If you go through these you see how I struggled, had
disasters, started again. Want to see another Kai
figure that came out ok?
Rossija: sure
dragonladyw2001: Absolutely.
alix: Alix in Hickory NC (I'm taking Pamela out of web
Fearless Leader: Ok Alix, will remember that
Fearless Leader: This is my Traveling Kit for Baron
Von Kai
Fearless Leader: a bit of a wreck, hold on, dropped
stuff on the floor
alix: Is that leopard print cloth or clay?
Fearless Leader: this is a cloth covered box
Fearless Leader: HAD to get it for my traveling Kai
alix: Great looking
Fearless Leader: now this Kai is anatomically correct
Fearless Leader: thought I'd warn folks right now
Fearless Leader:
dragonladyw2001: woohoo.
Fearless Leader: his hair is a mess, you'll have to
excuse him, he didn't expect to be seen
Rossija: lol
Fearless Leader: now do you want to see him nude? I
ask ahead of time so folks don't have heart attacks.
dragonladyw2001: I go to life drawing classes once a
month. No heart attack here.
Fearless Leader: his clothing is cloth, hand sewn, his
legs are fused so his boot and pants are Uniboot,
Jackie: Merry Christmas all and thanks for the visit.
Bye for now
ljcswartz left the room
Fearless Leader: cam froze again, how weird
Fearless Leader: ok, there it goes
dragonladyw2001: Must have been LEXX's bod. LOL
Fearless Leader: he was based on the Motley Fool where
you can shake him and everything flings about
Fearless Leader: lol
meplus5kids: lol
alix: Exactly what is LEXX?
Fearless Leader: It's a TV series, came from Canada,
SciFi comedy with sexual overtones
alix: Oh TY
Fearless Leader:
alix: Ever done a Tom Baker Dr. Who?
Fearless Leader: On that page you see me smoozing with
the cast and crew, I went to Halifax to get permission
to use the characters for teaching.
dragonladyw2001: Tom Baker is my favorite of that
series. Haven't watched it in a long tim.
Fearless Leader: Never did that. Arnold Vosloo who
played Imhoptep in "The Mummy" movies. Jean Luc
Picard. Bruce Willis
Fearless Leader: love them bald guys
dragonladyw2001: Apparently. LOL
dragonladyw2001: Although Vosloo is pretty good to the
Rossija: So's Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc.
alix: You do such fab noses
Fearless Leader: I love distinctive noses.
meplus5kids: NJ, got the tutes on hands & feet, but
what about making lips? Got the nose and eyes down,
but can't seem to get the mouth
Fearless Leader: Imhotep as MerDude: Arnold Vosloo as
a MerMan
alix: Does everyone know there's a new Dr. who
production due out in 2005?
dragonladyw2001: TV or movies?
Fearless Leader: There's different mouth efforts, let
me get you the sculpting links
Fearless Leader:
esther_reeves: who is the Doctor?
alix: TV I think ... original bit I saw was a BBC
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: All the figures done will have
something on working the around the mouth area.
meplus5kids: Thanks, just saved them all.
Fearless Leader: We could review doing a mouth right
now if you wish.
dragonladyw2001: That would be helpful.
meplus5kids: Thanks, that would be great
alix: Sure :D
meplus5kids: Got a face going right now and the
lips(mouth) looks like kinda funny
Fearless Leader: full sized? So you can see or small
size that you'll be working on with your figures?
Fearless Leader: we got to do Joseph and Mary's faces
meplus5kids: I'm working with small size right now,
but whatever everyone else wants is fine
Fearless Leader: ok, let's work on Joseph and Mary.
We'll start with Mary's face, how's that?
dragonladyw2001: I'm thinking of starting on smaller
figures so whatever would be appropriate to learn
dragonladyw2001: Have at it.
stargazer_sbpcg joined the room
Fearless Leader: Merry Christmas Jean
stargazer_sbpcg: Merry Christmas to you and yours,
Nora Jean! :)
meplus5kids: Hi Jean
stargazer_sbpcg: Hi Jean! :)
dragonladyw2001: Merry Christmas, Jean.
stargazer_sbpcg: merry Christmas Dragon! ;)
dragonladyw2001: :)
stargazer_sbpcg: happy holidays to all! :)
stargazer_sbpcg: why is the body wrapped in plastic?
meplus5kids left the room
Fearless Leader: ok, I'm going to draw something here
on cam to review the face grid. Jean, the plastic is
so the body is protected while we sculpt the face.
Also so the arms and legs don't get stuck to each
other or the body while we handle her for face
alix: warning ... goblins who have taken over the
Brian Froud site ar planning Poxing Day
stargazer_sbpcg: ahh... Thanks!! (*)
meplus5kids joined the room
dragonladyw2001: Oh, dear. Is there anything that we
can do?
stargazer_sbpcg: wb jean
Fearless Leader: ok, I'm going to draw something here
on cam to review the face grid.
stargazer_sbpcg: k
meplus5kids: Sorry about that, keep getting kicked out
Fearless Leader: no harm, no foul, no sorry needed
alix: Don't know, but bre careful about visiting the
Fearless Leader: ok, this is the face grid.
Fearless Leader: eyes are one EYE WIDTH apart
Fearless Leader: faces are 5 eye widths wide
Fearless Leader: the bottom of the nose is half way
from the center eye line to the chin
Fearless Leader: bottom of the nose is about one eye
width wide
Fearless Leader: the bottom of the lower lip is half
way between the chin and the bottom of the nose
stargazer_sbpcg: looks like an alien pic like it is
now... :)
Fearless Leader: the sides of the mouth are one eye
width distance from the side of the nose going outward
stargazer_sbpcg: <<==has a wild imagination... :)
alix: oh criminy ... excuse interruption
stargazer_sbpcg: i'll pass...
Fearless Leader: there's a pentagon around the mouth,
it is the under the nose, from the sides of the nose
to the outer edges of the mouth and the under the
lower lip, this is key to sculpting mouths
stargazer_sbpcg: cool, nj
Fearless Leader: now there are "V" shapes on the face
that are key to sculpting
Fearless Leader: now I'll show you all that in clay,
anyone need to use the loo or refill their coffee cup
meplus5kids: Coffee break,
Fearless Leader: ok, let's take 10 minutes and do our
Fearless Leader: I'll send the log through before the
top of the hour since we're taking a break. brb

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