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Factoid Haven:

What's going on? 

What the heck is Polymer Clay?

What do I need if I'm new to clay and minis? Find it here. 

NoraJean Blog2  This is the latest blog, "The Rebuild". I had two blogs. One for rambling and another for design. Both got hacked. I had a copy of the design blog and lost the rambles. Ah well, such is life.


Updated 09-29-2009:

For those who have difficulty with my site or following the tutorials

The first three years of running the clay list, the early steps on my clay journey can be found at.....

The older the web section the more basic the discovery. All newer creations build on what was discovered years ago, that's why there are links to the older section in new sections.

For current projects you can look at


Monthly Highlights if you want to search for projects by season, e.g. October for Day of the Dead projects.

What this website was intended for in the beginning:

This site was to supplement the Demos done for CITY-o-Clay. You won't  find step by step tutorials in all cases on this website. Sometimes you do and those times will be when the technique was not explored in a webcam demo.

Webcam demos have been on hiatus and when they will resume hasn't been determined. For more detail on why there are no free webcam demos currently.   When they do resume you can prepare by reading what is on the page following this next link.

Overview of the City-o-Clay Demo with Yahoo Messenger

Some handy links:

For all those who are new to polymer clay and need the process to be demystified.  

Mini Clay FAQ You do minis but polymer clay is new to you, read on. 

What the Heck is Polymer Clay Anyway?  Chemical analysis, comparison between other clays. Links to articles for safety.

Combo Tutes

You'll be able to find links to specific topic indexes, like the  Food Index or the Flower and Leaf Index. Sculpting, PenPals, Tricks that are new to me, all these will be linked in Combo Tutes. 

Food Index: 

Flower and Leaf Index

New Projects Index I was going to use that page to support Newbie Box Swap Topics. Since mid 2007 I have not updated that page because of family problems.

Monthly Highlights  One thumbnail and all the text links sorted by months going back to August 2003. 

WebCam Index For how to get to our free Yahoo Messenger Chat for Demos, when they resume. Demo Stuff Random odds and ends made in Demo.

Generic Rants: text based nattering.

  1. Ramble Index

  2. Review Index Pages that have thumbnails and links to a specific topic, e.g. mini food.

  3. Current Rants

  4. Bonsai Trailer Court Short stories I wrote over the years, some for a Creative writing class at SFSU in 1983.


See my teacher's page at Polymer Clay Central it explains why I do what I do, with the CITY-o-Clay list and this site. See our group effort the Halloween Wreath

Check what's new in the Monthly Highlights  and Combo Tutes pages and figure those are still available. Help the site by buying some of the things made while teaching. 

05-28-09 NoraJean-Designs is an e-commerce section that's still in draft format.  I'll put an announcement here when I hang my virtual shingle. 

San Francisco recent earthquake map from the United States Geology Survey. For my own convenience, nice to check if it's a real shaker or I'm just shivering from the foggy cold.

For earthquakes around the world go to this link...


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