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Highlights Index November 2009

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

11/28/09 - Since I'm doing wet sanding and finishing items I thought I'd share  Thanksgiving Left Overs , most specifically...

Sandwich Earrings, the quick How To on making a sandwich. Take your mini food to go by making your mini food into beads. 

Since most of you are eating left over turkey sandwiches about now.

11/25/09: This is the Thanksgiving post I sent to the Yahoo Groups I host with other volunteers. I wanted to wish the visitors of this website a Happy Thanksgiving and could think of no better way than to give to the public what I give to the members of CITY-Lists.


I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. For those who are not in America and/or are not observing the holiday I want to send you happy vibes.

There are many things I am thankful for and being a volunteer for the Yahoo Groups that make up CITY-Lists is a big part of that which I am thankful for. One might think, "Well why should you be thankful when you're doing the volunteer work?" That's easy, because it is rewarding to be part of great Moderator Teams helping folks in what ways we can.

Over the last decade I've been able to witness group members blossom as creative individuals, finding their own style and personal voice in art. I've been able to witness shy newbies who started out with one line replies and go on to write full-on rambles about things they feel strongly about. Witnessing the birth of writers is a big part of what I am thankful for in volunteering for these groups.

I am thankful for all the volunteers who have agreed to conduct Yahoo Groups that are nurturing, inclusive, and safe for the group members. I am thankful for the Founding Sisters who helped form the foundation of CITY-Lists and create the guidelines that all the volunteers agree to before signing on to help with the groups.

I am thankful for the group members who participate and who abide by our guidelines, helping create the communities that our groups have become.

I am thankful for the good fellowship I find in our groups. Most of CITY-Lists Yahoo Groups are focused on creative activities: "Creative Indulgence Totally Yours" is what CITY stands for. A lot of new members might not know that. Being creative involves a lot of alone time. Being an artist often means being hurtled into the jaws of obscurity and poverty in an accelerated pace. Good fellowship is key to the artist who often works alone, is sometimes filled with self doubt, is often in need of tips and techniques, and sometimes needs other things like books and supplies. The volunteers of CITY-Lists has made effort over the years to "be there" for the creative individual, giving a virtual hand to hold while the group member is finding themselves as an artist.

It is an honor to be one of the hands held out in good fellowship to the group members. It is not a burden or a bother, but a delight.

I know it will be fairly quiet during the next few days, but it would be fun for those who have the energy to share pictures of their family gatherings, or pop in to say "Oh I am sooo full and the pumpkin pie came out great!" and let us share your festivities.

As for our house hold, we're going vegetarian this year because my old friend Charlie, who is a vegetarian, is coming to break bread with us. We've done this many times before over the last 30 years and I tell you true, I do not miss cooking a huge turkey. We're having spaghetti squash with Italian seasoning and Parmesan cheese, breaded stuffed deep fried mushrooms with Ranch dressing (Yum), corn muffins, pumpkin pie and banana bread. I'm sure there's going to be other things on the table but that's the basics of the meal I'm planning. It will be nice to see my old friend and watch him eat. Vegetarians are so neglected on Thanksgiving. ;-)

So, here's a hearty Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate and for those who do not have this as a tradition in their life because they live in different countries, we are still thankful for you being with us here in the CITY-Lists group family.

11-18-2009 Silver Leaf Done:

Necklaces, pins, earrings, finger rings, covered tin and a pen, most were made from the scraps from the 11-04-2009: Silver Leaf Cane

11-08-09: I changed the name of the Chop index from 2005-Index to "New-Index" because I started the new chop page in 2005 and kept on adding things to it for the next four years. There is the first chop index in the Biz-Archive that have experiments up to 2003, when I merged the two websites together to save money.  Over 400 pages were supposed to be updated with the page name change. Let's hope that automatic process actually works. This is just an update on web changes.

11-07-09: Rebuilding "MizKoshka's old Area51/Shadowlands Site: Work from around 1999" GeoCities website.

how to hinge an egg is the first section to be rebuilt

The rest of my first website will be being rebuilt but not all at once. This section was rebuilt because a new ClayMate, Suzy, asked if anyone experienced Sculpey discoloring when it was cured. I said, "I have pictures." and it took me two hours to rebuild this section. That's enough for my Saturday night.

11-04-2009: Silver Leaf Cane and the making of a Leaf Bead

 Scrap Index - 5: Somehow when I'm faced with the last of the scraps from a run like this I end up making things I find I like the most. I should only work with scraps then.

11-04-2009: Silver Leaf Cane and the making of a Leaf Bead

Four indexes, breaking down the process into steps that can be used for other projects: Jelly Roll Blend, UnCut Separation sheet, Chevron Flip, and Sandwich Bead.

11-02-2009: Tongues of Fire Tear necklace

This is the first necklace made with the new Variations on the Tongues of Fire beads. The tear shaped beads are the ones I've been having to wet sand individually.

Day of the Dead efforts from Past Years

Nov. 2nd, Milly is taking me to the Mission Cultural Center to celebrate Dia de los Muertos.

That's the link. Now I'm really excited about that. I can't wait. I can taste the hot chocolate and pan de muertos already. One would think I'm Mexican with how excited I get about Day of the Dead. I must have been Mexican in a past life or something, or it is an effect of living in California, or being related to the Martinez family for decades. I don't know but I love tamales.

I already told the family that I want a tortilla press for Christmas and they can get it for me early if they want. LOL

Day of the Dead just lends itself to polymer clay and miniatures. There's always a miniature display at the exhibit at the Mission Cultural Center and the young people in the art classes there make things for their personal oferendas.

So anyway, that's what's going on here at the old ranchero, not all that much into Halloween but am chomping at the bit for Dia de los Muertos.


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