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Highlights Index March 2010

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

March 2010 Why there are no new tutorials on my website and why I have not been active on CITY-o-Clay, looking for a Website Designer, 03-05-2010: UFO Pinch Pots, Still Looking Up At The Stars, Astrology Services ,  pendants from 10-03-09

03-28-2010: Why there are no new tutorials on my website and why I have not been active on CITY-o-Clay.
03-12-2010: A question about looking for a Website Designer came up at CITY-CraftBizAdvice. Does an artist or craftsperson need a website or would a blog suffice if linked to Etsy or ArtFire? Are websites "so 5 minutes ago" or should they be joined with a blog that drives traffic to the site? These and other thoughts are pondered in the post.  The Basket Seller figurine came to mind for our "for sales" section of our websites and blogs are just other stalls in the online bazaar. How do we hawk our wares is the question of the day. 
03-05-2010: UFO Pinch Pots UFO Pinch Pots "un-finished objects" are UFOs for CITY-o-Clay. The month of March we are determined to get one project finished per week. Here are my wet sanded pinch pots that have been neglected too long.
Still Looking Up At The Stars blog post about the resurgence of astrology in my life and how that will or will not impact ClayMates, this website, or CITY-o-Clay.
03-03-2010: UFOs (un-finished objects) Kay in South Africa has given the ClayMates the nudge to get one neglected project done each week this month. I've been focused on my Astrology Services  so much I do have UFOs on my work table. The pendants from 10-03-09 needed wet sanding and a splash of a finish (discount acrylic floor polish). Pendants also tie into the Swap of "Regional Pendants" that Julie has going on. For more along this line come join us at CITY-o-Clay.
03-03-2010: The CITY-o-Clay swap is focused on "regional pendants". What is iconic in your area? In San Francisco it's the Golden Gate Bridge or the Pagoda roof tops of China Town. SueW's Texas DIY cookie cutter tutorial needs to be reposted since we're going regional.

09-02-09: Don't mess with Texas DIY Cookie Cutter by Sue: Informative and she's funny to boot. Can't lose with that combo.

03-03-2010: Totally boring Tech Geek To-Do List

The FrontPage theme astrology section has been removed and replaced by the b2evolution multi-blog Astrology Services.  FrontPage themes used in subsites like BH4DO , all the photo "gallery" sections, and the CITY-Lists web sections have to be changed to a format that the newer browsers can view best. Until that's done view these FrontPage theme subsites in Internet Explorer. Random ramblings.

NoraJean Design Blog:  nattering about the artistic process. (Draft)


03-01-2010: These sections will be going through a metamorphosis: being blended together, changed to b2evolutions format, reworked so newer browsers can view them better.

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