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Highlights Index 2011-08: 8-28-11-NJ-Site-YT-Index a whole bunch of new polymer clay videos covering colors, tools, basic how to, conditioning, blend, jelly roll, the "dreaded chevron flip", making leaves, face mold impression and a whole lot more. Just the beginning of the new phase of tutorials that will be videos.

08-20-11: That is the logo that will be at the beginning and end of my polymer clay YouTube videos. It has been four years since I uploaded any videos to AuntyAlias's YouTube Channel. I held off because my hardware was crappy. My software didn't scale up with my new computer three years ago. Then I went through the divorce. Now that my son bought me new hardware and software I am able to create new polymer clay oriented videos for my ClayMates. For now the videos are embedded on the home page and in the Monthly Highlights.  I intend to also embed the videos in the web sections where they are most relevant. You know how I run things here: belt, suspenders and safety pins. Thank you all for being so patient while I ramp up my tech.


Not being happy with the eyelid on Leaf Cane Kai face impression I used the leaf cane his face was made of and reduced the cane down to eyeball size. The resulting eyelids are much nicer.


8-31-11- Kai Gets Eye

Continuing with the Leaf Cane – face mold impression. Giving Kai and eye. A review of the 4/24/03 Eyeball Iris tutorial. Then using 8 year old Premo eyeball iris cane and putting it in a very small eye on the Kai face.



This video is for the index page of the YouTube section on my website. The link to that page will be in the video.

I'm making effort to organize the videos in a way that would make it easier for the ClayMates to find what they are looking for. Sort of like a PlayList here at YouTube but with links to other relevant tutorials and a larger space for me to write.




Using the 3 cane chop, make small natasha beads and fiddle with them until they are round. I figured since I was up keeping track of Hurricane Irene might as well show this quick trick. It took about 10 minutes to do but that's with slowing down for explanation. You can do this technique a whole lot faster, I'm sure.



Miniaturists can use the same cane as other clayers. They just make different things with them. Four slices of leaf cane can make a vase for a dolls house or room box. Also shown is a review of the pinch pot. Both techniques can be used to make hollow beads for beaders.



OGD means "of grave disappointment". Cutting cane slices of leaves and pressing them to a green sheet to be the back on the 3 cane chop pendant didn’t come out as I had so ardently hoped. So what’s a clayer to do? The next video will show you.


OGD means "of grave disappointment". What to do with a Pendant OGD? Chop it up and see if you can salvage the clay. Just as there is not plan there cannot be any failure. When a reporter asked Thomas Edison how did it feel to go through 1,000 failures before he invented the electric light bulb Edison replied, “The electric light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”

So when you’re faced with a cane of grave disappointment or a pendant for that matter…chop and toss and see what else you can do with the clay. 



Chop and Toss video #2: Using the 10 year old face cane I made of ClayChik, some 2 year old "Five Acres of Fear" cane I made for my son's friend's band, and the tacky new leaf cane we chop, toss, make "natasha" beads, and a quick pendant. The more complex the cane the more complex the chop will be.


8-26-11-Chop-Toss 001: face & leaf cane

Chop and Toss video #1: Using a 10 year old face cane of fimo and chopping it up and mixing it with chopped fresh leaf cane. How to make a quick double sided pendant. How to make a "natasha" bead.




Shaping the leaf made with the “Dreaded Chevron Flip” seen in 

Forming a small leaf and then a big leaf.

Showing the web section that uses the exact same leaf cane plus a face mold.

Using the Kai 3/24/04 face mold, showing how one leaf slice can be placed in the face mold to make an interesting “tribal” face.



The "Dreaded" Chevron Flip is what Razma calls this technique.

First I make a "sandwich of green surrounding pearl and press a long ribbon.

Then I take the jelly roll blend from the Easy Breezy Blend Video  

and reduce it to lengthen the cane, flatten it with a rolling pin so it's a "fat ribbon".

The "sandwich" sheet is laid over it and trimmed.

Then the fat ribbon is sliced into sections and stacked.

The stacked sections are cut on a diagonal and one side is flipped to make the chevron.

The sandwich ribbon is used for a center vein and a surround sheet.

All is reduced for the first slice by the end of the video.



Giving Judith Skinner credit for the Skinner Blend I take it in a different direction, rolling, twisting, and pressing only a half dozen (or so) times for the Easy Breezy Blend.


8-21-11-Quick Mix with a Food Processor

Showing how to mix colors with a food processer, doing the "taffy pull", how to press a sheet, all in less than 5 minutes. You too can prep your clay this fast.




Before you start working with polymer clay you must warm it up and then condition it. I speak only for Premo because that’s the brand of polymer clay that I use.





Screen captures of examples of things mentioned in “Tools Deux”

From the websites of: DeniseS’s Neo from ‘The Matrix: Reloaded’ and her use of Black Liquid Sculpey to make his dark sun glasses. Totally cool.


The second video on Tools: Translucent Liquid Sculpey™, Wet/Dry sandpaper, floor polish, Kemper™  tools, Alley Goop™ and texture sheets. There's more but you'll have to watch the video. I'll be following up with an addendum to this video with a screen capture video of things mentioned here. That's clear as mud, eh?


AuntyAlias's webcam video August 19, 2011 07:04 PM

I want to thank my subscribers for being so patient. I know there has been no new videos since I stopped doing webcam demos for CITY-o-Clay.

My son bought me new hardware and software so now I'll be doing polymer clay tutorial videos until the wheels fall off of the bus.



This is the first new video for polymer clay tutorials since I started this YouTube channel. Thanks to my son I have new equipment and video editing software, bless his heart.

This video will review the tools I use.  and Karen Rhodes is where I get my all of my clay and most of my tools.  is where you can find over a gigabyte of free polymer clay tutorials.  The Yahoo Group I host with a dozen volunteers, serving the polymer clay community since 1999.


8-19-11: A review of the 11 colors I used to mix all the colors I need. It used to be an even dozen but I can’t find raw sienna in my clay stash. Anyway, with 11 colors you can mix everything you could possibly need for mini food, sculpting figures, making faux gem stones, you name it you can mix it.

But how to you keep track of those mixes? You make “Color Cards”. I will show you my color cards and there is a link below to the web section that reviews it in text and digital pictures. Join me and the other ClayMates for good fellowship while you get a grip on your clay.


8-11-11: Click here for the links that went into the preparation of the show, USA's birth chart, and when the show is over the chat log.

Cheryl welcomes Nora Jean Stone, Astrologer from the bay area of California as they talk about Saturn in Libra, Part 2. How is Saturn in Libra affecting the United States, as a whole and it's government? Join us in the chat room for this insightful hour! "Discover Your Path as a Spiritual Practitioner From Your Unique Numerical Vibration!"


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