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Review of Mini Food

02-06-06: This was to help the ClayMates with the Mini Food Newbie Box Swap.


There are two mini food sections:

Biz-Archive/food/Diner-Grp.htm The items on this page are the earliest experiments with mini food, like Mexican Food.

and The items on this page were made from 2003 to 2006.

<January 20-21-2006: Mini Food Demo, Some of the ClayMates have made "short orders" for the mini food demo this next week end.

Just throwing my two cents in here....I wouldn't mind seeing a turkey with potatoes with butter melting over the opened potato heh  and even the table settings, plates, silverware, glasses...even some cooking pots and pans  heh  the list could go on



Pizza and Rice and Everything nice

Pizza with Toppings
Screen shots of making pizza in demo.

Trick with pizza is to make the topping separate and cure the bits. I dug out an old picture and put it on a page for you...


03-10-03-TacoLog-2 Demo Log Building Tacos Incrementally



More Mexican Food in the Mexico Index.

Baked potato with butter:
Melted butter is yellow clay mixed with a LOT of TLS and then drizzled over a baked potato. Baked potato is a bulls eye cane with white on the middle and brown on the outside, cut off a length and pinch the ends, cut open and stipple with a knife edge add butter. There's mini baked potatoes in this web section.


Mold Dish Experiment Pressing dishes from cane slices pressed with a double sided mold. 

Leopard Dish Set

Pots and Pans

Silver clay straight out of the pack, circles and
rectangles, you got pots and pans.

This will be the start of our Menu for next week end's

I don't have a turkey but Toasty Top makes a good
glaze on one. We can make a turkey in demo.



Can we do some fancy pastries and cakes too!?!?!?! Like decorated Petite Fours, Wedding cake....fru fru stuff!


Get pictures of the type of items you want to see done. Upload those food pictures in an (update) Flickr album.

Everyone who has mini food cravings we start with pictures of the real food and use that as a guide. So if anyone has mini food desires. I got to see a picture of it first. Google for images, save those images to your computer and load them into Epson, send the invite here so we can see what your heart desires.

In the mean time check these links.



Oh now I got a sweet tooth. It's all your fault Mona.




Mona uploaded some pictures and here's my reply.


Premo Burnt Umber looks just like chocolate, straight out of the pack.

Petite Fours are layered clay, topped with TLS mixed with a touch of color, chocolate curled, what is that called when a thin layer of chocolate is laid down on marble and then scraped up so it curls? Anyway the technique is the same with polymer clay. Smear some chocolate on a tile real thin and then scrape up with a razor and add to the top of the Petite Fours.

Fondant is done with making the cake base with cured clay. Then take a sheet of clay for the Fondant and stretch it over the cured cake. The sheet of clay acts just like the Fondant. It's really easy.

Then decorate the Fondant covered cake with what ever pretty things you want. Draping Fondant is done with pressing clay sheets thin and dusting the back side and then adjusting the drapes as you want them. Attach
to the cake with a thin layer of TLS.

Premo Sienna looks like milk chocolate, straight out of the pack. Decorating candies can be done with thin snakes of clay or with TLS mixed with clay color.

I'm still working on making a mini frosting bag so we could do flowers and leaves, garlands and other things like the real Bakers do.


Debbie asked about translucent clay and TLS (Translucent Liquid Sculpey) and what other uses are there for these things.

Here's some uses for translucent clay.


some of my favorites are...
AKA Goofing around with translucent clay.

pressing citrus slices on black.

I use translucent where ever mini food calls for water.

Check the link above for some examples.


Translucent liquid sculpey mixed with clay for color makes whipped cream, sauces, gravy and glaze for donuts.


Solid Translucent mixed with clay color makes juice. The pitcher is the juice, the juice is the pitcher, it's zen that way.

Ice is made with translucent, pearl and glow in the dark.



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