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What to do with "Primitive" Canes?

Talking about first efforts and how they don't always
turn out as we desire there's a thing I do with canes
of grave disappointment and I chop them up and mix
them, then see the mirror images it makes.

This African Mix was my first major chop and toss. All
the canes of grave disappointment that had an African
feel got chopped up and the niftiest things were made
with it.

The Printie, the Afro Box printie, it's just a picture
of one of the pendants from this group, copied and
pasted into the pattern.

So Bonsai Kathy, I did that Afro Printie many moons
ago, this section is from 2002, so around then the
printie was done. I've not recycled this album for a
long time.

So if you're new to Raising Cane, and your results are
less than satisfying, chop it up with glee. Chop it up
and then give it a toss in the air like you just don't
care. Compress the air out, no twisting or stretching,
slice two slices and open like a book, what do you

For those who are new to half rounds ... Jewelers new
to Raising Cane,  you can layer the chop in a half
circle, cut two slices, open for the mirror image and
it's in the round with the top layer of chop going
around the whole disk. Make it a pendant, put it on a
pin, here's the link

When you open the page there's links to all the
different cane designs that went into this half round
chop loaf.

Much under utilized trick for new Cane Raisers.

Chopping up cane, especially cane of grave
disappointment is GREAT THERAPY. The mirror images the
Rorschach test of clay.

It's one of my favorite things to do with cane that
wasn't cooperative. Oh you didn't come out like I
wanted? Well, I'll get even with you unwieldy cane!
Chop Chop and toss toss, there, now you know who's
boss at this work table.

For more on this chop obsession check the three
different sections regarding chop

I told you I'm obsessed with this technique. Or one
could surmise there was a LOT of cane I raised that
didn't live up to my expectation so it went to the
chopping block.

That's more like it.

The middle link, the bead index, that's taking three
years of trim and cane ends and seeing how many beads
all of it would make. I went for 6 months, those who
were on the list at that time were more than
indulgent. Now I can just go to these links and share
it with you new folks and the old folks go...

man I'm glad she got over doing just chop


So if you make a cane that made you cry. Chop it up,
those tears will be replaced with wide eyed amazement.

Yup, it will.





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