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October 2019
Current Rants
11-01-19-OF-PinWheel-Pt1PinWheel Tongues Of Fire Cane - Part 1
This is the first part of a cane tutorial using Tongues Of Fire colors of white, yellow, red, and black. I make a pinwheel. Then it is cut into 4 sections. One section is left whole, two sections are cut in half, and one section is cut into fourths.

I am showing still pictures with 5 seconds of narration for each picture and that was a learning experience. In real time the cane construction took about an hour.
This video shows just how easy it is to take a new cane, chop it up, toss it like egg salad, and make natasha beads.

I used new Tongues of Fire cane that I made with rejuvenated polymer clay.
10-31-19-Chop-Snake-Beads10-31-19:Chop-Snake-Beads Video and links to the necklaces I show in the video that use the the Snake and Chop and Toss Natasha beads technique.
10-31-19-ChopWeb-Review10-31-19: Web Review of Chop

A tour of the Chop Sections of my website.
10-30-19-Camera-Set-Up10-30-19: Camera Set Up
A behind-the-scenes look at the camera set up that I used to film the YouTube videos.
10-20-19-TOF-WebPageVIdI forgot I shot this video reviewing pages on this site that featured Tongues of Fire.

10 20 19 Tongues of Fire WebPages
10-30-19: Tongues of Fire Tear Bead

The video is 22 minutes long because I make the cane and then the TOF Tear Bead in real time.
NJ-YT-Logo-10-29-1910-29-19- Saved by Baby Oil

Video - Evidence that baby oil is one of the cheapest and most effective products to use to rejuvenate old crumbly polymer clay.
10-29-19-TOF-3TearsThm10-29-19: First Efforts With Old Clay - First efforts with making Tongues of Fire beads with the rejuvenated old polymer clay. I tried three different products and you'd be surprised to learn which one worked the best.

10 15 19 Mash Old Hard Polymer Clay: Discovering that year old neglected polymer clay is very resilient... and pliable.  


10-14-19-COC-RTP-OldHardClay-logoHow to soften Hard Polymer Clay Part 1

Link to the Video and the contents of the description on the video in YouTube.

And what my son calls "sit down" comedy.
10-13-2019 - Return to polymer clay - what's going on? What's the plan?

Rejuvenating old clay to be chronicled in a YouTube play list and on this site as photos.

First Cane to be revisited will be the Brown Rose Cane.
10-14-2019-Start-Tools-thm10-14-2019  - Carving a space to clay

To clay one needs a space carved out, doing the rubic's cube shuffle of stuff. Some thoughts of "the plan" of the Rose Cane.
10-10-19: ClayMates: I had my son drag out my polymer clay supplies so I can access them. I woke up with the desire to make some thing. Don't know what. I have a lot of uncured items that have been in storage for years. I don't know if my supplies are usable but I have a feeling they could be if mixed with Liquid polymer clay. We'll see.

Response to a request to post photos of my new creations I replied:

 "I'm planning on posting tutorials and videos of my return to polymer clay. I'll post them here on FB. I woke up with the desire to make little "Book Pins" merging polymer clay with my writing process. There were tutorials on how to put polymer clay covers on note books. I'm reading Harry Potter for the first time and the Book of Monsters just tickled me."

I will post photos and videos to this website, my polymer clay YouTube channel, and my FB Page focused on art and writing.

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