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01-25-04: The Trick of Shaving Waves.

Below is a  post to the MSATClayArt list with the debriefing of the experiment done in Demo yesterday.

01-28-04: WaveShave-Tute-Index 

Wave Shave Close Up Index


07-26-09: Shaved Wave Overlap. Continuation of the Shaved Wave technique, using the clay that was shaved off and layering it on sheets that have been shaved and pressed. Check the Shaved Wave Close up section to see the How-To, picture 4 especially.




WaveShave-Done Covering Tins. 

This post was to the clayart group before pictures and tutorials were put up.

01-25-04: The Trick of Shaving Waves.

There's two tricks to this technique. First is to layer colors, press 2-3 sheets at the same time, slice and stack and press again. Second is to stamp the layered sheet and shave off the top layers of colors. 

Done with two colors and one stamp and shave is the rectangle on the tin.

Done with three colors and more than one stamp-shave-press routine made the background on the tin. 

This is the ultimate surface technique for when you wetsand what you see will change. The sanding will reveal other color layers as you tweak out on it.

I don't have the other pictures up yet, but this last effort shows the range of design possibilities. Also the rectangle hides the seam made with the sheet tearing on me when I was applying it to the tin top. I had backed it with two pieces of clay, didn't secure the seam, pressed and it left a weak area. 

If we planned that we'd be smart. Since we can see we can plan such rips turns lemons into lemonade. Admitting this rectangle is a Bandaid lets new clayers know there is such a thing as a "save" when unexpected things happen. Yikes! Save..., hmmm, not bad. That's what artists like you are going to do. There are no directions when you're farting around. Some of the best innovations come from those sort of saves. 

I do intend to put up a tutorial showing the steps on this, but yesterday that's all I did in Demo all day long. I know there's a mess of us who are fixing to kick this technique around and put it through its paces.

Change the colors:

Tongues of Fire colors of black, white, yellow and red.

Abalone colors of everything mixed with Pearl.

Premo Pearl Colors of Red, Blue and Green.

Change the texture sheet and then there's a ton of stuff we can do with this technique. Since shaving the tops of the stamped design is the defining element of this technique I'm naming it The Shave. 

Here we are shaving waves. You can shave any layered stamped impression you want even if the stamp was Elvis.


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