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Polymer Clay: Figures, Canes, Chop and Toss, Mini Food.

In the process of making tutorials I end up with a lot of artwork taking up space in my little apartment. Selling what I've made so I have room to do more experimentation for new tutorials seems like the logical thing to do.

It's so crowded that Lobster Lady is trying to escape from her jar.

Some of the other polymer clay offerings will be raw cane in the most popular Tiger, Leopard, and Zebra patterns. Chop and Toss logs made of cane designs that have been, you guessed it, chopped and tossed and formed into a log, from which you can make beads and pendants.

Figures: The figures are polymer clay with aluminum foil armatures. Some are posed in a still life or some are articulated. Some have hair extensions and some have hair made from polymer clay. They are all OOAK and cannot be replicated even if I tried.
Canes: My most popular canes are Tiger, Leopard, Zebra and Silver/Black/Pearl leaves. Separate flower petal and leaves can be combined to make unique orchids.

Chop and Toss: Canes of different designs and colors are chopped up and tossed, formed into a log. You can make "natasha" beads or pendants from these logs.

Miniature Food: Mini food can be used in 1/12th scale doll houses or room boxes. Or they can be bought and then added to embellish pins, pens, tins, and picture frames, just to name a few items that mini food can be decoration. Some mini food like donuts can be used as beads. Peanut butter and jelly foldies with jump rings make fun beads.