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10/12/12: Added Business Plan page


Rebuilding this part of NoraJean.Com

Created the About page.

I had a "Nora Jean Designs" section to my website and then my webhost had a server malfunction, which stripped the web section of the FrontPage 2003 "theme". That in itself was not necessarily a bad thing because FrontPage 2003 has been discontinued. I'm using a new web host and am celebrating the 5/20/12 New Moon/Solar Eclipse to rebuild and to update the Mals-ecommerce, which I'm using for my shopping cart. 

Created Dynamic Webpage template. As sections get added I'll add a link in the DWT and all pages will be automatically updated. Nifty!

Added Favicon to this section. To make your own Favicon (the little icon that shows up on your web page in other people's browsers) go to http://www.favicon.cc/

Created three sections: Polymer Clay, Fabric, String