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RAMBLE INDEX: Posts written over the first 3 years of Moderating the MSATClayArt. These were voted by the list members are "keepers". 

Current Rants and Recent Rambles The New Foam at the Mouth, written while moderating CITY-0-Clay.  

02/12/08: These Rambles have been updated and edited. They are also the ones I tend to reach for when responding to posts on CITY-0-Clay, so I'm putting them on top here for all of our convenience.





About Canes 









Keep up or not

Got an Idea or Want to Volunteer?

Beginner's Project


Old Rambles - written in the first three years of hosting the clay art yahoo group. I've done a rough sort of the types of rambles. Some are about clay technique and some are email list related. Some are philosophical .

* Ramble on Rambles

* The myth of "Polymer Clay People being One Family.": and how this is moot at MSATClayArt

* There are no questions too "beginnerish".

 * Rant: Public Unsubscription posted to a list and Arbitrary deletion of posts off of list archives: Two pet peeves. 

* Follow Your Bliss in a Joseph Campbell Sort of Way

* The Hero's Journey into Clay

* More on Chop and Toss Theme Building

* What Was That All About? The reasoning behind the Hawaii Tin and Rumble in the Jungle. "If it ain't life size, it's mini." Michele/luny

*MicroMiniMusings : Using jellyblends, blends that are rolled into a jelly roll, one can simulate depth in micro mini bodies by having the shadow be on the cane slice that is used as "skin". That's the brain fart here. 

* 10 Sanding Tips: This is dedicated to the one I RUB

*How to get yourself kicked off of MSATClayArt. 4/17/02

* If you got a beef write to me

Philosophic Rambles

* The Power of Positive Thinking

* The Goddesses and Rods and Cones

* The Difference between looking and seeing

* From the be inclusive and foster diversity

* Down the Tunnel of Time to History Back

* Sags and Wrinkles Equal Wisdom

* I'm Tired

* Christmas: A different POV

* Thoughts on death and grief

* An update on thoughts of death and grief and lack of closure

Rambles about the MSATClayArt List, Retreats, Tours, behavior that will get you 86'd off the list and such all like that. 

* Clay Retreats and Why I don't Go

* To Keep up or not Keep up with Messages List Moderators and List members get wonky thinking they "have to keep up". Relax...

* Why I do Tours, a cranky rant

*  "Love amongst the Runes" or "Mind your Manna". How belief systems are respected on the MSATClayArt list. 

*  Where do I find the time to do the tutes and clay production?

* Hurricane Katrina Index

* A Time to Do More Than Pray Check the Tsunami Page


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