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Until I get my own Blog Talk Radio act together I've been a guest on other people's podcasts. This is a list of my guest appearances. Thank you Matthew and Cheryl for being so generous.

March 22, 2012: 1Woman's Wisdom Blog Talk Radio podcast looking at the mob of planets that'll be in Aries. Along with an exact opposition of Chiron in Pisces with retrograde Mars in Virgo.

Click here for the "Cheat Sheet" for the podcast, or if you're listening to it in archive you can read the chat log.

02-16-2012 Conquer The Universe With Astrology

Host: Matthew Currie

Click here for the "Cheat Sheet" Matthew is having me on as a guest to his Blog Talk Radio show and we've got no plan. Neptune went into Pisces to confer with Chiron, Aries Venus is square Capricorn Pluto, any number of astrological topics can be discussed. Or none of the above. Tune in at 7pm Pacific and find out. 

1pm PST/4pmEST on 02-02-2012.

I'll be speaking with Cheryl Patton on her show "1WomansWisdom" on Blog Talk Radio, discussing "The Grand Earth Trine of March 14, 2012"

Check out the page before the show to read some of  the astrology articles on the topic, see the chart.

If you miss the broadcast the page will be updated with the chat log and an embedded broadcast link for the archived podcast.

"Jupiter in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn, and Mars in Virgo (where it will be for 9 months instead of 8 weeks) all trine (good luck and ease) are the planets that will help people make their philosophies manifest, practical, prudent.1 Woman's Wisdom - Nora Jean Stone - Mars in Virgo for 9 Months!

"Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn, which as we know will be exact 7 times in 4 years. Troubled times are upon us without a doubt.

"She'll be looking into Saturn in late Libra forming a trine to Chiron in Pisces, that will get stronger as Saturn moves in to Scorpio. It promotes some healing, or at least some insight on how to learn from our unhealing wounds."

Web page for 1WW-12-13-11: Chart with aspects and where the chat lot will go after the show.

October 06, 2011, 1pm PDT/4pmEDT, Blog Talk Radio.

1WW-10-06-11: For the chat log and links mentioned on the pod cast.

"Cheryl Patton is welcoming Nora Jean Stone, Astrologer, back to discuss Astrology and Compassion.

Cheryl welcomes back Nora Jean Stone to discuss the four planets in Libra having been mugged by the T-Square and being soothed by a sweet Trine to Neptune. We'll also be talking about Uranus squaring Pluto 7 times in the next 4 years and how we can incorporate more compassion into our lives for these events. Come with your questions on the phone or from the chat room!

8-11-11: Click here for the links that went into the preparation of the show, USA's birth chart, and when the show is over the chat log.

Cheryl welcomes Nora Jean Stone, Astrologer from the bay area of California as they talk about Saturn in Libra, Part 2. How is Saturn in Libra affecting the United States, as a whole and it's government? Join us in the chat room for this insightful hour! "Discover Your Path as a Spiritual Practitioner From Your Unique Numerical Vibration!"

July 14, 2011, 5pm PDT/8pmEDT, Blog Talk Radio.

"Cheryl Patton is welcoming Nora Jean Stone, Astrologer, back to discuss Saturn in Libra. For many Baby Boomers (and I'm included), this is our second dance around with the ringed planet (the first being in the early 80s). What does that mean for us?"

I love Cheryl's disclaimer:

"1 Woman's Wisdom cannot be held liable for any host or guest opinions given on the show. It is not intended to replace any type of therapy, counseling, diagnosis, treatment or cure for anything you may be seeking a remedy for. You should always consult a professional such as a Lawyer, Doctor, Psychologist for any Medical or Legal advice."  On this page you'll find some of the links that might be helpful in learning about Saturn in Libra, Saturn Returns, Second Saturn Returns, the Saturn/Neptune conjunction in Libra, and how this transit is effecting America and the world beyond. Below the links is the chat log. Not much in the chat log but I'm posting it because that will be my practice on all Blog Talk Radio shows that I'm a guest.

06-22-2011 Cheryl Patton Show: I'm the guest.

The above link takes you to the page that has links mentioned or used in the show, as well as the chat log.

Blog Talk Radio - 1womanswisdom: 6/22/11, 5p, PDT, Guest Astrologer Nora Jean Stone

Update: Grand Cardinal Square and how to get around it.

June 22, 2011, and Cheryl Patton is welcoming Nora Jean Stone of BlogTalkRadio to discuss the current planetary placements and how they're affecting you and our planet. Call in the 2nd 1/2 of the show for tag-team readings! "Discover Your Path as a Spiritual Practitioner From Your Unique Numerical Vibration!"