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Easter Emu Effort


05-12-03: Beginning to Hinge the Emu Egg, log saved by SharonV/Shargoose, thanks honey.

Hinging the Emu Egg Epson Album

shargoose: Well, colors, I'm good at, canes I'm not yet
bonsaikathy: I'm not trying the flower, was just mixing the colors you talked about
bonsaikathy: hang around these gals long and you will be
shargoose: Well, they take so long for me and usually I'm dissapointed in them
shargoose: That's why I had so many to do chop and toss!!
bonsaikathy: it's not so hard when you watch it being done, I donated some books on mini foods using canes to the library, if you've been here 3 months get up with Mitch and see about borrowing them
shargoose: In fact, I like that way of "caning the best
shargoose: I've got the books, thanks hon
bonsaikathy: I love chop and toss
shargoose: I just like doing figures best
bonsaikathy: you can come up with the neatest stuff
shargoose: I think we all have a certain preference for what we like to make
shargoose: Thanks, living all alone up here with 12 animals does tend to make the imagination grow!!
shargoose: Well, not alone, dear Hubby is here too
bonsaikathy: absolutely
shargoose: Good job Denise. I really like what your'e doing
bonsaikathy: we had a lot of fun doing the stoner swap, we all made faux stones and at first I didn't think I'd want to do it then ended up it was great fun
shargoose: How do the swaps work?
bonsaikathy: anyone can start one, then you set a date for when signups will end, then you set the date for when the swap will be due to be mailed
shargoose: Oh, so you have to make a lot of the same thing?
auntyalias: OnSiteFlowers.htm
auntyalias: I have three logs from today's demo on this page
bonsaikathy: announce it all in the group and then people contact you on and off the group to sign up
auntyalias: at the top
bonsaikathy: NJ set it up that there is no pressure to the swaps and that's why I like them so much on this group
auntyalias: the blue bonnet is in 1, orchids on 2, bird of paradise on 3, mostly ...I think,
auntyalias: Oh I'm the worst. I have to take off a week or two of demos to get the swaps that are backlogged out of here
bonsaikathy: Wow she's doing a great job on this flower and leaf
auntyalias: it depresses me to even think about it
auntyalias: wow hey
shargoose: Maybe I will try one
bonsaikathy: dont' be depressed, can you take them to Ruths with you or work on them in demo
bonsaikathy: got a great idea
shargoose: I did sign up for the Halloween wreath
bonsaikathy: call next week work on swaps and get them out of the way demo
auntyalias: I've been doing that. Got a dozen pens covered with animal chop and just got them sanded this week end
auntyalias: that's one down and a half a dozen to go
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
bonsaikathy: hi Jude
auntyalias: Howdy Aunt Jude
auntyalias: OnSiteFlowers.htm
auntyalias: the three logs for the demo are on this page for now
jude: Howdy!
bonsaikathy: WOWOWOWOW Denise
bonsaikathy: awesome
auntyalias: we're kicking around bird of paradise right now
dahs512: great NJ
jude: You're kicking around some birds? GASP!
jude: hehehehe
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: I KNEW you'd say that
jude: Aw....
dahs512: I have to dash off to scout meeting and then fix dinner
auntyalias: I'm your "straight man"
dahs512: I'll check back and see if you are here later
shargoose: Great leaf Denise
bonsaikathy: have a good one Denise
bonsaikathy: you did good girl
auntyalias: mine aren't that good, but... hey, I'm sure your's will just kick more bird butt
bonsaikathy: impressive
auntyalias: Great leaf, Denise
dahs512: thanks everyone. I don't want to stop.
auntyalias: then don't stop
shargoose: We don't want you t, stop!!
dahs512: I have to go to scouts
bonsaikathy: boo hooo
dahs512: poop
auntyalias: ok, I'll get back on the stick then
bonsaikathy: lol
dahs512: lol
jude: But, but, but...I just got here!
auntyalias: Paulo is offline and we had our chat
dahs512: Just when i am on a roll
shargoose: Oh, sorry, but scouts is important.
dahs512: i know
dahs512: ya'll hang late
auntyalias: yup, the scouts win
shargoose: Your Clay will be just right when you get back!!
bonsaikathy: so NJ like I said you should just call next weeks demo, finish up swaps demo
dahs512: i'll check you later
dahs512 left the room
shargoose: Bye
auntyalias: Kathy, I figure that when we get others with cams to fill in with some demos while I do swap penance
auntyalias: then it'll be time to take off and just get stuff caught up with and out of here
shargoose: Swap penance? LOL
bonsaikathy: that way, we can all clay along with you and you'll have fun doing them instead of stressing over it
auntyalias: Oh I'm so bad Sharon
auntyalias: I'm sure I have the worst reputation about swaps.
shargoose: Well, I haven't joined one yet
auntyalias: I'm always late, or if I host I get backlogged with life and things get all train wrecked
shargoose: Then you'll be the second worst
bonsaikathy: No dear, it's why I love swapping on this group so much
auntyalias: LOL
bonsaikathy: you make it fun, no pressure
auntyalias: I got to be loose and patient with folks on swaps because I'm the worst example
auntyalias: zero pressure
bonsaikathy: follow your own advice young lady
auntyalias: it's a zen sort of thing, the swap is more to get folks to clay
shargoose: Gee whiz, NJ, I can't figure out why you should have problems
shargoose: I mean your not doing much every day!!
auntyalias: really, I mean who needs sleep after all. LOL
shargoose: Right
jude: What's sleep?
shargoose: In my case it's What's cleaning?
auntyalias: LOL
bonsaikathy: if it wasn't for your swaps when I first started on this group, I'd not be able to do half the things I can do with clay
shargoose: OK, now I have to join a swap
auntyalias: oh really? Kathy, that's interesting, do tell. I feel bad for being such a doof with the swaps.
shargoose: Where's the list?
auntyalias: the list on my site is months out of date, mostely because I trainwrecked my own swaps
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: so don't look at me
shargoose: LOL
bonsaikathy: Well it's like this, the stoner swap got me to try something new and interesting
auntyalias: we need a swap data base volunteer, you want the job?
bonsaikathy: then you did the face off, I'd have never tried doing a face if it wasn't for that
shargoose: Note the silence
auntyalias: Ah the Stoner swap, I did get that out ... the malachite turned out so sweet
shargoose: How involved would it be?
shargoose: Can I nag?
auntyalias: well the face off was what we needed for getting into sculpting something that is long term
bonsaikathy: although it wasn't great, it was fun trying and the more I do them the easier they get
auntyalias: no nagging allowed with swaps on this list
auntyalias: that's the trick
bonsaikathy: So that was a great booster to my ego,
shargoose: Just joking of course!!
shargoose: I don't nag well, and when I do nobody listens anyway!!
auntyalias: we just need someone who will keep the data base up to date on what swaps are happening, and such all. I had it going on my site but I got backlogged and it all fell down
bonsaikathy: it's like this, you just have a way of encouraging people to try things that they might not even be interested in just to see if they can do it, then they find out it's fun
shargoose: Well, I'm not too computer literate, and would have to just keep it in text format or something
bonsaikathy: the demo's do the same thing
auntyalias: also I feel that swaps on this list is just to encourage folks to clay, and I've been on lists where there's calendar pointing and whip cracking and it hurts the creative process
bonsaikathy: I agree
shargoose: Yes, that's why I haven't done any swaps
bonsaikathy: brb, my mom just came on line, I'll say a quick hello to her
auntyalias: go go Kathy
auntyalias: thanks for everything
auntyalias: and thanks for the feed back
shargoose: Maybe, I could give it a try. Would there be a place I should keep the list?
shargoose: Maybe on the group site?
bonsaikathy: uh oh we lost NJ
auntyalias left the room
auntyalias joined the room
auntyalias: sorry
auntyalias: Yahoo has been very mean to me all day
shargoose: Yes, they have been bad
auntyalias: I was going to do more on this bird of paradise, but if anyone else has another request we can go to another flower or something.
shargoose: I'm still waiting for Eva and the egg hindge
shargoose: What do you feel like making?
auntyalias: the hinged egg ain't all that, I just bury a hinge in clay and cure, it's really simple
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: I'm working on another petal with the yellow and red here
shargoose: My problem is in cutting the eggs
auntyalias: well I am hinging a huge emu egg, that Easter Effort
auntyalias: with the Madonna and child on one side and the micro mini people on the other side
shargoose: I have geese and save their eggs
auntyalias: that big old egg got cut already
auntyalias: that's my trick
auntyalias: cut the egg after you put a layer of clay on it
shargoose: I use them whole but have not yet tried to cut one yet
auntyalias: cover it with a foundation layer of clay and use wood carving tools to score out a row
shargoose: Oh, great idea!!
auntyalias: and then use a blade or poke holes along that row
auntyalias: and use a nail file or something to break through the shell, the clay once cured will hold the shape
shargoose: I was afraid it would cruble or cut crooked but with the clay on it that will give it strength
how to hinge an egg
auntyalias: look at that page
shargoose: Great page. Am saving that one!
auntyalias: check out that whole section, I'm writing up a clay list for Karen for Donations
auntyalias: brb
shargoose: No problem. (Sharon reading about eggs)
kmrhodes joined the room
jude: Howdy, Karen
kmrhodes: hey Kiddo
shargoose: Hello Karen
kmrhodes: hey Sharon
bonsaikathy: Hi again
kmrhodes: Whoa Bonsai Kathy
jude: NJ is off writing a message to you!
kmrhodes: to me
auntyalias: Oh Karen
kmrhodes: hey
kmrhodes: yes, NJ
kmrhodes: hello?
auntyalias: I just sent you the clay list, 12 pounds, different colors, cut into 2 oz packs. That's 8 folks who can get 13 colors. Share with Teri
auntyalias: 8 folks who can get 12 colors I mean
kmrhodes: okay
auntyalias: from there they can get started, that's what I was thinking, it'll leave some money for postage
kmrhodes: is this from what I charged your card for?
auntyalias: yes
auntyalias: I think that will cover a dozen pounds, no?
kmrhodes: okay, 8 folks - 12 colors
auntyalias: 2 oz blocks
kmrhodes: okay - do we have names and addresses?
kmrhodes: did you send me that
kmrhodes: or go thru teri
auntyalias: that's the only thing I could think of. We can use any old thing for tools, but we can't do anything without clay
auntyalias: yes, I just sent the email
kmrhodes: okay, will check it out
jude: If this is for the tornado folks, many won't be at their old addresses, I would think.
auntyalias: ping Teri and see if she has call from claymates for donations
auntyalias: it's when they rebuild their clay areas, and for general Donations supply too
kmrhodes: just read your email
kmrhodes: I will ping teri and see whats a happening
bonsaikathy: Ok back
bonsaikathy: sent her pics of Jr. she hasn't seen him since he was a baby and hasn't seen pics in a couple years
bonsaikathy: will be back in a little while, Gary and I are going to hike the hill, it's the bottom part of the mountain. Shouldn't be too long, see ya when I get back if you're all still in here
shargoose: Bye
auntyalias: ok Kathy
auntyalias: have fun
auntyalias: So here are some of the bird of paradise flower petals made with red and yellow
auntyalias: just sort of goofing around with it, Denise's were better
kmrhodes: Okay, Teri and I are in communication. Unfortunately, i gotta go
auntyalias: Ok Karen
auntyalias: thanks for your help and see you later
kmrhodes: Will chat with you all later.
shargoose: Bye Karen
kmrhodes: bye, bye, farewell
auntyalias: Now, are there any requests?
auntyalias: We've kicked around orchids, by passed blue bonnets until we get a better picture
kmrhodes left the room
auntyalias: did the bird of paradise
auntyalias: so what's next on the menu?
auntyalias: while you're thinking about it I'm going to get something to drink
techi_mom56: NJ i scanned in 2 of the little wild yellow violets and emailed them to msclayart pictures....
auntyalias: ok thank you Nancy
auntyalias: sort of tiny those flowers, but it's the thought that counts
auntyalias: LOL, they are really small in that picture.
techi_mom56: grumble...they dont look very good at that resolution
techi_mom56: i am going to resend at a higher resolution
techi_mom56: actually i will redo and post them i my file...
auntyalias: Ok, I'm putting up blue bonnet pictures on the log with the blue bonnet links
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Flowers/Orchid/05-12-log1.htm
auntyalias: so there are no requests at this time?
shargoose: Sorry everyone, got to go for awhile. I'll leave log on and cam on. Is that OK?
auntyalias: sure Sharon
auntyalias: I'm going to continue to work on the demo's log pages, add pictures or two
auntyalias: since it is quiet in here
shargoose: K, Birdies are feeling neglected. It's their visiting time with Mom (me)
auntyalias: I'm taking a half hour to update the log pages for this demo and I'll be back
techi_mom56: okay i am working on the flower
jude: Okie, I have to get some things done and will be back later.
bonsaikathy: oh wow, you got lot's done well I was gone
bonsaikathy: great job
auntyalias: I'm cleaning up the demo log pages, be back in 15 minutes
bonsaikathy: ok
bonsaikathy: ok
auntyalias: just posted the OnSiteFlower page to the list with todays logs so far
auntyalias: so we'll wait to see who shows up or what
greatauntjudy left the room
bonsaikathy: I'm hanging in with you but am reading one of my groups right now, be back in a minute
auntyalias: no worries
auntyalias: I'm just farting around
ljcswartz joined the room
ljcswartz: pretty flower
bonsaikathy: there all my emails finished
auntyalias: Hey Jackie
auntyalias: ok, from left to right
auntyalias: a pouch orchid made in green and black
auntyalias: then a pouch orchid done in pink and white
bonsaikathy: love the colors in that one
auntyalias: then bird of paradise experiments in yellow and red
auntyalias: some blended some stacked sheets
auntyalias: Denise made some wonderful bird of paradise petals, she'll be back from the Scout meeting and can show us
auntyalias: then I was just goofing around with lace cane for a last pouch orchid in yellow and red
auntyalias: So that's what's been done for now
lindaslists joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Linda
bonsaikathy: Hi Linda, I'm going for some Klondike bars back in a few
auntyalias: Linda you were in the mood for making canes?
techi_mom56: i am back..dishwasher is going..hubby down for a nap and bread machine going (trying a low carb bread recipe)
auntyalias: Nancy did you see your flower on my OnSiteFlower page?
techi_mom56: what kind of canes...not yet
auntyalias: OnSiteFlowers.htm
auntyalias: The flowers were so tiny and so cute I put them on the page for grins
lindaslists: BRB Mom calling
auntyalias: ok, Linda
techi_mom56: will go look
techi_mom56: i gotta figure out how to send them larger with a higher resolution..
auntyalias: or block the flowers and cut off the excess, then raise the pixels per inch
auntyalias: see how that comes out
auntyalias: So any requests? We've been doing flowers but we can do anything else.
techi_mom56: i took some pictures of a woods area across the road where the ground is blanketed with flowers...should have them back in a few days
auntyalias: I got eyes to replace in Rita Maid
auntyalias: I have a new MerDude that no one has seen yet
shargoose: Back now. Birdies in bed, dishes done, etc.
shargoose: Looks like they are getting quite friendly there
shargoose: We'll have to put a PG rating on soon!!
auntyalias: he's helping her out with her No Eyes
shargoose: Ya, right
shargoose: That's what they all say
shargoose: I love the pattern on his back.
auntyalias: that's the last of the Ammonite experiment
auntyalias: wanted to use the last of the slices
shargoose: Very approproate for the Merman
bonsaikathy: back now
shargoose: Did you have a nice walk, Kathy?
bonsaikathy: yes
shargoose: Good.
bonsaikathy: then we're feeding our face with klondike bars and putting the calories back on
shargoose: Ya, Stu got me a Caravel cake for Mom's Day, chocolate yet!!
shargoose: He's on a diet so Guess who will eat the cake?!!
bonsaikathy: wow, haven't had icecream from there since leaving ny
shargoose: Oh, it's soooo good. and no calories
bonsaikathy: NJ I like the suit on that one, very classie
bonsaikathy: very upscale
auntyalias: I added some cane slices for sleeves and a scarf on her hair
bonsaikathy: oh neat
bonsaikathy: I like that
auntyalias: redoing her eyes though
auntyalias: they were just too googly
shargoose: She's got to get eyes so she can see that hunk of a MerDude!
shargoose: Ouch
auntyalias: don't be afraid to do it over if it's not right
techi_mom56 left the room
shargoose: Are you using TLS Blend for eyelids?
bonsaikathy: Sharon just did the black with both yellows, it gives a differant green shade but both are very nice colors
bonsaikathy: I'm glad you told us about that
shargoose: Glad you like it.
shargoose: I think it gives a more natural color green thfor leaves and such
bonsaikathy: I think you're right
bonsaikathy: I needed that the other day for the jade plant
buci131 joined the room
shargoose: Well, the next one you can use it on!!
auntyalias: Eva
shargoose: Is NJ using TLS blend for around the eyes and for eyelids?
bonsaikathy: HI Eva
buci131: Hiya
buci131: cool looking outfit
dahs512 joined the room
dahs512: Yeah, still here
buci131: Heya Denise
shargoose: Hello again
dahs512: I'm still fixing dinner but i can be here while it's baking
dahs512: woo hoo
dahs512: oooh a merman
dahs512: cool
dahs512: who's the dude
auntyalias: MerDude is feeling sorry for RitaMaid
dahs512: he better treat her right
auntyalias: her eyes aren't working so he's giving her Shim Poi Poi
shargoose: NJ's been removing her eyes!!
dahs512: lol
dahs512: gross
buci131: ouch!
auntyalias: I'll turn him around slowly so you can see him from different angles
dahs512: he is so manly
dahs512: he's great
buci131: nice tailfin--great shape and contours
shargoose: I like the Yul Brenner Look
dahs512: sweet tail
dahs512: tortoise shell back?
auntyalias: ammonite
dahs512: yes
buci131: is his tail chop?
dahs512: oooh baby come here
auntyalias: the main part of the tail is feather cane
dahs512: lol
auntyalias: and the tail is tiger folded
buci131: it's really yummy--great colors
auntyalias: she's bigger than he is, but who says MerFolks are all the same size, fish ain't
buci131: She's obviously from a different school--look at her coloring
dahs512: brb
auntyalias: Ok, shall I look for that hinge? Shall we hinge that dang Emu Egg?
shargoose: Yes Puleeze
buci131: Woohoo! a-hinging we will go, a-hinging we will go
auntyalias: I'm pretty sure I got that hinge around here somewhere
auntyalias: brb
buci131: OK
shargoose: Since I am unhinged can this help me?
buci131: I'm gonna play with my webcam to see if I can figure out recording while it's on live chat.
buci131: I'm not gonna do anything interesting here so you don't have to look if you don't want--just want to run some tests.
buci131: Oh, and if it looks like I'm losing my marbles (or coming unhinged, lol) cause I'm talking to myself
buci131: it's because I'm testing the audio too
dahs512: don't tellthe merfolk, but io hadto pop some shrimp in the oven
buci131: heehee
auntyalias: Golden MerMaid has shrimp platter in her cigar box room
dahs512: Sharon's getting giddy
auntyalias: for her supper
auntyalias: so don't worry about eating shrimp in front of my MerFolks
shargoose: Smile you are on candid web cam
dahs512: lol
auntyalias: Hey there's Eva
auntyalias: Gosh and golly
dahs512: hi NJ
buci131: Yep, with a huge light shining in my eyes
auntyalias: LOL
shargoose: Hey Eva, my husband says thereis spinach on you tooth
dahs512: and there is Eva
shargoose: Where do you get such a pretty hinge. Mine are all square
buci131: Oops, ok--I'm missing the demo, heheh
buci131: two hinges because the egg is so large?
auntyalias: just examples of different hinges, these are pretty but light weight
buci131: now that's a hefty one!
auntyalias: I think I'll use the heafty ones
dahs512: no frowning eva
auntyalias: because this egg is big and with all the added clay it's heavy too
buci131: that's my look of concentration
auntyalias: and I'm going to bury the hinges so decorative would be a waste in this situation
buci131: actually I'm figuring out that I can't record while doing a live demo
buci131: that's make sense NJ
buci131: now that egg is not cured yet, correct?
auntyalias: everything is cured at this point
buci131: wow those colors are great!
buci131: Oh, ok
auntyalias: I have matching cane to bury the hinge
buci131: ah
buci131: better--I can see now
buci131: of course there are spots in front of my eyes, but ...
auntyalias: I will mark the egg where this hing is and carve away a little on each side for the hinge to rest in a space before getting buried
buci131: marking egg with an exacto?
auntyalias: Nighty Night Kathy
auntyalias: thanks for Volunteering
auntyalias: I'll hinge again for you in the Future
bonsaikathy left the room
buci131: Am I missing some comments from people?
auntyalias: Shall we do a roll call?
buci131: Eva in New Orleans
shargoose: Sharon V, in New Hampshire
ljcswartz: Jackie - Maryland
biodredd joined the room
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
frogger70301 joined the room
shargoose: Hey Mitch
dahs512: Denise in Cedar Dreek
auntyalias: that's biodredd/Dave
dahs512: Texas, of course
auntyalias: not blown off the mountain, we're doing roll call
biodredd: Dave in Clubb, Missouri soon to be from Grand rapids, Michigan.
buci131: Hey Mitch--Happy Birthday!
auntyalias: Ok, what I'm going to do is cut out a little bit off the edge of the two sides of the emu egg so I can bury the hinge
frogger70301: Hi, everyone. Mind if I just watch for a bit?
auntyalias: it's going to be boring so chat amongst yourselves freely
auntyalias: LOL
biodredd: Oh, a voyour.
biodredd: That's hot.
buci131: And my cam is being turned off--I gotta test something else with it
ljcswartz: I have been wanting to see the hinge event......... not boring
frogger70301: So Eva, you comin for boiled shrimp tomorrow?
buci131: Hiya Dave
biodredd: Howdy!
buci131: Boiled shrimp tomorrow! Yummy!
biodredd: You can all tell me Happy Birthday on Friday!
buci131: If I didn't work and then have to take the bus home, I'd love to be there
auntyalias: I just took out the little people from the other side
buci131: Ok, Dave--Happy Birthday on Friday
shargoose: I don't have birthdays anymore, just milestones!!
dahs512: Happt early bday Dave
auntyalias: they were falling off one by one
buci131: oh dear
frogger70301: Is your hubby gonna be able to make a trip this year?
biodredd: LOL! Milestones! I love it.
dahs512: they were bailing on the construction
shargoose: Yup, better than gall stones!!
shargoose: What is NJ using to cut that area?
biodredd: I love the goofs in here.
shargoose: What goofs? Where?
dahs512: a digger
frogger70301: looks like a wood carving tool.
ljcswartz: I want the chicken
buci131: I don't know Mitch--about when do you think your hubby will be going. I think Mark would love to, if he could
frogger70301: they need to come up with a FROG!!!
biodredd: I can't give icon lessons until the clay demo is over.
frogger70301: Starts tomorrow.
buci131: that soon!
frogger70301: Get him to clear a weekend if he can.
shargoose: I want a goose
buci131: Hey--maybe part of labor day weekend?
buci131: I want a buci--got any icons for one of those?
frogger70301: he'll probably be out there.
buci131: I'll check with hubby. We are doing a birthday party for him and Alex that Sunday, though--so he wouldn't be able to stay out that long
biodredd: I have one that is >;D<
biodredd: Oops.
auntyalias left the room
auntyalias joined the room
auntyalias: happened again
auntyalias: sorry
buci131: not your fault
shargoose: I saved the log NJ
dahs512: hi dave
buci131: I haven't been doing any screen shots. Guess I better get on it.
frogger70301: Hey, I came across something the other day that might be worth checking into if Yahoo keeps acting up like this.
auntyalias: great Sharon if you can send it to me again, I'd be obliged
auntyalias: what's that Mitch?
shargoose: No problem
biodredd: Hello!