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Rainbow Ammonite - There's a couple of things I want to point out from this weird angle. First was how the blue color was pressed in and the gold sheets were teased up. Then look at the blue sheet this ammonite is attached to. There's a new trick I'd like to share with you. Taking the wiggly lined cane and pressing it on gold to stretch out the design. I took some blue-pearl and mixed a little with a fist full of no color translucent. Ran a thin sheet and laid it over the wiggly line sheet. Press and then fold and then press again to get those "waves", that ebb tide. We'll take a little closer look at this, but I love how you can just barely see the colors underneath, how the fold looks like waves. I'm very pleased with this new for me technique. If anyone else is doing this already let me know I want to see where they take it. 

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