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Rainbow Ammonite -First the Tide rushes in and plants a kiss on the shore, then goes out to sea where it is very still once more... or words to that effect. When you fold anything you're going to get the lines, ya ok, you also get these pointy edges, use them don't cut them off. Taking the folded sheet and bending it in a "U" shape, then press it so you capture these curves, these waves in the water. There's a bit of a raw block of gold sticking out on the right side of the pendant. The only gold that's showing on this part is that little wiggly triangle middle on the right. Interesting thing about using the blue-pearl with the translucent is when you fold it like this you double up the mica in areas, ups the reflective value in assigned areas. Interesting....hmmmm. Let's take one last close look.

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