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Ammonite Experiments - Here's the penny for a size reference. See how the cane is reduced? One end is wide and the other end is narrow. To make a sheet like this you slice very thin slices of three different sizes. Large size slices get laid down first. Lay it on a gold sheet and press at the widest setting. Narrow the rollers a notch and turn the sheet and press a second time. Narrow the rollers another notch and turn the sheet again and press a third time. Do it again a fourth time. Lay down the medium size slices, press four times. Lay down the little slices and press four times. Each time you lay down a different size slice you do that four part press, going in all directions narrowing the rollers gradually. This has three layers, so 12 passes through the pasta press in all.

1, 2, 3, 3-sheet, 3-a, 3-b, 4, 4-a