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Oh it looks right crappy all big like this. Sometimes things look better reduced so let's reduce this cane and make some leaves.
Now those ain't half bad. In the end the dark blend between green and orange gave this mini leaf some shading, simulating texture. I am contented now.
See samples of the leaf cane that made these leaves in the Autumn Leaves Pages...should have named it "Mo' Leaves" or something snappy.
The cover sheet has leaves on both sides. Taking some background color lay slices of leaves on it and pitty pat it down. Make the slices thin, or pre thin the slices with the pasta machine. Run the whole mess through the pasta machine. Turn the sheet over and to it to the other side. Slap it on some glass.
You can sort of see the inner side of the double sided sheet through the glass here. Nothing was done to the glass to prepare it other than wash clean and dry.