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I'll do some enlarged shots of this jar in the Autumn Leaf Jar section. This tutorial has too many pictures for the large pics.
Ok, so we goofed around with the chevron flip technique. Let's do a cane without that trick. Starting from a jelly roll blend... a jelly blend? A blendy roll? Got to come up with a name for this technique.
Taking light and dark green sheets I made a sandwich of the dark in the center and light on the outsides. This will be surround sheet and veins. Maybe it'll help define the separate sections.
Forming the jelly roll blend cane into a wedge. Then I lay it on that sandwich of light and dark green, it's our separations sheet.
I'm covering it incompletely. I don't want two separation sheets side by side so when I build up this cane one side of the wedge should be bare.