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BonsaiKathy took these 16 pictures of the making of the inside tube of the Inro. Thanks Kathy!!

Three Demo Inro of 06-09-03 

DemoLog-002: The beginning of the second Inro, using metal clay colors with the new malachite technique. 

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Inro of Gold and Crimson Index.

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bonsaikathy: I'm starting with a clean screen NJ, I can save logs for
you if you like
lommomy: how do you save logs?
bonsaikathy: edit then select all
bonsaikathy: then copy and then paste where you're saving
lommomy: what about the pictures
ljcswartz: I have them now
bonsaikathy: I use snag it to capture pictures but others use
differant ways of doing it
auntyalias: let's do another one of these?
ljcswartz: now?
auntyalias: yes, maybe I'll get it right this time
ljcswartz: but I want to clay and not shoot then
auntyalias: it'll be two curings, and fiddle faddle, so it'll be a two
hour deal
bonsaikathy: go ahead honey, I'll do pics for you
auntyalias: I'm thinking of making a fresh sheet so I don't get this
cracking business going on
ljcswartz: holstering my pic finger
auntyalias: clay along if you want to because we're going to work this
trick today, all day
ljcswartz: ok
auntyalias: rather than put cord tubes on the side of this I'd rather
start out fresh
auntyalias: colors?
auntyalias: who will pick the colors?
auntyalias: cane design for the sheets, what shall that be?
auntyalias: we know we want Inro
auntyalias: we don't know what colors or designs we're going to use
bonsaikathy: what do you have handy
ljcswartz: copper is my current favorite. I have three blocks
auntyalias: copper, ok, that's one color
auntyalias: I got copper
bonsaikathy: pearl
auntyalias: shall we do a quick mokume gane
auntyalias: with copper, silver, gold, pearl and black or something?
ljcswartz: sounds nice
auntyalias: we need to make a sheet for the outside
bonsaikathy: sounds great
auntyalias: ok, I'll prep a bit of each color and make a quick mokume
gane using the Malachite technique
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Faux/Malachite/2002-Thm.htm
bonsaikathy: lol, I was just thinking malachite when You asked what
ljcswartz: a bit is ?? how much
auntyalias: there's the tute
auntyalias: oh a couple of ounces of each color I'd imagine
auntyalias: I never measure
auntyalias: just going to quickly condition and press some sheets to
start out with
ljcswartz: ok
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jude: I've got to go, but will be back later! Bye, bye. If I just go
poof, it's my YM. The dang thing crashes when I close chat windows.
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auntyalias: Gold, copper, silver, pearl and black
auntyalias: going to chop them up in a food processor, do a taffy pull
and press sheets
ljcswartz: the base will be another solid color though right? Black?
auntyalias: That's a good idea
auntyalias: ya, let's do it that way
auntyalias: thanks Jackie
auntyalias: hadn't thought it out that far yet
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jakmiami: hi all
bonsaikathy: HI Honey
auntyalias: Hey Judith
bonsaikathy: I had to go send a quick message to the group well you
were mixing
auntyalias: I was doing like 4 ounces of each color: pearl, gold,
silver, copper
bonsaikathy: I can't wait for Gary to get a Friday or Saturday off. I
managed to make friends with some of the old timers at the Grand Ole
Opry this past couple months as they are staying 2 weeks at a time
with us at the hotel. We're going to get to go watch the Grand Old
Opry from backstage, again, you get to walk around and talk to
everyone in the lounge, you go by all the dressing rooms just to go to
the bathroom, lol
auntyalias: since the inside is going to be black, I'll do up twice
that amount. Might not use it all but it's always good to have sheets
of clay already done
bonsaikathy: I do that also
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ljcswartz: hi
ljcswartz: we are mixing colors
wi1dangl: how's the demo so far?
ljcswartz: super... starting over
wi1dangl: hope i didn't miss too much...fell asleep
ljcswartz: "Gold, copper, silver, pearl and black auntyalias: going to
chop them up in a food processor, do a taffy pull and press sheets
ljcswartz: the base will be another solid color though right? Black?
auntyalias: That's a good idea auntyalias: ya, let's do it that way"
from earlier
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Japan/Inro-GoldCrimson/Inside.htm
auntyalias: This is what we're going to be doing
lommomy: I need to pop in and out while unloading the camper
auntyalias: taking a toilet paper roller
auntyalias: and making a tube, adding a first bottom
auntyalias: then curing that
auntyalias: then cutting it when it's right out of the oven, adding
more bottoms and curing them
auntyalias: while those two curings are happening we're going to be
doing a mokume gane with the malachite technique
auntyalias: layers of clay colors, circle cutters: large, medium and
auntyalias: making bowls and stacking them to get ring designs
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Faux/Malachite/2002-Thm.htm
auntyalias: That's the plan
auntyalias: first we'll do the inside tube with the black sheets
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ljcswartz: about how wide?
ljcswartz: 4"
ljcswartz: ?
auntyalias: two thirds of a toilet paper roller. I'm using what ever
came out of the pasta press. LOL
auntyalias: you know I'm casual about such stuff
ljcswartz: I'm using a paper towel roll
auntyalias: and make it as wide as you want the finished item to be
auntyalias: that's the trick of it
auntyalias: eyeball it to your own specifications, what I show you is
general techniques
auntyalias: no exact science here honey
auntyalias: the roller is getting sticky
auntyalias: I'm going to dust it lightly
auntyalias: be able to roll the roller around inside the tube to make
sure it's not sticking anywhere
auntyalias: let a tiny bit over lap the edge of the tube
auntyalias: we're going to mash that over lap down on another sheet to
make the first bottom
auntyalias: dust the tile so your bottom sheet doesn't stick
auntyalias: tap the bottom with the toilet paper roller
auntyalias: what you over lapped will be mashed down to the bottom
auntyalias: now trim off the excess off of the bottom sheet
auntyalias: so there is our first tube, since this clay is new and
soft I'm going to leave the toilet paper roller inside the tube while
it cures, after I dust it a bit so it doesn't stick
bonsaikathy: question- was this on the thickest setting on the pasta
auntyalias: Yes, Kathy
bonsaikathy: thanks
auntyalias: now I'm going to put this in the oven for a half an hour,
I'm going to order pizza, hit the loo and be back in about 10 minutes
bonsaikathy: ok I'll send the pics and logs to you
bonsaikathy: There done, both are on their way
bonsaikathy: I'm shutting and opening the chat window so I start fresh
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bonsaikathy: It's so much easier to figure out where you left off if
you get rid of all the old stuff first
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auntyalias: Got a fresh pot of coffee brewing, pizza coming and inside
tube curing
auntyalias: how to solve the problem of the three compartments
auntyalias: I'll have to make a thin top that is removeable
auntyalias: a bottom, a new section with a bottom and then the bottom
that's curing in the oven right now
auntyalias: I might have been better served if I pre-cut this inside
tube but I didn't think about that until I was ordering pizza
auntyalias: next one I'll give that an effort and see if it doesn't go
lommomy: can you cut it when it is just a little cured?
auntyalias: If I cut while it's still hot it'll work ok
auntyalias: I'm just going to roll the tube while holding down the
tissue blade, it worked last time, let's see if it works this time too
auntyalias: experiments are nothing unless we can repeat them
ljcswartz: two cuts?
auntyalias: To start
auntyalias: I'm wondering if I should do a really narrow cut for the
lommomy: how about a 3rd small one for a lid?
auntyalias: ya, that's what I was thinking I should do
bonsaikathy: back in a few minutes, my browser just locked up
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auntyalias: It's putting the roller in it while it's cooling that I'm
wondering how to pull off
auntyalias: I only have one spare toilet paper roller handy
auntyalias: I'm tempted to take the center out of a new roll of TP
just to have another one handy. LOL

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auntyalias: I'm really happy with how it interlocks
auntyalias: even if the sheet was old and cracking
ljcswartz: it looks great
auntyalias: it's still really trippy
auntyalias: Thanks Jackie, I've been mulling this technique over for
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auntyalias: Ok now Kathy?
auntyalias: going to get a cup of coffee, brb
bonsaikathy: hope so, not sure what happened, was trying to catch up
on my groups and the browser just locked up
bonsaikathy: I'm going for tea
auntyalias: 10 more minutes for the first tube to be cured
ljcswartz: I am putting the pics on webshots. It is faster.
auntyalias: I'll link to your album on my site
(Invalid Link)
ljcswartz: let's see if it works
auntyalias: just forwarded a batch that Kathy sent to me doing the
black inside tube. it's ok if we have repeated pictures.
auntyalias: can
auntyalias: cannot use that link
ljcswartz: there are three more that have to go into another album
since the size is limited to 24 pics
auntyalias: it's for the owner
auntyalias: we need a public link
ljcswartz: ok
bonsaikathy: Feel free to delete any you don't need honey, I'm just
taking them every so may seconds
auntyalias: ok, Kathy, just getting them in the Inbox right now
bonsaikathy: yeah there were 16 of them
bonsaikathy: or there abouts
jakmiami: just tried the webshot link, but it won't let me in
ljcswartz: even this second one?
auntyalias: The timer should be going off any second, brb
jakmiami: the second webshot link worked and so does the epson link
ljcswartz: thanks
auntyalias: couple of more minutes
auntyalias: and then we do three cuts
auntyalias: one close to the opening, and two more lower down
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gesche_johanna: Ahhh, well done! *yay me* Heelo all!
auntyalias: Yeah!! You made it
auntyalias: the timer just went off, you got the cam open?
gesche_johanna: yes , I am ready to stun!
auntyalias: yes, you do, let me go get this hot tube out of the oven
auntyalias: RATS
auntyalias: it broke open
auntyalias: rats rats
gesche_johanna: oh no!!
auntyalias: too hot
auntyalias: too soon to cut
auntyalias: got to start over then
ljcswartz: needed more curing time? or cooling time?
auntyalias: more cooling time
bonsaikathy: can someone catch screen shots for a little bit, I need
to finish up my email and I'll be back as soon as I do
auntyalias: no need to catch these shots
auntyalias: I'm doing it over
auntyalias: we got shots of that
bonsaikathy: ok, be back soon
auntyalias: just broke open when I cut too soon
lommomy: fgfgjhgjhghghghghghjghjghjghgiiuhyukhg\
auntyalias: no worries, got to cure this again anyhow
auntyalias: so half hour plus some
ljcswartz: my cut was jagged but no breaks
wi1dangl: chat, but she's having trouble with java
jakmiami: well, in that case, I'm off for dinner...see you later
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gesche_johanna: Is this talkum powder??
gesche_johanna: oh,  thanks
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auntyalias: Let's pre-cut this raw tube before curing
auntyalias: so we're actually going to be cutting it twice, once
before curing and once after
auntyalias: maybe that way it won't break apart
auntyalias: also I made extra care in securing the side seam and the
bottom there
auntyalias: or the top, as the case may be. I'm doing a cut near that
closed end, then two more lower down
gesche_johanna: do you secure the seams with something special or just
your finger and warmth?
auntyalias: fingers and warmth only
auntyalias: that's going to be the top there
auntyalias: two more cuts will make the three sections
auntyalias: I think
auntyalias: LOL
gesche_johanna: (o:
auntyalias: now to cure again
auntyalias: How funny that the other one just fell apart
gesche_johanna: how long do you cure? And what kind of material is it?
auntyalias: I might be able to salvage it later on
auntyalias: 1/2 hour, and it's Premo
auntyalias: now while we are waiting for this second black tube to
cure let's make some mokume gane out of the malachite technique
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Faux/Malachite/2002-Thm.htm
gesche_johanna: my favourite stone and one of your tutorials I tried
first, Nora Jean!!
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jude: You going to use the colors that are in the tute? They are
gesche_johanna: Tonight I am just looking and enjoy.
auntyalias: going to use metal color clay
auntyalias: gold, silver, copper, pearl and black
auntyalias: just goofing around
jude: Okie.
jude: Sounds like a plan.
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jude: Good hand shot there.
jude: And, wrist.
jude: I know...go to my room.
auntyalias: busting my chops are ya, Jude
auntyalias: LOL
ljcswartz: copper gold pearl - so far?
jude: You haven't done a chest shot in ages, NJ. LOL!
auntyalias: now this stack will be too thick to use these cutters so
the cutters will just be to make marks
auntyalias: am I flashing?
auntyalias: no bra today
jude: Nope, you aren't.
ljcswartz: ok
gesche_johanna: was it a piece of blue before the pearl one??
auntyalias: silver
auntyalias: black, copper, gold, silver and pearl
gesche_johanna: WOW!
jude: The metal colors.
ljcswartz: circles are all one size?
jude: Looks like round cutters. Looks like she has them in graduated
ljcswartz: various sizes
ljcswartz: ok
jude: Yes, round. Okie.
jude: The layers are interesting. Like filled cookies.
bonsaikathy: Hey guys, after not sleeping well for a few weeks, I'm
falling asleep sitting up so I think I'm going to go take a nap,
something I rarely do. Hope to catch you in a little bit
jude: Okie, Kathy.
bonsaikathy: NJ I sent the logs I had up to a few minutes ago
jude: Take care.
bonsaikathy: thanks Honey
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auntyalias: now make these circles into bowl shapes
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auntyalias: door
lommomy: I'm just popping in and out, lots to do
gesche_johanna: The sheets are in the thickest setting on the pasta,
jude: They look like it, but we will ask.
ljcswartz: I think so
jude: I was wondering the same thing.
gesche_johanna: I am sooo curious how it will look like when itīs cut
auntyalias: back
auntyalias: the pizza showed up
auntyalias: questions?
gesche_johanna: The sheets are in the thickest setting on the pasta,
auntyalias: always
auntyalias: LOL
jude: What thickness?
auntyalias: thickest
auntyalias: always the thickest
jude: Okie.
auntyalias: now after you make bowls you stack the bowls
ljcswartz: do you need a break?
auntyalias: nope, it's ok, thanks Jackie
auntyalias: now I have to make two more of these stacked bowl cones
gesche_johanna: I donīt make the cones to round, no?
auntyalias: I don't know if I understand your question. The circles
make bowls, the bowls are stacked and shaped into a cone
auntyalias: I put some scrap clay in the center to plug up the
smallest bowl and make a tip for the cone
gesche_johanna: but the cones stay cones and I donīt make them into
balls later, right?
auntyalias: cone stays cone
auntyalias: yes
auntyalias: I'm going to stack these cones
auntyalias: slice them in half
auntyalias: and reassemble and reduce
ljcswartz: are all the tips together?
gesche_johanna: yes
ljcswartz: ty
auntyalias: got some air pockets
auntyalias: I might stack them randomly, not with the tips going in
the same direction, I'm looking for some variation
lommomy: I have to go, I will leave this on so I can read up later,
gesche_johanna: bye lisa
jude: Bye Lisa.
ljcswartz: Ilove these colors!!
gesche_johanna:  me too
auntyalias: there's the timer
auntyalias: going to get that black tube
auntyalias: ok, it's out of the oven and cooling
auntyalias: now to press this sheet
auntyalias: hokey smokes the sun came out
auntyalias: first time in days
ljcswartz: what thickness # 1 still?
auntyalias: I will narrow the rollers each time I turn this sheet, now
I'll narrow it one notch
auntyalias: and narrow again
auntyalias: needs to be longer so I'll put a sheet of black on the
back, go back to the widest setting and press to lengthen
gesche_johanna: very pretty!
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jude: I have got to go again. Bye!
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auntyalias: now that they are cut and separate, I'll let them cool on
the roll there
auntyalias: we need to put three bottoms on the cut sections
auntyalias: since they will be short and won't fall over in the oven I
won't cure them with a form inside of them
auntyalias: I got to shut the curtains, I'm getting some serious glare
auntyalias: it'll be after the three bottoms are cured and cooled that
we use this sheet we just made
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auntyalias: pretty cool now, we got to make some bottoms, taking the
narrow end we can use that as a pattern
gesche_johanna: the pictures are very dark now...
auntyalias: how's that?
gesche_johanna: ahhh better! Thanks!
ljcswartz: exact fit or a bit larger?
auntyalias: Jackie my love my dove, do I ever do anything exact?
auntyalias: too difficult for a short mortal life
auntyalias: a bit larger, smear a bit over the edge of the cured ring
ljcswartz: I'm still learning
auntyalias: I think I can use the rings themselves as a pattern
ljcswartz: these are going to cure right..? I need to take a walk with
a friend in a bit
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auntyalias: Yes they are going to be cured
shargoose: Are we still on Inro boxes?
gesche_johanna: yes, the first one broke ):
ljcswartz: guess I pop them in the toaster oven and take a hike
ljcswartz: back in 30 min or so
gesche_johanna: good luck
shargoose: You are in "*g.MSATClayArt:1" ( ) kmrhodes: been busy - got
new items in auntyalias: SharonV, Hey honey kmrhodes: busy photo-ing
them shargoose: Hello kmrhodes: hey Sharon auntyalias: ok, 12:30 and
let's take roll shargoose: Just in for a few auntyalias: NoraJean, San
Francisco kmrhodes: Karen, Gettsyburg, PA jude: jude, Tehachapi, CA.
Roni: Roni, Michigan ljcswartz: Jackie, Bel Air, MD shargoose: Have
husband's son drop in for a suprise 3 week visit kmrhodes: That was
Sharon in VT shargoose: No Sharon In NH jude: LOL kmrhodes: duh
auntyalias: LOL shargoose: Close kmrhodes: I am so confused
auntyalias: Close enough for Government work shargoose: Yup kmrhodes:
got the V from your last name Oh no.
shargoose: Whoops
shargoose: Don't know what happened there
shargoose: SORRY
auntyalias: LOL
gesche_johanna: what was that???
shargoose: Must have come from clipboard from earlier
auntyalias: ok, now these have go to into the oven
shargoose: So this is the first layer?
shargoose: Built on the TP rolls?
gesche_johanna: yup, the rings were cured and now she builded the
auntyalias: yes, were you here when I broke the first effort?
shargoose: no
shargoose: Boo Hoo
shargoose: Sorry it broke
shargoose: Yikes, it broke!!
auntyalias: so the second black inside tube was made and then instead
of cutting it after it was cured
auntyalias: I pre-cut
auntyalias: and then after it was cured cut again
auntyalias: put three bottoms on the cut rings and they are in the
oven now
shargoose: When I left you had one all covered on the sides with the
decorative layer
shargoose: Yup That's the one
auntyalias: but where I goofed up on this one
shargoose: So that one turned out OK.
auntyalias: is it has One large section and one small section instead
of three sections and a top
shargoose: oh
gesche_johanna: Ahhh, now I start to unterstand, how the inro works...
auntyalias: \(*o*)/ Yeah Johanna!!
auntyalias: They were the Pockets for men in Old Japan
auntyalias: no pockets in Kimonos
shargoose: So this one is a good one?
auntyalias: so they would put tobacco, coins, and other things in them
and then hang them from their Obi, the sash that holds the kimono
auntyalias: Sharon, this is ok, but see the cracks?
auntyalias: old sheet from October 2002 was used
shargoose: Yes I see the cracks
auntyalias: so it cracked when I was fussing with it
shargoose: I know how that can be
auntyalias: so I made a fresh sheet for this one I'm working on right
shargoose: You could use TLS maybe?
auntyalias: ya or some embellishment to hide them
auntyalias: I'm not too worried about it
shargoose: Oh, vines would be pretty
auntyalias: it was the foil strips
auntyalias: that was my concern
auntyalias: are we going to be able to have over lap
shargoose: Did the foil make it crack?
auntyalias: are we going to have some of the outer cover go over the
inner core without sticking
gesche_johanna: was it cracking at the seams?
auntyalias: and it did, so I'm happy. Naw, the foil was fine, no
problem, it was using this old sheet, it cracked where the leaves were
pressed on the basket weave
shargoose: Good
auntyalias: should have laid the sheet on my stomach and got it all
warm before fooling with it
shargoose: cause I liked the foil trick
auntyalias: I LOVE the foil trick
auntyalias: I think we're on to something very special with that foil
shargoose: It sure comes in handy
auntyalias: instead of hassling with boxes from the craft store
gesche_johanna:  What foil trick??
shargoose: I tried to make boxes before
auntyalias: You'll see, I put foil where I don't want the outer sheets
to stick to the inner core
shargoose: but if you bake the lid seperately they distort some and
don't always fit
auntyalias: the outer sheet touches the lid, touches all the
auntyalias: but doesn't separate where they do because we want over
auntyalias: but we don't want the overlap to stick , that's where the
foil helps us
gesche_johanna: You mean, you put aluminium foil over the bottom of
the other parts and then put back the other part upon it and bake???
Good idea!
auntyalias: where ever the foil is, the second sheet won't stick to
the core tube
auntyalias: Yes, Johanna and as soon as the three rings with bottoms
are cured. We are going to put foil on it where we don't want the
second surround sheet to stick
auntyalias: we're going to pre-cut it before curing them all together
gesche_johanna: coool, I mean HOT!
auntyalias: once we get used to putting foil where we want over lap we
can make our own fitted boxes
auntyalias: we can make them star shape
auntyalias: or hex shape
auntyalias: getting a fit like that has always been a hassle and I
wanted to find a way to do it easier
shargoose: I've bee buying small papier mache' boxes in different
shapes to cover
auntyalias: I've been using them and do love them a lot
shargoose: But then you have to paint or decorate the inside
gesche_johanna: Okay, now I want to see what you are doing with the
malachite piece
auntyalias: want to see a couple of links of clay covered paper mache
boxes, getting a good fit is the problem though
shargoose: Yes
gesche_johanna: you could sew satin or velvet inside..
shargoose: I use the iridescent paints
auntyalias: Johanna, got to cure the three sections first, let them
cool a bit, cover with foil here and there and THEN the sheet we made
will be used.
shargoose: Gives a nice gloss
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Faux/TigersEye/Box-thm.htm
gesche_johanna: oops, yes, I forgot they were in the oven...
shargoose: Trick is to paint them after you bake the clay
shargoose: Nice page NJ
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Mexico/DOD/Day-of-Dead-05e.htm
shargoose: I usually makr around the lid with a pencil and then cover
with clay up to the pencil mark.
shargoose: Most times the lid will fit
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Sheets/OnBlack/Grp-Fruit.htm
shargoose: Oh, I love that fruit box
auntyalias: there's some others, but those were quick to find
shargoose: Stunning
auntyalias: On Black, that's fun, something to do with your citrus
cane practice
shargoose: It's making my mouth water11
gesche_johanna: the fruit box
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Faux/TigersEye/Box4-a.htm
auntyalias: this one has clay inside and out
auntyalias: getting it to fit was a pill on this one box
shargoose: I can see why
auntyalias: that's why I wanted to find a way to get an overlap
without pulling out my hair
shargoose: I could see lining the cox with clay and putting clay on
the outside only up tp the lig. Then just painting the overlap with
gold or metallic paint
auntyalias: I'm going to check the oven, grab a bite of pizza, so good
time to take a break there yourselves
shargoose: I ment BOX
auntyalias: LOL
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shargoose: See ya later
shargoose: Bye
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auntyalias: Hey Pat, going to get a bite of pizza, be back in a few
patab12000: ok
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gesche_johanna: Another question: Why do I have to put the translucent
clay into ice water or in the freezer? Why is it afterwards more
translucent than if I donīt cool it down so quickly?
auntyalias: Johanna, I'm not sure of the chemistry of it, just that a
quick cooling makes the translucent clearer. Don't know why it just
auntyalias: brb
ljcswartz: bk
gesche_johanna: Thanks, NoraJean. Uh, itīs 2 oīclock in the morning
here... I think , I have to go to bed NOW!  But first: THANK YOU for
that cool Tutorial. I hope, I will guess the end of it. I wish you all
a good day/afternoon/night, whereever you are. Bye!
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auntyalias: there's the timer, let me get those three sections
auntyalias: they will have to cool off before I can put foil on them
auntyalias: and I got to figure out where to put the foil