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Let's Face It, 7 is a Lucky Number: About Noses and Lips 

Here's seven links for "Let's Face It". Good nudge for the Face Off
Folks who could use a kick start to their head on a stick. I'll go add
you to that list of claymates making faces. The adage of if we do our
faces like that it'll stay like that, we should only hope that's true
with clay, eh? ;-)

Ya, the eyeballs are a fun demo, makes everyone's eye water watching
me poke the clayshaper into the skull. Speaking of which, when you
poke a hole in the skull with the cone shaped clayshaper, just lean
that cone shaped tip to the right and left to make the hole. Makes a
nice eyeball hole that tilting business.

Here's your Lucky 7 Like and I'm totally thrilled for your eyeballs...
that sounds so funny. Ah well.. Off we go...



These two tutes have tons of pictures of step by step face sculpting.
The first is for a woman's face, who ends up old. The second is for a
man's face that ended up looking younger than I thought it would.

Since lips and noses are surrounded by cheeks and chins, it's
difficult to isolate those features to study. What you have to do to
sculpt lips and noses would depend on the rest of the face.

Here are full sized faces that are Asian, African and Caucasian. How
lips, eyes, noses are done on different ethnic faces depends on what
race you're aiming at.

Here are the mouths of Kai, Xev, Stan and a draft of Prince of Fire.
How I approached these mouths was individually, with pictures of them
in character in front of me. Mug shots, right, left, front, we need
them all to sculpt a mouth that's on a real person.

Check out the latest webcam screen shots of sculpting a face step by
step. Stop at the feature that you want to concentrate on.

From 9/15/02:

Syl took these face sculpting screen shots and built this album for
us. Thank you Syl. The armature and putting skin on the armature
pictures were taken by Mitch and I'm rearranging the pictures she so
graciously loaded up in Epson for us and once the rearrangement is
done I'll send those two albums through.

From 9/22/02:

Shady Sadie a demo on aging a face. It was voted that a female face,
large sized not mini, mature in age should be sculpted. This is what
came of the effort. Thank you Denise for the screen shots and getting
them up in Epson.

From 9/26/02:

Here are the cropped pictures of the face sculpting review that Mitch
uploaded while the storm howled outside, the door flew open with the
wind and she was determined to get these shots up for her claymates.

I should hand out little metals or ribbons of valor when one of our
own goes to such lengths for us. Put an additional petal to their Hip
and Buffness Daisy or something. Thanks just seems so small sometimes.

No captions on these yet, but there's no need for captions really. Do
check out the tools though. Those clayshapers you can get from Karen
at ClayAlley. If you're going to sculpt small detail you got to get
the tools that won't fight with you.

So Merrie, I hope that helps and if you want to schedule a face
sculpting Demo post to the list, let your other claymates who are
working on their Face Off know that we plan to poke eyes, finger
noses, and push in some mouths, like thugs. LOL

I can feel my hormones kicking in, I forgot a day and was getting
right cranky this morning and not knowing why. Whew...the joys of
being medicated.




Hi Nora Jean,

After last night's demo (thank you) I went and did eyes and they came
awesome.  Do you have links for noses and lips?