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Skin Tones

Check out this page on different skin tones

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Here a page on skin blends, just brown and white.

Asian, African and Caucasian skin tones are shown here.

FullFace pg 2
Checking out how the eyes are different with different races

One way to keep track of your color mixes.

Let's discuss skin mixes since that's the next thing we should address
after getting foil balls on sticks.


Glow in the dark can also be added to flesh mixes to give the skin a
luminescence (sp) that just regular clay alone won't give. Some
pearl, some translucent, some glow in the dark with the colors for
the skin and I tell you... you won't be disappointed.


NJ when you say luminescence, do you mean it would give a glowing,
sweaty kinda look to the skin????


When you add glow in the dark to skin mixes it "holds" the light. The
skin seems to have a "glow". With translucent clay and a touch of
pearl we get that semi see through effect.

In some paintings of the old Masters what they did first was paint
the body like a robot made of steel. The highlights, the shadows are
done in this robby the robot look. Then veins are painted in. Then
thin layers of skin color are put on. Like washes these skin tones
were over the blue veins, over the highlight and shading underneath.

The trick was to make the eye think it was looking beneath the skin,
seeing the veins. The washes were translucent.

So using no color translucent with skin tones will also allow the
light to fall in further than just the surface.

If you mixed white with raw sienna, you get a brown that is a
flat "Cover Girl Make Up" sort of brown. If you added glow in the
dark, pearl and a bunch of no color translucent with the raw sienna,
you get a brown, that will have an inner glow, that will have a sheen
like sweaty skin, that will allow the light to fall in a tad.

Just got to mix it real real good or you have dolls with marble
swirls in their skin.

Let's goof around with some skin mixes for the head sculpting gang.
Ya, that's a good idea. Do some color cards and make different skin
tones as an exercise. Thanks for thinking of that Marty!  LOL