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2002 Completed Swaps:

* 8-18-2002: Stoner Swap, NJ was host:

* Stoner Index

* 8-28, Flower Swap, Michelle was host

* 8-30, Chimbo Swap, Ellen was host

* 9-15, Animal skin print, I host

* 9-30, Sweets Mini Food - Multi-scale swap, Ellen is host

1999 July Food Swap Index: This is being rebuilt 01/20/06 for examples of mini food done multi media, not just polymer clay.

The Epson Albums that were linked below were retired due to space limitation.  

Swaps of 2000

2000 - Picnic or outdoor lunch miniatures

Here are some examples of picnic miniatures made by claymates on this list.

2000 - Fall and Halloween in Miniature

Since we were doing Jack O Lantern Canes and ScareCrows I thought that these swap items for Fall and Halloween from 2000 would be just right about now.

2000 - Eggs

In this egg swap in 2000 we focused on mixing faux stone mixes. Some are mini and some are not. I don't have the claymate's names connected to the pages because that information was in the captions of PhotoPoint. I'll identify the ones I can and I think there's more egg pictures somewhere. This is what I could find right now and I'm "egg-cited".

2000 - Pens

These covered pen pictures do have the claymate's names as their titles. Whew, did something right on that swap. I can't find my leopard spot pen pictures, I think I burned them or something, they were animal print covered pens of grave disappointment. That's why I want to cover pens again, do it until I get it right. These claymates are my teachers in this effort.

2000- Fairies and Goddesses

There was a stir and uproar about the fairies and the goddesses swap. One fairy swapper was offended when her 16 year old grandson lifted the leaf skirt of an elf and found a wee penis. It got so ugly I had to show her the door. Then there was a stir about Goddesses for some folks think that their beliefs and values should over rule everyone elses's beliefs and values. These swaps won this list freedom of expression. We aren't going to censor what people make, we're just here to help you make it quicker, easier and cheaper. That and goosing your muse.

So here are the hard fought over fairies and elves. The name of the clayers are on the pictures and those that aren't named are mine.