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Clay Techniques-02

MSATClayArt Face Sculpting Non Swap Link for Tips Page 8-30-2002 Live WebCam Sculpting A Man's Face. Log provided by Syl, thank you honey.  

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auntyalias: highlight that
auntyalias: Hey Syl
sylsnovelties: Howdy!
Stevie: hi syl
sylsnovelties: Looks like I'm late!
sylsnovelties: Hi Stevie
Stevie: not at all
sylsnovelties: Whew
auntyalias: That's my Ellen Durbin doll face
dahs512: haven't started yet
auntyalias: I'm just setting up the cam
sylsnovelties: I love it
ac4lb: oh I got it, thanks NJ
sylsnovelties: What should I have here ready?
auntyalias: ok honey
auntyalias: your eyes open?
Stevie: I tried to change my nickname in my profile to Stephanie so I wouldn't confuse folks but I guess I'd have to log in again?
auntyalias: some cookies and milk
sylsnovelties: Yup
ac4lb: hi everyone
auntyalias: nothing really
azstitcher2001: brb
sylsnovelties: Ok. I didn't know if I was supposed to do this as we went along.
azstitcher2001 left the room
auntyalias: I'm going to start with a blank face and sculpt a bit, ask for any questions, sculpt a bit more, ask for any questions
sylsnovelties: I'm glad I can just watch.
sylsnovelties: Sounds like a plan.
auntyalias: not unless you want to, this is to watch it done is all
auntyalias: easy breezy
auntyalias: LOL
sylsnovelties: Ok, my faces need a lot of work.
auntyalias: what you did miss was seeing my earlier works
frogger70301: is there any other way? 
auntyalias: they look like yours
sylsnovelties: Oh good! heeheehee
auntyalias: nope, I always make effort to make it easy for all y'all
auntyalias: it's easier for me that way
auntyalias: once I start I won't be able to help folks
sylsnovelties: For some reason the web cam is larger tonight. That is great with me!
auntyalias: so I'm depending on all of you to help your claymates
auntyalias: Mine got bigger when I did the upgrade
auntyalias: I have it on SuperCam 
sylsnovelties: Ahhh, that's it then.
sylsnovelties: I love it!
Stevie: it looks great. very clear
auntyalias: What I'm doing now is warming up a blank head on a stick
sylsnovelties: Stephanie, sorry I called you Stevie!
frogger70301: Syl, if you click where it says webcam, you can zoom it.
auntyalias: so it'll be soft when we start
ac4lb: is there supposed to be sound or just the picture?
sylsnovelties: No sound.
Stevie: oh no problem, that is acutally what most friends call me 
ac4lb: ok, thanks Syl
ac4lb: going to grab something to drink and maybe a snack brb
auntyalias: we will be getting folks the closer it gets to the turn of the hour
NikiT (azstitcher2001) joined the room
auntyalias: so we'll give them how long to get settled?
auntyalias: 10-15 minutes? What?
auntyalias: or shall we start on the hour and next time they will be on time?
Stevie: maybe 10?
sylsnovelties: whatever you are comfy with.
NikiT: i'd say 10
greatauntjudy joined the room
sylsnovelties: Hi Jude!
ac4lb: Hi Jude
greatauntjudy: Howdy!
Stevie: how many folks does the room hold without bumping?
auntyalias: never had too many yet
sylsnovelties: We've never had maximum
greatauntjudy: Quite a crowd.
Stevie: hey Jude!
auntyalias: Hi Aunt Jude
greatauntjudy: How is everyone this evening?
auntyalias: Aunt Jude and Syl were in webcam for leaves last year, we had a bunch of people then
sylsnovelties: Ready to go!
sylsnovelties: Yup, I'm just a tad better at the leaves, but I haven't practiced enough.
ac4lb: I'm glad I don't have to work in the morning, I can sleep in
greatauntjudy: Holiday weekend!
sylsnovelties: I found 2 cute little thingies at walmart today that I am going to make molds out of.
ac4lb: My hubby very sweetly got everything ready for me for this tonight
greatauntjudy: Thingys? GASP!
Stevie: I've got little post-it notes on my monitor trying to put names to the yahoo ID's.
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
ac4lb: This is bonsai Kathy
sylsnovelties: I thought that was you Kathy!
dahs512: I'm Denise
sylsnovelties: Hi Denise!
ac4lb: yeah, the AC4LB is my ham radio call sign
sylsnovelties: Ham radio, wow!
Stevie: I recognized yours Denise
sylsnovelties: My hubby wants one. 
Stevie: wow is right. aren't there strict codes to get the license and few of them at that?
ac4lb: it's easier than ever to get a license, when I took my test you had to do 20 words per minute moris code
ac4lb: yes there are
ac4lb: gary talked to a man in kuwait tonight
ac4lb: now it's 5 words per minute only
ac4lb: very easy
Stevie: very cool
sylsnovelties: So I should start with what you are showing on the screen, NJ?
ac4lb: write me personally for hubby and I'll give you info on it
sylsnovelties: Ok, great!
sylsnovelties: Are the innerds made of foil?
ac4lb: the pics are great
sylsnovelties: Hello?
Stevie: I think NJ stepped away.
sylsnovelties: Just making sure I didn't lose the connection. 
greatauntjudy: hello!
ac4lb: she said she wouldn't be able to help during the webcam, so we'd have to help each other
greatauntjudy: <waging>
sylsnovelties: Right!
Stevie: you're still here
greatauntjudy: er...<eaving>
ac4lb: I think that is how she does all of hers with a foil innard
greatauntjudy: well, geez...<waving>
sylsnovelties: She stops and takes questions.
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
auntyalias: I was checking list email and doing admin
sylsnovelties: 3 tries at that one Jude
Stevie: looks too smooth to be foil, ey?
greatauntjudy: Yeah, a new record for me.
auntyalias: I'm going to get some things ready here and I'll be back in a tick
auntyalias: brb
frogger70301 waves at greatauntjudy
sylsnovelties: ok
sylsnovelties: I'm not even downloading mail so nothing will interfere with this.
dahs512: Before she gets started, can we all give a hey?
sylsnovelties: Hey!
dahs512: I'm Denise (in Austin)
greatauntjudy: Hey, hey, hey!
sylsnovelties: Syl here~!
ac4lb: hey everyone
frogger70301: Hey from Mitch!
Stevie: I had better go take my bathroom break quick like now too so I don't miss anything brb HEY, from Stephanie(Stevie)
greatauntjudy: jude here!
ac4lb: Bonsai Kathy here
dahs512: Sign in folks and take your seat at the front!
ac4lb: good idea
sylsnovelties: Ok, got all my names straight now.
greatauntjudy: I'll ask you, Syl.
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
auntyalias: Take a bathroom break for sure
greatauntjudy: Good idea...going for jammies, too!
greatauntjudy: brb
auntyalias: I'm eating a bit of dinner, drinking some coffee and I went to the loo so nothing interupts
dahs512: brb
sylsnovelties: I went before I came in too.
ac4lb: lol
sylsnovelties: Yikes
auntyalias: it's a egg
ac4lb: i'm eating icecream, drinking water and also went to the loo
sylsnovelties: Oh wow, I wouldn't have guessed that.
auntyalias: part of the Day of the Dead collection. The color is shaved pastel on cheap old White Sculpey
auntyalias: applied with clay shapers
auntyalias: scrape pastel until you have a powder. Press a clayshaper in it and press into raw white clay
sylsnovelties: Clay shapers are also on my wish list! heeheehee
ac4lb: neat
auntyalias: makes a different sort of effect than painting only, or doing texture and running over it with powder
auntyalias: press the powder in there
auntyalias: don't need any expensive powders
auntyalias: a razor
auntyalias: some standard pastel chalk
auntyalias: and there ya go
sylsnovelties: So the flowers are powders pressed in with clay shapers?
auntyalias: yup
sylsnovelties: I could probably use some of the powder I made from the cooked clay.
auntyalias: that's brilliant Syl
auntyalias: truely brilliant
NikiT: got a quick question for ya'll.. i'm working on my website & need to know what screen resolutions most of you use..
sylsnovelties: I accidentally cooked a piece of clay and then I used the fine grater and made a powder with it.
auntyalias: I have tons of broken stuff. Oh let's do a Scav thing, taking broken bits and sticking them on raw clay
auntyalias: Gosh, Niki, I don't know
sylsnovelties: this one was a lump of clay. heeheehee
auntyalias: someone else might, I use Front Page and it's like having training wheels
ac4lb: I just did that today with my bonsai trunks to add some texture
ac4lb: it worked well
auntyalias: wow, we're definately on to something here
auntyalias: I'm excited
auntyalias: but 
auntyalias: then again
auntyalias: I don't get out much
auntyalias: LOL
sylsnovelties: Me either! Walmart today for me was a biggie!
dahs512: 1024 x 768
sylsnovelties: Of course, on oxygen, I have to "test" every bench they have in the store! heeheehee
auntyalias: Someone has to test them
sylsnovelties: right!
auntyalias: thank you Syl, it's a public service
NikiT: thanks denise
sylsnovelties: Well the ones here in Gallup are holding up pretty good! That's my report!
auntyalias: Well Done Syl
Stevie: Niki, it used to always be 800x600 but now I am needing all the screen space I can get so I've switched to 1024x768.
auntyalias: I'll announce to the list that it's time
dahs512: k
sylsnovelties: sounds good.
greatauntjudy: bak
ac4lb: ok
sylsnovelties: Just in time Jude!
NikiT: ok... I was trying to be fancy & use CSS but if it isn't viewed full screen one side overlaps.. so i think i'll probably go back to just plain tables
Stevie: niki... one day soon I'll know what that means!! lol
ac4lb: brb, hubby needs to be up at 4 and still has scanner on, need to turn it off for him
sylsnovelties: ok
greatauntjudy: Catching up...screen resolution 800x600 and I use Home Site.
auntyalias: couple of more minutes and then we start
ac4lb: dingbat, he fell asleep with it on
sylsnovelties: NJ, is that filled with foil?
greatauntjudy: I used my grater the other day, Syl. On raw clay and it's an interesting effect.
auntyalias: Yes Syl, Wanna See?
sylsnovelties: I've only tried it on the cured clay.
auntyalias: I'll open it up for you
sylsnovelties: That's ok. 
sylsnovelties: I just wanted to know
auntyalias: it's raw, we can open and close it
Stevie: ahhh. surgery!
auntyalias: ouchie
greatauntjudy: Grated some pretty fine and sprinkled it on a sheet and then put it through the PM. 
auntyalias: yowie
sylsnovelties: Was it neato, Jude?
greatauntjudy: Yikes, surgery!
sylsnovelties: Ouch!
auntyalias: totally
greatauntjudy: Did you do the scrubbing up?
sylsnovelties: Yup, that's foil innerds alright.
auntyalias: we'll leave it open, like trepination
auntyalias: in the bush with a broken soda bottle
auntyalias: Ok, let's start for real now
sylsnovelties: ok.
dahs512: k
greatauntjudy: I have some snackies here for everyone. Cheeze-its, some peanut brittle and some chocolate Oreos.
greatauntjudy: Helpa you self.
auntyalias: James went out and got me Chips Ahoy
sylsnovelties: Toss me an oreo!
auntyalias: because of those danged mini cookies last night
auntyalias: LOL
greatauntjudy: OO
auntyalias: I want to ask you all something
sylsnovelties: heeheehee 
dahs512: k
auntyalias: settle down ladies, I'm asking you what are we going to sculpt tonight? Male or Female?
dahs512: androgenous
auntyalias: we got to determine that to get the blank face shape 
ac4lb: my vote female
Stevie: which ever is harder.
auntyalias: naw, that's everyone's problem, not differentiating
auntyalias: everything is hard if you think it so
dahs512: male
auntyalias: decide
auntyalias: vote
Stevie: male
sylsnovelties: male
greatauntjudy: male, yes.
frogger70301: I say female
auntyalias: two female, four male
NikiT: male.. i'd think that would be more difficulte
greatauntjudy: Just put a wig on the male. hehehehe
NikiT: LOL
auntyalias: ok. We'll make him a transvestite to satisfy everyone
auntyalias: but that's much later
greatauntjudy: LOL!
auntyalias: ok, the thing about male faces
ac4lb: roflol
auntyalias: the jaw line is stronger
greatauntjudy: Right, there is a difference.
auntyalias: the brow ridge is more emphasised
auntyalias: there's less cheek fat
auntyalias: lips are usually smaller
auntyalias: but they have those great eyelashes, which is not our concern right now
auntyalias: but dang them for those lashes anyway
sylsnovelties: Really!
auntyalias: So first, before we start on the face
greatauntjudy: I know what you mean.
dahs512: can you do a male model type in big lips
NikiT: i have good lashes. 
auntyalias: we get the structure of the face settled
jakmiami joined the room
auntyalias: Kai has lips like three dollars worth of raw calves liver
auntyalias: I can do men with lips
auntyalias: LOL
dahs512: cool
auntyalias: ok, I'm going to give some shape to the jaw line and start shaping the general blank face first. You can toss things at each other all you want during this time because I'm not looking
dahs512: i'm so estatic about this
auntyalias: LOL
Stevie: hi Judith we're just starting
greatauntjudy: Shortish finger nails. I'm always putting nicks and marks from my nails in the clay.
jakmiami: Hello there -- I just figured out that I had to be in chat as well as looking at the webcam. Glad I didn't miss much.
sylsnovelties: Me too. I need to cut mine.
Stevie: boy I just accidentally doubled-clicked the web cam and if filled the whole monitor COOL but then couldn't read posts
Stevie: do you think the green surface she started shaping against is a tile?
dahs512: hit esc to get out of it
sylsnovelties: Boy, would you look at that.
auntyalias: ok
auntyalias: now you know this is male, why?
auntyalias: strong jaw
Stevie: jawline
sylsnovelties: Jaw
greatauntjudy: Square jaw?
auntyalias: flat cheek
auntyalias: strong brow
Stevie: forehead
auntyalias: adams apple
ac4lb: adams apple and strong jaw
greatauntjudy: He looks like Dick Tracy?
auntyalias: totally Aunt Jude
sylsnovelties: Good one
auntyalias: Very Dick Tracy
auntyalias: without features or clothing we know this is male for we know what the male markers are
sylsnovelties: right, it just looks male.
ac4lb: teri may come in, she just came online
auntyalias: Ok, Now let's do the grid that will organize the location of the features of the face. I'll get the url. Remember to save the log as text so you go back and check the tutes later, ok?
sylsnovelties: ok.
ac4lb: ok
Stevie: ok. you save when exiting?
auntyalias: I save at different times and then name the file 1, 2,3,
auntyalias: just in case I get booted off of Yahoo
Stevie: got it. just saved.
auntyalias: Also... when I wrote of Kai and his lips
auntyalias: that's all the log you can see if you scroll up
auntyalias: if you save regularly you don't loose urls, let me get the grid face url
auntyalias: if you can open this page it'll show you what I'm fixing to do
buci131 joined the room
auntyalias: Eva
auntyalias: I've asked everyone to open this page to know what I'm going to do next
buci131: Hiya, heard you were starting early.
buci131: Okay, just getting set up here.
auntyalias: So we determined this was to be male
auntyalias: we made the male markers
auntyalias: strong jaw
auntyalias: flat cheeks
auntyalias: strong brow
auntyalias: adams apple
auntyalias: now we have to put location markers for his features, 
auntyalias: looking at the first picture on that page you see the blank face, like we have now
auntyalias: What I will do is mark the grid lines, the text is on that page, ok?
sylsnovelties: got it.
auntyalias: so first we have to determine the middle of the face, the north south line
auntyalias: That's the line the nose will line up on
jinnyclaysaround joined the room
auntyalias: Jinny open this page and you can follow what's on cam
auntyalias: The second line is the right, left, mid line, oddly enough that's where the eyes are
auntyalias: mid way
auntyalias: makes room for forehead above
auntyalias: my earlier omissions on my face sculptures
sylsnovelties: I would have put them higher. Good point.
auntyalias: He needs more mass on the top of his head
Stevie: are eyes mid-way for male and female regardless of forehead size?
greatauntjudy: Klingons don't, but they are different. 
auntyalias: Ok, so mid way from the center is where the pupils will be for the eyes
greatauntjudy: That doesn't look centered to me, though.
Stevie: think she means mid way from center left/right
greatauntjudy: Oh, okie.
auntyalias: From the mid line
auntyalias: going to the right, mid way from the center to the right, poke
greatauntjudy: I was trying place the eyes midway from top to bottom.
auntyalias: mid way from the center to the left poke
greatauntjudy: Okie, got that now.
auntyalias: the eyes are mid way, this guys head is too flat on top. I'm adding clay to him to balance him out
greatauntjudy: What is the measurement for north/south?
auntyalias: center of the face
auntyalias: the second picture on this page
Sculpt Man's Face
dylinna joined the room
auntyalias: That eyeball line
auntyalias: is the half way point on the face
auntyalias: what's at the quarter point?
greatauntjudy: I see more face below the line than above.
greatauntjudy: Hmmmm...
buci131: The bottom of the nose.
greatauntjudy: Am I looking at it wrong?
auntyalias: lower lip
greatauntjudy: Oh, from the lower lip. Okie, that makes sense now.
auntyalias: Ok, now let's start moving some mass around these grid lines
jinnyclaysaround: Pardon the interruption but how do I get the web cam. NJ, when you sent the invite, it said server busy, try again. How do I?
frogger70301: right click on aunty alias
sylsnovelties: right click on NJ's name and then look for web cam.
Stevie: jinny right click on her name.
dahs512: right click on her name
jinnyclaysaround: Thanks, will try again.
jinnyclaysaround: View web cam is not highlighted.
dahs512: come in through yahoo
dahs512: through the web
greatauntjudy: Look how quickly she did that face.
buci131: That's what I was just thinking.
sylsnovelties: A few pushes and shoves and it is a face.
greatauntjudy: Looks like a great Picasso right now.
auntyalias: ok
jinnyclaysaround left the room
auntyalias: when you're moving mass
auntyalias: don't be delicate
auntyalias: don't use the rubber clay shaper
sylsnovelties: I could see that. 
auntyalias: I use bamboo, the tool handle
sylsnovelties: I was scared!
auntyalias: I don't use my fingers
Stevie: how thick of a clay covering do you start with over the foil?
dahs512: wish I could save the video
auntyalias: I'll do the CD
auntyalias: soon
auntyalias: ish
auntyalias: LOL
ac4lb: me too
auntyalias: Ok, when you're moving mass don't be delicate
ac4lb: Can't wait
auntyalias: make sure your clay is soft
auntyalias: use hard tools
auntyalias: to keep this looking male
dahs512: easy breezy
auntyalias: we needed to flatten his cheeks
auntyalias: A this point I start smoothing out what I've bullied into place
greatauntjudy: Good question. How much clay did you put on and do you really mash up that foil underneath so it's hard-ish?
dahs512: with a hammer
greatauntjudy: Yikes! 
greatauntjudy: LOL!
greatauntjudy: And, is the stick something to hold on to or does it serve another purpose?
dahs512: i need more tols
sylsnovelties: me too.
dahs512: tools
greatauntjudy: Raid your kitchen.
dylinna: I can see my biggest problem was being too delicate.
dahs512: pointy soft things
dylinna: I don't think I've ever said that before.
Stevie: I got mine from Karen a while back... very reasonable.
sylsnovelties: Same here. I was trying to do it real easy.
ac4lb: I have the smaller ones, I really would like to get the bigger ones
dahs512: I've heard maybe making them out of eraser clay
ac4lb: man she does this fast
frogger70301: Anyone else see a slight resemblance to Elvis?
sylsnovelties: <swoon>
NikiT: Elvis is everywhere, man!
auntyalias: Ok so we've smoothed the bullied clay
auntyalias: any questions so far?
sylsnovelties: You are so good NJ!
dahs512: go Elvis...go Elvis
greatauntjudy: Good question. How much clay did you put on and do you really mash up that foil underneath so it's hard-ish?
Stevie: is the tip of your shaper dry? or have something on it?
auntyalias: thankyouverymuchandwelcometoNashville
greatauntjudy: And, is the stick something to hold on to or does it serve another purpose?
dahs512: lololo
auntyalias: wait one question at a time
greatauntjudy: Looks like Captain Picard to me. 
auntyalias: I have a walnut sized bit of foil
sylsnovelties: another swoon!
auntyalias: and a thumb pad worth of clay around it, roughly, depends on the dolls really
sylsnovelties: Smash the foil down real good?
auntyalias: the clay shaper has nothing on it
auntyalias: the clay keeps the foil on the stick
auntyalias: mash that foil like crazy
auntyalias: anything else?
Stevie: not yet. thanks.
dahs512: Do you use a mallet on your fooil?
greatauntjudy: Is the stick to hold on to so you don't mash the head up?
dahs512: foil
auntyalias: I strong arm the foil against the table's edge
dahs512: hammer woman!
auntyalias: The stick will go into the body like a spine, check cowboy kai
greatauntjudy: Okie, I see now.
auntyalias: so to review
auntyalias: what makes a man's face?
auntyalias: you tell me
sylsnovelties: Strong jaw, flat cheeks
ac4lb: strong jaw an d adams apple
greatauntjudy: Stronger jaw, less cheek.
sylsnovelties: adams apple more forehead.
frogger70301: strong jaw, strong brow, flat cheeks, adam's apple.
ac4lb: there you go Mitch that's it
greatauntjudy: Yes, forgot the Neanderthal brow.
auntyalias: Now I'm going to make more definition to the face, laugh lines, work the mouth and chin, ok?
auntyalias: smaller job
auntyalias: smaller tool
buci131: I agree with Jude, looks like Picard
greatauntjudy: Make it so!
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
dahs512: mouth profile?
ac4lb: I do too
frogger70301: Yeah, I think Elvis has left the building! Doesn't look the same as a while ago.
greatauntjudy: LOL
ac4lb: started out with dick tracy, went to elvis and now picard
ac4lb: dang she's good
greatauntjudy: Hmmm...what size shaper is that?
frogger70301: that is what I was thinking.
ac4lb: it's the small ones, my favorite
sylsnovelties: She said small
frogger70301: size 0
greatauntjudy: I have small ones, but that looks bigger than what I have.
dahs512: i
NikiT: are u sure? That looks like #2
sylsnovelties: I need shapers of all sizes! Yup, added to the wish list!
dahs512: need one of those
NikiT: 0 are smaller
frogger70301: forgot the ? earlier
buci131: Try PCC auctions. I saw about four or five on there.
ac4lb: the pointy one is a little longer, but that one does look bigger, we'll ask her when she gets back
greatauntjudy: Mine are 0...looks bigger, must be the scale.
sylsnovelties: Looks like his lips just got the injections! 
auntyalias: LOL, fat lips were requested
jakmiami: Well, I think I'm going to have to call it a day...or rather, a night! It's the hour, not the company! Night...
greatauntjudy: Oh, my!
greatauntjudy: Night!
auntyalias: I'm going to give him nostrils and do the upper lip
ac4lb: night
buci131: Goodnight
sylsnovelties: Nitey Nite
auntyalias: smaller job
auntyalias: smaller tool
Stevie: nite
greatauntjudy: What size tools are you using, NJ?
dahs512: lips
ac4lb: what size is that tool NJ
auntyalias: zero
Stevie: are all these tools points only?
dahs512: move up please
greatauntjudy: What did you use before?
NikiT: the ones prior to that were #2, right?
dahs512: too low
ac4lb: uh oh, she's moving out of the screen
auntyalias: I can't see a size for the second tool, it's a paint shaper
dahs512: can't see
auntyalias: none on the big one, it's a paint shaper
NikiT: ah
dahs512: higher
dahs512: that's good
sylsnovelties: Yowza
greatauntjudy: I bet that hurt!
buci131: You can pick your nose, and you can pick your friends, but ...
dahs512: Elvis is back
frogger70301: look at how perfect it is!
frogger70301: WOW!
sylsnovelties: In such a short time too.
dahs512: What a man!
sylsnovelties: He's gorgeous!
ac4lb: It's taken me several days to get to that point, haha
sylsnovelties: I haven't even got to the foil yet.
buci131: It's taken me several days and I'm still not there
frogger70301: I haven't even had a chance to start yet.
sylsnovelties: Aw don't cry!
dahs512: Ya'll grab some foil and shape it
buci131: Those gorgeious pens have been taking up your time and I wouldn't have it any other way 
frogger70301: pens and eggs!
frogger70301: Thanks!
dahs512: I'm seeing lips
ac4lb: I had to take a break to work on some bonsai and the pens and more rocks, to many projects, arrgghhhh
frogger70301: I know how that is!
auntyalias: ok
dahs512: upcurled on one side? Who
sylsnovelties: He is gorgeous NJ!
auntyalias: Elvis
auntyalias: LOL
frogger70301: wonderful!
auntyalias: anyway, when you do noses
auntyalias: make the nose as a solid wedge
auntyalias: the wedge no wider than you want that nose to be
auntyalias: where it tucks in right here
auntyalias: when it's as wide from tucked in corner of nostril to the other
dahs512: eyes?
auntyalias: then put in the holes and PULL your tool sideways
auntyalias: last
auntyalias: eyes go last
auntyalias: or they get goofed up
auntyalias: get in the way of everything else
auntyalias: too detailed and delicate to be bothered like that, so they wait
auntyalias: until the face is ready to receive them and be done
dahs512: k
dylinna: fascinating, amazing!! Thank you!!! Must sleep now. 
sylsnovelties: He looks so handsome.
Stevie: nite diana
ac4lb: night
buci131: Goodnite Diana
sylsnovelties: Nitey Nite!
dylinna: Night! 
greatauntjudy: Night.
dylinna left the room
ac4lb left the room
greatauntjudy: Explain eyes, please.
dahs512: Would you cock his nose up just a little, or do I input too much?
greatauntjudy: I see you just put a hole there.
dahs512: one side
ac4lb joined the room
ac4lb: somehow managed to close out my browser,
auntyalias: ok
auntyalias: ready for questions
buci131: Do you use the same color clay as the base, to cover the foil, as you use for the outer "skin" layer?
auntyalias: not on this one because this is just a demo, the head was left over from an Asian run
Stevie: are your shaping tools all the ones that all strictly points, not the other odd shapes?
buci131: Or just a similar color so the one you're mixing isn't used up as quickly.
auntyalias: this skin is Caucasion that I added on for mass on the top and the face
sylsnovelties: Normally you would probably have to use the same color with so much manipulation, right?
buci131: In other words, I could use a basic beige color for the base and then cover it with a layer of the skin mix I'm using?
auntyalias: Stevie, I use what ever seems to work at the moment. I use cones mostly though
dahs512: Are we steering yo to Graceland
auntyalias: Ya, Syl... hold up lookie here
dahs512: lol
sylsnovelties: Boobies
dahs512: he's happy
auntyalias: ok, that's my Ellen Durban doll
Stevie: do you always sculpt ALL features even if some will never be seen in the finished project (ears for example)?
sylsnovelties: Ok, I see.
auntyalias: here's flesh sheets to use to work with while working on her
auntyalias: so he's dirty yellow and new Ellen Durbin white
auntyalias: or Caucasian
sylsnovelties: Ok, got it.
auntyalias: Ok, so what shocked you the most, or made you go AhHah?
frogger70301: for me it was the nose
dahs512: mucle moving around
sylsnovelties: What shocked me was that you weren't delicate with moving the clay around 
auntyalias: Oh Stevie I almost didn't see that question. I have a tendency to sculpt nipples when there's going to be clothes covering it 
auntyalias: Eva, Saw your skin question, I'm scrolling up
auntyalias: I used to use what the hell clay under and nice clay on the top
dahs512: Since we think you can do magic....what's next
Stevie: how the beginning line spacing formula really pulls all together once you sculpt each stage.
auntyalias: but now... I like to have the clay be of the same color batch
auntyalias: in case I have to do emergency surgery
buci131: Okay, thanks--that helps.
sylsnovelties: sounds right.
auntyalias: See how I rolled the clayshaper to smooth
auntyalias: that's the ticket, don't use your fingers
auntyalias: I make effort to hardly touch these things
auntyalias: because they get all dirty
auntyalias: finger prints and all that
auntyalias: our hands are hot
dahs512: do you think shapers can be made of eraser clay?
auntyalias: and our fingers too big
ac4lb: I discovered that well working on my face this week.
buci131: The ah hahs for me were the face mapping and the clay moving.
auntyalias: I dunno about eraser clay
auntyalias: you tell me
auntyalias: Mitch can tell all of us
Stevie: do you sand faces at all like jewelry?
auntyalias: she got that stuff laying around the house
buci131: Someone made some and said it worked pretty well, but I don't remember who it was.
auntyalias: I use metal Jeweler's files to get the general shape organized
auntyalias: and then
dahs512: I'll try it and see
frogger70301: I'm gonna try some right now. Let me go fire up the oven.
auntyalias: dig this guys paying attention?
buci131: yep
auntyalias: after sanding with a metal file
dahs512: yes maam
sylsnovelties: yes
auntyalias: I mix skin clay with TLS
greatauntjudy: Yup!
auntyalias: and spakle
ac4lb: yup
auntyalias: a thin layer, like cover girl make up
dahs512: spakle?
Stevie: my aha moment: how the beginning line spacing formula really pulls all together once you sculpt each stage
auntyalias: fills in the sanding marks
greatauntjudy: Spackle for the walls, spackle?
auntyalias: ya ya
dahs512: oh, as a technique?
auntyalias: don't bother to sand when you got the shape you want
greatauntjudy: Hmmm...
Stevie: I saw a tip before about using the waterless hand cleaner on the tip of a shaper to smooth.
buci131: cool
auntyalias: fill in the grooves by back filling with a thin slip of tls and the skin color
auntyalias: you can tint the cheeks while you're at it
auntyalias: add a bit of sun bronze on forehead, nose bridge and chin and cheeks
auntyalias: while you're at it
auntyalias: it is in CowBoyKai
auntyalias: when I did his face
buci131: with TLS and color?
auntyalias: it's such a trick
dahs512: have you used dry blush?
auntyalias: take the same skin mix
auntyalias: you're using on the face
auntyalias: mix with TLS so it's like foundation make up
sylsnovelties: Could we use real face makeup?
auntyalias: can't cure it
auntyalias: it'll burn on ya
sylsnovelties: Ok,
dahs512: oh
auntyalias: but it saves achey hands the sanding chore
buci131: add the bronze color to the skin/TLS mix?
ac4lb: I like anything that helps me avoid sanding
auntyalias: and the metal files just get the big nicks and bumps off, then when you got the shape you want, TLS
auntyalias: I use face make up blush with TLS and the skin color for cheeks to blush
auntyalias: remember on men's faces, give them a blush where the sun would kiss their face
auntyalias: forehead
auntyalias: nose bridge
auntyalias: cheek ridge
auntyalias: chin
auntyalias: it makes the face look less dead
auntyalias: more alive with a sun kiss
auntyalias: a face of one color only looks like a mortician did him up
dahs512: Gotta work in am, thanks NJ, I'm gonna have to cut out. Someone save this for me will ya?
auntyalias: I think eyes should be a separate demo though
auntyalias: so this is it for now
sylsnovelties: I will.
dahs512: thanks
auntyalias: one hour of sculpting
Stevie: thank you!
buci131: Thanks NJ. Great stuff!
sylsnovelties: Wow, all this in one hour
ac4lb: thanks NJ, It was wonderful
dahs512: nity nite
greatauntjudy: Thanks!
auntyalias: and that includes typing, so you can do it faster than you've been doing it, bully that clay
dahs512 left the room
ac4lb: night
buddhamoon left the room
NikiT stands up and applauds
auntyalias: thank you for all coming down and hanging out
sylsnovelties: My pleasure for sure!
auntyalias: I'm going to cop a smoke and take questions if there are any.
sylsnovelties: this was terribly exciting!
auntyalias: LOL
buci131: Syl took the words out of my mouth
auntyalias: Syl
ac4lb: we thank you for doing this for us. I hope you do it at night like this again after I get home from work
auntyalias: We got to do something exciting, we don't get out much
sylsnovelties: Right!
sylsnovelties: this made my day, heck my week.
greatauntjudy: Right!
auntyalias: Kathy, I'm doing it on Holidays, late, so it doesn't impact with people's work
ac4lb: I may wait on the eyes until you do that demo
sylsnovelties: I'm anxious to try it now. I better work on clay shapers! I'll ask hubby real nice like. heeheehee
auntyalias: I got mine through ClayAlley
greatauntjudy: Good idea, Syl.
auntyalias: and then the art store for the larger ones
greatauntjudy: What sizes do you have NJ?
auntyalias: Syl what are you going to do different on your faces next time?
ac4lb: Holidays aren't holidays for me since I work at a hotel but when I get home at 11, 12 is easy for me
NikiT: hey NJ.. do you notice with your clay shapers that if you handle clay a lot, and handle the shapers a lot, the paint on then shapers gets sticky & comes off?
sylsnovelties: Everything!
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
auntyalias: There's a penny for size reference
sylsnovelties: I wasn't doing it right at all.
auntyalias: I sand my handles
auntyalias: wash my tools
sylsnovelties: I also used my fingers too much.
auntyalias: do that and it'll not bother you Niki
NikiT: ok.. will do that. thankx
auntyalias: keep the fingers off of it, if you want to handle stuff make canes
auntyalias: if you want to sculpt, I'd keep the fingers off as much as is possible
sylsnovelties: Right, no fingers on the next one for sure.
sylsnovelties: And, there will be a next one!
buci131: That's the same thing with the cameos--especially when working with white. Dirt magnet
auntyalias: and you'll review the tutes, right Ladies?
greatauntjudy: What sizes are those shapers?
sylsnovelties: You bet.
buci131: You betcha
ac4lb: absolutely
auntyalias: the two larger ones don't have sizes on them, I put the penny there for you to see the size reference
auntyalias: the little one is zero
auntyalias: that's all I know
greatauntjudy: Okie, thanks.
ac4lb: I have to tell you, everyone at work is bugging me to bring in the head again so they can see the progress
auntyalias: you're welcome Aunt Jude
auntyalias: coolness, Kathy
auntyalias: let's pick a real person
buci131: Please, let's
sylsnovelties: Oh boy!
auntyalias: someone you know, like a Singer
ac4lb: I'm really enjoing it
auntyalias: and let's both do it, for practice
ac4lb: how about brad pitt
buci131: Or Captain Picard 
greatauntjudy: LOL
auntyalias: make a picture collage of your favorite person
auntyalias: left, right, straight, laughing, frowning
buci131: I'm working on that right now, actually for my face off
auntyalias: all the pictures you can
sylsnovelties: Maybe I'll try my hubby!
auntyalias: that's cool too, James won't let me
greatauntjudy: Great idea, syl!
auntyalias: he's all secretive
auntyalias: that poot
sylsnovelties: Bill probably won't either. 
ac4lb: that's why I did my son, i happened to have a side and front view
sylsnovelties: I'll have to try Elvis!
auntyalias: got to thin that jaw
auntyalias: Oh Let's DO ELVIS
auntyalias: for sure
auntyalias: a big Elvis sculpting extravanganza
auntyalias: YEAH
auntyalias: LOL
ac4lb: yes i do
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
greatauntjudy: Oh, dear...
jakmiami left the room
sylsnovelties: Can we make the jirating hips? heeheehee
auntyalias: I will do a young Elvis, when he was still wearing levis
NikiT: elvis has lots of forehead
sylsnovelties: Tight black leather! 
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
auntyalias: I have an Elvis clock with swinging legs 
greatauntjudy: Cool!
buci131: I've seen those.
sylsnovelties: Oh how neat Nj
auntyalias: 1968 Leather Elvis, the Come back Elvis
sylsnovelties: God, he was handsome!
buci131: I'm not that familiar with his facial features, though
auntyalias: that's why we make collages
greatauntjudy: My sister is the Elvis fan. I lean more toward the Beatles.
buci131: Have to do a little research
auntyalias: gather pictures from the web
ac4lb: I saw him in person the night he made his comeback in Vegas
auntyalias: make a collage
sylsnovelties: You can get tons of pictures off the web.
auntyalias: like my Kai Collages
auntyalias: have you seen them?
sylsnovelties: You lucky thing you Kathy!
buci131: I don't think so
sylsnovelties: The collages were good.
sylsnovelties: All views.
ac4lb: yes I saw him 2ce in person, that first time though we were in the same hotel with him and got his autograph and his family's autographs too
Michael McManus II,

sylsnovelties: Oh my! 
auntyalias: That's the start, they are slow loading because I did them for printing them out
sylsnovelties: I would just have died!