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03-10-03: Making brown from scratch to make tortillas 03-10-03-TacoPix-3

auntyalias: I'm going to save log and build the second log page
auntyalias: I'll be right back, I'm building pages each hour
claychik: ok
auntyalias: 15 minutes, break
chenoa_2b: Just noodeling around she did it! Ya!!!
chenoa_2b: NOw put a pepper along side of it and it is done! 
frogger70301: Oh, man. I HAVE to make a trip to michaels tomorrow.
chenoa_2b: Whats up? 
frogger70301: I'm out of almost every color needed to do this.
chenoa_2b: lol NJ does get ya dosen't she? 
claychik: michales blows chunks, but it's the only art supply near me
claychik: unfortunately
frogger70301: me 2
claychik: i end up helping more customers than they do
claychik: and the jerks still won't hire me
frogger70301: Well, cept for Wal-Mart's crafts dept, but they only have Sculpey.
frogger70301: I was thinking of trying to get on at the one over here.
claychik: on the application, they ask what crafts you are knowledgable in
frogger70301: really. I'd do fairly well on that one.
claychik: yet they only seem to hire the ones who not only have no customer service experience, but no craft or hobby experience
claychik: so, not only do they not know anything, they are rude as well
frogger70301: well, then I wouldn't do good.
claychik: well, customer service is basically being nice to people
claychik: that's what i meant
frogger70301: yeah.
frogger70301: The people over here seem to be fairly nice, but don't know anything.
claychik: the ones here don't know anything, and are jerks about it
claychik: they don't know where stuff is
frogger70301: I do sort ofd have to chase em to ask em something, and IOF they know, they do everything they can to help out.
claychik: lucky
frogger70301: sorry, IF
auntyalias: done, I'm going to take a biological break, smoke em if you got em, brb
claychik: i asked someone where the shrinky dink stuff was, and she said she didn't know but she'd find out, and she never came back
auntyalias: 03-10-03-ChilieLog-1.htm
claychik: she just went back to what she was doing
auntyalias: 03-10-03-TacoLog-1.htm
claychik: kewl!
auntyalias: now I'll brb
claychik: k
claychik: oh poop, i gotta get going, gotta go grocery shopping. one of the things about a low-carb diet is that you tend to go thru a LOT of eggs
claychik: i run out quick
frogger70301: have fun.
claychik: lol thanks
claychik: hopefully y'all will still be here when i get back
claychik: take care!
claychik left the room
chenoa_2b: So what is going on Mitch? Did you get the frogs? 
frogger70301: Sorry, had a little accident in the other room.
frogger70301: Yeah, I got em.
chenoa_2b: Oops! 
chenoa_2b: Did you like them? 
frogger70301: Lene tried to get Tyki out of his cage.
frogger70301: Loved them.
chenoa_2b: Good on the frogs. Not good on Tyki! Are they both ok? 
frogger70301: The little orn you made was wonderful.
frogger70301: Yeah.
frogger70301: She fell down, hurt her butt, and shook him up a bit.
chenoa_2b: They seemed so primitive compared to the other ones though. 
frogger70301: still precious!
frogger70301: I loved it.
frogger70301: well, love.
chenoa_2b: My Grady used to bit at alex, got so I had to get rid of him. He drew blood one time cause Alex had been teasing him with chili peppers. 
frogger70301: I'm thinking about making sort of a shadow box kind of thing to put them all in.
frogger70301: what kind was he?
chenoa_2b: That is a good idea! I have most of them out sitting in shadow boxes I got from the dollar store. 
auntyalias: back
chenoa_2b: Grady was a quaker parrott, noisy, but he was fun. 
frogger70301: a talker?
chenoa_2b: He would talk to Amie, but not to me. lol He would say thank you when she gave him a pepper. lol He did imitate my printer turning on. lol 
chenoa_2b: My love birds would be quite, then he would imitate them and get them going really loud. Then yell at them to shut up! The funny things is he sounded just like my ex Mex boyfriend. lol 
frogger70301: oh, pooh. I'm out of yellow too!
chenoa_2b: Rats! 
frogger70301: gotta make me a list and take a trip tomorrow!
frogger70301: brb
chenoa_2b: ok
auntyalias: Taking pictures of the cane and the minis made so far
frogger70301: back.
auntyalias: got to have some digi pix to go with the logs
chenoa_2b: Alex came over and looked at the toco, and loved it! He was giggeling so! 
auntyalias: You'll have to make Tacos with him then
auntyalias: getting some good shots of them up right now so he can see closer and clearer
chenoa_2b: yep, he loves helping in the kitchen. Heck! He loves helping with anything! 
auntyalias: bless his heart
chenoa_2b: lol You sure know our Alex! lol 
frogger70301: Hey, I found my yellow. It was hidden by some popsicle sticks.
auntyalias: Hey that's cool Mitch
chenoa_2b: ya! 
frogger70301: I can play!!!!
auntyalias: I got to make a list for Karen, I'm out of this and that too
auntyalias: no translucent at all
chenoa_2b: Ohh that hurts! 
auntyalias: and I feel deprived, I did do a lot of green with trans ribbons so I can do greens
auntyalias: like the lettuce leaf and celery
auntyalias: Oh hey did you see my finished celery bunch?
chenoa_2b: No, I just saw a bit of celery sitting
frogger70301: Well, the brown you used for the tortillas, was it brown that you mixed?
chenoa_2b: It looked like one of her skin tones. 
auntyalias: same brown for the breads
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/food/Bread-Grp
auntyalias: a blend for the center of the toasty spots
auntyalias: surround with white
auntyalias: take some bread cane like the rectangle bit
auntyalias: and shred it and stack what you shread and do a lace cane
auntyalias: for the brown and white area between the toasty spots
chenoa_2b: Syl is going to be so happy! But so mad she missed this. 
auntyalias: I'll do a late night demo on Thursday Nights
auntyalias: Monday for day and Thursday for late night
auntyalias: so I get my night owls
auntyalias: Those are the only two days I have not that doesn't involve a commute
auntyalias: that I have now
auntyalias: I mean
auntyalias: All the other days I'm working or going to or coming back from work
chenoa_2b: Doesn't it just suck commuting? 
auntyalias: I read, since I'm going by public transit
auntyalias: read through my stop at home last week
auntyalias: ooops, got off by the golf course and walked under freeways to get to my building
chenoa_2b: lol now you are sounding like me! lol 
auntyalias: Look up and go YIKES
auntyalias: Mitch do you want to see what I mean by shredding this rectangle
auntyalias: for the spotty bits between the toasty spots?
frogger70301: I got that. I'm just trying to figure out how to get brown.
auntyalias: what brown do you have?
frogger70301: I know it's easy, but I can't get it just yet.
frogger70301: None.
auntyalias: well brown can be made with the three primary colors
auntyalias: let me get you the color card on that, brb
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/ColorCards/Brown/
auntyalias: mix a brown with your primary colors and add a bit of white to it and see what you get, just use pea sized balls for the experiment
auntyalias: brb
auntyalias: just sent the log pages to the list
auntyalias: or the urls for the logs that is
auntyalias: While you're checking out the color cards, I'm going to put up the 2 pages of these items here
auntyalias: brb
chenoa_2b: Ok, I got to get going. Time to get ready for Alex's appointment! Tooth fairy time tonight! lol 
chenoa_2b left the room
auntyalias: 03-10-03-TacoPix-1.htm
auntyalias: One more to go
frogger70301: I must have the wrong blue. My what-was-supposed to be brown turned out with more of a purplish color.
auntyalias: 03-10-03-TacoPix-2.htm
auntyalias: purple is blue and red, so add more yellow
auntyalias: I'm thinking
frogger70301: Is this right. One part yellow to one part blue. Take one part of that then mix with one part yellow?
frogger70301: no, red for the last one.
auntyalias: for brown? Try equal parts of primary colors of red, blue and yellow
auntyalias: do a sheet and cut out your portions with a cut out tool
frogger70301: s'what I'm doing.
auntyalias: are you doing brown?
auntyalias: ok
auntyalias: so one portion of red, one of blue and one of yellow should make brown
auntyalias: if it seems to lean too blue, lessen the blue, if it seems too red, lessen the red. but all three primary colors make a brown that one can use in a pinch
frogger70301: Different blues do make a difference.
frogger70301: I switched to Ultramarine blue from Cobalt blue and it's closer.
auntyalias: You'll get it, I'm sure of that
frogger70301: Yeah, I 'm determined.
frogger70301: Talked to my mom a bit ago and she is planning a taco dinner one night this week.
frogger70301: I'm sure she will get a kick out of it if I would bring my own tacos over! 
auntyalias: That's really funny, I'm sure she will
auntyalias: if you made them into earrings and had a pair yourself
auntyalias: you both can wear Taco earrings and see if anyone notices
auntyalias: like a secret between the two of you
frogger70301: She can't wear earrings or necklaces, so I'd probably have to figure out a ring thingy for her.
auntyalias: or a pin?
auntyalias: a platter of tacos as a pin?
frogger70301: She's allergic to anything cept 100% gold.
frogger70301: she doesn't wear pins.
auntyalias: Oh too bad, I think I need to make some more tacos and make a platter for them now that you got me thinking of a whole dinner's worth
auntyalias: I know, I'll make a half dozen and show what it looks like incrementally adding stuff inside of it
auntyalias: then take a picture
auntyalias: that would be a good sample I think
frogger70301: Well, to make a burrito, would it be the same concept, or a different cane?
frogger70301: sure would,
auntyalias: Same concept, larger tortilla is all
auntyalias: so you can really wrap it up
auntyalias: we got big honking burrittos here in SF
auntyalias: double handers
auntyalias: got to eat them bending over the plate or you'll drip yummy juices in your lap
frogger70301: gotta save them juices. Almost the best part of the whole thing.
auntyalias: really, I usually eat them with a knife and fork, cut it all up and do it that way
auntyalias: otherwise you have juices on your nose and chin
auntyalias: looking ever so delicate
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: have you ever seen the "quick plate" trick?
frogger70301: no.
auntyalias: take a round, the sheet is 3 settings thin
auntyalias: and cover a spongy thing with foil, I can use my wrist rest here
auntyalias: taper the round cut out
auntyalias: just the edges
auntyalias: I use a pinch pot to press in the round shape in the center of the plate
auntyalias: the sponge underneath makes instant nice edges to the plate
auntyalias: like that
auntyalias: instant plate
frogger70301: That is awesome!
auntyalias: so easy
frogger70301: Are you gonna be around for a while? I just realized hubby's gonna be home in half an hour, and he's gonna flip cause I didn't repot my plant yet.
auntyalias: sure. I'll take a bit of a break then
auntyalias: I got to eat some lunch
frogger70301: k. I'll come back soon as I can.
auntyalias: I'll put on the status that I'm on a break now