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All Sizes: Log #1 - Native clothing is made of rectangles. Dressing the Skeletons for Day of the Dead.  04-21-03 Demo Logs: 1, 2, 3

ljcswartz: what fun
auntyalias: he he he
auntyalias: this is to practice making clay clothing
auntyalias: using the skeletons makes it easier
auntyalias: for they don't take much time to make and we can figure
out trousers and blouses and skirts
auntyalias: hats
auntyalias: so I'm going to make a couple of skeletons and then I'll
dress them
ljcswartz: I am still playing with my two little men..... without
clothes yet.. one has pants sort of though
auntyalias: these mini skeletons are twice as big as the micro mini
auntyalias: so one strip of foil makes one body and not two
kmrhodes joined the room
auntyalias: This is what I'm goofing around with today Karen
kmrhodes: cool
kmrhodes: nice face
auntyalias: since the skeletons are always made sort of rough, it's
not a sculpting hassle
auntyalias: we can do rough drafts of skulls
auntyalias: and what I'm doing is showing how to take clay sheets and
clothe the bodies
kmrhodes: thats cool
auntyalias: these are also meant to go into mini scenes, so it's
practice for that
kmrhodes: I need that
kmrhodes: I just got new memory for my computer but didn't have a
chance to install it yet
auntyalias: what all do you have to do to install it, Karen?
ljcswartz: We just added more memory today too. It took a long time
for dh to get it working.
kmrhodes: remove the back panel
kmrhodes: and stick it in
kmrhodes: but its a little tricky
kmrhodes: so I didn't want to miss the demo today
auntyalias: well I have two bodies shall we put some pants and shirts
on them?
auntyalias: Mitch, I got your package
kmrhodes: Hey Mitch
ljcswartz: hi, Mitch
auntyalias: the beads... I thought you were sending me beads I sent to
you or something and then I realized you made them. LOL
kmrhodes: I think Mitch is having problems
auntyalias: thanks for the pearl ex capsules, only the black opened up
auntyalias: oh
auntyalias: ok
kmrhodes: shes off line again
auntyalias: I should set up the cam for cutting clothing patterns
kmrhodes: yeah
kmrhodes: isn't anyone talking? or did I freeze up?
ljcswartz: just quiet
kmrhodes: ah
frogger70301 joined the room
ljcswartz: hi Mitch
frogger70301: Hey.
dahs512 joined the room
kmrhodes: Hey Denise
kmrhodes: Hey Mitch
frogger70301: Hey, Karen.
kmrhodes: How you doing
auntyalias: Denise and Mitch's the link
bonsaikathy: Hi Mitch, Hi Denise
kmrhodes: Denise, thanks for the kudos on the Alley Goop with Jo Ann.
I appreciate it!
bonsaikathy: it is the most glorious day out there today, perfect temp
dahs512: hi on phone
auntyalias: Kathy I don't have you on the cam list, is my cam window
not working with you?
bonsaikathy: must have froze up and I didn't realize it, thanks
bonsaikathy: I've had problems all day long
bonsaikathy: Not sure what is going on but it's driving me crazy
auntyalias: blame it on Yahoo
auntyalias: these micro figures make easy and quick skeletons that can
be used in Mini Scenes for Day of the Dead
auntyalias: they also can be a good thing to practice doing clay
bonsaikathy: no it was happening even when I was using trilliam, the
whole thing, I hope we don't have problems again with our phone line,
they had to give us this month for free because we've had so much
trouble with this ISDN line
dahs512: back, sorry
dahs512: bargello tiger?
bonsaikathy: oh wow, I like that
auntyalias: folded tiger
auntyalias: now what sort of outfit should we begin with?
auntyalias: when doing pesant outfits we use geometric shapes, like
squares and rectangles
auntyalias: I'll show you a quick poncho, how's that, just two
auntyalias: and from there we can get more complicated
dahs512: ok
kmrhodes: k
ljcswartz: k
auntyalias: to get crotch depth in trousers you have to measure from
the waist to the seated bottom,
dahs512: what did she mark?
auntyalias: I'm making the trousers first
dahs512: Is tat for the arms?
dahs512: oh
ljcswartz: measure from the waist to the seated bottom, ??
auntyalias: for when clothing a figure it's easier to work from what's
underneath first
dahs512: I get it
auntyalias: to get the curve for the crotch seam, you measure from the
waist to the seated bottom
dahs512: 2 pieces, right?
auntyalias: so I'll cut the other side, yes, two pieces, one for each
auntyalias: the curved seam will be the crotch seam
dahs512: she is applying the one piece to the leg up to the waist
dahs512: then the other side
auntyalias: came out more like chaps, to correct that I should have
measured his waist before cutting
auntyalias: but clay is forgiving so we'll patch the open parts
dahs512: wrapping the wider end arpund each leg
dahs512: a little but is showing
dahs512: butt
frogger70301: anyone ever see Son-In-Law with Pauly Shore?
dahs512: yes
frogger70301: That's what the little man reminded me of when she put
the two pants legs on.
dahs512: lol
ljcswartz: hehe
dahs512: checking for the length of the pancho?
dahs512: draping the arms
auntyalias: any rectangle will make a pesant costume
auntyalias: for the looms are small and they don't waste any fabric
dahs512: ready for dancing
auntyalias: ok, now for a sari
dahs512: Wrapped her right up
dahs512: easy breezy
auntyalias: Kimonos are just rectangles
dahs512: They turned out great NJ!
auntyalias: most native dress is just rectangles of various lengths
dahs512: I'm sorry but,I'll be back in a bit. Hubby needs my help in
the garden.
auntyalias: or squares
auntyalias: ok Denise
auntyalias: Mrs Green Thumb
auntyalias: LOL
dahs512: I get you in pieces, I miss this, but ...
dahs512: I miss you
dahs512 left the room
auntyalias: I have to make more skeleton bodies to dress them in
different things
auntyalias: Oh Mitch you got booted when I was telling you I got your
auntyalias: and I thought you sent my beads back to me, but then I
realized you made those beads, right?
frogger70301: who?
frogger70301: oh, those.
ljcswartz: pretty beads
frogger70301: I figured you could tell me what I'm doing wrong if you
saw them in person.
auntyalias: I first thought you were sending me my beads back and then
I realized you made them...LOL
frogger70301: yeah, those were my first c-n-t that I was at least sort
of pleased with.
auntyalias: All you got to do in the future is to "jiggle" the seam
frogger70301: They sat here for months hollering NJ.
auntyalias: roll the clay shaper side to side over the seams. Oh honey
you totally had me going. I thought...when did I send beads to Mitch?
auntyalias: then I looked closely and thought...I didn't make these,
then she must have
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: I looked like the confused RCA Dog
frogger70301: No, I had em sitting here for months, and they started
getting me aggrasvated.
auntyalias: just put a finger over the seam line and jiggle to make
the seam disappear, roll the cone shaped clay shaper over the seam
from side to side and they'll be perfect
frogger70301: Or how to finish em up should I say.
frogger70301: I tried rolling, but it didn't seem to help any.
frogger70301: I guess if I had a good blade, when I cut em they would
have sharper corners.
auntyalias: did you sand them?
frogger70301: I still have no idea how the Sculpey got mixed in with
the rest of the cane.
frogger70301: no, just futured em.
auntyalias: ok, jiggle the seam with a finger tip, roll a clay shaper
over the seam, cure, and then wet sand. Give that an effort and you
might be more pleased
auntyalias: my ad window just went wonky. I'm going to save log at
this point and go out and come back in