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auntyalias: That's better
frogger70301: happened to me the other day.
auntyalias: ya it makes the chat window shrink to two lines only
auntyalias: before I make more skeleton bodies for clothing demo, are
there any short orders?
auntyalias: any requests for something particular?
frogger70301: not from me.
kmrhodes: whatever you want to do NJ
ljcswartz: if you have the time... I tried a flower -3d that needed
some help
auntyalias: what sort of flower Jackie?
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frogger70301: Hi, Cheryl!
bonsaikathy: Hi Sweetie, good to see you here
auntyalias: Hey CherylD
auntyalias: we're clothing skeletons
frogger70301: brb
auntyalias: like these
nor4man93553: Let's hope I don't get kicked off
ljcswartz: brb
kmrhodes: gotta go. will check back later
auntyalias: okie dokie Karen
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nor4man93553: wow that sheet of clay is wonderful
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ljcswartz: bk
auntyalias: a kimono is just a number of rectangles
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auntyalias: Hey Mitch, having problems with Yahoo?
frogger70301: yeah, ad window went wonky then I couldn't get back in
auntyalias: the figure on the left has a kimono on it, just made with
frogger70301: oh, wow. that's what I missed?
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frogger70301: looks awesome.
auntyalias: so we have Japanese, Mexican and East Indian native dress
auntyalias: all made with just rectangles
frogger70301: Hey, Nancy.
auntyalias: Howdy Nancy
auntyalias: we're making skeletons and putting clothing on them
auntyalias: this is the first of three pages of these sort of mini
techi_mom56: hi mitch...hello all just popping in for a few...
techi_mom56: i see them...nice color blends
bonsaikathy: hi Nancy
nor4man93553: hi Nancy
auntyalias: making clothing for mini figures requires that you press
the sheets at the thinnest setting on the pasta press
techi_mom56: hi all...well i hate to run...sigh but i have to...gotta
mail a on friends computer...and be back by 4:15...will
there be a late night demo
auntyalias: Dunno, Nancy, ping the list when you get back
auntyalias: if I'm on break I'll come back on
auntyalias: we're going to be doing more of this clothing business
auntyalias: using skeletons as dress dummies
auntyalias: or micro mini folks
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techi_mom56: okay nj....will do...huggs to all
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auntyalias: Ok, I got to get something to eat pretty soon, so let's
take a break for about 15 minutes
auntyalias: potty break and get food and drink
auntyalias: how does that sound?
ljcswartz: k
nor4man93553: ok
auntyalias: Jackie you get your cam on and let me see that flower you
need help with, ok?
ljcswartz: I trashed it
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auntyalias: Well let's go over the flower problem when I get back from
ljcswartz: it was the kind you did with your leaf cane
auntyalias: Hey Kathy, taking a potty break and getting something to
eat real quick, 15 minutes
bonsaikathy: what a day, constant problems with staying connected all
day lon
bonsaikathy: ok
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auntyalias: back
auntyalias: Welcome back Kathy
bonsaikathy: thanks, I'm realy over this junk today
auntyalias: shall we dress this fellow?
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auntyalias: working on a larger scale?
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nor4man93553: Hi Kathy how are you honey?
auntyalias: since he is not cured he's a bit tacky, so I'm going to
dust the side of the clay sheet that meets his body, in effort for the
sheets not to stick where I don't want them to. I'm not sure how this
will turn out
auntyalias: but how shall we dress him?
auntyalias: what style?
auntyalias: then I'll know what sheets to pull out
nor4man93553: I don't know this is all new to me
auntyalias: Cheryl do you sew?
auntyalias: it's the same pattern pieces as sewing but not the hassle
of sewing...LOL
nor4man93553:  No
bonsaikathy: fine and you miss Cheryl
auntyalias: I'm looking for some sheets to use on this fellow
bonsaikathy: I think that was a very definate no NJ
bonsaikathy: lol
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nor4man93553: I have my step daughter sew what ever needs to be she is
a wiz I got her one of those handy stich and she has been going to
town making all kinds of things for her horses they are the best
dressed horses in town
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auntyalias: now because the shoulder is a curve we need a curved line,
since the arm pit goes under that curved line will go down, how far
down, measure wrist to under arm
nor4man93553: I was up until 3:30am doing pens my first time ding
them. Now I can't stop
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frogger70301: heehee
frogger70301: hey, denise.
nor4man93553: Hi Mitch
ljcswartz: I did a pen swap and it started some cool ideas
frogger70301: hey, Cheryl.
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ljcswartz: it is my leaf pen in a tree stump......... supposed to be
ljcswartz: is that your kind of frog? Mitch
nor4man93553: Ok I am starting to have problems with yahoo sorry
frogger70301: Seems quite a few of us are today.
nor4man93553: Oh that is wonderful
ljcswartz: NJ are your sheets prepressed?
ljcswartz: they are lovely
auntyalias: I'm just using sheets that I have laying about
auntyalias: these are tiger folded sheets
auntyalias: using tiger cane backed with pearl, and then pressed into
nor4man93553: it is lovely
auntyalias: to match the curved seam of the sleeve top we need to cut
a curved seam on the bodice, these two pieces will be the front of the
nor4man93553: love those animal prints
auntyalias: clothing the figures isn't difficult
auntyalias: it's just laying sheets of clay on the body, if you use
just rectangles you get native costumes
auntyalias: once you start cutting curved lines for the shoulder,
underarm and crotch
auntyalias: you get modern dress
auntyalias: this guy belongs in Vegas
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dahs512: My puter locked up
dahs512: Hi Mitch
frogger70301: hey, Denise.
nor4man93553: welcome back Denise
dahs512: Thanks
dahs512: She is working on a jacket...yes?
ljcswartz: or just glitzy shirt
dahs512: Jackie, I see a cute critter crawling up to a pen?
ljcswartz: I was in a fun mood today
dahs512: I see NJ's doing a fitted shirt
ljcswartz: there were four types of dress earlier
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dahs512: flusterating! lock-ups on Yahoo..anyone else having problems
auntyalias: I got to press some clay for his trousers