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All Sizes: Log #3: Dressing Disco Man and posing him. Discussing leaves. 

04-21-03 Demo Logs: 1, 2, 3,

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dahs512: oh well
auntyalias: That's better
auntyalias: now to press some trouser clay
nor4man93553: I got did but only once which is a record for me
dahs512: you mean locked up?
dahs512: usually mine does ok
nor4man93553: I got kicked off
dahs512: mine just freezes
nor4man93553: on mine too
dahs512: golden britches coming up
auntyalias: now if we were being careful
dahs512: did you stack them together
auntyalias: we'll measure his waist and half of that measurement shall
be the top part of these sheets
auntyalias: yes, for I will cut the crotch seams at the same time
auntyalias: I got to find my measuring tape
dahs512: you could use a string and the measure the string
auntyalias: 8 centimeters, so the top of these sheets at middle shall
be four centimeters
dahs512: tiny waist, that
auntyalias: then from the belly button to the small of the back, get
that measurement
dahs512: that should be 4 also right?
auntyalias: that was 6 centimeters, so we need to divide that into
auntyalias: 1.5 centimeters shall be the curve of the crotch seam
auntyalias: but how far down do we cut that curve?
dahs512: I don't know
auntyalias: we have to put him in a sitting position and measure from
the waist to where his butt sits on a chair
frogger70301 left the room
frogger70301 joined the room
auntyalias: so we mark the sheets lightly. So from the waist to the
sitting butt
auntyalias: is the crotch depth
dahs512: ok
auntyalias: and the curves of the crotch should be 1.5 centimeters,
one fourth of the total crotch curve
auntyalias: you can use this pattern for yourselves
auntyalias: ya know
auntyalias: I cut one of the curves deeper than the other
auntyalias: that's because this body has a butt
auntyalias: and the front is flatter so the curve will be less
auntyalias: just like in your own trousers
auntyalias: look down the waist of a pair of trousers and you'll see
the back crotch seam is longer than the front
auntyalias: to account for the mass of the butt
auntyalias: can you tell I was a tailor before I did this...LOL
dahs512: especially my britches
auntyalias: now this might work out or come up short, just
remember...clay is forgiving
auntyalias: now, I ended up getting my seams wrinkled but I'm at an
odd angle doing this under the cam
auntyalias: you're going to be more careful, right?
ljcswartz: How can I quickly get someone here.... she has the yahool
auntyalias: have her right click on your name on her Friend's list
auntyalias: and "join user in chat"
auntyalias: that'll bring her here if she's on a PC
auntyalias: I don't know about MAC
Got Booted off of Yahoo at this point

dahs512: hang on, she will be back
frogger70301: Yahoo is messing with us real good today.
auntyalias: if you close my cam window
ljcswartz: Helaine you may want to make this a favorite room
auntyalias: and right click on my name you can get the cam window back
auntyalias: it'll go black when I get kicked off like that
ljcswartz: It makes it easy to return here
nor4man93553: Hi Helaine welcome honey your in the right place My name
is Cheryl D
bonsaikathy: Hi Helaine, my name is Kathy
bonsaikathy: NJ nicknamed me that because I make mini bonsai
auntyalias: let's do roll call, name and location
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
bonsaikathy: NJ he looks like a left over from the 70's disco era
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN
frogger70301: Mitch, Louisiana
ljcswartz: Jackie... Maryland
auntyalias: Helaine, where are you from honey?
dahs512: Denise in Cedar Creek Texas
bonsaikathy: lol
auntyalias: hmmm, sort of like a Saturday night fever sort of pose?
dahs512: ah ah ah ah stayin' alive
nor4man93553: I live in S. California
nor4man93553: I'm in the desert now but used to live in San Diego
bonsaikathy: lol, yup that was the right pose
dahs512: cool
auntyalias: let's give him some hair
auntyalias: Translucent Liquid Sculpey and black clay mixed
dahs512: He's getting hair
dahs512: yeah
herbandteas joined the room
dahs512: wb Helaine
dahs512: she is putting "hair" on Johnny boy
herbandteas: cool
herbandteas: he needs hair
bonsaikathy: I love it when she does that, she does a great job
auntyalias: Staying Alive, Staying Alive
auntyalias: LOL
bonsaikathy: GREAT JOB teach
auntyalias: LOL
nor4man93553: Oh ya that's a good one.
ljcswartz: I can hear the music now
auntyalias: the Cheesy Dude
auntyalias: he needs a gold necklace
auntyalias: a wide belt with a big buckle
auntyalias: some shoes
nor4man93553: I am singing it
herbandteas: hahahaha hes starting to shape up
auntyalias: now the thing I wanted to show you here was when you're
working with an uncured figure
bonsaikathy: when I saw the outfit, it's the first thought on my mind
auntyalias: cloth it with clay sheets
auntyalias: and THEN pose the figure
frogger70301: Oh, wow. I look down for a couple seconds to work on my
stand, and When I look up, WOW!!!
auntyalias: it's easier that way
bonsaikathy: john travolta Mitch
frogger70301: I see that.
bonsaikathy: 70's disco
auntyalias: total cheese
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: but dig
auntyalias: I was working on Prince of Fire in his Goth Vegas outfit
and gave him hair too
herbandteas: oh cool where can we see that
bonsaikathy: oh Wow, neat
herbandteas: there he is
bonsaikathy: Elvis has been spotted in SF
ljcswartz: hehe
nor4man93553: I have to go guys I have to go to Wal Mart and get more
pens to cover. NJ I will check in when I get back to see if you are
still on everyone is fending for themselves for dinner so I can clay
auntyalias: Okie Dokie Cheryl
bonsaikathy: bye Cheryl honey
dahs512: he is very cool NJ
bonsaikathy: see you later
auntyalias: now dig how the cape came out on Prince of Fire here
dahs512: bye Cheryl
auntyalias: just clay sheets draped
ljcswartz: see ya later Cheryl
nor4man93553: Bye everyone
nor4man93553 left the room
bonsaikathy: will you turn him around so I can see the face please
ljcswartz: how thin are you pressing the cape etc??
bonsaikathy: yup looks like Elvis to me
herbandteas: well this thing is useless to me today I can't even see
what everyone is talking about L(
dahs512: thank you very much
bonsaikathy: it's really annoying honey when it acts up like this
herbandteas: tell me about it
herbandteas: bye
herbandteas left the room
auntyalias: the sheets are pressed at the thinnest setting on the
pasta press
bonsaikathy: usually I never get kicked out and neither does NJ but
today even we have
ljcswartz: mine goes to 9 and is soooo thin
ljcswartz: would that work?
auntyalias: I think all she had to do was to reopen my cam window
bonsaikathy: I can't do the thinnest setting on mine, it wrinkles the
sheet in the middle
auntyalias: then press as thin as you can and then stretch the sheet
dahs512: Is Elvis baked?
auntyalias: the hair isn't cured yet, I wanted you to see how we can
get curls by swirling the TLS plus clay
dahs512: curly
dahs512: great collar
auntyalias: he has a duck tail on the back of his head
chelyha55 joined the room
bonsaikathy: Hi Cheryl
bonsaikathy: long time no see, how's it going
auntyalias: as a hair dresser Denise I think that this TLS plus clay
color is a natural for you
chelyha55: Pretty good, thanks
auntyalias: you can make a hair do like frosting a cake
chelyha55: Just popping in to say hello.
chelyha55: We are doing too much here.
bonsaikathy: is Denise in here and just not on my list
auntyalias: Yo CherylH
auntyalias: we got a 70's Disco scene going
chelyha55: beading, watching a video on lampworking, and now talking
to you all
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to chelyha55 (4/21/03 3:20
ljcswartz: I think so Kathy... she is on my list
dahs512: He is Vegas
bonsaikathy: ok I'll close and reopen
bonsaikathy left the room
bonsaikathy joined the room
bonsaikathy: there she is
dahs512: Am I here?
dahs512: hee hee
bonsaikathy: you were hiding
auntyalias: I see you Denise
auntyalias: I'll set out the other figures that got clothing today
chelyha55: How much longer will you be in chat?
auntyalias: dunno, just check in or ping the list if we're not here
chelyha55: ok, I'll check back in later
auntyalias: I might have to close the curtains, there's too much light
dahs512: getting the light right is pretty tricky
auntyalias: Ok, I need to take a break, are there any questions while
I have a smoke?
bonsaikathy: not from me
auntyalias: are there any requests?
ljcswartz: how about a quick flower
auntyalias: what sort of flower Jackie?
ljcswartz: I just remember a twirl at the bottom
ljcswartz: mine were all twirl no flower
auntyalias: LOL, you mean the leaf?
ljcswartz: I think so
auntyalias: let me get a leaf cane and I'll go over it for you
dahs512: I'll peek in and see if you are still around after 7 my time
ljcswartz: you are flattening the outer edges
dahs512 left the room
ljcswartz: folding and curving
ljcswartz: shaping..folding
ljcswartz: just pinch them together
ljcswartz: I must have put too much into the pinch area
ljcswartz: I really like the look of those
auntyalias: thin the edges
auntyalias: then fold down the center, lightly
auntyalias: and bend the fold around the tips of your thumb and finger
auntyalias: and twirl the stem end
auntyalias: that's it
ljcswartz: thanks
auntyalias: no problem.
ljcswartz: I will try those again soon
auntyalias: I'm going to take a break to prepare dinner and I'll be
back around 5pm Pacific
auntyalias: I got to go grocery shopping and get a real meal done for
the guys
auntyalias: so that will be like an hour and a half I think
ljcswartz: ok
auntyalias: I'll post to the list that I'll be back around that time
auntyalias: I'll save log here and then post to the list. See you all
then if you're online